BtB2006 22 – Teahouse.

Level by MichaelP (Michael Prager)

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

We are advising you to Save smart in this level.

1st Courtyard.

The level start with Lara standing on a green pasture with a deep pit and a Gem in a display, 2 Wraiths show up and the best way to get rid of them is in a waterhole W of the display, dive in and swim around a bit, dodging the Snake. If you get a chance you could get the Flares and the ½ MP, but I did it later. When you think the Wraiths are gone you can climb out of the hole in its NE corner from facing N, only spot possible. Then you have to take care of 2 Warriors (well… this level starts off nice and be careful no to step on the square S of the display or more Wraiths will appear). Then go to the waterhole to shoot the Snake, you have to be patient, but you’ll get the job done. Now you can safely go get the Flares and the ½ MP and return to the Green pasture. Now go find your way up the rocks SW, have a look down E and spot that purplish gate in the wall, that’s your goal in a Timed run.

Timed Run for the Purple Gate. (screenshot)

Head for a Timed switch in the alcove SW, be careful there are some burning hot floor parts there, get the Flares in the alcove and Save in front of the switch. Pull and backflip/roll turning L a bit and a sidejump L, now you should be able to do a runjump E over the burning floor part and run towards the gate, slide a bit from the steep part before you jump so you will start running as soon as you hit the next mound (If you jump from too high off the slope Lara has to straighten her legs first and that takes up time) and run straight for the gate and runjump/grab into the open gate (screenshot). Save!

Slide of Death.

Walking up to a sloped passage a flyby kicks in and shows a block hanging over a Burning floor and beyond are Spikes. Slide over the middle of the slope and jump up to grab up to the bottom of the block (monkeyswing). Now a block will rise over the Spike-trap and you can swing forward a bit, then drop and immediately jump onto the block (spot the green covered passage with block below, later). Turn NW and runjump with a R curve into that passage R of the hanging block, follow to where you get a Flyby of the next challenging room.

Boulder Wall Room. (screenshot)

Drop down and head W to where you can see the Wall with a bunch of Boulders hanging in the top which will have to end up in the pits in front of the shafts. There are 2 switches, not available yet and a bunch of Jump switches in the shafts, so climb the ladder in shaft #3 and pull up over the top. Just slide down onto the trapdoor over shaft #2. Line up in the middle and slide/jump/grab to the Jumpswitch in shaft #1, the trapdoor in shaft 2 opens up. Go to a pit in front of the #2 shaft and get a ½ MP from it, then go to the same ladder again. Stand 2 sidesteps from the inner wall and climb up over the top, slide down and holding grab (no jump) should get you on the Jumpswitch or maybe you’re not lined up perfectly, then try to jump a bit to one of the sides from the top before you slide off (it’s a bit finding out what’s best with this fixed zoom lens camera). The trapdoor closes and the 1st Boulder will drop right over your head.

Now the block went up under the L hand wall switch, so go to the switch and use it to lower the trapdoor and the 1st Boulder will hit the pit, a block rises on the block N and it is now high enough to reach the ledge up N, get the Flares there and go into the opening in the wall. You have to jump down the illegal slopes in the room, jump to the L side slope and keep jumping R till you are in the lower passage, follow to a Puzzle Labyrinth.

Puzzle Labyrinth.

Here’s a Labyrinth with raising blocks, switches and Puzzle Pieces. You can try to figure this out on your own or use the Map provided and follow the instructions below:

Go straight through the passage a bit R of the entrance to Puzzle Piece #1, you have to pull/push that to a Dragon tile in an alcove S and L of the switch (C) there, don’t use that switch yet, but go to the N end of the labyrinth and find a block raised under switch A and when you use the switch and turn L you’ll see 2 blocks move, (marked A’), one gives access to a room with Puzzle Piece 2 and the other closes off the alcove the Piece has to go in.

So get the Piece out of the room (notice the "B" switch in there) and use the A switch again to open the alcove, so the Piece can be pushed onto its tile and the block under the B switch will now rise.

Use switch A again to re-open the room and go in to use switch B, you’ll hear blocks and a door move. Go to the S side switch C and use it too, a lot of blocks go up, but some go down too, so go back N and just L of switch A is a new passage and it leads you to the 3rd Piece.

This piece has to be moved all the way to a tile N of this lower part of the Labyrinth, but first it has to go down one level. Jump down past the Piece and use the D switch on the wall there to raise a block near the Puzzle Piece, move it on the block use the D switch again and pull it into the room where you can leave it in front of the closed N door. Now we go open the doors.

The 1st Teahouse Gem.

Pull the D switch down and go to the upper part of the Labyrinth. The C switch should be down, the A and B switches should be up, then go into the passage S and L into the passage to the lower part of the Labyrinth and go down to shoot the Warriors and get a ½ MP one of them drops, push the Puzzle Piece all the way into the N room and onto the Dragon tile there, a cutscene of a Boulder falling into pit #3 and a block rises on the ledge. Go back and don’t forget to pick up the Teahouse Gem to the R in the middle room. Go back to the entrance of the Labyrinth and now you have to jump back up over the slanted red blocks to get back up to the ledge in the Boulder Wall room.

The 2nd Teahouse Gem and the Revolver.

Climb up the block and face E, grab the monkeyswing and go to the slanted Pillars. drop and slide/jump over the pillars to the 4th one from which you must grab the ledge over the monkeyswing. Go into the room N and dive into the water after saving, time the Rotating Knives and dodge a Snake, swim down after the 2nd Knife and up in a hole in that lower tunnel (notice the block in the lower tunnel). Shoot the Warrior and he will leave some Ammo, then have a look into the next room and spot the Revolver on the pillar (later), Runjump/grab to the first pillar and hang R, pull up and slide jump/grab to the next, pull up and slide jump R onto the next.

Then slide and jump/grab R to catch the slanted ledge N, shimmy L to the corner and then go 9 steps to the R and you should be lined up for the next nasty jump (worked best for me). Backflip to a pillar and immediately jump with a grab on the last moment to catch the edge of the upper ledge. Shimmy L to the other side and there you can pull up for a rest. Turn into the room and standjump onto the R hand side of the first sloped ledge, then jump R and slide/jump L and keep jumping till you can grab the opening in the white wall. Pull up and slide into a passage, go in and just around the first corner is a Target ball to shoot.

Stand in the corner (higher floor) and jump up to shoot it with the pistols, now follow the rest of the passage to an opened gate and get the 2nd Teahouse Gem. Behind the Gem is a switch, pull it to open a trapdoor in a water tunnel and go out of the gate into the water in front of it and follow through a Rotating Knife to the block in the lower tunnel. it will go down and you can go up in the hole again, go W to the room where the Revolver is and now it is flooded so swim and get Secret#1, the Revolver. Go back to the SE corner and swim S and back up to where that Snake is and go E through the 1st Rotating Knife and swim up R through the trapdoor you opened at the 2nd Teahouse Gem to get back to the Boulder Wall room, but close to the shafts this time.

Check your health and stand close to the wall face SW and aim for the middle of the pillar so you can standjump with a roll and jump/grab from the pillar to the Jumpswitch, a trapdoor below closes before you land and a Boulder will come down there too. So quickly turn R a bit and standjump onto the ledge with the white block on N wall. The block under the second switch went up, so get down to the floor and use it to get the Boulder into pit#5 and a rope will appear near the Boulder Wall.

Go back up the N ledge up the block to use the monkeyswing, jump the Slanted pillars to get on top of the monkeyswing ledge again, now runjump to the S to the ledges in the middle of the room. You can go over to the far SE corner for the Flares next to a closed door if you want and then runjump from the highest ledge to the rope W. Aim for the lowest point of that green covered pillar in the Boulder Wall and swing there to grab the vegetation, go up and climb L around the corner. up through the leaves and go to the other opening to slide down and jump to the top of the pillar with the MP, which happens to be Secret#2.

Climb up to that trapdoor N and stand in the exact centre, facing S, backflip and jump/grab to a Jumpswitch under 2 Boulders (cutscene of a block going down in an UW room with a chain and a Secret#3 sounds, you’ll get that later). Get back to the pillar where the MP was, step back to the N side and standjump to the S and carefully jump/slide over the pillars to shaft#1 and down to the ground floor. Go back up to the rope along the N wall monkeyswing route and from standing at the rope you can see an opening all the way up and L in the Boulder wall, swing to that green pillar again and go up and L around the corner under the overhang and this time backflip/roll/grab to the ledge under the short white pillar. Run into the green passage and shoot the 3 Warriors before they come and push you off the ledge (but don’t run out onto the roof too far). Just around the R hand corner is a Timed switch and it will show a gate opening up across the 1st Courtyard and you have to get there in time and dodge several Traps.

Timed Run. (screenshot)

Save in front of the switch and pull, backflip/roll (while in cutscene) and sprint to the end of the roof, a bit up the roof so about 3 squares from the end you can turn R and jump to that branch grabbing it on the R hand side square (you can pull up there) and Save while Lara is pulling up, turn L a bit and run to the higher part of the branch before you curve R and jump onto the branch at the wooden walkway W, turn R and sprint through the middle (Just sprinting got ME through the Pillars safe, maybe just luck), past the Moving pillars and Fires to get into the open gate in the end, run to the plant in the corner and go runjump into the opening in the W wall where a block lowered, get into the room for Secret#4, the Grenade Gun.

Throw the lever, maybe twice till the block lowers again and go out, pull the switch around the R hand corner to release another Boulder and as the cutscene shows it will drop in the #1 pit and a rope appears in the Boulder Wall room (the E *shortcut* gate is open too)

Timed Run Again.

To get back to the Boulder Wall room you’ll have to perform the first Timed Run to that purple gate again, so go back through the Pillars and jump from the branch to the rocks below and go up to the Timed switch in the corner, do the same Timed run as before and once inside slide down that slope again. Just before you hit the burning floor you can jump onto the white block, hang from the side and shimmy around to the back, here you can climb down and from the bottom of the ladder a backflip into the green alcove where a block went down, get Secret#5, Ammo and get back out to standjump/grab to the white block and runjump into that N passage again to follow to the Boulder Wall room.

Coming back into the room you can see the new rope up L, go into the open shortcut gate E and follow up to the top ledge, if you didn’t get the Flares (SE) yet you can do so now and go to the most NE corner of the central ledge, below you can see a sloped wall. Run off the ledge facing E and grab the edge of the wall as you slide off, shimmy to the R and from the middle of the last square a backflip/roll/grab to the rope ( the trapdoor up on the ledge opens now, that’s for later). Turn L and swing to a ledge at an opening in the S wall, go in and standjump over the Knife-traps to come to an open trapdoor over some water.

Dive in and swim down into the SE corner where that block lowered before to get the reward for the #3 Secret, Ammo, then swim carefully up and past the chain into the shaft W behind the chain and go up into a room. Go into the corner passage and come to a Spike-trap under a hole in the ceiling up to a room, stand L against the wall, close to the Spikes facing R a bit and run into the Spike-trap turning R so you’ll run flat against the wall, immediately backflip and backflip away from the hole to deal with 4 Warriors and about 3 or 4 Wraiths will come and pester you, now you have to get back to the water by just running down into the passage with the Spike-trap after saving and try to time the Spikes of course…

The Receptacle Room, 3rd Teahouse Gem.

Then go back to the receptacle room and find the 4 receptacles for Teahouse Gems on the walls. Go to the plant in the W side of the room and face E to climb up a ladder to the walkways above. there’s a 3rd Teahouse Gem and a Jumpswitch on the wall. jump/grab the switch and see the last Boulder go down the shaft and end up in the pit, now the gate to the 4th Gem at the Slanted pillars is open.

The 4th Teahouse Gem.

So drop from the walkway, go back through the Spikes to the water, swim past the chain and out through the trapdoor, grab the overhead monkeyswing to get back over the Knife-traps and drop from the ledge into the Boulder Wall room. Again use the E shortcut passage to get to the upper central ledge and look for the opened trapdoor E, face W and drop/hang from the ledge, drop/grab the ladder on the wall below and climb down to the opened gate with the 4th Teahouse Gem.

Climb back up the ladder and go L, to the middle of the last ladder and pull up over the top to slide and jump/grab to the rope, turn L and swing back to the S ledge, follow in to the Receptacle room and go place the 4 Gems. The door W opens, go out and throw the lever to the L to raise a platform so you cab Runjump/grab W and over the pit to grab the edge, shimmy R before you pull up and go to the now open display to get the Teahouse Crystal, well that’s a guess as the level ends before you get to see what the name is…