BtB2006 21 Ė Temple of the Five Elements.

Level by userpaul (Paul Allan)

Authorized Walkthrough G&D Productions.


"Lara is in search of the secret tomb of an Oriental Emperor. The tomb is

believed to have a temple for the 5 oriental elements, which are fire,

water, earth, metal and wood. With the 5 items of the elements Lara can

gain access to the tomb and discover its secrets."

Donít shoot the Monkeys they will turn against you.

The Canyon.

Lara stands in a Canyon lake, dive back in and swim down NW to get the Ammo in the corner, get out quick before the Snakes start bothering you and go to a rock pillar on the beach, climb on and runjump/grab to the S rock face. Head to the SE corner and climb the rocks to get up one level so you can runjump/grab to the climbable tree, climb around the R corners and drop onto a branch, slide of. Grab the edge and backflip/roll to a rock behind, turn around and grab up to the monkeyswing go to the end where youíll drop onto a rock, turn L a bit and jump into the opening there. At the small pit you can go through the crawlspace L, but thereís noting to find. You can just as well jump/grab up S and turn to jump/grab up E to get the Ammo there, crawl out backwards and shimmy R to get into the S crawlspace, follow to a pit with a reach-in switch and get a cutscene of the outside area.

Now you can go back for a Secret, the beach near the pool in the Canyon is now flooded and a hole appeared in the beach, so return the way you came here, drop from the crawlspace and go down to the Canyon floor after shooting the Snake(s) and find that hole in the E, swim in for Secret#1, the Revolver and a Ĺ MP. Make your way back up to the Caves and jump/grab up to that crawlspace S after entering the rock wall, follow to the reach-in switch and climb up N, crawl out to the upper level in the Canyon.

Head E and go up the sloped rock to runjump/grab to the corner ledge E, go into the path N and follow to a small enclosure, shoot a Snake and go drop into a hole R of the tree, youíll fall into a flooded cave. Swim to the E and time the swim through the Rotating Knives, go up in the shaft and climb out in a dark cave, go get the Flares at the campfire S and go down the S side to a sandy path, to the e a bit is a hole in the ground with Ammo, to the N of the hole more Ammo and to the E of the hole on the path is the next Ammo pickup. From that last pickup you can see a white tile ahead, climb the rocks L of it and on the pillar E is a Jumpswitch, it will raise the white block and you can now get into the crawlspace to get Secret#2, 2x Ammo and a MP.

Dive into the river NE and the current will finally take you to a waterfall, climb out SE and collect 2x Ammo around the Campfire, then shoot the snake in the water, careful donít shoot the Monkey, dive in facing NW from the Campfire and find the small tunnel in the W side, go in and into a hole in the cave to get Secret#3, the Uzis and 2x Ammo. Swim out and R, to climb out W, head in W and up the stairs to use the lever there to open up the Temple, go in and follow straight to a crossing in the small red passage.

You can choose to have a look upstairs, but you canít go on there, itís only to show the room where all the Puzzle items are going to be placed later. Up stairs is a small door, leading to a balcony, open the door S with the switch and find the room with the receptacles.

5 Doors Hall.

So return downstairs and go on to the W, up the stairs to a Hall with 5 doors, on the pedestal in the middle are the Crossbow, the Crowbar and a MP.

N Side R hand Door: Metal Dragon and Shotgun.

Go in and follow to a crossing room(don/t go in R (S) and donít pull the switch there), go L and come to the Pits. Stand on the R hand side and standjump when the Moving Pillar starts to move R out of the wall, standjump again from the next slope and land on a ledge with a lever, the lever will open the door in the E, but also starts the Chains. So get out of the way fast and runjump to the next ledge over the fiery pit. Go through the open door and come to a death pool. Standjump/grab to a ladder L and go up a bit, climb R around the corner and backflip/roll/grab the ladder behind. Go R around and up a bit at the wall, backflip to a walkway and runjump/grab to the ledge with the switch in the opposite corner, a hatch opens N, go back to the ladders and climb up in, follow to the Boulder room.

Boulder Room.

Here you have to trigger Boulders, stand in front of the L (W) pit and hop over the pit to the slope, immediately backflip and sidejump R out of the way, then go ump up the same slope and turn around standing at the lower edge of the slope, hop back 3 times and quickly runjump curved to the L, cause a second Boulder will come down, no need to check out the other slopes, they all lead to the same spot.

The Metal Dragon.

Now go L (W) into the upper passage, but be careful and go along one of the walls, a Spike-trap and Darts after that will make things rather tricky, crawl when you passed the Spikes and go L into a room where Warriors attack. After the battle you can go pry the Metal Dragon of the black picture S, going through the rest of the W passage youíll end up at another Boulder/Spike-trap. Slide down the first part of the passage (the Boulder doesnít take of yet) and Time the run through the Spikes, turning R into the entrance passage at the Pits. Go back to the crossing room and L (E) over the Spike-pit, you can enter here because the white block is down, if you pulled the switch in the S room earlier the block will be up and the next Secret inaccessible, climb into the alcove up E at the white floor and pull the switch to open the door SE in this passage, climb out and go into that room to get Secret#4, the Shotgun and Ammo. Leave and head back to the 5 Doors Hall.

N Side L hand Door: Sapphire of Water and Lasersight.

Follow in to the N and climb sown a ladder into the Chequered room, through the opening W and in the pillar hall into the N door, "roll" your way through the Rotating Knives to get the Lasersight. Back to the chequered room and into a hole in the NE corner, get the Ammo on the floor, spot the Target in the SW corner (but donít shoot it yet!) and climb back out, stand at the SE corner and combine Crossbow with Sight, then Save and shoot the Target which will open a trapdoor in the SW pit. It is a timed thing and the trapdoor wont open again after saving or if you are too late. Sprint to the SW pit and just jump down into the open trapdoor, below is a switch giving a cutscene of a pool with a gem. Climb back up and collect the Ammo on the pit floor, then climb out and head W into the Pillar hall.

The Sapphire of Water.

Next to the waterfall W, two blocks lowered, pull the 2 switches L and R and see the pits in the Chequered room flooded. Go into the door S of the Pillar hall and down into the water at the end, swim into a room where the Sapphire of Water can be picked up. Swim back, go to the Chequered room and dive into the NE pit, there are two small openings, swim through both holes to collect 4x Ammo. Now you can return to the 5 Doors Hall by going up the ladder SE.

W Side Door: Timed doors and the Earth Dragon.

Follow in past a passage to the R and save in front of the switch it will open a Timed door in a kind of labyrinth, pull and backflip/roll, turn L to run into the N passage then just L around the corner is a Spike-pit, jump into the L passage and then around the corner over the next pit, follow the rest of the passage to the Timed door. Inside is another switch, save again and now you have a choice of two routes, and I thought the R hand side from the switch to be the easiest, Iíll point them both out.

1: Pull the switch and turn R into the passage W, and keep going along the wall to your R to end up at the Timed door.

2: Pull the switch and turn L into the passage W, around the corner is a passage L, runjump over the wide Spike-pit and go R, then L and L again, in the end of that passage is the Timed door.

Light a flare and run past the Spikes, a Chain and over the white blocks to come to a Mirror room to the R, inside and only visible in the Mirror the Earth Dragon will be on the E wall, L of the bench. Go out of the room and to the E, through a spike=pit and back through an automatic gate to end up at the first switch, go back to the 5 Doors Hall.

S Side R hand Door: Yin Yang and the Ruby of Fire.

Go down the hole and follow the passage past a wooden door to the W end, go R there and throw a lever to open that wooden door, return and inside the door is another lever, opening a gate somewhere. Now return to the W and L into the passage S, in the end at the window are 3 Timed switches. Not really sure how it worked, but it has to do with the 3 Burners in the passage behind the glass, I used the first 2 switches from the window side (at least the last 2 Burners are down) and sprinted back E past the wooden door, then R into the passage, past the open gate and L in the end, time the run through the remaining Burner and go to a reach-in switch on the wall in front. A block will rise in the room behind the open gate.

Go to the Yin Piece W and save standing on it while facing the passage to the Burners, pick it up and run quickly into the passage L, a Boulder chasing you. Now stand at the reach-in switch and sidejump over that Boulder, go up the slope and get another Shotgun. Go back over the Boulder, past the Burner and R/R into the open gate, up the block to jump/grab the Jumpswitch and the gate will open up.

Donít go in too hasty as a Boulder will drop, step past it and go R, shoot two Warriors to get a Ĺ MP and the Uzis and S of the cage is the receptacle for the balance, you still need the Yang Piece, so go into the W passage and down into a lower room, watch out for the Knife-ball and go up at the Rotating Knife-trap W. From standing on the E edge of the ledge I did a backflip through as a "roll" got me right down in a Dart-trap, either way, step aside to the R (N) quickly before the Darts kill you, go along the R hand side of the room and use the reach-in switch, the door opens in the other corner, step around the Fire-tile and go into that room to get the Yang, watch out for the overhead Burner!. Go back to the room, Spikes appeared on the ledge, so time the jump up there and climb up to the Rotating Knife. Now you can roll through and go to the cage room, use the (combined Yin and Yang) Yin Yang Icon to open the cage and get the Ruby of Fire inside, the flames will stop as you go in. Go back N and out of the room with the block to the R and follow back to the 5 Doors Hall.

S Side L hand Door: the Wooden Fan.

Go into a Jungle area, go L past the Spike-pit and come to some Grenades, if you pick them up a Wraith will appear (so do what you like, I left them there although thereís some water SE after the swing over the pit). You have to go S and runjump to the rope hanging over the Pit, swing across and go to a Puzzle in the W and move 3 pieces into place, Black, Red then Blue. Return to the Pit to swing back and immediately go L into an enclosure, behind the tree is a ladder, go up and L onto the branch, jump to a branch N to use the lever, the block for the Green piece goes up at the Puzzle. Make your way over the treetops/hedges to the NW corner and get Secret#5, a Shotgun and a Ĺ MP.

Make your way down to the Forest floor and shoot 3 Warriors to pick up the Ammo they drop, get back to the puzzle and move the Green piece in place, a block goes up behind you so you can climb up into the Tree house. The Spikes arenít as deadly as they look, they will only harm Lara a bit, take the Wooden Fan. Drop down and get back over the Pit to the 5 Doors Hall, follow back to the E and go R or L at the crossing to go up to the 1st floor. Open the S door if you didnít already and go into the room to place all the artifacts you collected, the door opens S and a new Trophy room lies beyond. Go get all the artifacts back and a whole bunch of Warriors will attack, the Poisoned Ammo worked quite well, collect the rest of the artifacts and slide down S, hop over the Spike-pit and the level endsÖ