Level by Artefactor.

Unauthorized Walkthrough Dutchy.

Don’t immediately start the game but watch the Title movie and see a bunch of Skellies trying to chop down a tree, because a family member of them is hanging in that tree and they want him to join them…

Follow the path down the hills and come to a pond, in the pond is a tunnel in the bottom you’ll visit in a moment. Over the pond is a building and you will scare some Deer away… Going into the building some Vultures can attack, just stand with your back into a corner and shoot them. Careful, on the ledge just in front of the crate on E wall are Spikes, go around the R side to a switch and push the crate to the N revealing a second switch.

Timed Runs/Swims. (map)

Save here as this is a Timed sequence and you can choose how to do it, but I did both switches, starting with the R hand switch then the L switch (where the crate was). Turn R and run around the Spike ledge with jumps to the pond (maybe another herd of Deer will pass by) and dive down into the tunnel, swim R/R and then follow through the 1st Timed gate, go L and follow that tunnel around R hand corners to the 2nd Timed gate, inside is an UW lever, throw it and swim back, picking up the Flares around the 2nd corner just before you go R to the 1st gate again, a Snake is swimming alongside. I couldn’t get rid of it but if you try a couple of times you’ll be fast enough to avoid him. Back at the building you have to move that crate all the way to the S end and stand in front of the 3rd Timed switch L. Save again as this is a nasty one (even more than the first).

This is how I managed: Pull, turn R a bit and run curved R to jump over the Spike-trap, runjump to the pool and dive in (try to curve R so you’ll be lined up for the swim into the tunnel), go L/R/L and sharp R again (against the R hand wall) to just get into the closing 3rd Gate and there’s your second UW lever. A trapdoor opened at the Building, so swim back there and go down into the lower passage.

The Basement, the Key.

Crawl through a narrow tunnel into the Basement and get the Shotgun and Ammo NE of the water hole, now hop over that water hole till you see 2 Snakes below and hop in, quickly swim past them (stay low) and into a room where a Gate opens up to the L, swim to the end of the room (lining up to the same height as the block) and grab the Key (load in my game) from the block, quickly swim through that open Gate and you’re back in the Maze, just swim L everywhere and come back to the pond. Go back into the trapdoor and follow into the Basement again, now go N and to those Chains. Go along the R hand side and run past them to the gate with a burning keyhole, in the E side of the room is a passage up in the wall, go in and stand in the entrance of the next Hall, shooting the Scorpions or Spiders, (too dark to see which)

Spike Hall.

As the name says, the Hall has Spike-traps. Stand L of the entrance and face E, walk to the middle and turn R to the exact middle of the Hall and then turn L again to go to the dark passage E.

Push Puzzle.

The only block of importance is the one NE, push it till you can enter the room, so not all the way in and pull it with you to the S, then leave it somewhere halfway and go to a block SW, pull it out and aside to go in the crawlspace for Secret#1, a ½ MP. Then put the last block back into the crawlspace passage and pull the N block as far as possible, so you can go around it and find a button in the NE corner of the room, a door opens over a ladder in the Spike-hall.

Go out of the room and carefully go to the middle of the Spike-hall then to the N and up the ladder, get some Ammo in the end of the crawlspace and turn around, grab the monkeyswing and cross the room to the ladder S, drop/grab and go down and into the room there. Go up the ladder E and from one square from the top a backflip/roll/grab to the wall in the middle of the room, the two burning Vases will extinguish as you pull up on the Tile (Will also extinguish the Fire in that Keyhole, when you walk up against a vase you’ll get a screen of the Valley?)

So safety drop down and go out of the room, the Spikes seem to have gone and go back W to the lower Crypt and use the Key on the key hole. Follow the passage to a balcony of a large Hall, to the R is a vase with a MP, the one to the L is empty, then look down to the lower floor and spot the 2 openings N and S, there are 2 Mummies too, so try to dodge them as they aren’t too fast and go into both passages to push the buttons there and head E through the next halls (ignore the side passages with the empty vases) and climb up into a passage where the door opened, follow into a corridor with pillars and boxes, all empty, but you can shoot the second one S to open up the passage, but first go into the far NE corner and grab up into a crawlspace to get Secret#2, Uzi Ammo. Now go to that passage S dodging the Mummies and safety drop down into the lower passage, follow climbing the ledges and come to the Rotating Knife Hall.

Rotating Knife Hall.

There are 3 passages, one with a closed gate and two with Rotating Knife-traps. get through the S Knife by standing real close and hitting the “end” key to roll through to get a ½ MP to the L and 2x Crossbow Ammo to the R, roll back through the trap and head into the N passage for the Crossbow to the L, go back out to the Hall. Now you can go into the E passage, open the door with the Button and step into the Church, a nice flyby will show you around.

The Church.

Go up to the Altar N, shoot some Critters on the way and go into a passage E, crawl through to a hole up in the ceiling, grab up to the room above and get the Lasersight. Go back to the church and from standing in the S and looking up N you can spot the 4 vases, equip the Crossbow with the Sight and shoot them, now the gate in the N wall opens up, go in there and climb to the top ledge where the Key (again load) is. Safety drop out and go SE to where you can open the gate with the Key.

The Crypts. (Map)

Go straight through the passage to come to a drop off, run off R to land at a closed gate and drop down one more floor into the Crypts, shoot a Snake and 2 Dogs and spot the 2 passages. One S with water and one dry E, go E and first L, then L into the crawlspace to get the Explosive Ammo, load one up and shoot the Mummy through the crawlspace, go back out and out to the passage, head L into the room with the big vase an spot the Gem door L (N), go R to the S and shoot the Mummy in the next room, go on S to a room with 2 vases, the E one holds Flares, then head W up the steps to the next crossing and first get the Shotgun Ammo in the room to the L, then go into the room R (N) and look up for a hole in the ceiling, grab up from facing N and head forward carefully, jump over the hole in the floor (Spike-trap below) and come to a ladder in a hole to the R.

First have a look in the rest of the passage, around the corner is a crossing with a closed gate R, get the Shotgun in front of that gate (the one you jumped to when getting down into the Crypt) and now go into the opposite passage N leading to a hole in the floor, don’t go down but that’s where you have to go in a minute, there’s water below and you have to swim W to a Timed gate.

Timed Run, 1st time.

Return to the ladder and go down into a room that is closed off by a gate, the boxes are empty, but behind the big vase is a Timed switch. Shoot the box at the bottom of the ladder and go to the switch. Better light a flare and save in front of the switch, pull and see a red gate open up and a Skellie storms out, hop back turning R so you face the ladder run against the ladder and jump/grab up, you should be high enough to backflip/roll into the upper passage and turn R (N) and sprint/run around L corners till you are at the hole, run in with a sharp R curve and swim W, quickly get onto the dry passage and run through the open (hopefully) gate with a curve L to avoid falling into the Boulder-pit, shoot the Skellie and pick up 2x Shotgun Ammo and Explosive Ammo. In the S is an opening to a lower room.

Lower room with the Blocks.

Safety drop to the floor below and head through the rooms shooting a vase for Crossbow Ammo and pick up some Flares in another corner, then come to a block with a button on top. Push the button and look up NE and spot a Skellie on a pillar. blast him from the pillar and head through the opening SE of the block, coming to a pit you can drop in and shoot the Scorps. Then get the Shotgun Ammo W and climb up S, jump to the stairs E. Go up a bit and look back to spot a vase up on the pillar in the middle of the pit, shoot that vase (with Pistols if you stand high enough) and see an opening in the ceiling where the vase was. Head E up the stairs and straight at the next crossing, up the short stairs and L there, climb back up to the upper passage and head down that ladder again.

Timed Run, 2nd time.

Perform the same Run as before and this time runjump to the pillar L of the Gem receptacle in the room with the blocks.

Upper room with the Blocks.

Runjump/grab the crack in the S wall and shimmy all the way R to where you can pull up, turn around and standjump/grab N, look SW from there and see a Skellie making perfect Target practice, so take him out now and walk N, face NW and then hop around the L corner onto a slanted wall, slide long and jump/grab to the pillar where you shot the Skellie earlier. Runjump to a pillar in the SE corner, next to a Spiked higher pillar and then do a standjump around the L corner up to a pillar SW, hop into the opening W and follow to where you can runjump onto that pillar in the Scorp pit, grab up N and climb up, backflip and pull a weapon to shoot the Dogs. You’re standing on some human remains and hidden in the bones are a ½ MP and a Red Gem (again load). Runjump off to the E stairs and go all the way E and then L to that door in the NE passage. Open the door with the Gem and just inside you’ll find the Uzis on the floor, ahead and up is a shaft with a pole and down E are some stairs, the pole is too high so go down the stairs and come to a passage with 4 closed gates, go R and in an alcove to the R are Flares, then go into the opening S and shoot all the Snakes you can find, on land and in the pool. Dive in and find an UW lever N, to kill the Fire in a passage N. Climb back out and go past the 4 gates to the passage N.

Crate Puzzle.

Shoot a small vase from standing low on the steps (Pistols) and go push the L hand crate all the way in, then pull the R hand crate once and push it S as far as it goes, pull/push the next R hand crate to the S as far as it goes and now push the next R hand crate once, then pull/push the L hand crate as far as to the S and go get the last crates out so you can access the button behind the one in the corner, a snake will come in, so better wait for her (Snakes are female) first and then go move the R hand (W side crates back in so you can go out, just out and up W is a small red gate, go down the steps and look back N and find a vase on a high alcove, shoot it and hear the Secret#3 sound, the red gate opens. Climb in and get a MP and Uzi Ammo.

Now you’ll find all 4 gates open when you get back to the lower passage, check out the S side gate as that’s the only one holding 2x Uzi Ammo, the others are empty except for empty vases and Snakes, so head back up the W stairs and find a cage has risen under the pole. Climb up and backflip onto the upper ledge, climb down into Boulder Alley.

Boulder Alley, a Purple Gem.

Go jump up the L side of the slopes and jump away every time a Boulder drops, careful though, there are Spike-pits! Climb up the ledges to get the Purple Gem and walk slowly around the corner, another Boulder drops and will roll down the slope you have to get down from. There’s a second Boulder hanging in the shaft, so jump from the slope and immediately do a running jump over a pit. Now you’re back where you started in the Crypt, go E again and run of R onto the ledge at that gate, drop down into the lower room and go E, then R to the end and R again and to the R into that room with the hole in the ceiling, climb up again and go back to that ladder down to the Timed switch as you have to do the Run a third time. 

Timed Run, 3rd time.

Well you know what to do and when you are in the room with the Boulder-pit behind the Timed gate, runjump to that pillar L and standjump/grab to the ledge with the Gem receptacle. Place the Gem and a door opens in the other part of the room, jump back to the pillar, use the crack in the S wall to get to the crevice R and standjump/grab to the ledge N again, standjump onto the slanted wall and immediately jump sharp R to land on the ledge at the opened gate. Or jump/grab to that pillar W and standjump/grab to the ledge NE if the first jump gives you trouble.

Follow the passage in to a partially flooded staircase, go into the water and get all the snakes to the surface so you can shoot them, then dive in and find an UW lever to open a gate further up the stairs. So go up the staircase and into the first passage W (on top of the stairs is a closed door which needs a Key) and in the end of the passage is a room with a pool. Shoot that vase L for some Shotgun Ammo and jump onto the S side of the central pillar to push a button opening a trapdoor in a Valley, drop from the ledge right there and swim into the tunnel S.

UW Maze.

Swim in and down a bit, then R and follow, R and R again and in the end of that tunnel is that open trapdoor up in the ceiling, climb up to a Valley and shoot the 2 Vultures, on drops a ½ MP, then go find the Key on a block S (when you come too close to that gate the game could crash). Swim back N and keep going along the L wall and you’ll reach the pool again. Go out through the passage NE and follow the staircase up to the door, open it with the Key and go out to the top level of the Church.

The Church.

Safety drop down to the bluish ledge and shoot the 2 Skellies jumping around there. Do standjump/grabs over the chandeliers and the last one a runjump/grab to get into the opening N and push the button to open a gate in the opening S of the Church, so make your way back over the chandeliers and get into that passage L, follow through the open gate and come to a deep shaft. Climb down the ladder to the bottom of it and backflip into a room with a lever, throw the lever to open another gate in the Church and go back to the ladder, just drop down into the shallow water and climb out, go L (W) and into the Church where you’ll find the open gate NW, L of the Altar. Pull the crate there onto the circle tile and a gate opens up behind the Altar in the lower passage N. Go in and the End cutscene kicks in…