Twin Crystals.

  Levels by Seiferzero,

  Walkthrough Dutchy in a joined venture with Gerty (as she told me where I had to go.)

Level 1:  Sapphire Island. Level 5:  Samantha's Revenge.
Level 2:  The 4 Sapphire keys. Level 6:  Ruby Island.
Level 3:  Kzaon's Hall. Level 7:  Lara vs Samantha
Level 4:  We are late... Level 8:  Genesis of rebirth.
                                             To: Twin Crystals 2




MP=medpack, CS=Crawlspace, MS=Monkeyswing, UW=underwater, Shootwall (is a part of a wall that shows up dark with a flare or the Binoc’s and is shootable).

And as always, the directions N,S,W,E are the position the red needle of the compass is in, never understood the confusion about this

When a name is put in Red, you will probably have to go back there later, so remember how to get there.

 Level 1:  Sapphire Island.

 "Lara was on vacation on an Sapphire Island in the South Pacific, when during a visit to a Library she reads about a legend of a hidden ancient Temple on that  Island. Her curiosity drives her to go look for the entrance of that Temple. The legend tells her that there’s a powerful Crystal containing the spirit of a benevolent God called “Kzaon” which as the Legend states, controlled the forces of the Ocean and reigned on Sapphire."

 The Lake.

When standing on the beach you can take the Binoc’s and already spot the Lasersight on the red rock S, in the middle of the lake, that’s where we go after we picked up the Revolver in the NE corner, light a flare and jump on the ledge on E wall, turn L and runjump over the triangular ledge to jump with a R curve onto the ledge in the N wall, the Revolver can be taken by standing with your feet against the fold in the ledge, hop down and dive into the lake, climb onto the sandy beach at the red rock and from the small ledge NE you can jump/grab up and climb to the top to get the Lasersight, equip the Revolver with it and look straight E from where you stand, a Brass ball (hard to see, look for it first with the Binoc’s) has to be shot to open a door a bit further. Dive down to the S and find a small tunnel about centre of the S wall, go in for Ammo and MP, swim out and follow the W wall to where you can swim into another small tunnel near the bottom, swim in and to the end, in the small room there is a crystal door, shoot (pistols) the centre block in N wall and find the passage that’s now open, because you shot that ball at the lake.


Go in and shoot a Horseman (pistols to save on Ammo, just hop back while shooting), the next door will open for you and you are in another hall with pillars, shoot the Horseman and then look for the Jumpswitch in the SW alcove on the ledge L of the door, this will make an UW room safe to swim in, Turn R and hop off the ledge. Look for the Gem receptacle on the other side of the door and up behind the pillar over the receptacle is a Crystal ball for you to shoot, hard to spot in that alcove behind the pillar, first find it with the Binoc’s, after you shot it a door will open in the SE corner of the room, up on the ledge, go find the Sapphire Key in the back of the UW room, swim back and use it to open the next door. (there’s one more closed door in the NE of this room we’ll get to later for a Secret)

 The Big Door hall.

Go in and get some Ammo to the L in the 1st alcove,  go on to where you meet the Bat and Horseman and then see the big doors R and L, receptacles for Snake Stones and some vases in the back with Ammo, look at the walls on the ledges N and S of the W door to find more shootwalls and get Ammo and the Shotgun, the alcove SW and close to the small door has a Jumpswitch to open the small W door, pull out the Shotgun and enter.


A flyby shows the room, lava pits everywhere, a bunch of Skeletons appear (once they all came same time, later one by one, so shoot them as they appear), shoot them into the pits and go to the pillar in the far R hand corner, the back side is climbable, go up and spot the Supplies on the other ledge, go to the spot exactly opposite the Supplies and runjump/grab to an invisible ledge (you can see it from a certain angle) in the centre of the room, runjump/grab once more to get the Supplies and get back to the other side, go R and up the higher ledge, shoot the corner pillar with the pistols and also the Crystal ball inside, the door in the W of ground floor opens, so get back down to the ground floor. Behind that door is a series of 5 rooms connected with other rooms where you have to perform all kinds of puzzles.

 1st Connection room.

Enter to get some Ammo L of the door and to the R is a pushblock you can push all the way in, turn R and push that block in, then turn L and push the last block into the room, to the L and then all the way onto the last burner Tile L of the door. Enter and shoot the wall in the end, see another closed door for later, go R into the room.

 Pushblock/Mirror Puzzle.

Look in the mirror from standing on the ledge opposite the mirror and see the blocks in the room don’t match the ones in the Mirror, go and correct that by pushing the blocks to the position shown in the mirror and the door will open E, go in and step on the Tile under the Sun rays (will trigger the door to the 2nd Connection room to open and also makes one of the pools in the Lavaroom safe. First we go back to the Lavaroom.

The water in the centre E section of the room is safe now, jump in to get the Sapphire Key and head back to the 1st Connection room.

 2nd Connection room.

Go through to the 2nd Connection room and get the ½ MP, shoot the Horseman and place the Sapphire Key, go in and come to a room with 3 doors and a couple of shootwalls in the back, shoot the walls and see the 2 burner tiles, L and R of a door. On the other side of the room, next to the entrance are 2 pushblocks to put on those Tiles and a door opens, go in there to see a series of holes to the waterfilled basement, some are deadly, you can see a vague red texture on them, the one in the SW corner is safe, dive in, don’t get too close to there others and swim into the lower trench SW, use the UW lever to open a door in the hall and get back up, go stand at the S wall looking N and look at the holes in the floor, take note of the pattern of the deadly pools and go out to the room across the hall, which opened now.

 Vases/Boulders Puzzle.

Go in and shoot a Horseman coming out, in the next room are Vases and Boulders, the pattern of the holes in the floor is the same as in the other room, so you have to shoot the 1st and last vase of the R hand row (as seen from the S side), the 2nd vase of the centre row and the 1st vase of the L hand row to get the Boulders in the pits, if you shoot the wrong one you’ll burn. Shoot the vases with your pistols from close by, so you won’t hit the wrong vases (I noticed that sometimes when you shoot with the Revolver and Lasersight the Boulder won’t drop) Go out and R in the hall, to the door between the pushblocks, step on the Tile to open the door to Connection room 3 and make the pool in the SE of the Lavaroom safe. (A door opened back in the Entrance room to get a Secret, but I collected them all in one go later, to save a lot of running back and fro)

Go to the Lavaroom, get the Sapphire Key from the SE pool and head back to the 2nd  Connection room, to enter the 3rd.

 3rd Connection room.

Pick up the Uzis and open the door with the Key, use the MS in the passage to go over the Lava pit and come to the…

 Crystal Pillar Puzzle.

Just R of the entrance is a pushblock that has to go to the opposite side of the room on the Tile, but Crystal pillars block the way. Climb the central structure and push the block to the NE corner Tile (One pillar down), jumpgrab up to the N ledge along the wall and go R. (Don’t get tempted to shoot the vases) In the E wall is a pushblock, push it in to the end (2 Pillars down) and go to the centre of this ledge, jump/grab up to the higher deadly floor and shimmy all the way to the R, climb up on the only safe Tile (Skull faces the other way) and jump/grab up to the ledge above, be careful, deadly Darts up here, go over to the NE corner Tile. Stay on the L of the E ledge as a Boulder drops from the ceiling. Then go crawl backwards off the ledge into the hole on N wall, not touching the other Tile (death) and shimmy to the corner Tile, step on it to lower the last (but one) pillars drop down from the hole in the ledge and down from the N ledge to ground floor and go get the block, pull/push it all the way over to that last pillar and it will go down, put the block on the Tile to open the door. Get in to step on the Sun Tile. Connection room 4 opened and a safe pool (you know the drill by now). Go to the Lavaroom and get the Sapphire Key from the NE pool. Head for the 4th Connection room.

 4th Connection room.

Get the Ammo and open the door with the Key, go in and walk slowly on the L into the next passage, hop back as the Knifes go up, then walk further slowly, waiting every time you see the Knifes come up. Step into the passage in the end and hop back, then go L and to the Chains, time the walk through them and come to a dark room where a Horseman waits for you. Look for a shaft in the ceiling opposite the S passage, climb the N wall to the top and go L, hop into the alcove at the pillar as there’s a Tile under the pillar, climb back down into the shaft and notice the door halfway down (behind you) has opened. Backflip into that door and step on the Tile to open the door in the upper room, go back up and step on the Sun Tile to… yes you guessed right. Go down from the shaft and shoot another Horseman. Head to the Lavaroom, through the same passage you came from (in the W passage is a Skeleton you don’t want to disturb) and get the Sapphire Key from the N side pool, go to the Connection rooms and push open the doors with “Ctrl” to go in the…

 5h Connection room.

Use the key to open the S door, there are 2 receptacles with Flares, only the E one is safe, go into the S room.

 Pushblock Puzzle.

There are 4 Pushblocks in the room, the 1st one is straight opposite the entrance go around to push it in front of the entrance, but not in. Then go to the lowest block and like the rest it has to go to the NW corner, the highest block has to be freed by shooting the glass panels first. When you have the W door open, don’t barge in and onto the Tile (death). Just go L inside and find a Jumpswitch. Go to back to the block in front of the entrance and get it out of the way, go back to the 5th room and see the W door opened, don’t go in yet.

 For the Secrets.

Go into the S pool in the Lavaroom and get the last Sapphire Key, then go to the Entrance, you know, at the start of the level and check that door in the NE corner on the pillar ledge, inside you’ll find Secret#1, the Glasses. Then go to the Big Door hall and look on the N side pillar gallery for a shootwall behind the 2nd pillar from the E. Go crawl in and up a Crystal pillar, a Horseman is going up and down that pillar too, so quickly get up into the alcove N side and get Secret#2, the Glasses. Then head back to Connection rooms and to room 5, go into that w passage and shoot the Horseman coming out of it, re-enter to place the Sapphire Key, go into the door that opened at the end of the passage and look

R of the entrance for a shootwall up at the ceiling, climb the wall next to it to get on the Tile inside, Then turn S and look for the other shootwall in the same location, but on the other side of the entrance, shoot it (pistols) and also that Crystal ball inside (opens one more “Secret” door). Climb down and head back to the 1st Connection room and L to the Mirror room, the door in the end of the passage, straight from the Mirror room is now open, go to the end and R into a room behind the Mirror room. There’s a closed door E, you have to push the block L of that door onto the Tile with the different structure in the NE corner, the door opens and you can collect Secret#3, the Glasses inside. Well we are almost finished in this level, go back to the Lavaroom and see the pool near the 1st Connection room has cleared. Dive in to get the Snake Stone. Go E and into the Big Door hall, and place the Stone in the S receptacle, the Crystal doors open, go into go to the next adventure…


Level 2:      The Four Sapphire Keys.

 "This is the continuation of the previous level."

 The 1st Hall.

In the NE is a closed door, go run around till the 2 Horseman come out and shoot them to obtain the Sapphire Key one of them drops, you can place it in the receptacle in the dark NW corner, the door opens. Go in to get a nice load of Supplies and when you finally grab the MP, the Tile will trigger the big S Waterfall doors to open. (To the R of those doors is another closed door we will get to later)

 Demigod room.

There are some big stairs leading up to a door, go up, a Demigod might come out behind you so take care of him first and then look in an alcove to the R for a sloped floor, jump up and go straight to the W wall, turn around and throw a flare on the floor, look up in the alcove you came through and spot the Crystal ball, shoot it (to open a door in a passage on top of the stairs). To the L of the ball is a climbable pillar, go up and jump to the ledges L, go over to the dark NW corner and get the Crossbow, Flares and Ammo from the ledge, on a similar ledge in the NE is Secret#4, the Glasses, go back to the pillar to climb down and go down the sloped floor, drop from the ledge, notice the closed door in the SW corner with a Sapphire Key inside (later). Shoot the centre 2 panels in the W wall, the R hand one has Ammo inside and the other a Jumpswitch that will open a door up on the big stairs, 2 Demigods make their appearance, go and deal with them, then go to the E wall and shoot some more panels for Flares and Ammo. Notice the closed door in the SE corner (later) Now go up the stairs and carefully through the passage as there’s a Knife trap in the centre and a Horseman will try to push you into the lava in next room. When you step on the sloped ledge in that room a door will open in the 1st Hall, the one in the SW corner.

 Room with the Burn floor.

Go back there and shoot the Horseman that will come out. Look at the floor first and notice some parts have a lighter colour than the rest, the path is from the entrance sharp R along the wall, then L at that sloped block and then to the low sloped ledge on N wall, from there a runjump/grab to the ladder on W wall and up, L and don’t go all the way to the top before you backflip to the ledge behind, jump over the ledges to the Jumpswitch (opens that door to the chains in the SE of the Demigod room) on the pillar S and drop down from that ledge (from the side of the switch) to land on a slope, go back to the Demigod room and into the SE room, go past the Chains and step on the Tile to open the door on the S side of the Lavaroom and raise a crystal block in the Diamond room. Go out and up the stairs, to the…


Stand on the entrance ledge and turn R, runjump/grab the W wall and go up to a bit above the centre of the wall, then go L where the purple light starts and backflip to an invisible platform, walk slowly to the point of that platform (SE), closest to the opening on the other side and do a runjump straight to it. Land on another platform, now a simple standjump with a grab to land inside.

 The Diamond room.

In the next room is a huge Diamond. Go up the block (you raised before) under it and turn around, jump/grab up and climb up to the top, you’ll slide onto a ledge. Runjump/grab over to the N floor and follow to an UW tunnel, swim to the end and get some Goodies L and R in the alcoves, then swim up and go down to…

 The Room  with the 4 Sapphire Keys.

Shoot the 2 Horsemen and have a look around, to the W is a closed door and to the N 2 more, to the S one. Lets start with: (although the sequence doesn’t seem to matter)

 S room: Under Water Challenge for the 1st Sapphire Key.

Open the doors and follow the passage, shoot the Skeleton and the Horseman. Come to a water room to the R, dive in and keep L all the way to find an UW lever, pull and swim back for air, then take the R hand route, stay high up and close to the L walls in the tunnels as Knifes try to cut you in half, swim through the Crystal pillar you lowered with the lever and take a sharp L turn into a wider tunnel, follow to some alcoves L, swim into the 1st to find an air pocket, swim out and L, near the bottom and into the low crevice past the empty alcove, look for the UW lever and throw it to lower another Crystal pillar. Go get some air and swim L again, all the way to the back of the tunnels (past a pillar that is still up) and find the lowered pillar with another UW lever to lower the next pillar, quickly swim back to the air pocket and then into the tunnel opposite the crevice with the 1st lever, throw the last UW lever and go to the R when you come back to the main tunnel, follow to that one pillar on the R that was still up, swim in and up for air and swim to the back where you can pick up the 1st Sapphire Key from the electrified Tile, go get a lungful of air and swim all the way back to the start of the labyrinth. Go back to the 4 Keys room.

 N side R room: Lava Challenge for the 2nd Sapphire Key.

2 Passages, take the L one an find the pushblock in the R hand wall about halfway down, push the block into the R hand passage and go around to push it all the way to the end, the door in the L passage opens. Go there and stand on the R side of the edge, standjump onto the slope ahead and immediately jump again with a sharp R curve, slidejump/grab the ladder on the wall from the next and go up on L or R side till your hands reach the colored band in the wall, see the ledge behind, backflip/roll on and go to the R side of the opposite wall. That Fiery band in the ceiling looks dangerous but is in fact a MS, stand under the little incline with the ladder texture and jump/grab up. Maneuver to the MS and go over the burner to the room with the Key. As soon as you land, a Demigod attacks from the R, go get the 2nd Sapphire Key and a door opens opposite the alcove the Dg came out of, go down the passage an to a ledge up in the 4 Keys room, to the R is a ½ MP, walk along the wall past the pillars to the other side and take the Flares, Look out into the room and spot an alcove over the entrance in the E wall, there’s a Secret there. Go down from the ledge and go to the pillar L side of that entrance, you can climb up that one and claim Secret#5, the Glasses.

 N side L room: Crystal Statues Puzzle for the 3rd Sapphire Key.

2 Levers to open the next door, a Flyby will show a great room with Crystal Statues. Look L before you go down into that room and see the door that has to be opened. All around the pool are Tiles on ledges, not deadly but they trigger the flames and steamblowers you need later, so you have to step on all to trigger the flames and steamblowers on the big platform with the Statues.  Dive into the water and swim under the big platform with the statues, look up and see there are statues on the blue side and on the red side, also noticeable from below are steam blowers and little flames (take good notice of the positions). Now the statues from the red side go on the flames and the blue ones on the steam, those are hard to spot from above, but you can go check every now and then, the Skull ledges around the platform are for climbing back to the big platform and are not deadly. After putting the statues in their places the door back in the passage opens up. So go back up the slope with a standjump and go get the 3rd Sapphire Key. Back to the 4 Keys room.

 The 4th Sapphire Key.

To get to the 4th Sapphire Key you have to return to the Demigod room, but first walk up to the W closed door, as the trigger for the door we go to now is in front of that door and we want to be sure it's open before returning there, don't we? Go out E and through the UW tunnel to get to the Diamond room, runjump over to that ledge at the Diamond and stand backwards to it (I didn’t find another way down) and backflip into the climb shaft after you checked you health (because you’ll drop a long way down onto that block), go to the lava room and standjump straight out to the 1st invisible platform. Walk to the far side, runjump with a grab, straight to the door below, go to the SW corner of the Demigod room, where the door should be open now and collect the 4th Sapphire Key, it’s on a trigger Tile, but I couldn’t find out if it did anything. Just go back to the 4 SapphireKeys room (following the same route you took earlier) and place the 4 Sapphire Keys, the W door opens.

 Now there’s one more object for you to get, go to the SW receptacle block and stand on the S side of it so you can backflip onto the sloped side, jump/grab to hang on the ledge above, go R a bit (not too far or you’ll bump with your head against the ceiling), just past the sloped block below and backflip from the ledge onto an invisible platform, from this platform you can runjump with a R curve into the SW corner of the room, get the 5th Sapphire Key (this one is to be used in level#3) from the electrified Tile and jump to the sloped ledge to slide down. Go to the W room and get the Ruby Fire,, look for a CS in the SE corner, follow the CS to Secret#6, the Glasses. Back out and into the W room that opened, step into the Transporter beam and you’ll be taken to…


Level 3:   Kzaon’s Hall.   

 "Lara got news about the crystal, however, she’s not the only one. The twin sister of Sophia, called Samantha and her Guards would like to add this Crystal to her collection, therefore Lara must get to it before she does…" 

Watch out, as soon as you regain control you have to jump/grab to a MS in the dark sloped passage, turn around and head up to a hidden passage to get Secret#7, a MP and the Glasses, there’s also another door with a Transporter Beam. (Later?) Slide further down the slope at the MS and reach…

 The Entrance.

Go around the corner L and L into a small hall where you’ll meet the Horseman, shoot him and use that 5th Sapphire Key from the 2nd level to open the door, go in and collect Secret#8, a pile of Supplies, the Glasses, Uzis (shoot the panel) and the Grenadegun.

Return to the Entrance and open the door there with the Ruby Fire, go in and come to a huge slope where you get a flyby showing the Kzaon Soul's Crystal (????) up in the hall. Look down and to the R to spot the small ledge and an opening in the R hand wall, do a long runjump with a sharp R curve out of the passage and if necessary do one more jump to line up for the ledge below.

 The Circular Hall.

Turn R and runjump/grab the wall under the opening to go up in. Take either one direction and run around this long corridor past all the closed doors and thus collecting the 2 Skeletons and a Horseman, if you get those 2 Skellies together, only one arrow is needed, saves Ammo. Take out the Horseman and go to the now open door in the W passage.

 Spiked Demigod room.

As the name says, there are Spike traps throughout the room, the only safe spot is the 1st  square in front of the entrance and then some darker yellow parts of the floor (there where the Demigods are standing), first you have to deal with the 2 Demigods, stay close to the entrance and shoot those Guys, then walk onto the R side  of 1st  square, and look on the R hand ledge the 1st  Dg was on to spot the 1st safe spot on the top part of it, a long runjump will take you there, then one more to the next ledge and from there a runjump with a grab in the end to get into the opposite opening. In the next room you can find a ½ MP in a pit S and then go into the NE corner for a small CS to find a tunnel L, go in and shoot the Crystal ball in the end (pistols to save Ammo, jumping up and down), go out and straight into the opposite tunnel, the one L from the crossing is a Boulder trap, climb the ledges to slide back into the Circular Hall, go R a bit and open the L hand doors (in the dark). Inside is the door you opened by shooting the ball.

 UW Labyrinth.

Swim in and get the Ammo R/R, back and into the N tunnel, get air in the moat under that big slope and swim into the next tunnel. Follow to a tunnel L, get the MP inside, go out and L/L to get a Lasersight and Flares, roll and go out, L and L at the T-crossing, R at the next and L after that, ignore the Flares as you should be running out of air and go R, R again and get some air there, then return to the Flares, go L to the end of the dark tunnel, R there for a ½ MP and go back for those Flares on your way back for that air pocket. Get out of the water and walk up slowly as a Chain to the L tries to chop you in two, as you go past the Chain a door drops shut and a flyby will show Samantha running away and couple of Guards show up in a room behind that closed door. To the R is a Knife trap, after it’s down you can throw the Jumpswitch in that alcove to open a door in the Circular Hall, a Guard attacks. In the opposite alcove is some Ammo, but be ready to shoot the next Guard the shows up. Go back to the Circular Hall, L/L/R/L/R and straight, up to the hole in that 1st UW room, go shoot 2 more Guards as you come out of the room at the hole.

 The Circular Hall.

Go to the N side of the hall to find the open door, go in and in the back is a gap in the wall from which you will see Samantha waiting in front of an UW lever, a Guard shows up and he can shoot you, but you can’t shoot him, so duck and get the MP, go in the direction of the hall and see a Jumpswitch in the ceiling just before you get there, use it (Floods a room at the bottom of the slide, (because Samantha is now able to pull that UW lever) we go to now, the door at the bottom of the slide opened when you pulled a Jumpswitch before) and go L to the E side of the hall, there is something that looks like a door, but you can go through it.

 Water room.

Slide down and swim L, climb up next to the waterfall, where the vase is, turn around and look down and L into the room, there is an UW shootwall opposite of where you stand (NE). Go and get the Sapphire Key inside and get onto the stairs, go to the S side on the highest step and look W for a vase in the dark alcove L of the waterfall, that’s where you have to runjump to, shoot the vase and place the Sapphire Key, the door in the E wall opens. Go in there and up to 1st floor, the Burners on the pillars start. Just hop over the fence and use “Ctrl” to climb the L pillar. Light a flare before you grab up to the W ledge above, go R to the safe yellow Tile (most of the others are traps, be careful) and runjump to flat ledge in the SW. Jump up to the upper ledge above the sloped Tile and walk through the wall, inside is what looks like a door, but it’s a pushblock, push it in and push open the doors to the L, shoot the Horseman and go get Secret#9, the Glasses, Ammo and a ½ MP. Go back out and onto the L hand dark slope, drop off to that flat ledge again and go collect the Supplies along the W wall, by side jumping to the flat ledges. Then make your way back to the ledge close to that one safe yellow Tile you started on and standjump to it, over the glass fence. Then get onto the pole, go up to throw a lever that will open the door below. Go back down the pole and backflip to the ledge next to the skull slope and  go to the NW corner, jump up the slope to get into the open door and use the lever to open the door ahead.

 The Demigod Fight. (quite an adventure)

Save and go to the opening, below on a platform are 3 Horsemen and a Demigod. You have to do a long runjump/grab to a hardly visible sloped block right in front of the door and pull up, while sliding off, draw weapon and shoot all those Enemies there. This Demigod you can also shoot from above first before you go down. He will drop a Snake Stone, if it happens to drop under one of the burners, start over. After you get it, go to the N side of the platform and stand in the centre, facing S, backflip and slide/jump/grab to land on a ledge in front of a door. (on the E side of the structure is a receptacle for a Sapphire Key, couldn’t find it!) Place the Stone you have L of the door (the R side one is a trap) and the door opens, problem is, there are more doors and receptacles… Well, hear that sound? Looks like you can go get another Snake Stone upstairs, go to the NE pillar and stand on the highest point of the slope. Arm with the Crossbow and explosive arrows, put it away for now. Face S and backflip, jump/grab and climb up.

 Hang to the very R side and wait for the burner to go off, climb up quick, carefully sidestep R to get away from the burner and first shoot the Skeletons.  Now you can use the trick of getting as close as you can to the Dg and duck while shooting and he will shoot over your head, or stand on a safe spot and just sidejump L and R on the same spot every time. Another Stone is dropped, repeat what you did before, placing the stone inside that 1st door and go on till you’ve got all those doors open, you’ll get quite a variety of Enemies, the last are great, some kind of Huge Spider Mutant, I went to the W side below and looked up to see what was up there and he was hanging over the edge, so I shot him with the Lasersight and Revolver and after 2 rounds he went down (there’s some Supplies there too). The there are still some Guys up there to deal with, save often and you can also go down by shimmying L to that small ladder and drop/grabbing to the slope below.

 After placing the final Stone, you can dive into the water and swim the long tunnel to the balcony with the Kzaon´s  Soul Crystal you saw before, get it and go to the W wall, in the centre of that round texture is a hidden passage, climb up and go get Secret#10, a ½ MP and the Glasses.

 Short trip through level 1.

 Go out and head N, come to the hall behind that 2nd set of big doors in the Big Door hall, shoot the vases L and R for the MPs and go to the Big Door hall of level 1, go R and hop onto those ledges again, you can get the Ammo again after shooting the walls, don’t go into that Jumpswitch alcove!!. Go down, shoot a Skeleton and a Guard, head E and shoot the Horseman, in the end is a hole in the floor, look for the Ammo to the R in the alcove and hop backwards into the hole. Swim L and over the big Vase L, straight into the plant covered dark tunnel and follow to the crossing, go R and R again, go straight and bear L a bit to go to the hole in the L corner, go up and get some Ammo next to it, follow the dark passage to the next level.


 Level 4:   We are Late.

"After getting the 1st Crystal and finding a way out of the Temple, Lara arrives in the City of Balamb on Sapphire Island, too late to catch the Ferryboat. Despite Samantha’s efforts to stop Lara she is determined to find an alternative way to cross the Ocean in order to get back home…"

 Main Street.

Follow the street to the W and there are several doors L and R, all closed, a Guard comes out to stop you, shoot him and look how nice you blow him off his feet, near the crossing another Guard comes for you, go L in 2nd Street and more Guards show up they will drop Ammo, so check where they dropped.

 The Harbor.

Notice a caged off lever to the L where you enter this area, go on and see the Bike in the distance, some Flares next to it, Crocs and Guards attack here, one of them drops a MP. Well worth the effort to go look for it in the dark,. Then head in the direction of the Gas Station SE, shoot a Croc and on the back of the crate L of the caged off entrance is a button that will open the door opposite the Shop in Main Street. No that Bike won’t move, go walk there. (Just for the fun of it, walk out onto the pier and see the Ferryboat in the distance)

Main Street.

When you enter you can’t see a thing, just run in and shoot as there is a Guard with a Crossbow he will drop. From the entrance you can look for a ball to shoot over the door in the back, go in there, shoot the Guard to the R and go L for a button to open the next door in Main Street. Go out and R and it’s the next door to the R opposite that ladder like texture on the other side, go look for the Jumpswitch to the R, use the slope to backflip/jump/grab and shoot a Guard in the meantime. Go to the back get some Ammo from the L alcove and enter the room that opened, go L and find some more supplies in the L corner, go look in the other side of this basement for the Lava room.

The Lava rooms.

Runjmp/grab the Burner pillar with the burner and go shimmy L around the corner, pull up in the next corner and turn slightly R, then sidejmp L and slidejmp to the passage, go L and quickly hop over the L side of the Burner that will start, hop back against the block to avoid being hit by falling debris and continue on the block you can see the lava floor and a MS with a Dart trap, stay on the l side as Knifes will pop out of the floor on the R side, go l at the crossing and for the Secret you have to go to the 2nd passage R with the Burner (looked to me that one went a fraction longer down than the other). Hang on the R side, time the Burner and go through, turning R as soon as possible, in the end is a CS to a room L, straight leads nowhere interesting.

In the room you'll find Secret#11, containing Ammo, MP, the Glasses a nice picture on the wall and Oriental Lara in the Display. The best way back is left out of the Secret room, run with a right curve around the corner to grab the second part of the MS (Vizz (thanks) found this better route; this way you won’t have to go through that Burner again). Go R and then L, to the end and drop. Hop into the water and look for an UW lever opposite the gate (Opens this gate and the cage at the harbor lowers) and a Croc comes out, go back to the hole and shoot it from up there, then go into the gate and L, follow to a room that leads back to the 1st Lava room. Go on! Just slide down, trust me! Go R, climb the block and head out to the street turn R and head down Main street, go L to the Harbor.

The Harbor.

Look for that cage to the L when arriving in the Harbor and throw the lever inside to open a door in the building across the street of where you are (and also another door in Main street for later, nice these camera shots of doors that open), get in the building across the street and shoot the 2 Guards and see the receptacle to place the Balamb Symbol.

 Main Street.

Return to Main street and go into the 2nd  door to the R. Get the MP and shoot the Guard down in the passage from there, before he can even move, stay L in next passage to avoid the Knifes and come to a water room, get the Ice cube L and put it on the Tile to open the door above on the streets (Well me and my big mouth… that camera shot was too much, hardly couldn’t get out of it) Go back to Main street and now L to the door on the L, near 2nd Street.

Go slow and R side, because of all the Knifes and get the Flares, in the next room it looks like you can take your pick of 4 Balamb Symbols , NOT!! Only the one in the far back from the entrance is safe, if you jump the over the corner of the other one to get there, a Burner will start on it, so be careful, from taking the Balamb Symbol, simply standjump back to the exit and go L into 2nd Street. Go back to the Harbor.

 The Harbor.

Go into that small building to the R again and place the Balamb Symbol. (opens a door near the Balamb Railway Station).

 Balamb Railway Station.

Go out and straight through 2nd Street and just in front of Balamb Station is a door to the R. There are a bunch of Guards in the Station you can go deal with first if you like, then go into that low passage and come to the Railway Manager’s office, shoot the passing Guard and find some Ammo on the desk, whatever you do, don’t get too close to those Lions L in the office, go into the NW corner and find the Jumpswitch in the lamp behind the pillar, it will open that gate E. More Guards appear, shoot them and go into the new passage to a room with 3 pushblocks, push the L one into the L room and onto the sandy Tile in L corner, push the one in front of the E door onto the Tile in the passage to the office and then push the last one to the S room, to the L and pull it to the Tile next to the door, the door opens and leads you to a room with some pickups L and R, turn to the door you opened and look up with a flare, a Jumpswitch there will open the Station’s Gates. Go up the ladder E and backflip onto the ledge behind near the top, go down a slide and deal with the Guards in the passage to the gates (if you didn’t shoot them yet) Enter the Station to the L.

 Shoot!! The train just left too!!

Take care of the Guards and look for a ladder on a pillar across the tracks to the R. runjump/grab and backflip/roll/grab the ladder behind you, go L and drop on the slope, a Guard will be shooting from across the track up on a pillar, shoot him first and go up to the highest pillar, a long runjump with a grab at the very last moment gets you across to the lever, that will open the gas Station at the Harbor. Go back the way you came over the ladders and from the other side of the track you can runjump back to the side  of the entrance, go to the Harbor and into that now open door of the Gas Station, a Speedboat will be your way off the Island, pity we don’t get to use it as the level ends right there…


 Level 5:    Samantha’s Revenge.  

 "Finally Home, Lara puts the Kzaon´s  Soul Crystal in the display. Without any warning sombody steals it. It’s Samantha and her team that broke into Lara’s house. Coming back to her senses, dear lara escapes through a secret passage in order to recover the Kzaon´s  Soul Crystal and get to the 2nd Crystal like Samantha is trying to do, on the second of the Crystal Islands, Ruby Island."

 The Theft.

Place the Kzaon´s  Soul Crystal in the display in front and the door behind you opens, first go to the R from the display and hop into the dark corner to use the Jumpswitch there (opens a door on top of the stairs, to the Supplies you’ll get later) then go out the door and up the stairs, a flyby will show Samantha nicking the Crystal. A Guard will start shooting from the L, to prevent you from following Samantha to the Chopper, after you shoot him the door slams shut and there’s no other way than go into the room to the R and collect all the Supplies go out and L, the door will open for you.

 Lava Library.

Follow the passage to a deep room with lava, runjump/grab the ledge and then to the next with a Burner, shimmy R and all the way against the wall, drop to the sloped floor below and start jumping to and fro with a L curve, this way you will be on the other side of the room in less than a half hour, go into the CS and collect Secret#12, Supplies and the Glasses, look for the shaft in the dark corner and climb up the wall, all the way to an opening to the R, with Lara’s head as high as the top of the opening, you can just go in far enough to drop to the sloped floor, go slide down to the passage at the first Supply room, go to the Lava Library and from the centre ledge you can jump/grab a CS in the R hand wall, follow to that green room at the end of the Lava Library the shortest way was a trap. Drop in and go grab the overhead MS, follow all the way to the other end and drop, follow the passage carefully as around every corner is a Burner, get a ½ MP on the way and reach the Dart room.

 The Dart room.

Crawl through the room as Darts fly overhead, at least 2 Guards and a Tiger???(where did that come from?) will come for you, grab whatever they drop after you shot them while ducking and finally end up in the far R hand corner.

 Jumping the Basement.

Go to the doors and push them open, another door wiil open for you, but don’t rush in, first have a look at the layout, run on the ledge below the door and jump/jump/jump/grab and go L around the corner once, hang one square from the ceiling on the most L side and backflip/roll/grab the crack in the wall, go L around the corner, drop and jump/roll from the slope, jump and grab the ladder next to the safe ledge, drop on the ledge and turn around there’s a second ladder, the lower passage is a trap! Go up and L around one corner, go up into the ceiling and backflip into the passage to a room with 2 Jumpswitches, first L, lowers a block, don’t shoot untill the Guard comes out, waste of Ammo cause you can’t hit him, then do the other switch and more Guards and a Tiger slip in, collect some Supplies and stand on the edge of the green pool.

 Boulder Alley.

Take 2 steps back from the edge and hop back once, runjump over the pool and roll. Runjump back, just before the Boulder hits you, go over again and go up to a sloped room with a Canopener on top, there are more Boulders here. Jump up the first centre square of the slope and turn around, stand on the R hand side of that square and face the SE corner and hop back onto the slope, the Boulders are triggered, runjmo into the SE safe corner and go up the centre of the slope again, more Boulders come down but thay should just pass you by, on top L are some Supplies, save before the next challenge.

 Canopeners and Burners.

Of course there will be more than one way to do this, but this one worked fine for me: (Save often.)

The first one can be sidejumped through, from one sidestep away from the Canopener or you’ll go too far and end up in the Burners, then stand in the R hand side of the pasage and wait for the (very) short moment the Burners are both off (you will almost have to guess when, and if wrong reload) Standjump with a grab to land just inside the next opening with Canopener. Now stand close to it and backflip through to end up just before the Burners. Go on like this till you reached the last one, stand with your back to it and backflip through, if you happen to catch fire, hop back on the dark ledge, but not too far and sidejump L, run into the water to cool off.

 Yikes... Spikes.

In the next room is a Fire Dragon on the second ledge you will first have to shoot, depending on where it drops, you have to do a long runjump from one of the highest corners of this 1st ledge to the second (where the beast is) and immediately runjump through to one of the alcoves across the room or you will be squashed by Boulders. Be careful, be sure to jump over the Dart trap between the 2 pillars on the 2nd ledge. Best is if you can land in the alcove with the MP and stop there, get it and spot the opening in the dark wall in front, there are Boulders L and R of the next ledge and breaktiles after that, so run for the jump to that opening and get out the guns for a Skeleton.

Stay in the alcove and shoot the Skellie, then step in and hop back, go after the Boulder and jump over the 1st Blade in the sloped pasage, slide and jump over the next 2 Blades, shoot the Guard that opes fire at you and then a Skeleton comes out, walk up to the sloped pit and look around the R hand corner, a climb wall and an opening in the ceiling. Runjump/grab to that wall and go up, get some Supplies L and go to the next Blade passage, go along the L wall and from close to the Blades, facing the L wall, you can sidejump over them. After the 1st Blade you can walk into the S wall, just next to the Blade and collect Secret#13, Ammo and the Glasses. Go out and jump over the last Blade.


The next room has 2 pushblocks and a brown block that has to go down, there are 2 bluish Tiles in the room, find them and put the blocks on them, the brown block goes down, crawl out to a room with 4 pushblocks. In the pasage on the other side of the room is a gate, past that is a room with 4 pillars and 3 Guards, shoot the Guards and look where the pillars stand make a note, according to N/S directions and use the same map in the pushblock room, pull the blocks on the same positions as in the pillar room and the gate opens. Spoiler: ((from standing at the passage with the gate and looking into the pushblock room: Pull the 1st block 2x, the 2nd block 4x, the 3rd block 2x, the last block at the pasage where you entered from 5x and the gate should be open))

Go into the gate to the Fire room, get the Flares to the R and go to the other side to pick up the Uzis, go into the pasage behind the Uzis and into the triangular CS, follow to a passage with a single Burner, grab the ceiling and MS over, in the next room is a Bike to the R behind one of the gates, it will open for you and you can take the Bike up the slope, run over the 3 Guards, drive up to the gate and go back to the lower room with the gates, as one more gate opened and there you will find the last secret of this level Secret#14, Ammo and the Glasses. Now go back to the big gate again and open it with the lever to go to...


Level 6:  Ruby Island.

"Lara reaches Ruby Island shortly after Samantha does.  Lara sets out to find the entrance to the Temple and starts the search for that 2nd Crystal, the Zakon's Soul Crystal."

The Temple.

Go forward from where you stand and get the Ammo from the R hand alcove, go on and in a small passage R a Guard will open fire, get the Ammo he will drop and go on to the crates, then climb up to that roof L, pull the R hand crate out of the way and get Secret#15, Supplies and Glasses, go down from the roof and another Guard is there, shoot him and get his Ammo, spot the gate W, in the NW corner and opposite the gate, is a Jumpswitch on the crate, on the roof  is a Guard to take out first, then pull that Jumpswitch to lower a wall in the Canal.

 Into the Temple.

Dive into the water below and go into the W tunnel (where you opened the wall), swim past the gate R and up into a shaft L, follow to a wider tunnel where you can pick up some Supplies before you go up in the SW corner to a room with a passage W, go in for a ½ MP L and a ladder to the R, go up and reach a sloped passage. Careful, the floor is slippery!! Too late, you’ll drop into a room below, where Samantha just leaves, go after her as soon as you can and an explosion occurs, 2 Guards attack from the L. After the fight you’ll notice it was the passage Samantha went in they blasted, so the only way is to go into the water ahead and swim to a hallway with some Supplies to the L and R.

 Hall with the Red Doors.

Go into the R hand door that opens on arrival, another closed red door to the R, dive into that red water and find the UW lever to open the doors in the Hall. The S door leads to the Spiral room where a Ruby Key is needed, get the Ammo and head out to the W open door.

 Room with Transparent floor.

The darker tiles are the path to follow, the lighter ones are fall through Tiles, walk slowly L and you wont fall in, look for the passage in the SE corner, standjump with a grab to get in and shoot the Horseman, look for the Reach-in switch L of the red glass wall and use it to raise a block in the room we go to now. Head back to the transparent floor and hop over the gap, go L and hop to the ledge at the next door in S wall. The door opens.

 Circular Blades.

Stand L in the opening and turn R, sidejump L to the ledge under the 1st blade (best is when one of the smaller blades on the big blade is close to you) and hop back/grab fast, shimmy all the way L to an opening and pull up. Holding the “duck” key in the same time, quickly crawl into the L passage, stand up quick and jump over the 2 Horsemen before they push you back in the Blades, shoot them in the back room with the block you raised and then go up the block. Turn to the ledge and climb up to runjump to the E side go into the CS for Ammo, open the Chest (great looking action!) for the Flares and don’t forget to shoot the Crystal ball on you way back to the CS (the other opening is a trap) Go back to the Blade room and crawl in, off the E side you came up from and shimmy back to the entrance. Past the entrance and a bit around the corner, wait for those small blades to go wide and pull up, runjump/grab into the entrance.

 Transparent floor.

Go over the stone path and hop over the hole to the room below to the W side of the room with the transparent floor and a door opened there when you shot the ball.

 Connection room.

In the back is a closed door and to the R is a CS to a room with 3 levers, which will activate the Burners on the ledges (a door opens in the room under the transparent floor), 2 Horsemen come out on those ledges, but they can’t harm you.

 Down at the Transparent floor.

Go out again and back to that hole in the stone path of the transparent floor room, go down the ladder on E wall to a room below, a horseman will come to greet you. Find a crevice in the E (later) and the opened door W, go in and 2 Guards will open fire from the lower part of the room, shoot them and go down to get some Supplies, then go up the L side and climb the central pillar, look for the passage with the Crystal ball and shoot it (pistols) to open that door in the Connection room. Go up the ladder to the transparent floor, L and over the path to the W through the Connection room to the door W, a nice room with Burners.

 Burning Bridge.

There are several passages L and R of the bridge, walk carefully to reach…

1st Room S: Jump in and come to a room with a Swinging Blade and 6 levers, go past the Blade and to the last lever on the L, a Horseman comes out, shoot him to get the 1st Ruby Key, leave the other levers alone. Back to the bridge, turn L time the runjump with a L curve into the…

2nd Room S: Follow to a deep pit with pillars, runjump to the 1st and turn R, jump to the next and don’t jump to the one W, just hop into the passage with the green floor, you can see R and below to come to a passage with 2 Blades, there’s  some Ammo to the R. Sidejump through from facing the wall opposite the Blades (another way you can try is to take a step or two back and one hop and just dive trough the blades) and come to the: 

 Main room.

Where a Skeleton will come for you, shoot it and look up E, close to where you came in. There’s a Crystal ball behind the plants on 1st floor. When you shoot it, a door opens N. In front of that higher floor is a block in the floor that has to be raised. Go to the N door and here’s a nice room too…

 Drop Knifes.

I think the intention was for you to go runjump around the room from block to block, while Knife balls drop from the ceiling. I found a shortcut, stand in the opening and L of you is another opening in the wall you have to get to, do a runjump/grab from about two steps back from the edge, so you’ll end up hanging on the 1st block, go shimmy R and to the wall, save and pull up, turn L till you are diagonal while doing a runjump with L curve to that opening in the SW corner, grab to land inside. (It will take a few tries, but it will save you about one hour of hard labour)

 Burner alley.

Drop off the CS and immediately do a jump/roll/grab to a ledge behind, pull up and get ready for the next challenge. Stand L and face the wall in the pit, the part in the pit is climbable, so standjump/grab and go L to a Burner, go as far down as possible and backflip when the flame is down, don’t worry, the Burner will shut down as you hit the ledge, look to the other side and spot the MS to a Jumpswitch over a slope, Light a flare and grab up, go to the opposite wall on the strange coloured MS go drop/grab on the switch (opens a door in the Main room) and jump/roll/grab when you hit the slope below. Go R on the ladder and to the block and get the Shotgun at your feet, Back into the large room and R, into the SW door and follow the slope straight up, the L passage has nothing more than a Horseman and a Skeleton.

 4 Boulders.

Jump to the 1st stone Tile in front and hang from the L side, drop/grab and pull up into the CS, go in and hang in the hole at the crossing, go R and pull up in that CS, go to the hole R and climb backwards in, drop/grab the 1st Jumpswitch, (Boulder 1 drops) climb back up in a corner so you can pull up in the CS easier (Lara will hang) and go L (straight is empty), back to the crossing and drop down after you noticed the sealed off CS N of the hole, get the Ammo where you land and go S, R and look up for a hole in the ceiling, get the Supplies in the lower passage before you climb up into the W CS and use the 2nd Jumpswitch (Boulder 2 drops) in the pit at the end, back up and to the hole, go into the E tunnel and R, 3rd Jumpswitch (Boulder 4 drops) at the end, back to the hole and drop down, go N and spot the ladder on the wall, go L into a room for the ½ MP, then go up the ladder on N wall in the other room. Slide back to the slope and go R, jump to the ledge and shoot the remaining Boulder, that block in the Main room rises. (This Transparent Boulder can be hard to see, depending on Monitor settings, but looking from the entrance of the room it's the 3rd Boulder, have a look with the Binoc's)

 Up in Main room.

So head out of here and down the slope, up the block in front of the door and past the Swinging Blade, get the Supplies L and R before going up the centre stairs, in the dark R turn is a CS to the W, get in for Secret#16, Supplies and Glasses. Follow the rest of the stairs up to a room with a Chest on a big Pedestal. A Guard starts shooting when you enter the room, go up the Big Pedestal and as you approach the Chest a Skeleton attacks. Inside the chest is the 2nd Ruby Key. Go back out and down to the Swinging Blade, L to the pillar and from there you can drop back into the passage with the 2 Blades, this way you don’t have to go through them. Follow the path back to the deep pit, do a standjump with a sharp L curve and a grab in the end, to the pillar L, stand back and L on that one and a long runjump/grab to the one E then into the N passage and return to the Burning Bridge. Save one hop back from standing in the opening and try to reload, most of the times the burners will be off when the screen opens, runjump immediately and do a run-through/jump/grab into the N passage. You can also do it in 2 parts, jump to the bridge and a bit R, then line up for the jump to the opening.

 N Room: Follow the passage to a tunnel leading to the room with the Hammer God.

Stay in the water for a bit to look into the room, he can’t harm you here, there are 4 levers in the room, 2 to the R and 2 to the L in the centre of the room is a bridge, only use the 2nd lever to the L (NW corner) and a block rises on the other side of the room, ignore the Skellie for now, just pull/roll and get onto that block fast, climb up on the backside from the sloped floor, you’re safe here you should think, NOT!!!!

Those Guys can get on the block too, quickly runjump/grab to that bridge in the centre of the room and first shimmy L to the dirty part, otherwise you’ll be Spiked, turn around and shoot the Crystal ball, turn around and jump onto the rising platform, great show!! Then jump into the N opening and shoot the Guard, pass the Blade and get the 3rd Ruby Key, jump back to the platform and go into the E room, get some Ammo L and R on the Blocks and climb to the top, shoot the Skeletons and get the Skeletons Sabre go back to the elevator, check the health and drop to that dirty spot again, from there you should be able to do a long runjump into the water hole and swim back to the Burning Bridge. (Do the save/reload trick again, works like a clock) to runjump back to the L side bridge, run on a bit to get out of harms way and line up for a runjump/grab to the W part of the bridge. (Save/reload trick) Hang L and wait for the burners, then pull up, turn L and standjump/grab to the…

3rd Room S: Pushblocks. Inside are 4 Pushblocks and a system of CSes. Push the 1st block on your R all the way and go L around the wall to pull it onto that grey Tile, turn around and follow the passage to the next block R, push it all the way into the passage you came out of and onto the Tile R, then crawl L from the block and come to the next, go around to push it once and go R around to pull it to the Tile, go to the back of the room N and find the last block. The first 3 were ever so easy, well this last one isn’t!!

That Hammer God is one floor up and banging on the floor, you have to push this block in all the way, go through the CS you passed R and pull it once, go around again and push it to the Tile, the door opens to the L. I know you just want to run out, but be careful with that as a Moving Pillar blocks the way, time the run through from standing close and R or L. In the next room are 2 Pushblocks, where do they go? Keep a separate Save in this room. Push the E doors open and make the run through the next Moving Pillar, in the room there, that’s similar to the one with the blocks, is the clue on the ceiling.

The dirty spots, like on the bridge before. Go back to that save with the blocks and push them to the right spots, then go through the red Moving Pillar again and into the open E room. Save before. Remember there’s water in the NE and SE corners, then go climb the blocks to the Chest and a Fire Wraith will appear, runjump to one of the corners with water to get rid of it, you can always climb back out in the SE, that Wraith beat me over to the water as he dove in before me. Go back up to the Chest (be sure to face N before you climb up to it and you don’t have to go around the chest before opening it, as every time you go up there a new Wrath appears) to get the 4th Ruby Key, the Horseman will do no harm as long as you don’t go close.

 The 5th Ruby Key.

Make your way back through the Pushblock rooms to the Burning Bridge and then go E over the gap in the bridge to the Connection room, through the transparent room to the room with the red doors. Into that room with the spiral and the receptacle for one of your Ruby Keys, return to the transparent floor after placing it the lower room flooded and now you can swim into that crevice E, follow to a hole up in the L corner and come to the last of the Ruby Key rooms. Go up the blocks and deal with a Skeleton and Horseman before grabbing the 5th Ruby Key from the Chest, the entrance closed, so go out through the other passage, jump up the slopes and come out in the N room at the red door room, go to the Connection room again and onto the Burning Bridge. All the way to the W end and open the Crowbar door. A door that was behind the Crowbardoor has opened too by taking the 5th Ruby Key, place the 4 remaining Keys to open the W door. But if you are interested in the last secret of the level, you’ll have to return to that room with the 4 Boulders. Runjump back over the gap in the Bridge and go jump into the…

 2nd Room S: For the Secret.

Go through the deep pit over the pillars, the Blades in the passage and into the SW passage in the Main room, go up the slope, onto the 1st ledge and into the CS under it, go R at the hole and that door opened there. Drop into the L pit to get Secret#17, Glasses, Grenadegun and MP. Back up, drop in the hole at the crossing, go N up the ladder to the main room, up the block and drop down into the passage at the Blades again, go back to the room with the Ruby Keys and out the W door and this level comes to an end.


Level 7:    Lara vs Samantha. 

 “The time has come to even scores with Samantha, Lara has to recover what belongs to her…”

The start of this level gives the choice between 2 sides, choose “LIFE” and it will be a bit easier than the “DEATH” side (obvious). Both parts lead to the same place, but if you want to play them both, you’ll have to keep a Save of this first room, so you can back to that save after playing the 1st part. The only Secret is these 2 levels is in the DEATH part and you’ll need that afterwards!! Both parts will be in the walkthrough. (BTW, listen to that sound when reloading or going back to desktop, nice detail…) Furthermore, the Compass changed again, the colours are really confusing so when I say look S and you can’t find it there, look N, sorry…

 1st room, careful, nasty lava pit ahead!!

 The Death Side. 

Come to a slide after taking care of the Skeleton and stand L, slide and jump to the sloped block L, slide and jump/grab the ladder, go around R twice and go to the R side of the pillar, hang near the floor and backflip to the next sloped block and jump, jump/grab the wall at the Burner go up to the ceiling and get as close to the burner as you can without burning, Save and reload and go R to drop on the ledge as the burner will be off, it will shut down as soon as you land. Do runjump/grabs to get over to that opening in the N wall. Climb the wall.

A slope and a Boulder, see the alcove halfway down and to the R, that’s where you have to jump in to get out of harms way. Run and jump to the R without grab to land in the alcove, be sure to run in far enough so the Boulder will not hit your back-pockets, go on down and jump/grab the ladder over the Boulder, go up to a room with a receptacle and a closed door next to it.

 Scroll room.

Go L and come to a lower staircase with a Swing Blade, go L and up the stairs, on L side and standjump over the Blades on your way to a Lava-pit. Drop out backwards and grab the edge, go L all the way to a wall. Where you can backflip to a block under the opening, go up to…

 Swing Blades, Burners and Globes.

 Grab up to the R hand corner and wait for the Burner, pull up and run forward a bit, but wait before the Blade, then go on to the Crowbardoor R and open it, step inside a bit and turn, go to the other side of the Blade room and up to the red door, back again and the Blade should have stopped, Bug, or end trigger?. Go into the Crowbardoor again and find the 2 Globes, 4 Tiles of which 2 (the S ones) are facing in. Put the Globes onto those Tiles and that red door in the Blade room opened. Go into that door and up the wall to the Meat Grinders. Mysterious sounds, spooky! To the R is a Boulder, so stay L and run as soon as the grinders went by, run jump into the next passage and go in a bit before you stop. Go L at the crossing (Spikes ahead) and into CS L, follow to next crossing. There’s a door that will drop shut behind you, stay on that 1st square after the door a bit to look around the room.

 The Corkscrews.

In the room are 3 Tiles you have to step on in order to get the red door in the back open, 2 Crowbardoors and one open passage. Try out what works best for you, one door is to the R from where you are, coming out of that one and straight/R is the open passage, coming out of that passage the 2nd Crowbardoor is opposite, out of that door duck and crawl into the L passage taking a MP when needed, to find the open door. Just be sure to end up on the L side of the doors before you hit action, otherwise Lara will step L first and that takes too long...

My route, Standjump and go R from where you stand, run in the corner of door and wall, turn R a bit an hit action, run in L and roll, to just hit the Tile, run out, runjump along the R hand wall, go in R and roll to just hit the 2nd Tile, run out and L, around that centre pillar R and end up on the L side of the next door, hurry up Girl!  Roll to hit the Tile and run to the L side of the opening, duck when you need to and keep a finger on a MP key (I needed a MP) careful in that passage, a Swing Blade, go up to the next room and see 2 breaktiles.

 The Scroll of Secret Fire.

 Run onto the L one and runjump/grab the 2nd, go hang where you can do a runjump/grab after you pulled up and open the hardly visible Crowbardoor in the passage, you’re in the room with the Scroll of Secret Fire. After you pick it up the triangular door to the R opens, go out to a red sloped passage to a slope in a room with a Burn floor. L of the slope is a ledge (bit higher as the floor) You can standjump to that ledge and then runjump to the one on the L side of the next sloped passage. (That was a shortcut, you should have jumped to the one in the R hand corner of the room, from sliding the slope and the to the one next to the slope and so on)

 Run for your Life.

The next one is nice, almost impossible to explain be sure to have saved on the ledge before the slope and have a go at it. A wide variety of Boulders, Swing Blades, Knifes, Spikes and more Blades, Knifes and more Spikes. The first thing you do is standjump to the slope at the Boulder that hangs lowest (ie the R hand one). Jump from the slope (from sliding, not from the flat bottom part) and just sprint to the end of this passage, through the Spikes and flat against the wall, the Boulder doesn’t come here, so you’re safe. Time the run past the Scissors I forgot to mention and watch out for the Squishy Pillar, a Corkscrew went down when you started the run, if you just ran through you could pass under , now sideflip past and jump over the Blades, wait for those red Knifes to stop and follow to a passage with Boulders. (Well when I just ran in and through all the traps and hoped the best, I didn’t loose as much health as the second time when I did it carefully L Must have been real lucky)

Just do a long runjump/grab on the L side of the room, to the high block, pull up before the Boulder strikes and crawl over the wall, drop into a wider passage. Stay close to the R hand wall as you go around the corner, because of the deadly Darts in the centre and runjumps will get you to the other end. Climb the blocks and hop into the red passage, go past that Blade you saw before and end up back in the Scroll room. Place the Scroll of Secret Fire and the door L of it opens. Go slide down the slope, to the R is a Crowbardoor, you couldn’t have reached from the Life side. The door ahead open only from this side and the room with the door behind it is the connection room at the end of “Life“ and “Death“. Go collect Secret#18, an abundance on Supplies, no Glasses? You’ll going to need those Supplies later on.

Want to play the Life side, save in the Connection room and keep that save separate. Because in the Life part is no Secret and less Supplies, so…

 The Life Side.  

Reload the save from the start of the level, hop over the pit and go into the Life door, shoot the Horseman and slide down a slope, runjump/grab to the pillar and jump/grab straight up for the MS, go to next block and runjump/grab to opening, up the wall and this looks familiar!

Light flare to spot the pit you have to jump halfway down and jump grab to the grey wall. Go up to a Scroll room, go R to the stairs and follow up to a room with Pillars. Runjump/grab to the first and then wait a bit for the moment the Burner is off, runjump/grab to the wall under the opening and go L to the CS there, go in and push the block all the way, then crawl to the side of it and pull it into the next room, pull/push it to a Tile in a passage in the dark/grim SE corner of the room and the W door opens.

Go out and to the Grinder room, run through when the Grinders passed and come into the Corkscrew room, run for a lever in the L passage and then one in the R passage, out the W door and L to the Pit. Walk out slowly on the R side of the passage and standjump/grab to the next ledge as soon as you are on the 1st ledge, find the right position and do a runjump/grab to the opening after you pulled up.

Get the Scroll of Secret Fire and go out the L door, to the slope, in the room below things got mixed up, now the dirty parts of the floor are deadly. Slide down and one more tile R of the slope is safe, runjump to the part L of the next slope and turn R to standjump to the tile in front of the boulder, then standjump into the L side of the passage and go on past the Blade to come to the sloped pit. No Boulder, but Spikes in the pit, check the health and do the same as on the Death side, loose some health, get over the wall, but this time drop from the shorter side (ie Left) roll and go straight for that passage with the pits. No Darts this time, you know the way to the Scroll room and open the door with the Scroll. Slide and get some Supplies from under the shootable Boulders. Go out and L to the Connection room.

Continuing the Level.

If you want the benefit of the Supplies you got at the end of Death, reload the save you made at the end of Death and continue with the level.

 The Sapphire Water Pillar.

In the next room is the Sapphire Water Pillar, get it and go out the opened door, L (N) is a closed door. Go off the slide W and get a Flyby of Samantha grabbing the 2nd Crystal, some Big Mutant is on the loose…

 Battleground of the Ruby Keys.

In the next big room (the pool in the centre is safe, remember that) are several Guards waiting for you, go around to take ‘em all out and go to the big doors in the W, one more Guard is behind the block L, take the 1st Ruby Key he drops and go to the small S door, it will open. Place the Key in the alcove L to open the next door, go in and walk up to the closed door, this one needs another Ruby Key, return to the Battleground and a Skeleton and Guard will show up, shoot both and get the 2nd Ruby Key from the dead Guard. Go place it to open the next door and go up to the one after that, back in the direction of the Battleground and stay a bit back in the passage, a Guard will come in, shoot him and keep shooting as about 4 Big Mutants try to get in to the small passage, take them out from safety and go collect the 3rd Ruby Key, and if a Wraith shows up, you know where the water is, centre pool of Battleground. Look around and there are already some Enemies lined up in the E. You can deal with the 2 Horseman now or later, whatever you want. Go back to place the Ruby Key and enter the room where you can place the Sapphire Water Pillar. Go out to the W room and see Samantha doing tricks with the Kzaon’s Soul Crystal.


 Level 8:    Genesis of Rebirth - Zakon’s Dimensions.  

“We have come to the end. Lara, after the Battle against Samantha, has to recover the Crystal of the God Malvagio. Therefore she has to make it out of the temple alive. The previous Battle has transferred part of the powers of the water into Lara, upgrading the Weaponry and changing the Ammo in Powerful Liquid Projectiles

Watch out!!! The direction of the rooms has changed, E is now W and vice versa, but the red needle is still the one you have to use for directions…

The Flyby continues and by a mysterious force Lara is thrown up in the air and it kills her.  Then the Powers of the Water give Lara new Life and strength. The Weapons are also upgraded, as soon as you regain control, start shooting Samantha. Blue Rays shoot out of the ceiling, I side flipped onto the R hand Pillar ledge and was safe from them there. Go over the ledge to the Kzaon’s  Soul Crystal and Guards open fire from both sides, shoot them and collect the Ammo and ½ MP. Then go back to the Battleground through the passage with the Ruby Keys, shoot more Enemies and take care of a Wraith. (could be this one attacks only later) Go around collecting all the hard to see Supplies. On ledges, in the water and over the water, dropped by Enemies and such. When you get to the NE corner of the room, you can now open that red Crowbardoor and go in for Secret#19, a whole load of Supplies and the Glasses. Return to the big room and jump onto the platform in the pool. After taking the MP from the chest, 2 Harpy Birds attack.


 Up on the ledges.

Go to that S door again and spot the climbable structure, jump/grab and go up to the ledges on 1st floor, go to the R hand ledge. Turn around and runjump to the ledges L around the corner, run to the ledge with the burning lever and L past it, a Wraith should be on your tail by now, just past the higher lever ledge you can drop off the L side of the ledge to fall in the pool below, go back up. After you jumped over to the central ledges, go onto the 1st ledge L (E) and find the 2 dirty tiles, step on them and the fire at the lever is off, go throw it.  

Drop down to the pool again and head to the W doors, which are pushblocks now, push or pull one of them out of the way and slowly walk around the R hand corner. A Boulder drops. Go shoot a Horseman in the back and find the passage there, a lever will open the door in the other end of the previous room, don’t rush in, see the slope R? A runjump from the entrance with a roll in mid air and jump/grab to the higher ledge, go on to a slope ledge, jump on it and drop into the room with the Squishy Pillar, facing the pillar, stand R at the wall and run through, sharp around the corner into the next passage to a room with a Guard L and a Horseman below then go up the blocks to a pair of Scissors that can be passed the normal way. (Or stand one hop back from the L hand ledge and turn around, backflip on) And reach the Huge Room.

The Huge Room.

Slide down and go on to the next room, a flyby shows you the huge red pillar in the centre. Shoot the Harpy, go to the S Crowbardoor and open it, shoot the Guard and pull the Pushblock L into the Huge room, and all the way to the opposite side where you’ll find a brown Tile in the NW corner, a door opened in the end of the CS that was behind the Pushblock, so into the S room and follow the looong CS to a Jumpswitch that will lower a brown pillar in the NW corner near the Pushblock. Go back and up the slope R of the block, to the MS after you shot the Guard that appeared behind you (or he will shoot you while you hang and that’s not fair). In the end you’ll mysteriously end up on a pillar (Bug or intended?), just duck and crawl and turn around, climb off the other side, but don’t drop. Go L instead and come to a ladder, go down a bit and backflip/roll/grab to the ladder behind. Go L and to the end, up to one square from the top and backflip/roll to land on a ledge, jump to the higher part and runjump/grab to the S pillar, 3 runjump/grabs and  you are on the other corner pillar.

 1st Floor.

Jump/grab the ladder and up you go, on a ledge on S wall, a Harpy will come for you, run all the way to the W and on the higher part of the ledge, shoot the Harpy before you attempt the next series of jumps N of where you stand, hop over the sloped ridge and walk up to the pit. Save and runjump over on the rooms side, Burners will light up on the ledge in front of you and a Boulder will come from behind. Quickly run forward a bit and turn L drop/grab from the edge and wait for the Boulder to pass, pull up and have a look up to the ledge up on N wall. A bit to the E, could be you spot the next Harpy already, waiting it’s turn, shoot it now! Go to the Burners and shimmy past them to a safe spot in the corner. E of here are more of those Burner Tiles, standjump/grab to the wall and go along the R hand side to get past them. Go up the ladder and walk up to the lever… WOW… did that scare you or what!

 2nd Floor.

Look on the E wall to spot the next jump series, save and runjump onto the L side of the 1st sloped ledge, immediately jump again so you will jump on the R side of the sloped ledges, as there will be a jump to the R coming up, then L again and on to the end, jump/grab R a bit to the ledge. Climb up to the highest point of that ledge and look for the Crystal ball on the red centre pillar (shoot it of course, it will raise a block in a room you’ll get to later) Save.

 Breaktile/Blade jump.

Slide down the slope and find the spot (about 1 and a half square down the slope.) from where you have to jump with a grab (Alt&Ctrl), to land on the far side of the 1st breakledge, so you can do a stand jump/grab to the next ( the place from where you jump from the slope also determines the position of the Swing Blade on the next jump). Pull up and runjump to the brick ledge go over to the W wall. A Harpy takes off from the N wall, a Guard shoots from below (Lasersight and  explosive arrow) Then runjump to a ledge that will get you to the NW room with one more runjump. (really not too hard when you know the spot of the first jump)

 NW room.

Shoot the Horseman and get on the block you raised and up the ladder, jump to that ledge going S and open fire on the Horseman, if he gets too close jump/roll over him and keep shooting (pistols are possible) Runjump/grab to the structure S and go to the lever. Don’t be scared, this one is for real… It will start an Elevator to the R of you, so jump up and enjoy the ride… and the tranquility…

 The Big Boss.

Main goal here is to find the 5 Trigger Tiles in the corners and one below the platform on the N point, close to that big Gate, you have to step on them to open a door in the N, some of the ledges are Spiketraps. I’ve cooked up a little Map to give the best route (In my opinion) The Elevator is a safe haven.

The Boss will be firing Fiery Bolts at you so change direction often when running over the central platform and go counter clockwise to end up on the last Trigger Tile (SE) close to the door. Save a lot, certainly after each Tile.

My way:

Hop on the platform and run NW, turn R to runjump onto the 1st ledge and then standjump, so you’ll land on the front edge, roll and save, walk up a bit and standjump/run-through jump to the platform. Go R a bit and runjump to the 1st ledge NW corner, a run-through jump to the one N of it and land on the L side of that one, depending on the place you landed, you can turn R and runjump/grab over the Spike-ledge to the Tile or a run-through jump with a sharp R curve. Save., roll and runjump/grab back. From this ledge after pulling up, a runjump to the platform, run straight over the most N tip and stop just off the platform, you’ll land on a ledge below. A pillar rises in front to climb back later, take your time here to step on the Tile R of you and climb back up the platform, go R and in the direction of the W tip, look for the closest ledge on the W wall and runjump to it to land on the R hand side (Save). Now you can runjump to the ledge with the Lightning and run-through jump over the most R side to the Tile. Roll and I did a jump/grab back to the Lightning Tile. Save and pull up after timing. Over the L side now and jump to the S, run-through jump to the platform. Now only one left. On the platform do a bit of a wide curve and turn R to runjump to the ledge NW, this way a run-through jump to the Tile is easy. Save and turn to the door, runjump in with a R curve and a grab in the end. Go in a bit and you’re safe.

Slide down the slope and go on to step on another Tile (safe in front, so you can enjoy the Flyby once more) and the Boss will be fired (You can see his Sword being launched into the wall). He will disappear in the N gate.

 The Ultima and the Zakon’s Soul Crystal.

Look around the room in the L end to find a nice Map of the Islands and go down in the NE corner, slide into a room with a Horseman and Guard, the Horseman will drop the Ruby Key you can place in the SW pillar to open the door in the NW corner of the room, go in there and see a big crack in the wall L, caused by the Sword (The Ultima), look for it to the R, where it embedded itself in the wall. Pry it out and continue to a sloped passage, shoot a Horseman on your way and come to a big room (below is the slope that ended in the Huge room) with an Altar on the E wall, shoot the door in the Altar and go in for the Zakon’s Soul Crystal.

Head back out and L, into the passage and L to drive the Ultima in the wall, back out and L to the opened door. Follow to a hall with pillars and go up the R hand side, you’ve found the Exit of the Temple…

End of the levels

Keep a save of the end, the rumor goes there will be a follow up…

 © Playing, Typing and Layout: Dutchy.

 Overall Game-play and Advise: Gerty.