BtB2006 08 – The Blue Sun.

Level by [christoph] (Christoph Summerer)

Walkthrough G&D Productions.


Based on an ancient Chinese legend the mystic 'Blue Sun' gives its owner immense powers. Many thought the Stone is a legend, but it now turns out the legend is true. Lara heard from an old friend that the Stone has made an appearance in China. The only problem is - the 'bad guys' have found the stone already. So Lara sets out to search for it, because having it in the wrong hands is a threat to the whole human race...

Slide down the slope into a pool, climb out on the opposite side to shoot the Snake and go get the Ammo on the bottom SE.

Yin and Yang.

There are 2 blocks in the pool with the Yin and Yang Pieces, you can’t reach those now. Go up the waterfall to a wall of water and climb up R, find the Ammo near the stool and go E to a balcony with 2 Shrines (notice a Target up on the ceiling when you walk up the ramp). Go L and walk E onto a small balcony, the camera changes, but below is the Yang Piece on the white block turn around standing against that low railing and backflip. You’ll loose a bit of health but you can now pick up the Yang Piece. Get back up the Waterfall and now climb up L, notice a second Target up on the ceiling when you walk up the ramp and go to the S side balcony, pick up the ½ MP there and backflip down to the Yin Piece.

Up the waterfall again and climb up L, now you have to get into the next part, but there’s a strong current, stand close to the W wall and face NNW. Do a runjump "swan dive" (Alt+Shift) and you should just make it over the strong current and fall down a waterfall into a Snake infested pool below, climb out on that roof and shoot all you can find. Then dive in and find some Ammo under the roof and a small medipack SE. Then swim E and climb out at a passage. Follow the winding passage up to the Garden.

The Garden.

Just inside and to the N is the Puzzle room, there are 4 Pieces and 3 are standing on blocks in the SE is some Ammo behind a bench. Then climb up at the Green Piece E and jump/grab up to the Jumpswitch above and see a block in the SE corner of this room moves aside. Go into that alcove and throw the switch to see a wall opening up somewhere (for a Secret). Now move the Black Piece out of the room to the Garden and all the way onto it’s tile NE. Now all blocks go down and you can move all the Pieces on their tile in the passages to the Garden (pull the last one out). A trapdoor opens up S in the Garden, go down in and follow to a Dragon Stone on the wall, no Crowbar yet but to the L is a switch, it will open up a door and a block moves aside in the Puzzle room.

Go back to the garden and pull the Blue Piece back out and aside so you can go into the Puzzle room, L around the corner is the new opening SW, go in and follow up to the balcony you saw in the cutscene. Get the 1st Mystic Stone (a wall opens up) and hop over the fence N of it to get a ½ MP. jump back over the fence and head E to where the wall opened up before, here you can get the one and only Secret, the Shotgun, Ammo and a MP. Go back down to the Garden and in the NE corner, next to the Black Piece is the lowered wall. Go up the ramp and shoot the Warrior but save some Shotgun Ammo.

The Courtyard.

In the end of the Courtyard are 3 switches to the N and 3 doors to the S. Throw the R and L switches and the R hand door opens, go in and use the #1 switch (screen of the door in the Garden). Back to the switches and throw the R hand one back up and the door in the middle opens, go in and use the #2 switch (screen of the door in the Garden), go out again and put the L switch up and the middle and R hand switch both down to open the L hand door, use the #3 switch to finally open that door in the Garden.

The 2nd Mystic Stone.

The door to the 2nd Mystic Stone opened up at the Garden, go back there and a bunch of Warriors are running around, it’s almost impossible to shoot only the Warriors and no Monkeys, but if you do you’ll have some new enemies. Better try lure the Warriors into the Puzzle room so there are no Monkeys present and deal with them there. Go get the 2nd Mystic Stone from the room SE and see blocks go up in that pool in the Lake district, remember the table for the Fan in the SW corner and go out W, follow the winding passage back to the lake district and use the block on the S wall to climb to the highest white block SW. Look up E from there and you could already shoot a Target (#1) up in the SE corner using the Shotgun and looking all the way up before you pull the trigger, then runjump into the River N and the current will take you to the waterfall.

Climb up on the S side, stand in the middle of the ledge and your back against the W wall and look up the ramp E "look" all the way up and again use the Shotgun to destroy the Target (#2). Do the same on the N side for the other Target (#3) and go up E to the balcony. Place the 2 Mystic Stones on the Shrines and the gate SW (behind a bench) opens up. Go through and follow to a deep ravine with a high cascade, standjump over the rock pillars and in the end you can use the Yin-Yang to open the door to a cave with another cascade, you can already see the next Stone on the far rock wall a bit R and below. Just to the L of the entrance up the ledge is some Ammo, then follow the ledges to the S and get into the opening there. Just L around the corner you’ll find a Target (#4) to shoot (Pistols will do). Go SW and out to the cave, when you do a standjump down W, you’ll land right at the Stone to your L side, but we still need a Crowbar.

The Crowbar and the 1st Dragon Stone.

So carefully follow the ledges around to the far NW corner, there’s some shimmying involved and then jump up to the higher rock in that NW corner to find the Crowbar. Return the way you came and go pry the 1st Dragon Stone from the wall.

The Lasersight.

Runjump back into the SE cave where you shot the Target and go back over the cascade to that deep Canyon and look forward with the "look" key to spot the Lasersight on the 4th Pillar, go pick it up and jump all the pillars back to the N passage. Follow back to the balcony and hop over that bench, now open the door to the R (S) with the Crowbar and go in, climb up L onto the ledge and jump over to the switch, it will get another block out in the Lake district. Now you can go back the way you came or… hop into one of the streams here and fall into the pool below, go up the waterfall and climb up L (S) to do another runjump/dive NNW to get into the lower part of the Lakes (you can also do this jump from the N side in a SSW direction), climb all the white blocks to the SW corner and pull up into the W passage.

The Revolver.

Follow and dive into the pool below to the SW and climb onto a submerged block on W wall, shoot those Snakes and grab the crack in the W wall, shimmy to the red pillar and around 2 corners so you’ll see the wooden ledge behind you, drop and immediately jump upon landing on the slanted bottom. You’ll backflip to the wooden ledge and can pick up the Revolver. Now you have to time the run through the Knife-traps to jump/grab to that waterfall E. Make it a bit of a diagonal run through the Traps, starting near the R hand Knife and aiming for the corner of the L Knife. Go up the waterfall and runjump to the NE with a bit of a L curve so you’ll land L of the river in the Lake district (lower part), swim through the lower Lake to the E and climb out to go up to the Garden.

The 2nd Dragon Stone.

First head into the NE corner and up to the Courtyard through the open wall near the Black Piece all the way to the back where you did the switch puzzle and shoot that last Target (#5) up over the Central roof and see a block retract into a wall, head back to the Garden.

The Chinese Fan.

Remember that trapdoor S, climb down again and follow to the 2nd Dragon Stone, pry it off the wall and to the L of it is where the block went into the wall by shooting the 5 Targets. Hop into that storm drain and get the Chinese Fan on the bottom, standing on the high corner of the bottom. You can grab back up S and go back up to the Garden, in the SW corner is the table to place that fan and a small door will open up in the NW corner of the Garden wall. Go through and in the lower passage both Dragon Stones can be used to open the door N (notice another block up W), follow into another Courtyard and head into the passage N to come to a room with pillars and a pool.

Never mind the sloped end of this first ledge but do a R curved runjump to go around the low ceiling and land on the slanted white block to the R in front. Slide/jump and slide/jump, then a bit of a L curved jump/grab to that ladder on the pillar, go up and runjump into the opening SE. Pull the switch and the room rocks, spikes retract in a passage. Go up into the passage NW in this room and follow back into the Courtyard. Now go into the opening W and shoot that Warrior to get to the switch in the back of the room, that block in the Stone passage will now open up. So backtrack to the SE and follow back to the Stone passage, go R and up the block to enter a pagoda with a pedestal and the very bright Blue Sun over the pedestal, the way out is shown but you won’t be able to reach it as the level ends here…