BtB2006  17 Ė The Dragon Island.

Level by Horus (Nadine Lannte)

Authorized Walkthrough G&D Productions.

ďLara travels to the famous Dragon Island where a gigantic pearl is hidden in a mystic temple complex..Ē.

Go up the steps to the next room and find some Ammo in an alcove to the R, then climb the ladder in the NE corner, backflip to the upper floor and find a switch in the SE windowsill. The door in the room below opens, get down and go into a Garden area. In the NW, next to the balcony you came from is a switch to raise a pillar S of the balcony, jump up the pillar and jump/grab to the roof over the balcony, go to the N side and jump to the landing, go R and come to a Spike-pit. Runjump around the far R corner to a wooden walkway, turn S and runjump/grab to the tree. Look NW and spot the opening in the house, runjump with an R curve to get in there and push a button to open several gates below.

The Torch.

Go back to the opening S and jump straight S onto the leave cover, go over the branches to the far SE corner and spot the ledge in the SE corner between both waterfalls, aim for the corner of the ledge just L of the S side waterfall and runjump to that ledge and there are 3 Torches in the corner, throw at least two down (so youíll have a spare) along the E wall to the N. Track them down so you know where they are. Now go jump down into that shallow pool below and get one of the Torches. Head back W and go up the balcony and into the building to the first room, the wall torch there can be used to light yours. Now itís back to the Garden and into the NE corner where those gates opened up (now 2 Crocs probably show up, this must have been the first time I saw Crocs go up a 2 block high pillar).

Careful there are Spike-traps, run through one of those and light two wall torches next to the N door to open it.

Getting In.

Go in and ignore that lever on the ledge for now, go L and R around the block to light two wall torches. Now go back outside and you can drop the Torch now, the E Spikes back at the gates are deactivated and a button can be used to bring out a chain just behind you in the corner. Climb the chain, backflip to the roof N and runjump with a grab to a ledge under the S arch, be careful thereís a blood stained Spike-trap on that ledge and to both sides (E+W) are chains you have to pull to get some Spikes down on a ledge near the N roof, so going from one to the other use the ledges under the arch to jump to the other side, then after pulling both chains a runjump back to the roof N.

In the SW corner is a ledge where the Spikes retracted, jump there and a Ĺ MP is now available on the ledge NW next to the roof (was protected by Fire first). Go get Secret#1, the Ĺ MP and get down to the ground floor.

Get some Flares along the W wall and head back into the building, this time get onto that ledge with the lever and throw it to open the gate N, go through to a courtyard with a pool.

Now, here comes a kind of puzzle involving a lot of swimming. Iíll just say where you have to go and you have to watch the air supply and look if and when you have to go back for air.

Swimming for the 1st Luminous Crystal.

In the pool is an UW door E, open it and swim in, go R and follow all the way R around corners to a MP, get it and before swimming back notice the white floor in that corner. Go back and find an UW lever in the N end past the door to the pool, this lever will lower that white floor where you got the MP, so head back there and swim down and S to open an UW door, just inside that door and up at the red pillar is an UW lever which will open the UW door E of the lever (In this same room is some Ammo in the SW corner). Go through and behind the red pillar (E) in the next room is an UW ceiling lever, which opens up the wall N. Swim in and to the L to get the 1st Luminous Crystal. Swim back to the pool and climb out, go back S to the Garden and the door to the L (E) is now open (near the chain).

Fiery Timed Run.

Go through and in the next room is a door to the E, you can open it with the switch up the ramp and to the R (S). Go to that S door and save before entering, in the next courtyard are 2 Wraiths. In the SW corner of the courtyard is a sloped tunnel down to a Fire-tile, youíll have to get into this tunnel in a bit, a switch to put the Fire off (Timed) is located NE, go up the passage SE and L to the switch. Pull and backflip/roll, then a R curved runjump into the passage R and runjumps to the tunnel with the Fire-tile, runjump/grab into that tunnel and landing on the Fire-tile, quickly side jump L to get on a safe piece of floor.

Snake-ball Jump.

Going through that tunnel, youíll end up at a Fiery pit with a Dragon-ball on a ramp across the room, look L into the room and see a greenish ledge (switch texture), thatís where you have to go. Do a runjump to the Dragon-ball ramp aiming a bit L and try to curve L at the end of the jump so you can immediately run (with the Dragon-ball behind you) and at the last possible moment jump L curved to that greenish ledge (thatís the expert way, you can also just runjump to the sloped part of the ramp and hop-grab back to let the Snake/ball pass and then pull up).

The Wraiths will hopefully kill themselves in the Lava pool.

2nd Luminous Crystal.

A ladder in the SE corner is your means of escape, go up that ladder after a runjump/grab and in that cave is a tunnel to the S, first thing you can find there is water for the Wraiths if they didnít die yet and when you swim through the water youíll end up at a Ĺ MP. Go back to the small cave and follow through to a room with a Luminous Crystal in an opening in the wall. Stand facing the Stone and with your back to the wall, Save and standjump onto the ledge Spikes pop up around you, quickly get the 2nd Luminous Crystal and do a runjump/grab to a crawlspace in the wall in front while more Spikes pop up. Light a flare and crawl with intervals so youíll see if Lara can stand up, because in this dark crawlspace is a higher part where Secret#2 is located to the L, pick up the Flares and proceed through the crawlspace till you come to a room with gates, there are 4 switches in this room, donít know if there was any logic or clue, but only use the 2 green switches and the gates open up. (Remark from the author: The logic is traffic lights, ie Green equals ďGo"

Go through to a large room with walkways up above, to the W is an open gate leading back to a room you visited before, the one where you used the switch to get to the Fiery Timed run. Go into that gate and turn looking E, now you can do a runjump/grab up to the walkway and up on the walkway you can go for 2 Ammo pickups, one E on a ledge and one NE on the N balcony, then go into the room E and up a ladder on E wall, backflip to a ledge with a monkeyswing overhead. Go N to drop onto a balcony and grab up in the hole over the Lamp.

Rotating Blades-trap and Snake-ball.

Climb up E or W or youíll burn, face the Rotating Blades-trap and mind the floor (except the wooden floor) is burning hot. Standjump when the smaller Knives on the Blades are outward and stand in the exact centre of the blade (safe here), line up for a runjump/grab into the opening S and do that when those smaller Knives are outward again. Open the small door and climb up onto the wall straight ahead, hereís the Snake-ball trap. I did a runjump straight over the ball, starting when it was on the far side of the ramp (so youíll go over it when it is coming towards you and will give you more time), then take a quick step forward and hop onto the higher ledge, go safety drop through the opening and land on the S balcony of the monkeyswing room.

Waterfall Room.

Head in S and follow through to a ledge behind a waterfall, runjump/grab across to the balcony (youíll be back in this room later both here and down in the pool) and go down the S passage and come to the Fan Courtyard (because of the Fan table E). If you happen to fall into the pool below, look at the end of the Sunken City paragraph below for the way back up.

The Fan Courtyard.

Lets go for a Secret first, head for the SE tree and stand on the S side of the roots, backflip onto the roots and jump/grab to the roof S, go L around the corner and pull up on the roof there. Jump up to the higher part S and standjump/grab in a NW direction to grab the edge of the higher roof. Shimmy R around the corner and backflip to the branch of the tree, youíll slide a bit and find Secret#3, the Crossbow right at your feet. Get down from the tree and head into an alley NW of the entrance, there are two small Shrines where the 2 Luminous Crystals can be used, the door of the house opens up.

The Ladder House.

Go out of the alley and L into the open door and just around the L corner is a ladder to the first floor landings, there are 3 routes from here, first go S and find a window overlooking the Courtyard, look up L a bit and spot a monkeyswing under the branches. Stand away from the window facing SE and do a runjump/grab through so youíll land on the sloped roof. Immediately jump and grab the branches, swing all the way to the pillar SW (next to the entrance of the courtyard) and drop to use the button (a door opens in a house below).

The Star House.

Get down from the pillar and go to the Star house S on the Courtyard, inside and to the L is a chain, pull that to lower a block in a water hole, notice the Star receptacles on S wall and go back out, over to the Ladder house. Up to the first floor and N and over the middle walkway to a ladder E, go one floor up and get the Ammo and then the Flares N, safety drop from the N side of the floor onto the back walkway and go E. Climb down the ladder to the water hole where the block went down, dive in and swim through the tunnel to an UW door, open it and go into the Waterfall Room. Another block went down here and it opened up a tunnel in the SW corner, S wall, follow the tunnel into a Sunken City.

The Sunken City, the Dragon Seals.

Along the L wall and over the roof of the little house is a hole up to a small cave (thereís a Shark swimming in these waters, so be careful), go up and climb out on the small waterfall NE, climb that waterfall and get the Crowbar in front of the opening E (leading back to the Waterfall Room), go back down the same small waterfall and swim S through the Sunken City, L and into the red building, to the R (E) is an UW lever, it will open up a trapdoor above, so roll and swim up through the trapdoor to come into a room with the Left Dragon Seal. Swim back down and go SW in the Sunken City and up in a cave there, climb out E and find a room with the Right Dragon Seal. Maybe now you can take a shot at that nasty Shark. Swim back to the cave where you got the Crowbar before and now use that opening E, dive down into the river below and swim up to the N, climb out and go down the waterfall N to get back to the waterfall room, swim out E and through the tunnel to the Ladder House, over the landing to the Fan Courtyard. (Thereís another way back to the Fan Courtyard and itís a bit more spectacular, but I didnít need to use it, in the waterfall room is a ladder under the balcony on S wall climb it into the alcove with the switch, the switch will raise a timed platform behind you. Pull the switch, roll and run with a curve over the ledge, jump into the opening N and run with a L curve over the platform. Jump/grab to the waterfall W and shimmy L a bit before doing a backflip/roll/grab to a ladder on the pillar of the balcony, go up and you are on the balcony with the passage S to the Fan Courtyard).

The Red Fan.

Enter the Star House and place the Stones in the receptacles S, a block goes up behind you. Climb to the first floor and go get the Dragon Fan. Get down to the Courtyard and place that Fan on the table near the SE tree. A door opens up in the NE corner, go in there and get the Gigantic Pearl on the receptacle and the level ends there as Lara reached her goal.