BtB2006 09 - House of Kuan-Yin Lo.

Level by Isis (Sue Wicks)

Walkthrough G&D Productions.


One day, Lara receives a letter from an old friend and fellow adventurer, Kuan-Yin Lo, inviting her to visit him at his home in Huoshan, northern China when she is next in that part of the world. As luck would have it, Lara was planning an expedition to an ancient temple in nearby Jiangsu and so wrote back to her friend, thanking him for his invitation and saying she would see him in two weeks' time. On Lara's arrival at his house, Kuan-Yin greeted her warmly.  Lara was very happy to see her old friend, with whom she had shared several adventures and that evening they reminisced on their past quests and explorations. Eventually their conversation turned to the Zhu Deng, an ancient and beautiful artefact which Kuan-Yin had found many years before and which Lara had seen on a previous visit.  Lara was fascinated by its beauty and admired it greatly.  Suddenly, Kuan-Yin turned to Lara and said “Lara, I have many treasures I have gained through years of exploration and which have brought me great joy whilst I have had them.  However, I am no longer a young man, one day I will die and I have no children to leave these things to. I am therefore giving some things away now to my closest friends, and I would like you, Lara, to have the Zhu Deng. I hope you will treasure it and keep it as a memento of our friendship”. Lara is amazed at her friend’s generosity and at first says no, she couldn’t possibly take the artefact. Kuan-Yin looked thoughtfully at Lara and then laughed. “You are very much like me. An explorer, an adventurer, one who takes risks in order to find precious things.  There is no challenge in being given treasure without danger to overcome. So what if I give you a challenge?  I will hide the Zhu Deng and if you find it, you can keep it?” Lara smiled at her friend. “What did you have in mind?”  Kuan-Yin stood up and walked slowly around the room. “I have a house a few miles to the north of here, up in the mountains. This house has been in the Lo family for many years and my father, who as you know was also an explorer, turned the house into a training course, somewhere he could practice his skills, and I too have used it for this purpose. I could hide the Zhu Deng somewhere in the house and if you can find it and bring it to me, it will be yours!” Lara is intrigued. She is still hesitant to take the precious artefact from her friend but is unable to resist such a challenge and agrees. A few days later Kuan-Yin takes Lara to the house in the mountains, the House of Kuan-Yin Lo. 


Lara is standing on a bridge over a pool in the 1st Courtyard, go E and to a door to be opened with a Gem, go L there and along the wall to the N side, walk onto the black tile with the Lampion and go along the outer L side to the corner of it, now jump into the opening N and going up the steps, you’ll see some doors move aside revealing the Quing Zuan.

The Quing Zuan.

It looks like a Timed run but it isn’t, the higher ledge just after the steps will trigger those doors to close, so do a runjump in a W or E direction with a curve over that ledge to land in a lower ledge, now the doors will stay open, go to the pool and shoot the Croc. Then runjump/grab over to the floor with the Quing Zuan and go get it. Dive under the floor and in the middle of it you’ll find an UW ceiling lever opening up a gate to a Secret somewhere.

The Crowbar.

Head back to the 1st Courtyard where the E door can now be opened. Go into the Pool room, in the N and S are closed doors, go up the steps in the passage E and L to a room with a Chain and Burner (closed gate in the NE corner, for later), jump/grab the chain and go up fast and climb to about 3 steps from the top, then turn so you can backflip (no roll) to the pillar standing W and get the Crowbar there (the doors in the Pool room open up). Drop from the pillar and head back down the steps to the Pool room.

N side: 1st Jiao Yao.

Go into the open door N (notice the small door NE in that first hall) and turn L (W), go into the SW corner of the next room to get the Medipack at the window, then head into the room N from there, to the L is a switch on a block starting a very interesting Timed Run.

Timed Run and Jumps.

Save in front of the switch and pull, turn R while taking a hop back and run E, turning L a jump over the fenced off pit, turn L and run around the next fence, jump diagonally over the next pit and roll there to run W again, jump sharp R over the Spikes into the next room

And run along the back (N) wall to jump onto the block. Sidejump R onto a grated platform and jump to the higher floor N. runjump to the white ledges leading to a bridge over a deep pit and runjump over the part opening up when you approach, run into the door and get the 1st Jiao Yao from the wall, step onto the white tile W and the door will re-open.

Timed Platforms.

Follow back to the hall near the Pool room (that hall with the small door) and open the small door NE by kicking it in, hop over the pit to the switch and this is a Timed sequence as the switch will raise all the platforms in this high room for a certain time. In that time you’ll have to get up to a switch near a gate. After pulling the switch I did a sidejump R, a backflip and hop back turning L into the corner of the room so you’ll face towards the corner of the first platform, standjump up and grab up to the R hand corner of the next platform and then L curved standjumps from one to the other and finally jump to the platform with the switch, pull and immediately sidejump R to land inside the still opening gate.

Blades, Burners and a Wraith.

The next large room holds more in store, looking down you can see a slanted pillar, one with Blades and another slanted pillar to the R. Here you can go stand on the edge facing into the room, about one sidestep from the N side of the protruding ledge and hop back once, then standjump down to the slanted pillar, jump and on the Blade-ledge and do a running jump curved R to land on the slanted pillar in the S opening, jump R and from the SW corner of that Blade ledge a runjump/grab to the rope and slide down to the end of the rope.

Turn L and aim for the R hand side of the gratings in the passage behind a burner, swing once and jump/grab to not overshoot the grated ledge and jump to the next ledge, turn around and run off N onto a lower ledge with a lever. That lever will lower a wall S and a Wraith shows up, jump back up to the upper N ledge and runjump to the ladder S, try to jump and grab up as high as possible on that ladder and backflip off, turn R and runjump over the blue banner, there’s a pit behind it, so jump just before that banner to land at the next banner, jump over that one curved R so you won’t land in the Lampion, run straight into a pool W to get rid of the Wraith.

Go back E a bit and turn S onto the 1st floor landing of the pool room, in the far SE corner is a small Medipack for you. Then go to the NW corner and see a block raised in the room below, creating a shortcut to this landing you don’t need. Go to the W side and up that sloped passage to come to a hallway overlooking the 1st Courtyard. You can get out of the L hand window and go L (S) over the roof, shooting some pesky Bats. Runjump to the brick floor S and go behind the red structure climb up and go into a room S. 

Hazardous Swim.

Here you have to swim down the deep pit and through the Blades, in the lower part are more Blades and 2 UW levers you have to use, be sure to have full health going in and find the 2 levels on the E and W side of the lower central block, using them will cost you some health too and after you succeeded a platform will drop down at a ladder in the Courtyard.

The 2nd Jiao Yao.

Go back out and L, along the W wall to the N and runjump onto a grey brick ledge L, then down to the red one with the pillars, go N and jump over to the ladder, take care of another Bat before you go up that ladder and climb off to the R. Climb up the terrace E and go into the passage with the gate you opened ages ago and get Secret#1, the Revolver and Ammo. Go out and spot a rope SW, make your way over to a brown wooden roof W of the rope and swing to the ledge S, get the 2nd Jiao Yao and drop out onto the lower roof. Then to the lower brick ledge on W wall and runjump to the red ledge with the pillar again and from the pillar you can dive own into the very first pool. Climb out E and go back to the Pool room, now into the S side door.

S Side, the 3rd Jiao Yao.

Go to the E side and come to a pit with Burners, over the L side Burner is a monkeyswing and a sloped ledge behind it. Do a runjump/roll over the Burner when it is down and jump/grab the monkeyswing, head over to a short passage up in the W wall to get the 3rd Jiao Yao, you’ll see the wall behind the Burners open up and the Burners will be off too. Use the monkeyswing to go all the way into the room E and drop into the Yi Yao room. On the N wall is the receptacle for the Yi Yao and in the SE corner a block on a ledge.

Pool with the Blocks, the 4th Jiao Yao.

Go into the S passage and come to a pool with blocks, runjump to the red block and immediately backflip, a Death-block falls where you were just standing (if you have strong nerves, you can wait till the last moment and just sidejump L to the white block). Climb back out of the water and runjump to the white block and then to a blue one SW, a runjump with last moments grab to the next blue block. Then a runjump over the deadly red block to the slanted blue one S, slide/jump and immediately jump when you land on the next one to land on the closest side of the 3rd slanted block, now a slide/jump with a sharp R curve and a grab to go under the low ceiling and land on a blue block in front of a Hammer-trap.

Time the runjump to the red block so the Hammers will be open when you pass over the red block and a running jump will get you to onto the next block, hop to the last one before the Rotating Blades and take the L side red block for your attempt to pass the Blades, a runjump when one of the Blades gets close to that red block and a running jump to the ledge in the back. Now comes the nasty part, a very deadly Wraith shows up, it’s almost impossible to get the Jiao Yao in the room above without getting fried, so better dive into the water and carefully swim back to the start to do it all over and when you gat back on that final ledge you can grab up facing W and get the

4th Jiao Yao upstairs (well I said “almost” impossible, because it is possible to get the Jiao Yao and backflip/roll and run off into the water below through the hole in the ledge if you’re fast enough). Now carefully swim all the way back past the nasty Rotating Blades and go back to the Yin Yang room where a block lowered in the SE corner.

Dodging the Snake-ball for the Yi Yao A&B.

Climb up and face the next great challenge, stand in the middle of the passage, take 2 single steps to the Snake-ball where you will still stand safe and Save there. You can see the Yi Yao B down in the passage, when the ball starts to move away, run behind it and roll so you will be standing right on the Yi Yao B, grab it and run back a bit first then jump and stop just out of range of the ball. A trapdoor was heard opening up when you picked up the Yi Yao B, turn around and look up, the trapdoor opened right up there so you can grab up to the grated floor above the Snake-ball and go over to the E side where you can do a runjump/grab to a ladder, go up and backflip to the next floor, then go up to the top and into the red passage R to get the Yi Yao A, go back down to the W. drop/grab down and go back down to the Yi Yao room. Combine the 2 parts of the Yi Yao and place it in the receptacle N and go into the just opened room N, a trapdoor in the floor N side, face E and open it up.

The Hidden Temple.

Turn around and climb down into the basement, follow down a sloped passage to a cave and go to a chain in the back, grab the chain and slide down into a big Cavern a flyby will show a Hidden Temple and stops on the roof where you will just get a glimpse of a ladder. Shoot a Shark circling around that wooden block and if you want some more Ammo, swim through the cave to the E (closed gate there) and turn L to swim N, in the end is a cave to the L side, on the bottom is the Ammo. You’ll visit the upper region of this part of the cave later, swim back to the wooden block with the chain and at the block L to the S wall, there’s a slanted rock, pull up on the rock facing W and backflip to the ledge behind, turn around and do a runjump with a R curve to land on a ledge SE.

Jump up to a rock ledge NE of this one and Lara will look up to the Ivy above, grab up and swing over to the N and you can drop to a pillar where the camera changes. Step back and do a runjump to the next pillar, stand on the highest L corner and hop back to do a R curved runjump around the L side of the ridge above and grab on to the next lower pillar N, pull up over the top and slide/jump to a ledge on N wall, turn L and walk up to the edge of the ledge, take 2 steps back and then a hop back, now a runjump to a slanted rock W and immediately jump to a ledge in the NW corner. Hop up to the highest ledge and turn S and standjump/grab to the rock ledge, climb up S once more and head E, here you can slide and jump/grab the ridge. Hang opposite the Ivy you can see in front of you, climb around 2 corners to the other side and backflip off to a ledge behind. Go E and drop through a hole in the floor into the Temple Lake below.

Temple Lake.

Climb onto a rock E of where you fell into the Lake and shoot a Shark showing up, look S(W) and spot an opening in the wall, swim there and follow in R around the corner to get a Medipack, the gate W you saw earlier opens up and is the way back to the house in case you missed one of the Jiao Yaos, now return to the Temple lake and swim to the Temple, don’t climb out yet but swim straight N and look in that rock face for a low ledge to climb up on, go up to the N wall and climb up into a crawlspace, follow in to a small cave with Secret#2, a Medipack on a block and some Ammo behind the pillar. Now go back out and to the front of the Temple climb out and go through the building to the E side, hop into the water there and swim down to open the UW door in the base of the Temple. To the L and R are two UW levers, lowering blocks in the Temple, swim back up and find the receptacles for the 4 Jiao Yaos and after placing them a gate will open up. Dive back in the Lake E and climb out at the E structure, go L and in the passage R is the gate that opened, go through and inside you’ll find the Ladder of Death.

The Zhu Deng.

You have to go up and backflip to a walkway N, so better face S and jump/grab up when the Blade passed, go up timing the Blades and finally backflip to the walkway, head out W and come to an opening overlooking the roof of the Temple, runjump R (NW) to a rock ledge and then a L curved runjump around the ornaments to the roof SW. Go to the W and jump onto the next part of then roof, now you can go up to that ledge with the chain and an overhead ladder, pull the chain to open the hatch above and climb up to a room with the Zhu Deng on display. The trapdoor is closed but a door opened to the N, go out and follow to a poolroom with pillars.

Jumps for a Secret.

Over the pillars in the water are Death-pillars, they will drop when you stay on a pillar too long. Do runjumps and one standjump in between and try to grab the last pillar after a standjump. Then pull up and runjump into the room W to get Secret#3, the Shotgun and 2x Ammo. Shoot those Crocs in the water and jump to the passage NE of the Secret room and follow up to a room with a lot of Fire. 

Fire Escape.

Look on the ceiling and spot the blue (safe) ledges and pillars, the red ones will sink away as you land on them, runjump/grab N then a standjump to the N and time a straight runjump onto the pillar W, quickly take a step forward and next is a standjump to the corner ledge, one standjump over the higher red ledge and then a short runjump (hold grab), now you have to do a standjump onto that slanted block L so you’ll slide off the back and can do a R curved jump to the blue ledge, then jump into the exit and come to a small courtyard. The gate S will open on approach, go through that room with the chain to the S and down the steps to the pool room, go W over the pool and out to the 1st Courtyard.

End of the Mission.

In the S is a Shrine where the Zhu Deng can be placed and the door opens, go in and L around the corner to stand face to face with Kuan-Yin Lo and the mission is completed…