BtB2006 12 - In Xanadu.

Level by Tony Tomb (Michael Bender)

Authorized Walkthrough G&D Productions.


In Xanadu did Kubla Khan A stately pleasure-dome decree: Where Alph, the sacred river, ran through caverns measureless to man: Down to a sunless sea. ...Samuel Taylor Coleridge

When the Mongol horde over ran Chinaís northern border in 1127, it was the beginning of the Mongol era in China. Kublai Khan became Emperor of China in 1259 and founded the Yuan Dynasty.

Known as a shrewd and untrusting man, Kublai was also very culturally minded and built several public works like the Grand Canal, parks and palaces and even his own capital city called Kanbalu. Kublai Khan was also a great lover of women, and one year he gave his favourite wife, Chabui, a beautiful red fan. But this was no ordinary fan; it was reputed to be carved from a single large red ruby, and hidden within the intricate patterns carved into the fan was a map to a secret underground palace.

Join Lara as she searches for the Empress Chabuiís Fan.


The Yang and the Laser sight.

Slide into a garden area, in the gazebo you can pick up the Yang, then head SW and find the Laser sight under a rock overhang, R of the tunnel into the mountain. A Warrior attacks, take him out and head into that tunnel to come to a River, go W and dive down into the canyon, climb out S and follow the bank of the river to the W, just around the corner are some Flares, on the opposite bank is a closed gate (later).

The Crowbar.

Face S where you picked up the Flares and hop backwards into the water swim S and up in an UW tunnel SE, follow in to the end and find the crowbar there, swim back and a Snake is following you, get out of the water to take care of it.

The East Dragon Key and Crossbow.

Now go W again and dive back in the river, follow to the end and go L into a Temple square, sharp R around the corner and climb out there to take care of another Snake. Get more Flares on that ledge and go back in the water, swim under the ledge SE and follow in to a small passage with a switch. Pulling the switch will raise a block on the square, go back and climb out on the ledge, go to the L. and in the NE corner is the East Dragon Key on E wall, hard to spot it. Pry it off the wall and go up the block SE to grab up W to the roof above, a friendly monkey greets you, go N and up the rock ledge to get the Crossbow. Over in the alcove SW is a Ĺ MP, now run jump onto the ledge W and get into the room. In the NE corner is Ammo and in the NW a hole down to a lower room, in the window E is Ammo and in the SW corner of that room a Trigger Tile to open the Timed gate back at the River.

Timed Run.

Face N and hop from the tile onto the higher ledge, run along the L (W) wall and in the end use shift to stop at the end of the higher ledge, turn R to jump/grab up into the hole to the upper room. Sprint to the open window E and turn a bit L outside. Jump far down into the water and swim back NE to the River. R and just past the open gate you can climb out on the L side bank, turn to the gate and run over the ledge, jump with a R curve to end up just in front of the gate and get in quick.

Timed Shot for the Yin.

In the passage is a passage to the L, but first take a look in the room ahead, stay on the wooden floor as the area around the pedestal is trapped with Spikes. Up over the pedestal a Timed panel will open up in a while and inside is a target to shoot, so equip the Crossbow with the Laser sight and go into the side passage to a Trigger Tile, a Warrior will attack. Take care of him first but spare the Crossbow Ammo. Stand facing into the passage and run jump from the Tile, get out the Crossbow and go just around the L corner, now look up and zoom in a bit to shoot the Target before the panel drops shut. The Spike-trap deactivates and you can go get the Yin.

Moving Pillars.

A panel will open up in the corner to the L, go up the ladder hop up to the switch to open a panel in the other side of the Yin room, get up there, climb the block L and look up, grab the hatch and open it. Turn around and grab up into the passage above, go slowly to the Moving Pillars which will start and jump through both to get to a lever around the L corner, walk back to the Pillar and look up NW in the alcove behind the pillar to spot the opening, run jump up to that opening when the Pillar moves away and go to the switch to open a passage behind the other Pillar, walk a bit closer (not too close) to the pillar and face SW, just run off with a R curve when the Pillar moves away and go line up for the run jump SW into the opening behind the other Pillar.

Climb up L in the end of that passage, to the R is a Boulder waiting for you, the passage will close up behind you and the only way down is from the slope ahead, sprint down and get onto the red trigger Tile to open a trapdoor behind you so the Boulder will drop into the hole. Turn around, hop back over the hole and hop in backwards, grabbing the edge. Drop/grab to get into the crawlspace, crawl through and climb up R, stand in front of a Spike-pit. Take one step back and stand jump to the wooden ledge immediately run through and jump into the opening ahead W while Knife-balls drop from the ceiling just run forward and off the ledge into the passage behind.

The Emperorís Stone.

Follow to the monkey swing of Fire and time the pass over the Burners, thereís a safe spot in the middle, go straight to the end as the Emperorís Stone in the alcove R is still surrounded by Flames. Go down the next passage and come to another pit. Grab the overhead monkey swing and go all the way to a Jump switch on the wall. Drop/grab and land in front of a closed gate. The Spikes behind you will deactivate, so grab up to that Spike-block and head back to the monkey swing of Fire. Spot the opening NW in the R hand wall, run jump from the ledge into that opening after timing the Burner and come to the room with the Spike-balls, get into the alcove in front and in the alcove is a switch to extinguish the Flames under the Stone. Grab the monkey swing and go back, time the Burner and drop into the opening to get the Emperorís Stone.

The gate at the Jump switch opens up, so run R (SW) out of this opening and get down from the Spike-block, enter the passage behind the gate and follow to a bridge over the River. A Warrior attacks and after the fight you can go to the S wall with the closed gate, go L there and climb up in a crevice, crawl in to get Secret#1, a MP and Ammo. Climb out and open the gate S with the Dragon Key.

Burners, Switches and Chains.

In the next room are a wide variety of traps and there are several switches you have to use. Start with a run jump a bit L to get on the ledge with the 2 Chains landing to the R of them. Stand jump down to a Dragon ledge a bit to the R and pull up R next to the Chain, turn around and run jump/grab to an opening E, go in and L to use the #1 switch there, run jump back across and walk past the W Chain, standing L you can stand jump up R to use the #2 switch. Run out to the N and land on a Dragon tile with the #3 switch and a white block rises near the 1st Dragon tile to cover a Spike-trap. Face SE and run jump with a R curve around the wall to land back on the first Dragon tile you used, climb up at the L side of the W Chain and walk to the back of the opening, run off to the L to land on a Dragon tile below, turn around and jump/grab into an alcove with Secret#2, a MP, hop back grabbing the edge and shimmy L to pull up at the opening N and stand jump back up to the #3 switch ledge, now jump around the Se corner again and climb the white block.

Run jump to the far SW corner Tile, hop to the E and quickly grab up to the passage above get into the crawlspace with 2 Wraiths on your tail, go through and drop into the opening R, near the wooden fence. Land in a tunnel leading to a pool. Swim up to the W side and climb out after you saw both Wraiths perish. Go to the S wall and climb up in the blue Dragon picture and find the ladder in the shaft, jump/grab the ladder and go up to a ledge, look over into the N balcony and spot a Target just R of that ladder there, shoot it and a block appears in the room. Stand jump/grab down to that block and grab up to the N balcony, shimmy R around the corner and climb up N.

The West Dragon Key.

Go up that ladder and follow to the top of the River canyon, go R and follow to a tree, climb up R and go over the branch to get the Flares on the other sides branch, go into the S tunnel, follow to a room and go R to come to a balcony over the first square. All the way in the E you can jump over the fence to the N and go over the rocks to where you can jump to the roof of the gazebo. Go N and jump to the rocks where you see the Dragon picture, on the picture is the West Dragon Key. Go back the way you came and on the balcony you can enter a passage S, climb up at the lamp L and go R to combine the Yin and Yang pieces to place them, a door open in the room S. so get down to the passage again and shoot a Warrior coming out of the open door, place the Dragon Key on the next room and go through the door to the Puzzle room.

The Puzzle Room.

Jump onto the Puzzle floor and head to the SW corner, because the Puzzle pieces have to be move onto different fields you first have to raise some ledges. Face N, hop back to grab the edge of the floor and drop/grab a crack below, shimmy R into the opening and go N, jump/grab over the gap into the opening N and drop/grab from the end to get hanging from the opening below, another safety drop will get you to the ground floor. Turn L and go E, take the second R (just before the Dragon tile E (for later) and then go L (E) again. There are Warriors coming out every now and then; deal with them as you encounter them. In the R hand side is a lever and it will deactivate Spike at a Gem. Now go to the far SW corner of the room and R, R at the lantern and up the ladder to a monkey swing, grab it and go N to the Turquoise Gem, safety drop from the W side and go to the W wall. To the L is a crawlspace up in that wall, get in to get Secret#3, another MP. Go N after you dropped out and over the corner block to head to that Dragon tile E, stand on it and see a block raise somewhere.

Timed Run.

Face W, run to the first L and sprint straight to the S end, turn L at the lantern and hop on the block, quickly climb up N and place the Gem in the receptacle, the ledges in the Puzzle floor will rise.

Puzzle Pieces.

To the R a block lowers, giving access to a ladder, go climb up L (W) first and jump/grab over the gap, go to the end and l around the corner is a Ĺ MP. Go back and over the gap to the receptacle, climb up E and jump/grab the ladder to go back up to the Puzzle floor. Back flip/roll from the top of the ladder and you stand right in front of the black piece. This one goes NE and the dark blue one standing there, goes back to the SE corner, well the rest is simple. Youíll get a screenshot of a door after every correct move. Finally the door SW opens. Jump/grab to that floor and go in, climb up in the L alcove and pull up N, to come to the balcony.

Chabuiís Fan.

Go to the E side and spot the opening in the E wall over the hole in the floor, run jump in with a R curve and pull the switch to open the gate W, run jump out again and go W jump into the room there and place the Emperorís Stone on the shrine, a hatch opens in the ceiling in the N of the room, jump L out of this room, go to the N hall and climb the W ledge to jump/grab up S into the hatch. Go to the room with Chabuiís Fan on the red block and the gate in the N hall below will open up. So drop down into the hall. Go N through the gate and come to a deep pit, just run in and the level endsÖ (If you safety drop it will end right away, if you run in you can even swim into the dead en tunnel and back before the level ends)