BtB2006 18 ĖThe Killing Fields.

Level by Loch

Authorized Walkthrough G&D Productions.


"Word has spread from Central Korea about brutal mass killings of an endangered monkey species in the nearby National Park of Woraksan. A callous group of traders seek wealth from the superior monkey fur which sells for a hefty price. But, they are on edge and very wary of rumours a british explorer is adamant to stop them. For Fear of this they have sent a sniper to take her out..."

Woraksan National Park, Korea.

For the Clue.

Follow a dark cave to the Canyon, go R down the steps a bit (the sniper has Lara in his sight) and climb the rocks to the R (S) (screenshot), to the top ledge and turn R, (W) from the end you can runjump to a green ledge NW, go through the opening behind the tree and come to a waterfall. A ladder is seen across the Gorge, runjump/grab to that ladder and go up to a Puzzle Piece. Go over the rocks N of the Puzzle Piece and follow to the N where you can turn L into an enclosure with some pits. Here we can observe the clue we need for a Puzzle in the Canyon below, so make a note of the Pits and their position from the pit with the Flares and the Puzzle Piece in the back r corner. In the first shallow one are Flares the others are too deep, but take a flare and throw it down in the pit to see if it has a red marking like the pit you got the Flares from and if it does remember which one it is, there should be 3 marked pits and the one where the flares were is #4. The Puzzle Piece here canít be moved, itís only there to mark a position for the Puzzle below, so also remember where it stands.

To The Puzzles.

Head back to the Puzzle Piece look down S from the ladder, thereís something lying in a niche across the Gorge. Run R onto the ledge of the big waterfall and safety drop down (E side) one level, hop into the alcove to get Secret#1, the Compass. Jump back onto the waterfall and hang from the E side, shimmy to the middle of the river below before you safety drop down into the water. Swim with the current a bit and now you can swim to one of the N sandy beaches to climb out (looking into the cave E, where the river goes in, youíll see the River gate itís all about, that one has to be opened). Follow the jungle into the NE corner and maybe you have to fight a Snake while youíre at it, in the NE corner you can pass through a passage E to the Canyon and find a Puzzle Piece standing on a brick floor under the Red House.

The Red House.

Hop onto the floor and see a red marking as you saw up at the Pits, this is the spot similar to the one where the Flares were. So the Puzzle piece has to be moved to the N once, then W once, then N once more to get a cutscene of a gate opening up. If you happen to make a mistake, the puzzle can be reset by pulling the Puzzle Piece onto the W red tile (the Flare tile) and the gate will open up to give access to the room under the floor, go in and the gate will drop shut, go to a switch in the other end and pull it, the puzzle is reset. If you want to play it safe, go back to the gate and it will open up, but donít go through. Return to the switch and climb out of the window E of that switch so now you have the gate open in case you make another mistake. When you get the cutscene of the gate opening up, go W down from the floor, to the L and find the open gate in the Red House.

Green Puzzle Pieces.

Go R inside and come to a partly ruined interior, hop into the crevice E and go stand on the root of the tree NE, turn SW and look up for an opening in the leaves above, standjump/grab up into that opening and climb up to the 1st floor, get the Shotgun there and hop into the crevice S, turn around and do a runjump with a last moments grab to the crack in the N wall. shimmy L to an opening in the wall, go through to come to the top walkway around the House.

1st Green Piece.

If you look straight W from standing under the opening youíll see a lamp standing on a rock to the R of the big tree, the lamp isnít burning, to the N is a green Puzzle Piece, pull it to the S and check after every move if the lamp is blinking (should be pulled and as far as it goes). When it is, make a note of the position of the piece and push it off itís place again, so the lamp is off, because the lamp is needed to get the exact position of 2 more Pieces.

2nd Green Piece.

Drop down W from the walkway to the one below and thereís the second Piece, pull that one to the N till the lamp blinks and remember itís position before you move it from itís place again.

3rd Green Piece.

Well you know where that one is, go S over the walkway and head SE over the rocks to a the hole down. Just run in and slide down to the lower level of the Canyon, when you turn around and face SW, youíll see a gap in the rocks, itís a shortcut to that River gate. Just go to the front of the House and make your way back up to the top walkway. Go S and SE over the rocks, turn to the W and then head towards that Lamp at the big tree to get some Ammo close to the lamp. The Sniper takes aim again, so head back and go as far SW as possible, where you can pass through an opening between the trees to drop down to the W from the rocks. Make your way up to the S side rocks and then to the green ledge NW, the route to the waterfall. Jump back over to the ladder and go to the green Puzzle Piece. Push it E in single moves till the Lamp is blinking.

Opening up the River Gate.

This Piece can stay where it is, now you have to get back to the other two Pieces to put them on the right spots. There are several routes to take, you can track back the route you just took to get here, but there is some fancy jumping involved. Best route is just down to the river again, swim to the E till you climb up on a ledge near the River gate and runjump/grab the ledge under the shortcut opening NE, climb through and get into the House. Climb up though the Red House to move the top Piece first, then drop to the lower Piece and put that one on itís spot. A flyby will show the River gate opening up, head S and into the SE corner again where you can slide down into the hole, and now you can use that shortcut in the SW corner of that dark passage to get into the river cave, crawl through the now open gate and follow down to a Death Slide down a Spiked waterfall.

The Slide of Death.

Stand L and about 3 steps from the L wall, Save and slide down, after the first set of Spikes jump R, again R and then move L as far as possible while the camera changes as a Boulder will come crashing down behind you. Jump over the next set of spikes and when the Boulder hits the pit, you can go R (L for the viewers) again to pass through the next Spike-traps.

The Lasersight.

In the end youíll drop into a lower pool and climb pout on the steps, in the next cave somebody left behind the Lasersight and some Ammo behind the stool at the smoldering Campfire. In the back of the cave is a Bamboo stake, climb it from facing SE and backflip to a ledge next to the tree, runjump to the rock bridge S and go l a bit, turn N and sidejump to the sloped rock R of you so you can jump/grab to the branch of the tree, turn S and runjump to the rocks SE, then on to the trunk S and get the Ammo there. Slide off and head S sprinting, because the Sniper is about to take aim and shoot you and when youíre fast enough youíll run off a ledge and out of sight. Around the corner is a small valley with a pool, a Poacher will try to prevent you from entering the building, shoot him and go to an area with a wide lake and a structure on poles.

Poachers Hideout, setting the Monkeys free.

Under the building in the SW is a MP in the water, go get that and go to the NW corner of the pool, thereís a rock standing in the water, climb it and jump/grab up to the ledge W and head E over this sides ledges. Finally on a tree trunk, you can see a Jumpswitch on the front of the building you came out of before, grab the branches of the tree (monkeyswing) and go to the switch to activate it to open up a hatch in the main building, swim there and climb up to the balcony, get to the small door and kick it in weapons drawn. Shoot the Thug, Save and go up the ladder, a cutscene kicks in and shows the Revolver and a Target and also a code is seen (it says Find 5).

Target Shoot.

Take the Revolver, equip it with the Sight and shoot the target up in the trees W, but wait till the Monkey steps aside. Then go look for the next 4 hidden in that same area (screenshot). The gate will open after all 5 Targets are shot, drop into the new area from the balcony and go throw the lever in the shallow pool to let a tree fall at the Monkey cage, the cage will break open and the monkeys are set free. Go to the back of the N side tree and climb up. backflip to the branch with your pal, the Monkey. Then jump N to the rock ledge L of the tree and go standjump down to the lower part of it N, from there you can runjump/grab S to a ledge sticking out of the S wall and just run off the E side with a grab to land back at the gate to the tree house. Go down the ladder and to the E side of the Monkey cage, climb up the fallen tree and throw the switch inside the cage, the gate S in the pool opens up.

For Secret#2 a little detour is required. Go to the NW corner of the pool, up the block and grab up to the W ledge again, now go L around that tree to jump to the roof of the Hideout, go to the SW corner of the roof and runjump to a green ledge just under the rock and between the 2 trees SW and go up in the dark SW corner to get Secret#2, another Compass.

Get down into the pool and swim through that gate S and just follow to the end to another small pool, turn around there and grab up to a rockledge above (facing N), shimmy R a bit and backflip/roll/grab a crack in the S wall. Shimmy L and get into the opening, follow the tunnel to some ruined steps and follow up to the Gorge.

The Gorge.

Go L a bit and Save before crossing the bridge because halfway across the sniper will take another shot at you so be quick, runjump (not from the very end) to the pillar and do a running jump to the last part. Go to the front of the house (mind the nasty gap in the path) and down the ladder to the bottom of the gorge, go S a bit and from the beach a standjump to the triangular rock in the River (deadly if you fall in). Runjump to the shallow water NE and from there up to the rocks SE, go to a lever near the foot of the bridge and open the House with it.

Into the House.

Go back the way you came and enter the house, shoot the Poacher and go up the stairs to the first floor, the door is closed, go through the window E and S over the balcony. Hop around the R hand corner, from the green slope there you can runjump/grab the climbable tree S. Go up and L and up to the branches, walk to the S side, hop around the corner into the SW corner of the rocks and get some Ammo there. Jump back and go to the branch closest to the house, jump to the balcony and go around the front. Here you can climb into the house through the window, inside shoot a Poacher and go down the stairs to look if the door below is open. If so head back up and climb outside to the balcony, go N and hop around the L corner to a small balcony with a Ĺ MP, from that balcony a runjump down NE to the tree tops. Get Secret#3, another Compass there and runjump to a sloped rock SW so you can slide and jump back to the lower balcony.

The Shootout.

Go inside the house and up the stairs to the top floor, where youíll find more Monkey cages (that switch doesnít work), go in and save before you enter the small last cage R, walk in with the Revolver drawn and a flyby shows The head Poacher coming up the stairs, the Sniper is standing in a dark alcove across the Gorge. Have a shoot out and see whoís the fastest draw, when you shot him another cage will open to the N and inside is the switch that will open all the cages, a flyby will show all the monkey sitting in the Jungle happily playing around and the level endsÖ