Passage To Mu Part IV : The City

Level by Tony Tomb (Michael Bender).

Authorized Walkthrough G&D Productions.


When last we saw Lara, she had travelled through many areas of the Mu homeworld, to finally reach the outskirts of a city, the city of Mu Chaka. Along the way she had come across several inhabitants of this world, although unfortunately, so far most of them had only wanted to eat her. She had located a few artefacts as well, but sadly many were needed in order to proceed to her present location.
Lara had also seen many strange blue crystals growing out of the ground in the wild places, but also inside some of the fantastic structures she had investigated, almost as if they had been cultivated. It seemed to Lara that these crystals were not only the source which powered the Mu technology, but they also seemed to be the reason for life on this planet.
By now, Lara had had enough of this Mu world. Fascinating though it was, her attention was now turned solely to finding away back to earth, and her hopes of locating the technology to send her home lay ahead in the city of Mu Chaka.

Level 1 - City of Mu Chaka.

Lara just entered the city on her way to find the Mu Chaka, follow straight W and down the steps towards a courtyard with a big closed door, turn R (N) there and R again to come to the N courtyard (notice the water hole in the middle). Approaching the E side door will open it, go in to climb some blocks in the E side of the room and runjump over to a ledge over the door, use the switch to open a gate in the courtyard with the big door, drop to the ground and go back to the courtyard S, then R (W) to the open gate.

Enter and shoot the Ancient Warriors coming out, go to the W end and L up the stairs and grab up to the higher floor, then go to the end, turn R and walk against the wall, backflip into the opening onto the roof and grab the edge, backflip/roll/grab the opposite roof and shimmy L to a flat ledge, walk in and go R into a crawlspace with Revolver Ammo, go back out and from the ledge you can see a Jumpswitch on the wall S, Runjump/grab to activate and hear a gate open up.

The City Key.

You have to go up the stairs again and over to the opposite (N) roof, shimmy all the way to the L corner and pull up, jump up to the ledge where the gate opened and follow in to where you look out over the rooftops, there’s a ledge L around the corner, you can reach it with a L curved runjump or jump to the roof R and shimmy L to do a backflip/roll/grab. From that ledge a runjump/grab to a ledge N and go into the opening E, follow to where you can see the other side of that roof and runjump with a roll in midair so you’ll slide off backwards. Shimmy L a bit till you are over the vase below and backflip/roll/grab to a small roof, shimmy L to the corner and pull up. Look down N and jump to the base of the Statue to get the City Key (a door opens S of the pool below), so dive in and climb out S to get into the door.

The Roof Key.

Inside is a lever, use it to lower a block in a wall and get the Revolver Ammo before you leave, go out to the pool and runjump L around the vase in the corner to go to the ladder SW and return S to where you can drop back down from the roof and go E to the courtyard with the big door, R there and just past the door and in the SE corner is the lowered block up in the E wall. get in there to pick up the Roof Key. Drop out of the passage and go up the big stairs E, in the upper corridor is an opening to the L and it leads into a small yard, use the Roof Key behind the plant in the NE corner and enter the door.

The Lasersight.

Look for a MP, Shotgun Ammo and the Lasersight in the windowsills and then go to that brown ledge in the NE corner, it is a trigger tile and opens a gate.

Timed Runs to the Brass Key.

Save there facing S and run out, straight to the S wall in the corridor and go R, not over the stairs but over that walkway and just around the L corner is the 1st open gate, go in and use the switch to lower a block in the next room. Now you have to go back to the trigger tile twice more to open those next two rooms on this walkway, the second room to use the switch where the block lowered and the third room to get the Brass Key from a pillar you can now reach from a raised block. Now you can go down the stairs to that courtyard with the big door and open the door with the Brass Key.

The Waterworks.

Go in and get a screenshot of a waterhole on the N courtyard and inside are 3 switches and through the windows you can look into a Basin with 3 wheels turning. Stop all 3 wheels by throwing the switches and notice the ladder and hatch before you go out and NE to the N Courtyard. Shoot 2 Ancient Warriors and dive into that water hole, follow past the now inactive (but still harmful) Corkscrews and L, all the way into that small tunnel and up at the wheels, get some Flares SW and then use the switch NE to open an UW gate near the Corkscrews. Dive in again and swim back N and L at the Corkscrews, through the open gate and past more Corkscrews, keeping to the L and well clear from the Corkscrews. In the next room Lara will become electrified, swim into the far L SW corner and climb out there, get the next Brass Key and a ˝ MP in the windowsill and find the switch behind the pillar (opens that hatch on the ladder in the first room of the waterworks). Swim back E and past the Corkscrews, all the way to the E end and climb back out at the N courtyard, Lara still glows, head S and back into the big door.

The Mu Chaka.

Climb up the NE ladder and just through the hatch you can backflip to a ledge, follow the passage N and shoot the Ancient Warrior on your way to a gate in front and a door to the L, opposite the door are Flares and Shotgun Ammo on a ledge, then open the door with the Brass Key and shoot more Ancient Warriors coming out. Enter the room and move the 2 Mu Chaka statues into the alcoves N, the door will open up N, go into a nice garden and up the stairs, open the Sarcophagus and get the Mu Chaka. Look behind the ledge of the Sarcophagus and throw the switch there to open that gate back in the passage where you shot the last Warriors. Go back and just L before the exit, on a block is a ˝ MP. Go out and to the L is the open gate, runjump out with a L curve to land on the lower roof N and climb up N, jump back SW to get some Shotgun Ammo on the ledge there and jump to the open gate N to use the City Key in the Shrine to the L, go through the open door and leave this level…


Level 2 – Citadel, run run.

The Glass Rooms.

Go up to a Hall with a glass floor, walk straight through the middle and don’t go any further than the 2nd Blue tile, the Horseman takes off towards you, look closely to where he walks and remember that, then hop back into the safe passage to shoot him. Now go onto the floor and turn L at the brass plate on the L hand wall, follow along the wall to the next brass plate and turn R to the middle of the room, then turn L and go to the end. Go to the switch and throw it to open up a wall NE, go back the same route along the S wall and cross straight over to the N, walk slowly to the open wall so you’ll spot the "open" tiles, hop into the passage and follow to a switch, use that to open up another wall. This time in the NW corner of the glass room, take the safe route back and go over the L side to that open wall, as soon as you enter the passage a Horseman will come for you from the second glass room, better stay in this passage, do jump/rolls over the Horseman and shoot him.

The Ancient Key.

Then go to the second Glass room and you have to get to the switch L. you can use the brass plates as guidance again and walk slow. The lever will now open up a wall in the first passage you opened up, so you have to go back into the 1st room NE passage and straight N into the new passage to a small room with a switch (opens a shortcut to a switch you used before) and Shotgun Ammo up in the opening NE, go down in the next room and around the pillar into a passage S you’ll come back into the room where you’ve used the switch before. A Horseman will attack from behind, then go re-use that same switch and return to the N room with the pillar to hop back into the opening where you got the Ammo before. From the opening you can jump/grab up E to the pillar, then jump into an alcove S and get the ˝ MP, the block here lowered by using the S switch. Follow through to the Ancient Key to the L and a lever to the R (opens the gate back in the second Glass room).

Run back through the passage and just out (no grab) to land on the pillar, drop down and go to the S switch again, use it to open that 2nd Glass room again and go back there, walk carefully over the floor and use the brass plates to give you hints, finally a standjump/grab over the blue tile in front of the open gate and follow in to a wide square.

Lara and the Hammer Guys.

Be sure to save before you go on, in a windowsill to the L (E) is some Shotgun Ammo and a Hammer Guy is running around trying to get you, in the N wall is a door to be opened by 2 Ancient Keys of which you have only one so far. Check your health on a regular basis and go for that Cog wheel S, turning the wheel about 5 times will open the door W. Sidejump R and sprint for the door, follow to a small door which will open for you and hop down into the next corridor. Once inside Save again and go look for a Spike-pit N with some big doors on the opposite side and find some Revolver Ammo and a lever in the S, throw the lever and run back past another Hammer Guy and jump over the Spike-pit to grab the other side, go to a slide there and slide down to jump/grab a ladder at the end.

Target Shoot.

Here’s the drill and it will cost you health (but if you stay on the block as much as possible not too much).

In the middle of the room is a block with a Rotating Blade and Burners on the 4 corners, in the N and S walls are 4 small doors, which can be opened by stepping on trigger tiles in the corners of the room near each door and behind those doors, are 4 Targets (Spheres) you have to shoot. The Target doors are timed and a Hammer Guy is running around too, there’s a MP standing in the Rotating Blade if you care to go get it. So run down from the block onto the tile, roll and run a bit to the door and grab up on the corner of the Burner tile near the opened door, turn around and shoot the Target before the door closes, after shooting all 4 a gate will open in the E wall.

Get into the open gate and follow through to a room with a Poison pool, jump/grab to the crack in the wall and shimmy all the way around till you can pull up on a slanted ledge, careful on that edge and hop back to do a runjump with a last moments grab to the opening across the room. Follow the passage up a block and come to some Shotgun Ammo on the floor, further in the room is another Cogwheel, turn it about 5 times and sprint or do run/jumps to the door (not too tight a run). Inside you’ll find yourself on an Elevator.

The Mu Mask.

Check your health and face S standing on the Elevator, then Save and go up into the next room, in the SE corner is a MP and on this higher step you’re safe from the Hammer Guy roaming around and there’s a Horseman you have to shoot here because he will drop the Mu Mask you need. Then place the Mask on the E pillar after you waited till the Hammer Guy went into the W passage so you’ll have some time to place it, the small door on the steps at the E wall opens up.

The 2nd Ancient Key.

Go through to a courtyard with a fountain, in an alcove on top of the fountain is a ˝ MP, go past the trees to the E and at the lower corridor a runjump/grab to that bronze door in the E wall, it will open the moment you grab and inside the room, to the R is the 2nd Ancient Key. Runjump/grab back out over the corridor and go to the fountain, into the passage S and pick up the Revolver Ammo and MP. Follow to where you can drop to a block below on the square with the first Cogwheel and look L for that big door you can now open with the 2 Ancient Keys. Go in and R around the corner is a windowsill with a MP, a bit further to the N is some Shotgun Ammo in the window to the R, then go through the passage to the N and come to a room with Pillars and a Hammer Guy, jump onto the low block R, face W and hop back when the Hammer Guy looks/walks the other way (however, after a while he will understand what you’re up to).

The Revolver.

Use the switch on the back of the block to raise it, then hop back and sidejump L to get to the entrance and runjump/grab back onto the block, jump to the pillar W and do the same there (the switch is on the W side of the pillar), go on like this till you did all 4 switches on the pillars and jump over all pillars to the highest one and grab up to the floor above, throw the lever to open the big doors N and get the Revolver and a MP, then drop to the pillar NW and jump down from pillar to pillar to the SE one, face N and jump down to get out, slide down and fall into a pool waaayyyy below.


Level 3 – Cistern.

The Main Room.

After a long drop, you’ll end up in a pool in a dark Cistern. Climb out somewhere and go find the Flares E, then go into the tunnel W and shoot the Monster coming out. Follow the R hand walkway to a single ledge just in front of the pillar L and on the wall down into the pit is a ladder, use it to get down to a Snake infested pool. Shoot the critters and dive in to the S, climb out W and shoot another Monster, go into the cave SW.

Blue Crystal Cave, the Gate Key.

A Monster will come for you, then go into the back of the cave and shoot all the dark blue Crystals so you can climb up the rock SW, then runjump onto the thin ledge N and find an opening NE and standjump in there, slide down the slope in the end and fall into a pool. Climb out and get the Flares in the E, then dive back in and swim down N, hurry back and shoot the Snake, go in again and find the Shotgun Ammo NW, in the middle of the E wall is an UW ceiling lever opening the UW door NE, go in and up L for air, then swim up through the long tunnel NE and follow to a room with the Gate Key, swim out S and follow back to the Main Room.

Go up the ladder N and head E, turn R and from the balcony you can jump down over the railing to the ledge around the pillar SE, on the back of the pillar you can use the Gate Key to open the gate S, jump over to that passage and go in, R at the crossing and Save before you go down.

The Jumpswitch Pool.

Almost at the end of the slide you have to jump L to a ledge. Then jump/grab up to the block NE and look over to the S wall to spot the 2 Jump switches. Use the monkeyswing to go to the R side (SW) switch and drop/grab to activate it, landing on a slanted ledge you have to slide and backflip to get back to the lower N ledge and go up to the monkeyswing again, to the L side switch (a gate opens up in the W wall) and slide backflip again after using it. From the ledge you’ll land on you can runjump to the ledge SW and then up to the higher W block with a jump over the slanted ledge, standjump with a L curve and a grab to get into the opening and use the lever there to see a gate open up at the Main Room. Go back to the opening and jump out to the R to land on the high block, jump to the lower E one and then a runjump NE to the ledge in the pool on E wall, jump/grab up N and get into the open gate E.

Timed Run, the Ancient Key.

Climb the ladder to come to the top of the Jumpswitch pool, in the corner to the R is a Trigger tile, opening up a Timed door. Have a look where you have to go first and use the opportunity to clear the path of some Creatures, in the SW corner is an opening in the wall. jump in there and hop back into the passage as you see those Creatures coming for you, shoot them from the passage and spot the bronze door at the end of that passage in front of it is a Spike-pit. So be sure to jump over that one later. Go back to the tile and Save on it runjump SW and from the W side ledge a runjump into the opening, sprint a bit and then release sprint or you won’t be able to jump/grab over the pit into the open door. Inside you’ll find the Ancient Key to the R and a ˝ MP to the L.

You can now return to the Jumpswitch pool, go through the passage E and down the ladder, turn around at the bottom of the ladder and climb up the opposite wall. Follow the passage to where you drop down at the start of the Jumpswitch pool; go out NW to the Main Room. Standing in the opening at the gate you can see an opening under the ledge with the lock. Jump to the lock, drop/hang from the edge and drop/grab to climb up to Secret#1, Revolver Ammo, Dive into the pool below and head towards that ladder NW, go up and L to the now open gate in the NW corner.

Jumping to the Mu Char.

Go to the end of the passage and standjump with a roll to the slanted block NE, grab the edge and backflip/roll/grab to a pillar behind you, then runjump to the W pillar and from there a runjump to the one N again, slide and jump/grab to a lower ledge across the water. A runjump to the W and from there 2 more jumps over slanted pillars S and land on a flat pillar, runjump to the SE corner and find an opening in the S wall. But first runjump to the pillar N and grab up into the crawlspace in the E wall and go get Secret#2, the Mu Char.

The Waterworks.

Get out and jump back S to go into the lower passage, go to the S through the E passage and Mutant Creatures will appear, run back and go L and into a room where you can climb up a ledge to the L to shoot them. In the same room you can use the Ancient Key to open the gate N, go in and use the lever to put some big Cogwheels into place (raises the water level). Upon coming out of that room another Mutant Creature will show up, go S to the pool after he’s done in and dive in to the water, swim up to the first ledge with the pipes W and get the Flares there, turn around and look down and a bit L to spot the UW lever on the opposite (E) wall, dive in and use it to raise the water level in a shaft and swim down into the tunnel in the NE corner of the bottom. Ignore a tunnel to the L (leading back to the Main Room) and go up in the end, to come to a shaft you just filled with water, you are now on a ledge in the SW corner of the Main Room.

The Gate Key.

Go to the waterfall and jump/grab to the ladder, go up and backflip to a walkway, from there you can runjump to a ledge NE and get the Shotgun Ammo, jump back and runjump/grab to the walkway E to get the Flares, go on over this walkway to the NE corner and grab up N to a crawlspace there, follow in and drop out onto a ledge in a pool. There are Spikes in the middle, dive in from the side of the ledge, swim around the Spikes and under the waterfall to climb up on a ledge with Shotgun Ammo. Swim back to the ledge and jump/grab to a crawlspace E. follow the passage up the ledges and finally runjump to the R over a fence, on that balcony is an alcove E where you can get the Gate Key. Runjump over the fence to one of the sides of the pool below (Spikes) and get back to the crawlspace S, go through to the Main Room.

The 2nd Mu Chaka.

Go back to the walkway SW and from there you can runjump/grab to the big steps N and go in to use the Gate Key to the R, then dive into the opening SW and swim down to the pool. Out through the tunnel in the NE corner and go up to a switch to drain the pool. Now climb down the ladder in the tunnel you just came up from and shoot the dark blue Crystals in the former pool. A block will rise on the ledge up N, go to that switch again and re-use it to get the water back in the pool. Swim back, go up through the tunnel S and runjump to that block N, hoist up on the N floor and grab your 2nd Mu Chaka on the higher step. Leave this place by jumping into the pool and swim back up through the S tunnel, go out N to the Main Room and you’ll hear a door open up when you go onto the big steps.

The Mu Mask.

Look W from the steps and see the opening with the switch inside, runjump/grab in there and use the switch to open the gate in the E wall on the SE walkway, get over there with a couple of runjump/grabs and get into the passage, follow in to a room in that deep shaft you fell through when the level started, Lara looks at a ladder, go runjump/grab to the ladder and climb up into an alcove, roll and runjump/grab W across the shaft to get the Mu Mask there.

The Shotgun.

Drop out of the opening into the pool below and go swim to the W side of the big pool. Through the tunnel (you saw it before when you passed through the tunnel behind it) in the W wall and L. up to the SW ledge and climb that ladder at the waterfall again to get to the walkways. Jump into the SW corner and follow into a big room, go R over the ledge and runjump up to the N floor, use the Mask on the block there and a gate opens S, first get up onto the block to grab the Shotgun and Shotgun Ammo and make your way over to that gate S, go through and climb the ladder, backflip/roll/grab and jump/grab to the next higher ledge W, up the ladder to the Innercity.


Level 4 – Innercity, Mu Sanctuary.

The Flower Stem.

Follow the passage climbing the ledges and come to an old overhead hatch. Jump/grab up to open it and climb up into a garden. Head W and on the lower square to the L, shoot a Warrior and go up the staircase E, then R up more steps, till you find the crawlspace to the L, crawl in backwards and find another crawlspace W, go in to use the switch inside (cut scene of a bronze door), crawl back out and jump/grab to the crawlspace at the stairs, coming out of it you’ll notice a ladder on the opposite W wall just to the R, climb the ladder and climb to the R to drop into the upper passage, go into the room and a Warrior comes running in, shoot him and hear that shield clanking to the ground :0) . Go out E (the passage W is for later) and climb up to a flowerbed L in the W side is a little green stick, The Flower Stem.

The Flower Head.

Get that and return down the ladder to the staircase. Follow the steps down and R to the small courtyard with the big gate, shoot another Warrior first and in the end to the L is the bronze door you opened, follow the passage to a Garden, in the middle of the pool is the Flower Head, pick it up and head back to the bronze door. Just to the R is a flowerbed and in it is the stem where you can place the (combined Stem and Head) Garden Flower (from facing S).

You’ll hear a door open up, go back N to the staircase and L, follow all the way up this time and come to the gate opened up in the windowsill, runjump over to the roof on the other side. Grab the edge upon sliding off and shimmy R to the ledge, runjump with a R curve to get into the open gate E and go down in the next room, up the N ledge and get the Revolver Ammo in the windowsill NW.

First Push Puzzle. (Map)

Look for the pushblock in the NE corner and push it all the way in. Push the block against the E wall (E block) to the S. Your goal is to get behind the block in the NW corner, push the E block to the S and now pull the left hand block on the W wall out once and push it as far as possible into the entrance S.

Pull E block back and push it as far as to the N, then take the on in the middle N (first block you pushed) and move it into the SW corner where you just pulled out the other block. Then move the E block back to the S so you can get the left hand block from the W wall out once. Then push it as far as into the entrance S. Now move the NE block also as far as S again and pull the NW block to the E once, then the S once. Go push the W block to the N and turn right to move that block to the E wall. Now only thing left is to pull the NW block to the S once and go behind it into the passage. Go climb down the ladder in the end and come to the next push challenge.

Second Push Puzzle, the Ancient Key.

Go down to the ground floor and into a passage in the NE corner, there’s a push block to your L, push it once, then go around and over a block to push it to the E and then go through the N passage to push it S onto a Circle tile at the E wall, the block is now standing on a raising block. Climb the Circle block next to it and grab up to a ledge S, pull the *S switch* there to raise the pushblock one level and pull it onto that Circle tile. Hop down in the SW corner near that wall torch and find the *Torch switch*, use that one to raise the pushblock again and go climb up to where it now stands.

Push the block N and then to the W once onto another Circle tile, a block lowers in the W passage near the ladder, get over there and pull the block (SW) once to put it on the Circle tile (get a cut scene of another block). That block is way up in the S wall of the room and you can get there by climbing back onto the ledge at the S switch and runjump/grab into the opening SW (over the Torch switch), follow to a small room with a ceiling hatch up over the block, get on the block and open the hatch. No need to climb up (it is a shortcut for later), but go down to the switch in the SW corner of this room, throw it to raise a block in the Main room NE. Go back through the passage to the Main room, down to the Torch switch and throw it again to raise a block way up S.

Go up to the new block in the NE corner of the room and use it to climb to the top ledge in the room, where you can now push the S block once onto the Circle tile at the open hatch and see the block go down in that small room with that hatch, revealing an Ancient Key. Now pull the block out and move it aside onto the E Circle tile (another block goes up). Go through the opening S and climb down into the small room, to get the Ancient Key from the N alcove.

Now go back through the passage to the Main room and all the way up to the top ledge and from the new block NW. jump into an opening NW and climb the ladder up to where a gate opened and a Warrior will attack.

The Sanctuary Key.

Head L and keep going W to end up in a passage, to the L is an alcove with Shotgun Ammo, then go into that small room near the garden where you got the Flower Stem, go S and climb down the ladder to the Staircase. Go down and L, then R to get back to the first Halls and you can use the Ancient Key on the pillar to open the gate W. Go into the open gate and head R into the first corridor and R around the next corner you’ll find a red pushblock in the L hand wall near that big old vase. Push the block in once and it will open a door SW of the old pedestal at the crossing. Go in there and push another block to open the door opposite this room, in there you can use a block to climb up S to the ledges on the first floor, go jump all the way S along the W side, then head to the SE corner and there you can drop into a room below where you’ll find the Sanctuary Key on a pedestal. Climb back up and runjump over the corridor to the ledge N where you can use the Key in the lock and see a block go down somewhere.

Boulders and Burners, the Mu Mask.

Drop down from the ledge into the corridor to the first hall and go to the NE corner, up the higher floor and find the lowered block in the corner between the blocks, follow to where you climb up R to a Boulder-trap. You have to get to the SE corner passage by jumping the Boulder slopes. Face R a bit and standjump to the first slope as the Boulder is L and about to roll back to the R, standjump a bit to the SE again just before you’ll get crushed and a running jump/grab will get you into the opening. Climb up into the next passage to the Burners. Three in a row with an alcove to the R and a monkeyswing on the ceiling, use the monkeyswing to get past the first and sharp around the corner into the alcoves where you can line up for the second part and drop in the end, climb up to an opening overlooking the first Halls. Jump/grab to that crawlspace up L and drop out into the room with the Mu Mask, grab it and have a look in the passage W where you have to runjump across the first hall to a ledge and get into that bronze door in a Timed run.

Timed Runs with the Mask.

Pull the L hand switch in the Mask room to open a gate and save in front of the R hand Timed switch. Pull, turn R and run turning L into the opening, aim for a runjump/grab to the R hand corner of the opposite ledge and pull up, turn slightly R and standjump onto the block in front of the bronze door holding the *forward key* so you’’ run through immediately. Once inside a Warrior comes for you, then head N and the gate you opened up before is to the R where another Warrior will come out. In that room are two pushblocks to the L, pull out the L hand one and move it aside to get to the switch behind it. The switch will open up a big gate back in the passage, go out of the room and go L (S), then R and R again into the open gate, to the L is a Trigger tile raising a block in an other part of this room, Save on the tile and go have a look where you have to go to place the Mu Mask before the block goes down again, then reload.

From the tile sprint straight E, just run sharp L around the two corners and runjump with a roll onto the raised block, then jump/grab up to the ledge E and get the Revolver Ammo, place the Mask in the receptacle and the bronze door W opens up, showing shiny Crystals behind it, so runjump/grab over to that door and get in.

Transporter Room.

Shoot the four Orange Spheres from standing in the entrance (pistols will do if the Warrior stays out of sight) and a block will go up under a switch on the SW corner, after the block is raised you can go down in the room and here’s a nice feature, the one with the Spear will kill the one with the Shield, but you’ll have do dodge the Shield Warrior till he does that, then he will come for you, so you’ll only have to finish off one (or none at all if you’re fast). Go to the newly raised block at the Transporter and step in.

Level 5 – The Temple of Mu Chaka.

The 3rd Mu Chaka.

Pick up the 3rd Mu Chaka just in front of you and go down to the lower floor, there are 2 openings in the corners, with a slope below. Stand in the exact middle of the tile between the 2 openings and backflip to either one of the holes to land on the sloped edge, slide and jump with a grab to catch on to the pole, slide down into the lower room. Go W, climb up and go L, follow the stairs up to a room with big steps to the R and a closed bronze door L, up in the SW corner of the room are Flares and in an opening up in the W wall you can see a swinging Blue ball. Go up the big steps and jump up NE to get onto a balcony with Revolver Ammo, go back and shoot that swinging Blue ball (pistols will do), a gate opens down in the NW corner of the room. First climb the SW ledge where the Flares were and do a runjump with a sharp L curve to grab the L side of the opening that swinging Blue ball was in and crawl in to get Secret#3, a MP and Shotgun Ammo to the L, drop out again and enter the open gate NW

Timed Runs for the Ancient Keys.

Shoot the 2 Warriors and go further onto the steps, just around a R hand corner is a grated window and in the windowsill is a ˝ MP.


Go on and come to a slide down into a deep, Blue room. Save there as this is a Timed sequence, stand in the exact middle of the edge so you are lined up for the Ancient Key you can see on the floor below and slide down onto a Timed Spike floor, the clock on the pillar starts ticking as soon as you touch the floor, quickly take a step forward to grab the 1st Ancient Key, turn R and run for the switch to open a door up N, so get there fast and jump up into that Spike-passage, in the end a slide/jump/grab to get onto the monkeyswing and go to the other end of it, save again as the fun isn’t over yet.


Drop and slide into the room with a Timed burning floor, quickly take a step forward to grab the 2nd Ancient Key, turn L and run for the switch to open a door E. backflip/roll with a bit of a L curve and sprint to the end of the room into a passage and only in the end you’ll be safe for a moment.


Save again before you go up the obvious Boulder-slope and sprint up, a bit diagonal to the R aiming for a passage to the R and get in there before the Boulder gets you. Save in front of the opening up W and stand about one step from the R hand side, have the Revolver and Lasersight ready as you will have to shoot Spheres up on the ceiling. Pull up over the top and slide down, almost from the end of the slope a R curved jump onto that cage, turn L and shoot the 3 Spheres, the cage lowers, so throw the switch to raise a cage across the room and run to the 3rd Ancient Key in the middle of the floor, get it fast and runjump onto the cage in the SW corner before hell breaks loose. Go up one more block and use the switch (screenshot of the gate in the water at the start of the level), climb up S and crawl through to come back near the start, shoot the Warriors and go down the steps E to the room with the pole.

Bulls Eye!

Dive into the water S and swim through the open gate to where you can climb out, go up to another slope and Save, below you can see Barred doors. Slide down and go S and the Bull has to smash 4 Bulls Eyes, one is in the room the Bull came from N and the 2nd is S around the corner on W wall. Then a gate opens in the S wall, go through and get the to smash two more Bulls Eyes in that Hall. Now another gate S opens and you can quickly get onto the ladder there, but first you can go back for a Secret.

The MU Crystal.

Go back to the Bull passage, to the N and look for a passage to the L, drop/hang into the Fire-pit from the Bull Alley and drop/grab to a crawlspace. Pull up in and drop into the hole straight ahead to use the switch to lower a cage a bit further in the crawlspace at the Secret, climb out from the switch hole and go R, follow to where you can climb up into the room with the 3 switches. There are 3 switches. You only have to use the one on the N wall R and maybe also the one on W wall to open the bronze door (The L hand N switch raises all blocks in the Fire-pit but then the Bull can come in).

A block goes up in the Fire pit, jump to that block and get into the crawlspace N, follow to where the cage lowered before and get Secret#4, a MP and the MU Crystal. Go crawl back to the Fire-pit and jump back to Bull Alley. Head back for the ladder in the S hall and go up.

Burners and Crystals.

Follow up to a large room with Blue Crystals and Burners in the walls. Standjump straight down into the water and swim till you see a small tunnel L, follow into a small room with an UW ceiling lever in the NW corner (gate opens in the large room), swim back to the room, go L in the gulley and climb up in the N end, to the L of the pillar is Revolver Ammo, 2 Warriors will show up, shoot those funny shouting guys and head to the SE corner to climb up the ladder. From the ledge a standjump to the 1st ledge (you can pick a side) with the Burners that now have an interval and a running jump/grab will get you hanging from the next, pull up and a runjump/grab to the last, shimmy around the corner so you are close to the gate and pull up, turn and jump to the ledge at the gate.

The Blue Orb.

Follow through, shoot a Warrior and come to a balcony, under the vase is Revolver Ammo, then climb the block E to grab the crack ion E wall. Go shimmy around L and drop on a ledge with the Blue Orb. Go back the same way and grab a pole in the SE corner, slide down and a gate opens up below. Go W and you’re back at the big steps, to the L is the bronze door, open it with the Orb and go in.

The Mirrors.

Go shoot all the vases in that Mirror room and collect a ˝ MP and the Torch, take the Torch outside and to the E to light it on the Urn next to the gate you just came from. Head back to the Mirror room and light 2 Urns where the vases were, a hatch opens up over a ladder SE, drop the Torch and from the block S you can runjump/grab to a ledge up S. Go up the ladder and backflip to the upper floor, go place the 3 Ancient Keys and Light beams will go through the floor into the Mirrors and the cages will rise, go back down the ladder and from the S ledge you can jump to the first cage, then to the next ones and finally a runjump/grab to a ladder on the N wall over the entrance.

The Mu Chaka Shrine.

Go up to a terrace around a Pyramid and just in front of you is a small pinnacle on which you can place a Mu Chaka, it will rise up in the air. Go L and place the next one, then go to the N side where the 3rd can be placed. The Pyramid activates. Go E and jump around the R hand corner onto a block, then runjump onto the op of the Pyramid and land in the Holy water below. Swim down and follow the dark tunnel to the Tiles on floor and ceiling and you’ll be transported.

Level 6 – Sylvan Lake.

Look up and watch the beautiful sunset, go down to the Lake and a great Flyby kicks in, showing the surroundings. Look N for a ledge to climb up to just before the water and go find the Flares between the Pillars. Hop back down to the same beach and go jump over the rock ledges along the S wall. A Boulder will come down after a small earthquake, then jump to that long slanted ledge and turn around to look for a crawlspace in the E pillar, get in for a ˝ MP. Climb back out and dive into the Lake, swim N and down into the abyss. The Boulder is there, swim into the tunnel W and follow to a wider cave.

Underwater caves.

Swim L (N) around the corner into the Cave and immediately L again into a narrow tunnel near the bottom, to get some air in a breathing hole (remember this). There are some nasty Sharks in the Caves, but you are safe here, now you have to swim into the NW corner where you’ll find an UW ceiling lever (cut scene of a hatch). Swim out of the tunnel, a bit to the R and up into a hole in the ceiling, follow into a small cave with another UW ceiling lever (cut scene of the hatch opening up). Go back to the Breathing hole for air and then swim out and a bit to the L above the green plant is the shaft leading up to the open hatch, when you just swim in, look in the W side of the rock wall for a small tunnel. Follow in for Secret#5, a MP, Shotgun- and Revolver Ammo. Then swim out and up through the open hatch into a green tunnel to a room. In the E behind the pillar is a switch to open a wooden hatch, now you can go back the way you came and swim S through the Shark Cave and R in the end to swim into a small tunnel. Or you can jump over the S railing in the room with the switch and swim through the Lake (with Boulders crashing down), down into the abyss and follow to the Shark cave going R everywhere and you will come to the same room.

The Bridges.

Climb out S for a ˝ MP and jump to the ledge with the wall torch, jump/grab the ladder on the pillar and go up and R to the middle of that slanted ledge, pull up and backflip to a ledge behind, then jump/grab to the E ladder under the open hatch and climb up and off to the R. Climb the next ladder and backflip/roll/grab to a ledge, pull the switch there to stretch out the Bridge over the Lake. Follow the passage to a slide. Just slide, no jumps and land in the entrance of the Fire Hall.

The Fire Hall.

Runjump to the first pillar as the Flame goes down and stand motionless in a corner (or hang from the edge) and do a runjump to the next ledge L or R and do the same, wait till you can runjump to the ledge in front of the opening S. Pull the switch around the corner to raise the water level and go back to the ledge, stand in the opening on a corner of the ledge and better get rid of the 2 Sharks first, then dive in and swim under the ledge to pull the UW ceiling lever, which will open the gate in the S passage, climb back up at the ledge and go in, up the ladder and from the opening a standjump R to a ledge (I did a jump/roll) Line up for the runjump to the W ledge with the switch and stand in one of the outward corners till you can use the switch to open another hatch in the NE corner, hop back quick (or dive into the water below) and line up NE for a runjump to the corner of the block N, then to the ledge with the ladder in the corner, go up and follow through a gate opening up for you to come to the rock ledges, jump over the ledges to the E and go over the first Bridge across the Lake.

The Temple.

To the R is another switch, and the 2nd Bridge will stretch out. Head W over the Bridge to come to the Temple, look N just at the end of the Bridge and spot the ladder. Hop on the block R and climb down, look between the pillars for the Mu Mask and climb back up to the Temple. Head for the lower glass floor S of the Temple (look down through that floor to spot the receptacle and the switches) and find the switch in an alcove, throw it to open a trapdoor SE on the square. Go climb down the ladder through that trapdoor and come to the Labyrinth you saw from above.


Go L everywhere to come to the first switch, then turn around and go L again to come to the second switch to the R in the end, turn around and go R to where you can use the Mask and the Temple will open up. Use the last switch again and turn around, keep going R till you come to the first switch use that one too and turn around, keep going R to the exit, you’ll get a cut scene of a Hammer Guy on the Temple grounds, climb the ladder and make it into the Temple, go L and into a room with a Transporter. Step in and go to the next level.


Level 7 – Southern Observatory.

Hall with the Ledges.

Go through the hall to a gate opening up for you, runjump to the ledge and run and jump into the opening L of the pillar as a small earthquake will loosen up some Boulders. Some Wasps will attack in this room, you’ll hear them coming, deal with them with your back to the wall. Jump to the next gate W and turn to the R (N), jump over to the ledge and go up onto the block in the corner, turn R and runjump/grab to the ledge there, from the end of that one to a ledge near a closed gate, then runjump S and slide backwards from the ledge grabbing the edge to do a safety drop to a ledge with Shotgun Ammo. Now runjump NW to a ledge against the N wall and from there to the middle of the hall, then do a safety drop from the hole to the ledge below and look SE to spot the lever, but first runjump/grab to the pillars E to get the Flares, jump back and from the higher ledge L (SE) a runjump to the ledge with the lever.

Throw the lever to open a gate a bit up in the same wall. To the L in the wall behind the lever is a crawlspace, get in and drop to the ledge, Save there.

Timed Run for the 1st Mu Mask.

Don’t get on the grated tile, but do a runjump from the stone one to the pillar L, then to the next and so on till you are in the back and can climb up to the 1st Mu Mask, if you make it in time, the Spikes certainly will pop up when you are at the Mask, now for getting back you can sidejump S over the railing and sidejump again to get away from that grated tile before Spikes pop up there too.

2nd Mu Mask.

Climb back through the crawlspace and drop down from the ledge outside to one with Shotgun Ammo, runjump to the central structure and find the higher ledge from which you can grab up to the level above, one more climb up and look SE to spot the open gate. There’s a ramp under the gate, aim for the less sloped part and runjump (No Ctrl) over to it. Go into the passage and get the 2nd Mu Mask (gate opens up E), go out and runjump back to the central structure, look if you are on the 2nd level from the ground floor and head to the NE most corner, there’s a lever on a ledge NE, you can runjump down to a pillar on the N wall and then jump to that lever That big gate up W opens up).

Safety drop to the ground floor and go up the ladder E of the central structure, use the higher ledges to get up to one level from the top and runjump to the W gate again, go in and R then L at the Fire, climb up in a crawlspace up L and drop out into a maze kind of place.

Turn around and go into the S end, climb up L at the closed gate and from that ledge (notice the closed overhead hatch) a run around the R hand corner to a ledge under a monkeyswing, go E and a bit R and drop/grab the crawlspace, follow into a pit with a button killing the Fire at the switch in the entrance passage. Crawl back out and drop, turn L (N) and go to the switch in the passage R where the Fire is now extinguished. Pull the switch (hatch opens) and get back in the same crawlspace W, go up to that ledge L of the gate where the hatch is now open. Climb up S and go into the crawlspace E from the block in that room. Crawl L and down, pick up the Flares and go into the crawlspace in the end to reach another button opening up a new area, crawl back out to where you found the Flares and get into the crawlspace R, go straight into a pit with a Trigger Tile.

Blue Orb.

From the Tile you have to go SE into the only part you didn’t visit yet, roll and run around the corner, jump over to the N ledge and get the Blue Orb there. Then slide backwards from the slanted ledge and go E to the Hall.

Jump to the central structure and make your way down to the ground floor, head into the SE corner and find the receptacle for the Orb in the corner opposite the wall torch, that bronze door NW opens, go back up to the second floor of the central structure, to the N side ledge and runjump to the lower ledges NW, have a look to the SW corner and spot another bronze door there, that’s where you have to go in a Timed run in a bit. So better check out the route and then climb up to get into the open door.

Timed Run to the Energy Cell.

Run out of the passage with a sharp R curve, up to the S end of the ledge (L hand corner) and jump R onto the slanted block on W wall, hop back to do a runjump/grab to the higher pillar S, again a runjump/grab to get to the S ledges, runjump a bit L over the corner and get into the open bronze door, drop into the room below to get the Energy Cell, climb back out and go to the Hall.

Turn around and hop backwards from the ledge to slide from a slanted ledge and end up on top of a Machine, drop from the N side of it and you’ll stand near the receptacle for the Energy Cell, the Machine activates and an earthquake shakes the Hall. A Wasp appears and so does a Hammer Guy, run to the E side and go up the ladder to the central structure, climb all the way up to the level of the big gates. Jump to the W gate as you did before and take the route along the N wall to the now NE open passage (last jump with a grab).

To the Top.

Go into the passage and follow to where you look out over the first room. Run/jump/grab the ledge across the room and shimmy L to the corner ledge, get in there to push the button and another bronze door opens up, way up S in the Hall. Shimmy back as far as you can go and from there a L curved runjump/grab to the ledge in the opening W. step out into the Hall and go up L (S), runjump/grab S and go to the R, a runjump and grab over the slanted end of the ledge and enter the open door.

Go through the 1st room with the gates and into the Galaxy room, on a ledge NE is a button opening up the E gate in the 1st room. Go back there and enter, go into the passage R in the end and then turn L to a dark pit with a cage. Runjump to that ledge L under the blue tile and a cage rises in front of you, jump to it and then jump up to that ledge up R where you’ll find 2 levers, throw both levers and walk up to the W wall, grab up to a crack and go shimmy L around the corner to where the cage lowered. From that ledge you can runjump back to the W floor and keep going L around the corners up to some new steps. Now you can grab up to a walkway around a Machine. Go push the button to activate it and see a "Time Tunnel" in a cut scene and go place the 2 MU Masks in the NE and SW corners. First opens the bronze doors and the second reveals the correct placement of the Puzzle on the Galaxy floor. Go down and out W, then L to the Galaxy room.

Galaxy Puzzle.

On the lower floor you can see 3 Planets, the colours match the globes behind the open bronze doors, so pull them out and put them on the right spot to raise a cage on the NW ledge under an open hatch. Climb up there and follow the passage to a button at the top of the 1st room, push it and standjump down to a raised cage in the middle of the room, then runjump/grab up to the alcove N and push the second button to open the gate W in the 1st room, standjump back to the cage and runjump/grab up to the ledge W to get the Energy Cell there.


Jump back and drop down to enter the W gate. To the L is another Machine in a room full of Transporters. You can use the Energy Cell on the side of the first Machine R (If your screen starts to act funny, hit the "look" key).

While the whole place starts to crumble you can run to a walkway W and then L into the only still working Transporter.