BtB2006 19 – Cloud of Sparrows. 

Level by diamond (Manuel Fumo)

Unauthorized Walkthrough G&D Productions.

There are plenty Bats throughout the level we will not mention them.


“Lara goes to China to search for the legendary diamond that is said to be guarded by 104 sparrows.”

China, Tibet the year 2006…

Slide down the slope and land in the water, swim S through the small tunnel and up to climb up to a large Temple Courtyard and watch the flyby.

Temple Courtyard, Preparations.

Head NW from where you are and go into the low cave N to crawl to some Flares, go back out and go across the water S and go into the cave, in the pool are more Flares, look NW from picking up the Flares and spot a tunnel in the side of the pool. Swim in and go straight (down is an exit for later) and pull an UW ceiling lever in the end of the tunnel, bringing out a rope over the pool S side. Go back and climb out E, then go up E and shoot a Croc on the hill and go over the hill to an opening in the SE corner (E wall), follow through to a chain hanging in a shaft above, climb it from facing S and go past the Blade, up to the upper room and backflip off to the flatter ledge. grab up to the ledge over the chain and go use the lever to get some Spikes out of the way. Get back down from the chain and go out to the cave, to the river N and head W through the river, up a small ramp NW and grab the monkeyswing to get over the river to the S path, go up to an upper landing with a closed gate N and a switch on the pillar opposite that gate.

Timed Gate in S Cave.

Pull the Timed switch and watch the flyby leading you to that pool in the S cave, here’s what we did, turn L from the switch and runjump SE over that red railing E, to land on the S bank of the River and run over the side of the hill along that SW pool and then jump/grab to the rope to swing across to the gate in the SW corner, careful!

Timed Platforms.

There’s a pit just inside (be sure to be lined up straight for the gate as you can swing into the L wall and get stuck IN the wall). Light a Flare to have a look into this dark Spike-pit as the floor is deadly. Between the pillars W are Timed platforms, you have to get to the far S side of the Pit  and you can do this by a standjump to the first platform, turn SE and jump/grab the slanted rock ridge to shimmy all the way R and pull up where the wall torch will light a ledge with a switch (The way it was supposed to be handled I think is to jump SE, backflip from the slanted ridge to the next platform and so on till you are at the switch, the platforms stay up long enough to do it like this). Pull the switch (to open that gate at the timed switch up W) and runjump/grab to an opening up W from where you stand, follow through to the tunnel, a freshwater Shark will try to stop you and swim up and R back to the pool in the S cave

Head W through the River and up the small ramp NW again, over the monkeyswing to the upper landing and into the open gate N, hop over a shallow pit and watch out for a Snake-ball coming down, roll and jump back over the shallow pit, then hop back over the ball and go up to a crawlspace L, go in hopping over 2 Pits and throw the switch in the end to open another gate on a wooden walkway somewhere. Go back down to the landing and jump out NE over the E railing (only a shortcut, not a Timed sequence) to land on the N bank of the River, go into the pool under the building N and swim through an opening in the N wall to a dark Cave. Go on till you come to a pool below, dive in and climb onto one of the corners L or R to shoot the Shark from standing back a bit.

Now dive back in and swim all the way to the N end, then L and into a triangular tunnel, pull an UW lever just around the corner and head back out, swim all the way s and SW a bit to find an opened gate in the S wall, take a deep breath and get in, stay close to the ceiling and time the swim through the Spikes to get to the UW lever in the back (brings out a rope in the cave), roll and swim up to the ceiling again to get back outside and climb out on the L corner of the N channel. Follow the rocks to the far NW corner and onto the wooden blocks and from a pointy rock near the N wall, you can runjump/grab to the rope hanging from the ceiling now. Swing over to the railing E and go down to the E where a couple of pillars stand on an island, climb up the ledge E and then hop to the S side, grab the monkeyswing and go over to the S, through another pillar structure and drop in an opening in the rock wall.

Save here and take a Flare and throw the Flare in front, then run up a bit and as the Snake-ball comes down, hop back and grab the edge of the passage, let the Ball pass and go back up to a button and the cut scene shows a door opening up. Safety drop down from the passage to the rocks below where a Croc is waiting, jump over to the N and another Croc comes for you, climb up the wooden walkway W in the NW corner. From the walkway a hop over the railing into the water below, swim S and climb out W on the rocks there and from the SW corner you can runjump/grab back to the upper S cave, go through the tunnel S and back to the Temple Courtyard.

Go L coming out of the water and between the 2 red pillars is a ladder on the R hand pillar, go up and backflip from the top. There’s a fixed camera making finding that opened door a bit tricky and inside is a transparent floor, don’t worry just go to the crawlspace up NE and get through to a room with 3 switches and some Dragon tiles.

3 Switch Puzzle, Yang Piece

-Use the switch in the middle and step on the red Dragon tile opposite the L most switch, the door in the middle E opens up, go in and get the Yang Piece (“Load” in this game)

-Go back to the same switch and throw it back up to open another door and throw the switch inside (reveals a crawlspace in the previous room), go back through the crawlspace and look in the SW corner, crawl in and drop into a lower part of the next passage, in front of you as you turn around is a ˝ MP on the floor, hop onto the higher floor and go NE to find a crawlspace near the floor. Go in to come to a ladder, up the ladder you can backflip off and come to the Burning Floor puzzle.

The Burning Floor Puzzle.

If you climb the chain and backflip into the passage W, you can grab a monkeyswing to get to the E alcove from which you can look through a gap with the Binocs and see a clue for the Puzzle (Green, Red, Green, Green and Red), it doesn’t seem to be for the one below though. Go to the Timed switch in the corner below and Save, throw it and roll, run onto the first R hand Blue tile and jump straight N over the next 2 (green and blue) and land on a green tile, quickly hop into the door. In the next room you can just go over all the tiles (and only touch the tiles, not the transparent floor) and the door opens N, go through and this door will also close behind you.

Switch Puzzle.

Wade into the pool to find a MP in the middle, go back and head into the W room and find the ladder in the L hand corner, go up to a small balcony and jump to the walkway L there are 3 doors to the same passage, and there are 3 switches, there are Dragon tiles over the switches on the ceiling but also behind the glass, pull the switch L and the trapdoor opens up, revealing a button on the wall, push the button and get out, go to the S end of the passage and out to the walkway outside, L and drop from the S end to the walkway below, go to the N end for some Ammo and just run off to the W through one of the openings in the railing to land on the lower W side balcony.

Rotating Blades, the Torch.

Find the open door and go in to do a runjump along the L side to the L corner of the block in the pool, runjump onto the next higher block when there’s an opening in the Blade and look N to spot the ˝ MP, runjump/grab to that block and then a standjump SW, another jump SW and quickly a last jump into the opening W. Time a runjumps through the Spike-traps and get one Torch out of the pile NW, hop up S and then E, go into the room and hop up more blocks to come to a Bridge with a fixed camera, now leave the torch somewhere safe (I dropped in the entrance where the camera is normal, face N or S standing in the entrance and throw it, here you can always find it again).

The Yin Piece.

Go onto the Bridge (without the Torch, see above) and jump over the S side railing and look down S to spot the Yin Piece on the lower beach, dive down and climb up about in the middle of the shoreline. Shoot the Croc and go get the Yin Piece. Get back into the water and swim to the NE corner where you can climb the ladder, jump to the top of the waterfall NW and go underneath the Bridge, there’s a higher part of the rocky bottom and using that you can grab back up to the Bridge through the railing, from pulling up do a backflip and head N, run of the end of the rock ledge and get the one and only Secret, the Uzis in the NE corner.

Light the Torch.

Head back to the Bridge and jump onto it again, go to the W side and in the entrance opening is your Torch. Line up straight and just run to the E to come back to the red balcony, just run down to the L and go to the N side, run off to the roof below and runjump from the NE tip to the small balcony. Run off to the N and head out of the room, go L at the pool and into the next hall L, follow through to a room with a Campfire on a ledge in the pool. Use the wooden blocks to do standjumps to the Campfire and light the Torch (carefully), return over the wooden blocks and go out to the Central room. Go through to the E side room and there are 2 large wooden stairs, go onto both to light the 2 Campfires, from a safe distance, now a door opened in the Central room.

So go back there and the open door is in the N wall, throw the Torch down and climb in after it, get it to light your path through the pitch-black passage and come to a drop off into the Cave with the rope. Drop the Torch and get down, shoot a Shark and swim to the S, to climb out to the R and make your way back to the upper S level by jumping from the W side rocks again, follow through the tunnel S and up at the red building.

To The Legendary Diamond 

Go through the River and through the E waterfall and climb out on the L bank. Get up onto the wooden floor using the ladder and go to the S side to place the (combined Yin and Yang) Balance (Load in this game) and climb up one level higher to the R, follow the walkway through the gate you opened a while back to the W and there’s the gate opened with the Balance. Follow up to a Dragon tile Puzzle, look at the lower row of tiles on the L wall and jump only on those to open the door to the R beyond the puzzle floor, climb the ladder and go off to the L step onto the nice floor and see a receptacle in a kind of Mirror, you can just run over the lower part of the floor and through the Mirror, to get to the pedestal, climb up and get the Legendary Diamond. The level ends there…