BtB2006 23 Ė Cursed Temple.

Level by Sweet (Sascha Wandelt)

Walkthrough G&D Productions.


"Lara has set out to find the fan of a powerful emperor. This emperor however has cursed the place where this fan is rumoured to be and so far no adventurer has yet managed to enter the depth of the temple. Lara needs to avoid all the traps in order to explore the temple and soon realizes that she is not in there on her own..."

Right at work, Moving Pillars.

After a nice flyby you can turn L and open the small door to go into the Moving Pillar rooms. Go straight past the passage R and a gate drops shut behind you, stand back to the gate and Laraís R shoulder against the wall and run when the first Pillar is about to move L, so the both will be in the open position as you pass through, for the next set stand in the middle of the passage with the pillars and back up to the wall, runjump through as the first Pillar is about to move L, one more similar runjump through the 3rd set and in the next corner is a green dragon tile, it is a Trigger tile for a Timed door around the next corner E, so stand facing E and back up to the wall standing against the L hand wall.

Timed Run for the Shiny Gem.

Save and then sprint over the tile so youíll be at top speed when the door still has to open and go R at the next corner with a runjump trough the middle of the passage and through the Pillars (Itís a matter of luck to be there in the right moment). Head into the open door and get the Shiny Gem, a passage opens up in the W side of the room. Hop onto the block and grab the monkeyswing, go forward till the camera changes. Now you can still move forward a bit to the Burner, save and go through when the Burner is down, careful as thereís a second Burner a bit further on in the passage while the camera stays low, Drop in the end of the passage and a block lowers. Go through and youíre back at the start of the level. Go out W and L to head to the Courtyard S, on the S side is a gate to be opened with that Shiny Gem.

Entering the Temple.

In the next hallway is a waterfall in the S, hop onto a block next to the waterfall and a Boulder crashes down, now hop into the higher room and follow the water to Knife-traps, use the higher ledges to diagonally runjump over them and in the large room you have to sprint with all you have to get to the alcove with the ladder S.

Boulder Alley Puzzle.

Go up to the first floor and backflip off, there are 2 Puzzle Pieces on blocks, they have to go to their Tiles W and E. but first you have to lower them, so push both Pieces onto the Raising blocks (you can shimmy around the block and pull up behind the Piece). With both Pieces on the raising blocks you can go one floor up and get Flares and a Ĺ MP on the pedestals S side. Then go for the lever SE and notice the Dragon Stone on the E wall (remember this as you have to go back here later), go down to the Puzzle and move the green Piece onto the next raising block and the red Piece to the Tile E (cutscene of a gate), go use the switch on the block where the red Piece was on (#1 for the door N). Up to the second floor and now use both levers SE and NW on the W wall is the second Dragon Stone. Go back to the Puzzle where the green Piece can now be moved to the Tile W (and the gate you saw before will open up now). Go to the switch on the block where the green Piece was before and use it to open the door in the N wall.

Go through the next courtyard with the Campfire and through the open gate N and to the Waterfall room, on both sides in the water is some Ammo, then head N to the Tree square.

Tree square, the Crowbar.

There are 2 doors to be opened with the Stones and a Big tree in the middle, stand on the SE corner of the roots, highest point and grab up to the branch above, go onto the W branch and pull up on the W side roof, go L and in the SW corner is a small part of roof a bit higher up. jump/grab to it, pull up and climb the ladder on W wall into a crawlspace, get Secret#1, the Shotgun and a Ĺ MP. Go back down to the small roof, drop from the E side onto the waterfall and climb into the room S behind the waterfall and go get a Ĺ MP to the R and the Crowbar to the L.

The Dragon Stones.

Well you know where those Stones are, so head back to the second floor of the Boulder Alley and get those Dragon Stones off the wall and head back to the Tree square. You can place both Stones to open the doors and then go into the E door first.

Timed Burner.

A flyby will show you around and you can see Spike-traps and a switch on the first floor, go to the NE corner and find a pole, but thereís a Burner blocking the way up and in the SE corner is the Lasersight, not available yet. Now you know where it all is you can go back out to the Tree square and into the N door and in the far NW corner is a switch behind the pillar, itís a Timed switch and will stop the Burner at the pole, so pull and sprint to the E room, L into the corner and runjump/grab to the pole, go up and backflip/roll immediately drawing a weapon before the Warrior pushes you back into the Flames. Now look for the monkeyswing close to where you came up and going across to the S balcony. On the S balcony go to another pole W and go backflip up to the second floor, another Warrior will attack. After you done him in look N from where you just came up the pole, a monkeyswing under a walkway, grab up and follow the monkeyswing to a pillar with a ladder in the end, the Spikes on the ledges will stop on approach, climb L around the corner and go up onto the pillar, roll and runjump straight N to go over the fence and land near some Flares. To the L of you on the back of the pillar is a Timed switch.

Timed Platforms, Lasersight.

The switch will raise two platforms in the room on the side of the N balconies. Pull it once and have a look over the fence, down to the SW and spot the platforms. Over the second lower one is a Jumpswitch you will have to use, the run isnít too tight. Pull the switch turn R and walk SW a bit, just past the corner of the switch pillar, then standjump with a R curve over the fence, landing on the 1st platform, take another standjump down to the second platform and run R, jump up to the Jumpswitch (time to spare) to lower the Spikes at the Lasersight, just wait till the platform collapses and drop to the ground floor. Go get the Lasersight and go to the door E to open it up with the Crowbar, follow in through inactive Knife-traps and notice the two closed doors, shoot 2 Warriors before you come to the last room.

Timed Knife-trap runs, Revolver.

In that last room is a ceiling hatch up L and a Timed switch #1 opening the first door in the Knife-trap passage on the back wall. Save in front of the switch, pull and backflip/roll with a bit of a turn R/L (plant), sprint straight W into the wall and sidejump R over the now active Knife-trap, get into the open door quickly before it closes. Behind the block is switch #2, pull, hop back against the wall and jump straight over the block, immediately duck to crawl under the Knife-ball and side jump L over the Knife-trap. Turn L and run through the passage jumping over the Knife-traps and go L into the next door, behind the block, you already guessed, is switch #3, it will raise a block under the hatch in the first room and donít get nervous, the block isnít Timed, pull, hop back against the wall and jump straight over the block, immediately duck to crawl under the Knife-ball and side jump R over the Knife-trap, turn R and with a R curved run you can jump over the next Knife-trap just around the corner, runjump over the next one and in the first room climb the block L, open the hatch and turn around to hoist yourself up to the first floor, to the R is the Revolver with additional Ammo and on the other side of the room is a MP.

Go back through the Knife-traps and head out to the tree square, into the N room and look up on both sides of the room, there are two Targets hanging between the pillars. Donít stand on the white trapdoor and shoot both Targets although only the W one already opened the trapdoor in the middle of the room, the other one will light the campfires in the cave below, giving a bit of light in the deep darkness, but you have to stay clear of them. Now throw in a couple of Flares, take one in your hand and safety drop down. Get off the ramp youíll land on and start shooting the Snakes while a Boulder crashes down that ramp. Go E and up the ramp to where the Boulder came from and find Ammo and Flares. More Snakes appear in the dark pit, just run past them to the opening in the W wall, behind the Boulder, follow to the water and swim through the tunnel to a high Shaft with Knife-traps.

Knife-trap Shaft.

Go up to a square under the first Knife-trap and backflip/roll/grab a ledge. Go up the next ladder to the Knife-trap and hang most L, then backflip/roll and do a R curve to land on a ledge. That sloped one is a red herring I think. Up the ladder to a crack and shimmy R till you see a Ĺ MP on the ledge below, drop and get it, jump/grab back to the ladder and now pull up in the opening, to the L is a switch and when you go investigate the room, youíll see Changing ledges.

Changing Ledges Room.

You need the green ledges to get across, one of them stays in position in the other side of the room and the other two are changing, it is the one straight out of the passage from the switch and then one to the R of it. Go stand at the Timed switch, Save and look R and time the first green ledge so when you runjump to it you can do a running jump R to get to the next which will just appear when you are about to land on it, another L curved running jump will get you to the stationary one on the S side of the room, quickly run L onto the ledge and get into the Timed SE door. On the S wall is a reach-in switch, use it to open the door SW, so go out and L to enter that room, another reach-in switch will open a door across the room, in the NW corner, so now you have to get back over the ledges to the N side, notice the trapdoor on your way out.

Go stand on the safe green ledge, line up for the green ledge NW. Start the first runjump when the green one actually appeared and a running jump to the black one NW which will just appear when you are about to land, another running jump will get you in front of the passage. Go in for the 3rd reach-in switch to open the trapdoor in the SW room, runjump back to the last black ledge and a running jump curved L for the green, then a running jump and grab the S ledge in the last moment (or go for that safe green one). Go to the trapdoor and hop in, youíll land in a pool, swim through the tunnel, go L at the first intersection (R is dead end) and the R (straight is a dead end too) and go up to a new area.

The Yin-Yang.

Go E to the courtyard and straight into a hall with a ladder, up and turn R to enter the passage S, L before the Chain-trap and throw the lever in the end. A trapdoor will open near the Yang Piece, turn around, go L and past the chains. Up the higher floor and hop over the opening to get the Yang piece. Hop back and grab the edge of the opening to drop down into the Puzzle square. Under the Gazebo is a Puzzle Piece, but first go get the Yin Piece on the pedestal S. Now go to the N side of the Gazebo and climb the ladder on the pillar, from the roof a runjump to the poof E and go to the S end. Look on the E wall to find a Jumpswitch just next to the roof. A curved standjump/grab will activate the switch and another Puzzle Piece rises up from a pit. Now go under the gazebo and put the first Piece on the E Tile and the one from the pit on the S tile (Yes it makes a difference, youíll see a gate open up if you do it right).

The Red Fan.

Go back up the ladder to the trapdoor, past the chains and to that room with the ladder. To the L (W) is the open gate and looking across the courtyard youíll see a switch on the roof. Runjump to one of the side roofs and go to the switch to open a door in another Courtyard, drop form the roof and head in the N passage to the Big Door Courtyard. A flyby starts and youíll see the Monkeys going into the opened door, a Warrior comes out, so draw a weapon and be careful not to shoot the Monkeys, go straight to the end of the passage and the door opens up,, go in to get Secret#2, a MP and Ammo (Note by author: "One baddy opens the door to the second secret (if you do not previously kill him) or if you take care of the other baddies first then the door will likely be closed again."), turn around and shoot another Warrior, be careful not to harm the nice Monkeys. Go around through the other passage and the exit opens up. now climb the ladder to the L and follow out to the roofs, runjump to the alcove over the Big doors N and from there to the E side to place the (combined Yin/Yang Pieces) Yin-Yang and the Big Doors open up, drop from the roof and enter, go up the altar to pick up the Red Fan and the level endsÖ