BtB2006 13 – Quinhai Artefact.

Level by Tinka (Catherin B. Bendig)

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Story: "Find the Qinghai Artefact and head for the next level."

Lara slides into a dark area, with 2 closed gates. Find a Jumpswitch in the middle of the E wall to open the gate S, go through the gate and shoot a Warrior, stay in that passage so you will not hurt the Monkey, just around the R hand corner from the gate is a ladder up to an upper room with Secret#1, a Secret Artefact and Flares. Go down and follow E and to the R to come to a Courtyard with a Big Old Tree, the flyby will take you up into the tree and shows Spikes and some openings in the walls above.

The Old Tree Courtyard (gate SW)

The S side of the Tree seems to be climbable. Go up and L onto the first branch, jump to the N branch and standjump/grab into an opening NW, go down R and get some Flares before you use the Jumpswitch to get a rope out in the Tree Courtyard. Look in the N end of this passage for the ˝ MP there and go jump back to the tree, jump to the S side branch and climb back down to the ground.

The Crowbar.

Stand under the rope S and jump/grab up go swing/grab to the opening SE and a Moving Pillar starts banging away. Standjump/grab past the Pillar and get the Crowbar to the L, then get back to the Courtyard and climb the Tree again.

The Yang Piece.

Go L around a corner on the first level, so you can climb up to the second level and drop onto the branches there. Hop to the E branch and from the E end a runjump into the vegetation E, go in and find the Yang Piece to the L, get back to the tree and runjump/grab to the opening in the N wall. Go through the room to a ledge overlooking the Waterfall Courtyard.

The Waterfall Courtyard.

Dive down into the pool and swim into an opening S time the Rotating Knife-trap and go R around the corner, quickly climb out as a Snake will attack, go find the Blue Star on the S wall and swim back through the Knife-trap to the pool. Climb out N where a door opened and go in to a courtyard with gates where you can see the Yang Piece and the next Secret. On the opposite side of the gates is a waterfall. run through the waterfall and in the next cavern is the Diamond on display, get it and open a hatch in the ceiling NE. Climb up N and come to a shaft with a ladder, jump/grab up and you’ll see a ledge behind you, backflip and get the MP before you get past the Knife-traps with side jumps (or in any other fashion), get Secret#2, a MP and another Secret Artefact.

Go back to the ladder and up to the top, but careful! You’ll slide down a sloped ledge keep doing slide/jumps till you can grab the ledge in front of a crawlspace up in the wall. go in and throw the Timed switch to open the gates on that courtyard, the one with the Yin Piece will stay open, but the one with the next Secret is Timed.

Timed Run for a Secret.

So pull the switch, backflip/roll and in front of the crawlspace another roll. Crawl out quickly and drop, hop back turning R so you can do a runjump to the entrance ledge. Turn around and drop/grabs down the ladder, run out of the ceiling hatch and run L out of the waterfall, sprint into the R hand open gate in the other side of the Courtyard and get Secret#3, a MP and another Secret Artefact.

Now go get the Yin Piece from the other gate and shoot the 2 Warriors on you way to the Waterfall Courtyard S and head for the ladder in the SE corner there, climb back up to the ledge and throw the switch in that SE corner to bring out a rope at the other end of the ledge, runjump/grab the rope and swing to the opening N. Inside you can combine the Yin and Yang pieces to place the Yin-Yang in the receptacle and a block lowers giving access to the next room where you can get the 2nd Diamond. It’s time to head back to the Old Tree Courtyard, so go out and use the rope or dive down and use the ladder to get back to the SE ledge and follow through to the Old Tree.

Runjump to the branches and hop to the W side, from there a runjump/grab with R curve SW to grab an opening in the W wall and use both Diamonds to lower the block in the wall.

Push Puzzle Pool.

On land and in the pool are 2 Puzzles, move the green piece onto the Lotus on the red carpet and hop into the pool. A block went down in the NE corner, go to the opening and a Snake will come out, lure him/her to the far SE corner and shoot it, it will probably go right back into the opening but after a few attempts the Snake will be history. Now save before you go into the UW Labyrinth, the entrance will close up behind you. Just to the L is a Dragon tile on the floor and when you swim onto that square, a cutscene will show a block going down it is for a Secret (it is timed). Swim N and take the L of 2 sides, in the end go straight but R a bit and then go L and to the R is the open wall. go up for air and Secret#4, Flares, a ˝ MP and another Secret Artefact.

Drain the Pool.

Now swim back and go R where possible and come up in a green room with chains, go place the Blue Star and the Labyrinth will drain and so will the Puzzle pool. Go down into the Labyrinth and head in a SE direction to come back to the exit, just to the R is a ˝ MP and a Warrior is running around trying to steal it away, so shoot him and pick it up.

The Quinhai Artefact.

Go out to the Puzzle pool and move the Green Piece (which happens to be the one in the middle) onto the Lotus on the red carpet and the wall N of the pool opens up. Climb out NW and go into the Temple to get the Quinhai Artefact (gate opens up on Old Tree Courtyard).

The Chinese Garden.

Head back out and go to the Old Tree Courtyard through the opening SE and jump back to the branch, climb down to the ground floor and if you want the last and 5th Secret, head NE and follow back to where it all started on then yard with the orange flowers, a gate opened there in the NW, go in to get Secret#5, a Secret Artefact and return to the Old Tree Courtyard.

Go through the newly opened gate SW. Follow through to a beautiful Chinese Garden and move that Black Puzzle Piece to the green tile, the House opens up, go there and have a look inside before you step onto the doormat, because that will end the level…