BtB2006 15 – A New Mission for Lara.

Level by Mikki (Michele Flena)

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


"A rich American entrepreneur would like to get back the inestimable blue crystal that has been stolen by a powerful group of people and after having discovered that it has been hidden in an unknown place in the South East, she contacts her trusted friend Lara. This therefore is a new challenge for Lara - to recover the prestigious diamond and to overcome the numerous traps and to resolve the complicated puzzles... Will she succeed?"

Village of the Island of Honshu= Japan…

Climb out of the pool (there are 2 tunnels leading out of the pool, but both have to be use later), go E a bit and watch the flyby. You’re now on Pool Square. Head to a ladder in the dark NW corner and go R to drop onto the roof, shimmy to the R end and hoist up, backflip/roll/grab the red roof of the Dragon Pagoda and hop to the E side red ledge, from there you can Runjump/grab over to the E building. Go straight E and find a switch on the structure L, use it and see a door open up. Now go E again and pick up a MP, head R (S) and to the next opening R for another switch opening up one more door. Now head to the N side of these roofs and hop onto the higher part so you can runjump from the NW corner to a narrow roof N with some Ammo on it. Jump back and runjump to the same one E and go to the N end, slide and jump/grab off the E side and grab onto that balcony E, pull up through the railing. Go to the N side and runjump over the railing to the ladder in the NE and go up to the roof, run off the SW corner with a grab so you’ll land on the balcony below and go to the switch there and a big door with some Ammo in front will open up.

Now you have to get down to the ground floor and the best side is W as the floor is higher there, so just hop over the railing holding grab to soften the landing. Have a look around and notice the Puzzle on the lower square, this is Puzzle Square and 4 blocks have to be raised first to complete the Puzzle. Go SW and onto SW Square to the R (S) is the door with the Ammo, go pick it up but don’t enter yet, instead enter the N door which also opened up.

Raise block #1&2 and the Revolver.

In the N side of the room is Ammo, then go to the SW corner, there’s a block with a Dragon texture, there are 2 more blocks with the same texture NE (the others are turned the other way) so jump to the 2 blocks with the same texture and the gate E opens up, throw the lever to raise a block on Puzzle Square, now head up the stairs NE and watch carefully for a piece of climb wall just around the second corner, climb into the passage above and use the lever there to raise another block on Puzzle Square. Get back out and follow the stairs up to a Rotating Knife-trap, do the "roll" (stand close and hit roll when the Knife is open) through the Rotating Knife-traps and in the first room upstairs are a ½ MP and the Revolver on the pedestals, then go through to the balcony and safety drop from the W end.

The Lasersight.

Head N over Puzzle Square and in the NE corner up the steps into the building there. Climb the Ladder E and go over the landing to a small door open it up and follow through to the Lasersight and a MP.

Target Shoot, raise block #3.

Get down to the ground floor and head out of the house, go to SW Square and Save before you enter the S side open door where you got the Ammo before, equip the Revolver with the Lasersight and slide down just R of the middle of the floor, you’ll land on a Timed platform over a Spike-pit and you have to shoot 5 Target balls up in the S before the platform drops. Then climb up to where the Targets were and go L to a lever with black Dragon tiles on the wall and it will raise a block for the Blue Piece on Puzzle Square. Take one or two steps back and climb up the L hand wall into an opening in the ceiling.

Follow through to a room with a small door W. open it up and to the R inside is a switch to open a big door, a Warrior will attack during the cutscene so roll and shoot the guy. Head back into the room and go L, pick up the MP and go to the balcony of which you opened the door. Check your health and hop over the railing down to the white ledge on the square below holding grab.

Puzzle House, raise block #4.

Head onto Puzzle Square and over to the W side of it where that door just opened, go in and R to a room with a deep pit N, the Timed platform under the switch NE will go up when you step on the last part of the wooden floor.

Better not jump there as it is a nasty trap! Face E instead and grab up to a climbable piece of the wall, shimmy (if you hang you’ll go faster) all the way R to an opening and climb R around the corner to drop into a room with chains, get past the chains to the staircase L and follow up to the first floor Puzzle. There are 4 Puzzle Pieces and they will have to be pushed onto their own colour Tile, seen on the ground floor under the ledge they are on. Hanging from the side of the ledge will help you pinpoint the exact location. After all Pieces are in place, the gate in front of the red lever opens below, so drop down and throw the lever to raise another block on the Puzzle Square.

Head out to Puzzle Square and move the pieces onto their tiles and a cutscene will show the door S, on top of the big steps has opened. Go up there and enter, a flyby will show you around and will end with a shot of the 4 Yin-Yang receptacles and the Gem behind the gate.

Yin-Yang Hall.

1st and 2nd Yin Yang.

Go R and get the MP there, then go back and to the E side stairs, go down to the second opening up in the R hand wall and grab up to hoist yourself in there, look down to the L and spot the MP, run out L to land on that ledge and grab the MP, then runjump/grab to the N and use the crack in the yellow N wall to shimmy over to the W side ledge where another MP awaits you. Safety drop from the ledge near the yellow wall and notice the gate W with the Dragon tiles. Go to the staircase SW and up to a Knife-trap. Walk op onto the step along the R hand wall and turn R to grab up to an opening above. Face into the room, just R and below the opening is a ledge with a Yin-Yang, run out with a sharp R curve and get the 1st Yin-Yang (called "Load" in my game).

Do a runjump with a R curve onto the stairs SW and go back up to that Knife-trap to climb up to the same opening again, now face SW to spot a crawlspace in the S wall, jump/grab to it and go in. Drop into the lower passage and follow the passage around to a switch on the S wall, just past the switch and to the L is the 2nd Yin-Yang on a pedestal. Throw the switch (notice the red Dragon tile, that switch is missing on the S wall in the room below) and head back to the crawlspace, crawl out and hang L before you drop down.

The Switches.

Go down the stairs and to the switches on the S wall, the red one is already activated upstairs, so no worries about that, throw the black and the blue an see a gate opening up E of where you are.

Moving Pillars, 1st Eye of Horus and 3rd Yin-Yang.

Follow in through an automatic gate and go R, get the MP and the 1st Eye of Horus (can’t be correct) and the Pillars start moving, go to the other side (N) of the room timing your hops through the pillars and climb the block to the L to get the 3rd Yin-Yang there. Return to the Yin-Yang Hall and go to the Switches.

Spike-slopes and the 4th Yin-Yang.

Throw the Black switch back up and the Green one down, now that gate in the W wall you saw earlier will open up, go and enter that gate and from the entrance to the Spike-slope room, a runjump to the L side slope, keep jumping towards the other side of the room and land on the red carpet, get the 4th Yin-Yang and from the red carpet you can do a standjump/grab facing NE to catch onto the monkeyswing so you can return to the Yin-Yang Hall.

The Hand of Orion, Death-pit Jumps.

Go place the 4 Yin-Yangs in the receptacles N and the gate opens, go in and shoot the 2 Warriors, then go up to back side of the pedestal, so you’ll face S and Save before you pick up the Hand of Orion (can’t be correct) and the floor opens up underneath. Slide and jump to the first raised platform do a running jump to the next before the Boulder crushes you and from that second one a standjump with a L curve to the next, standjump with a L curve again so you’ll have enough room for another running jump and from that ledge, now grab the next and pull up. Immediately a standjump/grab to the next and from that a runjump/grab to the last and standjump L into the corner after pulling up.

Follow through, leaving the Warrior behind or shoot him if you like, but climb up the ladder in the end and in the next room just sprint to the en, hop onto the higher ledge and look back, great sight all those Snakes crawling over one another. Dive into the water and follow the tunnel (past the yellow tunnel which leads here from the Puzzle Square, but you can’t swim in from this side) and you’ll end up in the First Pool, take the tunnel W and come to a room with the 2nd Eye of Horus on the pedestal, Place both "Eyes" in the Shrines and slide down the slope into the waterfall…