BtB2006 20 Ė Nintai.

Level by Ruediger (Ruediger Abend)

Authorized Walkthrough G&D Productions.


"Nintai is an adherence to a course of action or belief without giving way. Perseverance, persistence, tenacity, steadfastness and patience all define Nintai. Each of these conveys a sense of endurance in the pursuit of a desired end. Lara will have to demonstrate her Nintai ability when escaping from a Japanese garden and the guardians of its castle."

Lara stands on a small courtyard, the W gate has to open first and here the patience referred to in the Story comes in here, jump to or over the 5 Flower pots on this courtyard and the gate will open up.

After opening the gate go through to the next courtyard and just around the R in the NE corner is a Jumpswitch which will open the N gate on the 1st courtyard, in the SW corner of this courtyard are Flares and the small door W leads to nothing yet, so return to the 1st courtyard and go through the open gate N. Another small door, open it anyway because inside a Timed trapdoor will open up later, so go out and L around the house to the Garden in the N.

Between the 3 trees is a small mound, stand on it and from facing E you can grab up into the tree to get the Blue Jewel. Down to the garden and in the NW corner is a small waterfall, dive into the water there for Secret#1, a Ĺ MP. Now go for the gate E and open it with that Jewel, enter the pool square and go L to a gate, it will open up, but thereís nothing to do yet, go to the green Dragon tile W of the pool and see that trapdoor open up back in that small house.

Timed Run for the Funny Red Thing.

Stand on the tile facing SE and standjump to the red tile S, then runjump with a L curve to get over the fence E and sprint through the garden to the opening SE, go around the house and into the open small door, then roll and grab the edge of the opening to safety drop in, if you run in youíll burn. Time the Burner to get the Funny Red Thing. Get back up and go R, around the corner and run past the small bush through the wooden fence (walkthrough wall) go through the garden and back to the W pool square. Go through the open S gate and place the Funny Red Thing in the shrine in the middle of the square.

Timed Run for the Yin.

Enter the building W and approaching the next door W, will open it up and when you go to the receptacle room W another door opens to the L, go in there and to the R. A Knife-ball drops from the ceiling, so after you used the switch to open the next door S, crawl back under that Knife ball. Go into the passage S and to the L, thereís a Dragon tile opening up a trapdoor. Look S through the closed door and see the Yin in the closed off passage.

Hereís the route: You have to go W, L and hop over the Knife-trap in that passage, climb the Timed block going up in the end before it goes down and roll, jump up to the N passage above, run around the corner and get up on the next block, jump forward up E to the floor above and run around the corner, get through the Circular Knife-trap, maybe taking a chance jump or roll through and in the S back of this place is the trapdoor that opened up. Drop in and go to the E side and drop into another hole to come to the passage you saw from the Dragon tile. Go get the Yin and the door slowly opens, make your way back to the Hall N and approach the N door straight ahead.

Puzzle Room for the Yang.

Go in and to the N side of the pool. Thereís a ladder on the back of the pillar there, go up to the walkway above and in the NW corner is a crawlspace in the wall, jump/grab to get in and follow through to the Puzzle room. Have a look in the Mirror n and see thereís only one row with all 4 colours in it, itís the second row from the R from looking into the Mirror, go place the pieces on the right colours (the ones in the room, so from the mirror side you have black, blue, green, red) and the E door will open up, go in through the next automatic gate and get the Yang. Then go up the ladder in the corner and follow the wooden passage up some steps, better Save before you go into the red room, because Wraiths will appear and you have to pass some nasty traps getting back to the pool room below (Tip: you could try to get rid of the Wraiths by shooting at them while turning around and if youíre lucky youíll lose both or at least one).

Hazardous Escape.

Get past the Chains in the next room. first along the R hand side and then cross over to the L side (thereís a room to the R, with some water but itís too shallow to get rid of the Wraiths) and the thereís a passage with Spike-trap pits to the L, standjumps will get you over the pits and just around the next corner is a switch to open a trapdoor in the corner of that room, donít run in, but drop/grab in backwards and then drop into the pool below. Swim away from the Snake till the Wraiths drowned and get out, shoot that Snake anyway and go to the door E, it may have opened already. Inside is a Boulder slope, stand at the start of the slope, face the pool and hop back three times, then sprint back and go R to avoid being crushed, go up the slope again, into a CS to the L and go get Secret#2, a MP and Flares.

Fiery Pit.

Now leave the pool room to the S and go use the combined Yin and Yang to open the W door with the Balance, in the booth SW.

Enter the new passage and crawl underneath the dart-traps to a slope down to a landing where two Warriors will attack the Campfires are safe, just be careful not to fall from the landing. Safety drop to the platform with the Burners below, donít step on the red tile and do a runjump to the SE platform when possible, get the Shotgun, 2x Ammo and MP and runjump back when itís safe, spot a Fire on the platform NW and now runjump SW and see that Fire NW is gone, go jump to that platform and run over all 4 tiles to retract all Spikes on the NE platform, jump there now and get into the crawlspace in the wall. Follow in to climb down into a room with a warrior. Take care of him, go step on the Dragon tile NE to lower the Spikes SW so you can jump/grab the Jumpswitch there, the Moving Pillar E will start to move, Make your way through that room and in the room beyond is a crawlspace to the N, get in and shoot the Warrior for a Ĺ MP then throw the switch to open up the exit. Return to the previous room, go out E and swim over the pool, go onto the transparent tile in the next room and slide out of the levelÖ