BtB2006 16 Ė Forest Palaces.

Level by Chronicles5 (Mike McCracken)

Walkthrough G&D Productions.


"Lara finds a set of Palaces in a Forest and explores them for a few interesting artefacts..."

Important Note: Be Sure NOT to use the first Sacred Gem you find to open the nearby door to the Yang or youíll be stuck at the Big Doors later

The Temple and a Couple of Paper Fans.

Lara is standing on a first floor landing go L through the opening and down the ramp to a lower area. Shoot the 2 Warriors there to get the 2 Paper Fans, head E and shoot another Warrior running around on a Pile of rubble to the R (S). Shoot him and get the Ammo he was trying to pick up from between the rubble and then pick up the Ĺ MP dropped by him. Look in the NE corner of this courtyard for the Shotgun, then head E and find the small table to place one of the Fans to the R, this will open the N door behind you, but donít go in there yet.

Lasersight, 3rd Fan.

Go on to the E and to the L in a NE windowsill are Flares and the Lasersight. Go to the other side SE and a Ĺ MP is to be found in the windowsill there. Now go up the wooden ramp W and turn around to jump to the roof NE, look for the 3rd Paper Fan in the alcove W and go back down to the passage below where you opened that door with the Fan.

Gate Labyrinth.

To the L is a closed gate and the first gate E will open for you (entrance closes up), go on and through the next gate. Now youíll pass a door to your R, keep going and through the next gate and when you approach the 4th, it will open, but donít go through. Return and in that N end the door is open now, go in there and follow to a small Garden with a Snake.

Spike-trap Alley.

Look for a Jumpswitch in the NE corner to open up the E gate, notice the Shrine in the S and go time a sprint through the Spike-traps in the passage E and come to another trap. Pull the timed switch on the wall, hop back turning to face the traps and crawl around the first Knife-trap under the Knife-balls and stand up as soon as possible to run through the gate. In the W is a switch and to the E a Big Door which needs 2 Gems. Pull the switch to drop ropes in a Gorge we go next, head S and in the room there a Warrior will attack, go to a red gate S and it will open up, go stand in the opening and spot another Lasersight to the R on the roots of a tree.

Rope Gorge.

From the entrance you can runjump/grab the first rope, notice a door to the L and swing (from one step up from the end of the rope) to the next rope and from there to the S side in the first part of this corridor are a Gem door to the R and a Timed door to the L and in the second part a gate with the Gem behind it, in the last room a gate L with a secret and 2 switches.

Timed Runs, 1st Sacred Gem.

Pull the Timed switch on S wall and backflip/roll with a bit of a curve to land next to the Knife-ball and sprint back around another Knife-ball to the first part of the corridor and into the door to the R. One more Knife-ball there, notice the wooden door to the S (next Timed door) and follow through to a room N and find/use a Jumpswitch on the wall in the SW corner to open the door to a Secret for later, then throw the lever there to open the door you saw in the Gorge, its up the ledge S and W of the lever, going through youíll stand on a white platform in the Gorge, runjump to the S and follow the corridor again (the Knife-balls are gone) and now use the second Timed switch to the L.

Pull the switch, backflip holding "look" turn L and sprint back to the Gorge, jump at the last moment to the L side platform turn R and hop into the open door, turn R inside and sprint S through that nasty passage, take a chance and wile sprinting roll (hit "Alt") to go underneath the Knife-ball and into the hopefully still open door. Pick up the 1st Sacred Gem and the door to the L opens up, but first go into the door S and get Secret#1, the Revolver, a MP and 3x Ammo. Go back to the previous room and out R to come back to the hall with the Knife-ball, leave through the passage N and out to the platform in the Gorge.

Puzzle Pit for the Stone of the Shrine.

Now donít go use that Sacred Gem yet (or youíll be stuck later), but just be careful on that platform and do a bit of a diagonal run before you jump to the N side and follow back to that courtyard with the Big Doors, go down the ladder in the Puzzle Pit, hop into the E pool and swim S to go down to the lowest floor to find 4 Puzzle Pieces, move them to their tiles and the door W opens up, go in and jump over those Knife-traps to get the Stone of the Shrine.

Go out over the Knife-traps and to the puzzle yard, in the SE corner is a ladder you can climb from facing N. go up a bit and backflip to a grey ledge look up W and shoot the Target there. Then runjump/grab to a ledge N and at the Eastern Star on the wall grab the monkeyswing to go W and drop onto the ledge there, turn around and grab up to the ledge over the monkeyswing to go for a Ĺ MP. Now there are 2 routes back up to the top level, one maybe not intended and thatís a runjump into the waterfall E and climb out of that pool to go up the ladder to the Big Door Courtyard. But we think you have to go back to the W side of the ledge and jump into an opening in the W rock wall, from there a standjump up E, climb the ladder to the Big Door Courtyard. Throw the lever W again and the gate opens up, crawl back past those Knife-traps and follow the now Spike-less passage to get to the small Garden with the Shrine, place the Stone of the Shrine there and a flyby shows what happens next, the way back into the Temple opens up.

2nd Sacred Gem.

Go runjump to the ladder and up over the landing to get back in the passage you visited before, in the S a new passage opened up. Use the Ďrollí trick (stand close and hit roll) to get through the Rotating Knife-traps and get the 2nd Sacred Gem, now return to the Shrine yard and through the E passage under the traps to the Big Door Courtyard where those Sacred Gems van be used to open the Big Doors.

Knife-trap Pit for the Crowbar.

On the side of the Pit are 2 platforms to be raised later in order to get back up here, now just runjump along the L side and grab that ladder E, slalom through the Knife-traps and go to the W, to the L is the Crowbar (you saw that before probably) and to the N is a door to be opened with the 2 Stars later, on the W wall is a Timed switch to raise the platforms up in the Pit.

The Eastern Star.

Pull the switch and turn around R, run to the pool and stay R to runjump to the ladder, go climb up and slalom back up to that red gate, backflip/roll and then standjump through the Big Doors. Go down the ladder into the Puzzle Pit L and from the ladder jump into that alcove in the W rock wall, safety drop out and go use the monkeyswing to get to the first Eastern Star on the wall E. A block rises below where the blue Puzzle Piece used to stand.

The Last Sacred Gem.

Get down to that puzzle floor again and shoot the Warrior who will drop the Sacred Gem. Could be it will not show up, but then move the Puzzle Pieces close to where he fell and find it. Now there are plenty ways to get back to the Big Door Courtyard.

The Yang Piece.

Go S and to the Gorge, the door over the platform is now closed, so you can use it to jump to the S without any problems and open the R hand door in the first part of the corridor. Get the Yang Piece there and return over the Gorge to the N, head through the W trap passage (maybe you have to open that gate again with the switch W) and go through the Garden back up to the Temple again.

The Western Star.

Go all the way to the W and on the courtyard with the ramps are 2 tables to place those Paper Fans youíve been carrying around, the door opens W, go in and get the Western Star from the wall, immediately roll and sprint out as Burners will start, go back through the Garden to the Traps passage and maybe use the switch again to get to the Big Door Courtyard.

The Yin Piece.

Go down the ladder in the Knife-trap Pit E and go into a small garden S from the ladder. Shoot the Snake and go into a room to get Secret#2, Flares, Ammo and another Shotgun. Go back and to the W and place the Western star E of the door and the Eastern star W, then go in to get the Yang Piece. Now you have to use the Timed switch W again to get back up the ladder and over those Timed platforms to the Big door courtyard, use the W switch (maybe even twice) again and for the last time get through the Traps passage (they still donít understand they canít harm you). Go up to the Temple, down from the block and up R hand the ramp to the first floor where it all started, place the Yin-Yang on the pillar opposite the N gate. Go through the gate and the level endsÖ