BtB2006 07 – Heaven's Gate.

Level by BaGi (Barbara Giesecke)

Walkthrough G&D Productions.


On the highest floor of the Chinese emperors palace, very close to heaven, there’s the Heavens Gate. Nine steps are leading the emperor from there to the heavens altar, where daily he sacrifices to harmonize Ying and Yang (good and evil). Unfortunately the emperor lost the Gate Key while walking thru the palace garden. Bad luck for Ying an Yang - with no sacrificing good and evil will fall into imbalance - a real threat to the whole world.

Lara Croft, who went on vacation in China, is offering her help - and suddenly she gets the mission to find the Fan Key.

Lara comes out of the jungle to reach a closed gate, look L (S) of the gate for a grey rock, climb up and L on the back of the tree is the switch to open the gate, go through to the 1st Courtyard, there’s a tunnel N and 2 closed gates.

1st Courtyard, 1st Shiny Gem, Revolver and Lasersight.

Go into the tunnel N and crawl through the tunnel to the R, follow to a jungle and shoot a Snake on a ledge to the L, then drop down and get some Ammo in that pit. Climb up to where the Snake was and get the Revolver to the L, then grab the vegetation on the ceiling and swing over to the other side, L of the Knife-trap. Jump over the trap to get the 1st Shiny Gem and just standjump back into the tunnel you came from, or use the monkeyswing again to get there. Now go straight at that tunnel to the 1st Courtyard and climb down a ladder, follow through and shoot a Snake in a beautiful little cave, in the pool behind the big rock is a hole in the bottom, jump in and get the Lasersight. Walk out through the gap between the boulders and look for a hidden tunnel in the W wall, inside is Secret#1, Ammo to be found. Go back to the 1st Courtyard and open the S door with the Gem.

S Side Door.

Shoot the Snake and look up in the S back wall, there’s a small crack and when you go back in the direction of the door and look into the crack from standing against the W wall, you’ll see a Target hanging there, shoot it and the doors W open up on 1st Courtyard.

Target Courtyard, Timed Target Shoot.

Go through one of the doors and shoot the Warriors, on the Target Courtyard are 2 Target rooms S, both closed off by gates. Follow through to the W again and come to the Gate Pool.

2nd Shiny Gem. 

Use the switch hidden behind the plant NW to open a gate in the pool, dive in and swim N through the gate, time the swims through the Rotating Knives and go up into a red room. Into the next room and standing in the opening you can runjump/grab to a crack in the pillar L, climb R around the corner and all the way to the last ladder, down to the water level and backflip/roll/grab the ladder under the Chain, go hang L and climb up between the Chains, go up the ladder to a courtyard and shoot the Snake to grab the 2nd Shiny Gem it will leave behind. On the block E is a switch to open that gate in the pool you just crossed, so it’s back down the ladder, into the pool and swim past the snake through the tunnel to come back to the Gate Pool.

Climb out S and in the SW corner behind the plant is a Timed switch (opens the Target gates), so Save in front and pull, get back over the pool fast and runjump back up the steps, go to the second opening R and shoot the Target ( Revolver or just Pistols with a jump up will do too), next gate opens. Shoot Target and so on till all 4 are history, the N doors open up.

The Crowbar.

Go through to a deep pit, jump to the platform L and do a standjump to the next when you expect the Spikes to pop up and a running jump with a L curve will get you onto the N floor. Shoot the Warrior showing up and climb down the ladder into the pit. Get the Flares close to the ladder and go into the SE corner for Secret#2, a MP. Climb back up and follow through N to come to a nice Chinese Garden with a pool, go to the E side and dive in, find a triangular tunnel under a tree, swim in to get the Crowbar there. Swim out and straight W and between the two trees are Flares, then swim S and in another triangular alcove is the Chinese Fan (a cutscene shows the door at the gate Pool opening up).

2 Dragon Stones Puzzle.

Climb out onto the walkway and head into the NE corner to an opening in the E wall and follow in shooting a Snake to come to a Puzzle.

Move the Black one first so you’ll have some room to move the others aside to get out the red which has to be pushed in next, then move the last two (first Blue then Green) in position and the gate opens (be careful if you moved a Piece into place and moved it out again, the trigger is activated, and when you move it into place after the gate opened it will close and you’re stuck) Go get the 2 Dragon Stones from the wall behind the gate and return to the garden. Return through the S passage and over the Pit to the Gate Pool.

3rd Shiny Gem.

Go into the open door W of the pool and place the first Dragon Stone to open the gate S, follow through to a passage R partly covered by vegetation, in the room with the blocks is a ˝ MP around the R hand corner and in the opposite corner is a Knife-trap. Run sharp around the corner from the wooden ledge next to the entrance when the Knife opens up. Get the Shiny Gem and get back out of that nasty alcove, go back to the tunnels and head down S to a cave with a pool.

Dive in and just under the entrance is an alcove with Ammo, then swim to the SW corner and climb up, jump/grab to the crack in the S wall and shimmy L till you reach a crawlspace E, pull up and follow through to a room with a receptacle for the second Dragon Stone just around the R hand corner, the gate opens up, go up the ladder to a puzzle room and use the Gems to lower the white blocks, so the Puzzle Pieces can be moved onto the Lotus tiles on the other side of the floor they’re on, the door below opens up, go back down there and shoot a Warrior.

Go into a room where the Chinese Fan can be placed on the table and Wraiths appear when the doors open up, run up the steps and the level ends…