BtB2006 10 – The Quest.

Level by Anya (Anya Marie McDonald)

Walkthrough G&D Productions.


"Legend has it that Mitsu Toranagu a famed evil Samurai had found the "DRAGONS EYES" a pair of blue gems that was said to give the possessor of them great power so long as they had the "DRAGON DISC", a circular plate with dragons in the shape of Yin & Yang. Lara discovers in her research for another Japanese artifact that his legend is true in regards to the artifacts and where he kept them hidden. So, she set out for Itsunia Village in the hills near Mount Fuji to retrieve the artifacts."

There are a lot of levers in this level, throw all the levers we mention and you should be able to get through, the rooms you go through are named so you can find them again later as there is some serious backtracking involved.

Pick up the Flares and turn around, light one of the Flares and climb through the transparent wall W to follow it to a lever, go back out and in the E wall, to the R of the gate is another transparent wall, hop up in there and follow the steep passage to another room with Flares and a lever, the lever will open the gate in the passage up in the NW corner and follow to a pool, the pool is quite deadly although it looks safe enough, just jump onto the block L and turn around, facing S you can see a hole under the ledge, dive straight for the hole and swim through to a room with a lever, use it and swim back, from the end of the tunnel go straight under the ledge to get the Shotgun, 2x Ammo a MP. Swim back to the tunnel and R to the block.

Climb back on the same block in the pool and jump from block to block to get to the N side up in the wall is an opening you can climb up to, but first dive into the NE corner for the MP there. Follow the sloped passage to where you can climb down to a lower passage and follow to a Pit.

The Pit.

Dive down into the water, find the Flares along the E wall and climb out on the SE ledge, use the lever and go to the ledge on W wall after killing the Snake. Climb the W wall till you see a ledge behind you (stop climbing every now and then) and backflip off to a ledge with another lever, now the gate high up in the NW corner will open up. Jump/grab to the W wall and go all the way up to a ledge to the R and drop onto that ledge, runjump E and then go jump N to the ledge in front of an opening up in the NE corner, follow the passage to a room with a lever, the lever will open another gate in that passage up NW in the Pit and also Moving Pillars start in this room. Go time the runs back through the Pillars (there’s a safe spot between the 2 sets) and back in the Pit you can standjump/grab to the N climbable wall from facing NW a bit, go down to a ledge with the Uzis and Ammo. Climb up again and to the L to get into the now open passage NW.

The Labyrinth.

Follow to a room where a Warrior will attack and go climb into an alcove SW, throw the lever to open a gate NE and inside that gate is another lever, now the gate SE will open up. there are 2 more levers, one behind the Puzzle Piece W and one E (ignore the hurry up music), get into both passages to use the levers and go down the passage NW and down past a closed gate (you’ll come out of it later), a bit further down a gate to the R will open up. Go in and follow to the crossing, (R closed) go L and down.

Boulder slope.

Run down the Boulder slope with a Boulder chasing you, turn R at the transparent wall and follow to a room with a Puzzle Piece, push it twice into the room with the Burning floor.

Burning Floor Puzzle.

I couldn’t really make out a difference between the floor tiles, but this is a safe route I found by trial and error (map), throw the lever in the back (opens the Green room) and return the way you came, follow the passage back to the Boulder and go straight to the Green room.

The Green Room.

Shoot the 2 Warriors and throw the lever S, then dive into the pool with the Snake and quickly swim down into the SW tunnel. Follow to where you can climb out at a closed gate (which needs quite a bit of work to get it to open). Shoot the Snake if he followed you and go down into the pool room E, throw the lever there and shoot another Snake if he gives you a chance. Swim down to the SE corner and get the Lasersight. Climb out on the ledge above (E) and grab the S wall, climb up and R into an opening above the pillar.

Throw the lever there and return to the pool, climb up in the NE corner and grab the N wall to climb into the opening, follow to a crossing and go R. Follow the passage to a lever and throw it, Moving Pillars now block the passage, so time the run through and in the end of the passage (past the crossing) go R and come to the automatic gate you passed before when entering this labyrinth of levers. Go L and R in the end, R at the next crossing up the Boulder slope and L at the next crossing to come to the flower room, throw 2 levers there and return W down the Boulder slope and L at the Boulder to the Green room.

The door at the NE pillar is now open, go up the ladder and jump to the lever platform, just use all of them and dive into the pool SE and swim through the SW tunnel again to come to the passage where the gate S is now open. Follow that passage to the Red Room.

The Red Room.

Pull up into the room and shoot 3 Warriors (Little Tip: if you just pull up and stay there one warrior will come for you, start shooting him from where you stand and maybe also hop back in the tunnel to finish the job, then climb up and the other two Warriors should be pinned against the walls L and R so you can just take them out from behind). Go use the 2 levers NW and SE (block goes up SW), go look for the Revolver SE and behind the fence SE is another lever, throw that too (again no idea what for) and go up the block SW, into a passage with *surprise* another lever. Now go back through the water W and swim to the Green room, go out N and R at the Boulder, all the way up the Boulder slope to the now opened gate there.

Gates Room.

Shoot the 2 Warriors and throw the central lever, two gates open up, NW and SW, don’t enter the SW one as it has a Spike-trap. Use the NW lever to open a gate N. Swim through a Rotating Knife to a room with 2 Warriors, behind the stairs NW is a lever, use that and climb to the central platform. Shoot the Warrior and throw the 2 levers, jump/grab into the opening N and follow trough to a crossing.

Go L and up to a small room, to the R is a Water room, jump/grab to the Jumpswitch and go back out to the small room where a gate opened N, inside are 3 levers to throw. Now go back and W, follow the ramp down and then straight up to where a door opened and you’re in the Red and Blue Tile room.

The Red and Blue Tile Room.

Only go over blue tiles and this way use all 3 levers, the one SW can be reached with a runjump from the blue path, runjump back and go through to a gate up in a passage NW, climb up to come to the Green Tile Room.

The Green Tile Room, Moving Pillars.

In the NW corner behind the pool is a lever, use it and a gate opens in the upper NE corner, swim in after shooting the Snake and come to a room with monkeys, in the back is a lever to open another gate in the pool. Going back you have to time the runs through the Moving Pillars. In the pool a gate opened SW halfway down, follow to a room with one Monkey and in the back is a lever to open another gate in the pool. Going back you have to time the runs through the Moving Pillars.

The Quest Item.

In the pool a gate opened NE below the previous one. Better get air first and swim in, follow to a dark room, in the S side is the Quest Item and to the R (SW) a lever, go to the SE corner for some MPs and in the NE corner is the Crossbow with Ammo. Swim back and up into the Green Tile Room, head back SE and to the Red and Blue Tile room, out Se, down the ramp and L back to the room with the 3 levers on the ledge, into the water SE and swim back through the Rotating Knife-trap to the Gates Room.

A few new gates opened up, first throw the lever in the open S gate then go to the W wall, the second one from the L and it will open the gate far R on this side, throw the lever there to open the gate SE, a lever N in the NW corner is also available now so do that on and go to the SE gate, another lever there and now go into the open gate L in the E wall, shoot the Snake and swim to the ledge with the Grenade-gun and a MP, then swim to the ledge with the lever NE and the UW gate opens SE. Swim through 2 Rotating Knife-traps and climb out, follow to a white block. Climb up L through an open trapdoor and throw the lever there to open a gate with a Puzzle Piece. Go down from this passage, push the Piece to the tile and the next gate opens. Go out R and R and swim through to a High Water room.

The High Water Room.

Swim up SE and climb out E, go climb up to the sloped block N and slide/jump. Keep jumping till you are on a flat pillar, go to the N wall and grab the wall to climb straight up till you are close to a small ledge above R, backflip to a ledge in the room. Push the Puzzle Piece to the tile and a door slides aside E, climb that wall and backflip to the next ledge, Puzzle Piece to the tile and go on like this to the top of the room and a gate should open if you did all the levers we told you to do.

Jump to the gate and follow through to where you can climb up R, next is a water room, runjump/grab straight onto the pole and backflip to the ledge, grab up to the ledge E and climb that wall into the opening, off to the R and through an open gate to a slope, Save there.

Slides and Boulders.

Slide down and the Boulder takes off behind you, just keep going till you are at the very end of the 3rd slide, jump over the hole into the opening ahead and wait for the Boulder to pass. Slide down again and coming to a wider slide at the end, jump R an run flat against the R hand (S) wall. The Boulder should pass by without any harm.

Last Red Room.

Hop into the pool below and get out, to shoot the 3 Warriors, take care of the Snake in the pool and get a MP from the bottom E, go back up and climb the pole E from facing N, backflip to the ledge and Runjump to the NW ledge, go to a ledge NE and throw the lever to open an UW gate behind the Boulder on the bottom of the pool. dive in and swim down SW, get through your last rotating Knife-trap and climb up R (W) in the next room.

Burning Floor.

Here the clue is a bit more clear. The Dragons looking L and with their heads away from you are safe, from the waterhole just follow the path W along the N wall and turn L in the corner, keep going along the wall and straight to the last lever, the gate L opens up, go back to the water hole and from the safe tile go S a bit, then R and L again, all the way straight to the end and L into the open gate. Go in and the level even ends before you can pick up any artifacts…