BtB2006 14 – Forbidden Houses of Ni Leng Hua.

Level by Hochgiftig (Jens Nolte)

Walkthrough G&D Productions.


“There's a mysterious city in the East of the Chinese deserts - Ni Leng Hua. An artefact is hidden there, meant to have an incredible magical energy. This is the Burang. Lara is on her way to a temple in the high mountains of Ni Leng Hua, where the Burang is meant to be. Help Lara getting through the Forbidden Houses well to get the Burang at the very end.”

Find The Burang!

Immediately jump/roll as the level starts with a fixed camera, so Lara will then grab a ladder in the tunnel she’s in, climb down till you can drop/grab to the ladder under the opening and climb into a small passage with Secret#1, a ½ MP, drop out of the passage to land in a pool below.

First Puzzle Room.

In the pool is a ½ MP, climb out and use 2 switches on the W ledge to get Puzzle Pieces up from the pits. Move them onto the tiles and the gate opens E, there’s a Jumpswitch on the S wall but a block has to be raised first.

Spike Shaft.

Go into the E passage and up a ladder S just in front of the gate, use a reach-in switch (first switch to raise the block in the first room) and go back down to climb the ladder N, go up the next ladder to about 4 steps from the top and backflip/roll/grab to another ladder, go up quick to get out of the Spikes and climb all the way up that ladder, climb L around 2 corners to come to a Jumpswitch, drop/grab and the Spikes below will retract and you also hear a trapdoor opening up. Get some Ammo on the floor there and climb up again to go L to a crawlspace in the opposite corner, go through to a room with 3 switches.

The Yin Piece.

Throw them all but one by one and take out the Snakes in between, then check the health and safety drop into the open shaft where the 3 trapdoors opened. That Warrior you heard shouting all along can now be silenced and he will leave a MP behind, then pick up the Yin Piece (trapdoor opens) and don’t forget to throw the switch (second switch for it) to raise the block under the Jumpswitch below, drop down into the First Puzzle Room where the white block under the Jumpswitch raised now, go up to use the Jumpswitch (opens gate #2 in the E passage) and head into the E passage again, shoot the Snake before you go into the deeper white part (trapdoor for later) and in the end of the passage is a ladder.

Go up till you can backflip/roll to a slanted ledge, grab the edge and drop/grab to use the Jumpswitch below, now you can go up the same ladder to 3 steps from the top. Backflip (no roll) and immediately jump/grab to a ledge over the slanted ledge, pull up and go to the switch there to open the sliding door in the end of the passage, go into the Diamond room where a Diamond has to be placed later and kick in a small door in the opposite corner. Shoot the Warrior, but be careful he won’t push you into a burning Lamp (do not use the switch just R around the corner from the small door, it’s for later. Climb up the block and grab up to a hatch to open it, turn around and climb up to go to the reach-in switch opening up a trapdoor below, go down and the hole is right besides the block, go in and throw the switch to open a door N.

Old Tree Courtyard.

Entering the Courtyard and flyby kicks in and shows a Big Old Tree and some switches and a Puzzle in the Gazebo, wade N along the R hand side of the Gazebo, in the back of the Courtyard is a big old tree, there’s a ladder on the tree, but it’s blocked by a trapdoor, look on the NE corner of the Gazebo (water level) for a switch to open that trapdoor and go to the NW corner of the tree, climb up past a branch covered with Spikes and climb off to the R, follow the branches over to the roof of the Gazebo and look over the edge in the SE corner E side and find a Jumpswitch, hop/grab back to use it (Found a very easy route up here, I just tried to get into the Gazebo by pulling up through the fence from standing in the water and found myself on the roof). Go back up the tree and R onto the branch, walk to the W side and drop/grab backwards from the side to catch on to the well hidden Jumpswitch there, now a trapdoor opens to the upper branches of the tree, so up you go.

Climbing R around the corner you can drop to the upper branches and a Warrior attacks, try jump/rolls over him while shooting and don’t fall off! Or just stay hanging on the tree, high enough so can’t reach you and go all the way around R to drop onto a branch E and shoot him from there if you like. Jump to the roof of the Temple E and go to the SE corner, shooting another Warrior. Find the switch shown in the flyby on the temple wall (cutscene of the Puzzle). Shoot the Warrior, hop back from the switch and drop from the roof in the SW inward corner to land close to a switch behind a Lamp in that corner (the Puzzle is available now).


Go to the W side of the rocky ledge, slide off backwards and safety drop down into the water, go up to the Gazebo and move the Piece near the entrance to the tile next other Piece. Then the other will be obvious and the Spikes will retract on that branch of the tree, so climb the tree and get onto that branch (you can jump there after climbing off to the R) to pull the switch there so a Red Fan will be revealed on the Gazebo. Runjump back SW and hop over the top of the branch to get to the roof of the Gazebo, pick up the Red Fan and drop from the N side, place the Fan on the table and see another platform go up on the tree.

The Diamond.

Head back up to the top of the tree and to the E branch, from there you can hop to the platform on the N side and throw the switch to open a gate near the E Temple so another switch can be operated. Go to the E Temple and to the S, where you can drop to the lower floor again, go S and hop up to the open fence on the S side and use the switch to open a door revealing the Gem. Make your way back to the water below and back into the room with the lamp S, look R of that white block you climbed before and use the switch there (close to the small door) to lower a block in the pit near the lamp. Go there and climb down to get the Diamond. You know where you have to use that, it’s back in the room S of here, the exit door opens up behind you and you’ll see those white trapdoors open up in the passage with the 2 gates. Return through the tunnel and just run off the end, grab the edge of the slanted ledge and drop down into the water, wade back and find the open trapdoors.

UW Labyrinth.

Dive in and get a MP, then follow the sometimes narrow tunnel and when you go through the very low gap, turn R (L is still closed) and when you come to the red Dragon tile you can climb out L into a passage with Knife-traps, pull the switch and dive back in the water, swim straight to the next red tile and R, follow to an air pocket in the end and go L first to get the Ammo, then climb out at the air pocket to throw the next switch. Dive back in and swim S, R and follow in to the next switch, now you’ll see a block go down near the Knife-traps. Swim back and go R/L and straight for the Knife-traps, get some air and swim N first through the tunnel you came from before, all the way in the end another block lowered and in that tunnel is Secret#2, the Shotgun.

Knife/Spike/Boulder Hazard.

Swim back to the Knife-trap passage and from climbing out you can do a L curved runjump around the corner and up to a ledge behind the Knife-trap, turn around and hop back against the wall to grab up to the monkeyswing ceiling to go over the second Knife-trap into a passage, go R and come to a switch with a ladder, throw the switch to open the way up the ladder and climb up to about the red gate, backflip into an alcove with a switch (didn’t find out what it did, maybe it delayed the Spikes for a while, but they started anyway while you climb up the ladder, but if you’re fast enough it could save you a ½ MP) Throw it anyway and jump/grab to the ladder to go up with one finger at the ½ MP (“#0”) shortcut key, in the passage above is another switch throw it to open the gate and you’ll come onto a Boulder slope. Go R and turn around at the Boulder, now sprint down so you’ll be at top speed while passing over the trigger tile, release sprint at the end of the slope and run sharp R or L around the corner (or jump/grab up the pole).

Get the 2x Ammo in the corners and go through the open gate N, follow to a crossing, go R and time the jumps through the Moving Pillars, you’ll come to another Boulder slope, hop R around the corner over the trigger tile and runjump over a Spike-pit and Knife-trap to grab the ladder, go up to the yellow picture and backflip/roll/grab the ladder behind, drop/grab to catch the Jumpswitch and immediately backflip/roll/grab from the red slanted tile to grab the first ladder again, go up through the now open trapdoor to come to another ladder. Climb up and pull up into the dark facing a Boulder coming down towards you, immediately backflip over the ladder shaft and hop back after the Boulder dropped in. You’re entering the Waterfall Cave.

The Huge Waterfall Cave.

Timed Platforms and many Switches.

Have a look E of the grated walkway and see the Spike ledges and 2 platforms one at the spikes and one at the gate E wall, those are timed platforms and will be raised with the switch in the opposite SW corner. So jump over there, minding the low ceiling and Save at that switch (#0). Pull, roll and turning R a bit run (otherwise the ledge is too short) and jump with a L curve to grab the ledge, pull up and runjump to the L side of the corner ledge, curve R doing a running jump to the walkway and sprint E, runjump curved R from the first platform to the second and a last moments jump to grab the ledge SE.

Throw the switch (#1) and jump/grab the ladder to the R, go down to a ledge and Save before you throw a Timed switch there to raise a platform in the waterfall NW of here, turn L hopping back and runjump/grab N get onto the higher ledge and runjump/grab up to the ladder over the Spikes taking some damage, go up a bit till just above the Spikes and L around the corner, backflip/roll/grab the block and runjump straight W onto that platform, a runjump to the W and you’re safe. Just around the corner there is the next switch (#2), pull it and go over the ledges to a switch S, and jump/grab to the ladder W, go down till you see the first lower ledge (when you are on the same height of the red dragon picture) and backflip off. Jump to the ledge E and throw the switch (#3), go back to the same ladder and down to the shallow river below (or runjump down into the hole in the bottom of the River) to throw two switches, NE and NW (#4+5) and the trapdoor over the SW ladder is lowered. Notice a hole in the middle of the river with a closed gate inside and then go up the ladder again to backflip to the top ledge on S wall, make your way over the ledges and a raised platform to the SE corner (this switch was used before, no need to use it).

Go all the way up the ladder through an opened trapdoor and from the top of the ladder a backflip to a ledge, runjump to the white walkway and head to the W side (no need to try and get to the ladder S yet as it’s not climbable yet), hop over a rock into a hole with a switch (#6) and throw it. Hop back to the walkway and take care of the Snake, look down S and notice the platform on the ladder there is lowered now. Now head back to the SE ladder, down to the Timed switch ledge and jump W over the platform to the ledge with the ladder going up to that upper opening S. Go in and past the receptacle for the Yin-Yang is a switch (#7) to open the gate in the E wall, near those 1st Timed platforms.

Now you have to find a way back to that first Timed (#0) switch in the SW corner and the only route I could think of was going down from the opening, jump to the SE corner, up the ladder to the upper white walkway and there a runjump into the far SW corner just around that rock to land on the tip of the ledge with little health loss. Now you have to do the Timed run along the same route as in the first Timed run and now you can go into that open gate E from the second Timed platform.

The Yang Piece.

Climb up at the Dragon tile and in the room above is a Mirror S, look in the Mirror to see which of the 4 switches you have to use (Dragon tiles) and the gates open up, go through and in the next room you can see 3 Dragon tiles in the Mirror, stepping on them will raise a block in the NW corner, go up and look in the Mirror for the route over the monkeyswing to the Yang Piece.

The Yin-Yang Symbol

Go out to the Waterfall Cave and that Timed trapdoor is still up (didn’t expect that) so jump to the S and then to the ladder up to the receptacle in that upper S opening. Place the Yin-Yang Symbol and that gate in the pit down in the river opens up. And I liked this part, how to get there fast, just go down the ladder to the ledge below and runjump (no grab) down into that hole… Aaaaaah!!!

To the Burang.

Swim in and down L for a ½ MP then roll and swim past a Snake into the other end and come to a cave, climb out NE and shoot the Warrior and the Snake if she shows up, get some Flares in the NE corner, then dive into the water, swim into the NE cave and get a MP there, climb back out and throw the switch to lower a block in the hole NW. Go down and slide into a room with the Burang on a pillar, use all 4 switches on the walls and a block goes up at the pillar, but first you have to deal with a bunch of Warriors, some MPs will be dropped, collect them and go get the Burang from the pillar, blocks move aside in the floor E go down one of them and Lara will make her escape….