BtB2006 06 Ė The Riddle of Master Lu.

Level by Masha Frenkel

Authorized Walkthrough G&D Productions.


"Lara is currently rather burnt out and irritable - she doesn't fancy much to do something and nothing seems to enjoy her. She travels to Asia to visit her old friend Master Lu, who promises her to bring her back to balance and to calm down. She just needs to solve his riddles - help her with this task. There are 4 secrets on your way."

Puzzle Hall.

After a nice Flyby the level starts in a Puzzle Hall where 4 Gems are needed to raise the puzzle pieces to the floor. go to a small fenced off garden SW and hop over the fence to use the Jumpswitch N there (big doors open up). Go out N and just out of the room to the R to where those doors opened up.

Puzzle Courtyard.

Go into the Puzzle Courtyard and move the N (lower) piece to the Tile then the (lower) one E and a block rises n so the upper N one can be placed on the Tile, the block E rises so the last one E can be placed. In the floor of the NE corner of the Courtyard a block will move aside so the switch will be available, the switch will open another set of big doors. Return to the Puzzle Hall and go down the stairs to the E where those doors opened.

The Shotgun.

Follow in to the back and go L, two Warriors might attack here, mine were both running around on a small balcony R so I could take them out quite easily, hop onto that balcony for the Ĺ MP and then go to the S side steps, hop onto the first balcony for some Ammo and then go into the second balcony. Grab up N and crawl through the CS to a drop off, get Secret#1, the Shotgun and the wall opens up in front and behind you so you now have a shortcut passage.

1st Major Push Puzzle and the 1st Stone of Lu.

Go out and to the R (E) and come to the NE part of the divided back room, here youíll find a red Puzzle piece, move it onto the red Tile to deactivate the Spikes in the other room, go through the Secret-shortcut passage and into that SE room and move the Puzzle piece (NE) to the square SE, next to that Spike-block. Head back W and to the L, just opposite the shortcut passage is a plant and R of the plant is a switch, use it to raise the Puzzle piece up one block so it can be moved onto the Spike-block, then go to the other room and move the Red piece (has to go first later, easier) onto the square next to the NE block, go behind that block (N side) and throw the switch to raise the Spike-block to first floor. Climb the switch-block and grab up to the 1st floor, go get the black piece and pull it N onto the Tile, the wall opens up E of it (reveals the first elevator switch for the N side pieces) and more blocks goes down.

Now you can move the black piece to the central puzzle field and put it on the black Tile. Go down in the SE room and get the green piece (SW) to move it onto the elevator block. Use both the switches, at the plant and switch-block and get the block to the 1st floor to move it onto the green Tile S, the wall opens up and reveals the second elevator switch for the N side pieces. Use the green one (S) first and go move the red piece to the first floor and onto the red Tile, go do the last blue piece and the door N opens up on 1st floor (I didnít mention the last switches sequence because you can figure that out quite easily). Go into the N room to get the 1st Stone of Lu.

Go back down and up the stairs to the exit W, go back up to the Puzzle Hall. You can decide to place the Stone to move your first Puzzle piece into place (not really necessary now) or do them all together later, if you do, choose one of the receptacles (maybe your favourite colour) and the piece will rise so you can move it into place.

The Water-pit and the 2nd Stone of Lu.

Go N and down the waterfall steps to a deep pool, in the middle of it is a pit with Spikes, protecting a pedestal with some Ammo, to the E and W are two fenced off rooms with Targets, first try to take care of the Snakes down in the water from standing on the E or W walkway. Then dive in and swim through a gap E and time the swim through the Rotating Knife-trap I just swam straight to it and could go through in one swim (the Snake makes you nervous), go L and up the shaft into a small room with a switch, the switch will raise the water level in the Pit and opens both gates to the Targets. Face N standing at the shaft and spot the small tunnel halfway down dive in and swim in there to get the Revolver. Swim down the shaft and wait in the corner to time the Circular Knife, swim back to the pit and up to the E and W side, jump into the openings to shoot the Targets with pistols, a wall lowers in the N side of the pool. Shoot the last snake when you can.

Go swim in there and time the trap to get through and up in the next room and grab the 2nd Stone of Lu, spot the Target hidden in the dark SW corner and shoot it to deactivate the Spikes on the roof in the Pit. Swim back through the Knife-trap and go up to one of the E or W walkways again, from close to the blue waterfall you can runjump to the highest part of the roof in the middle of the pit, go get Secret#2, Ammo. Hop into the water and go S, back to the Puzzle Hall. Use the 2nd Stone to move the next Piece in place and then go S.

The Courtyard and the 3rd and 4th Stone of Lu.

Head down the waterfall steps S and follow the waterfall to a Courtyard with a big tree, Lara will look up L and spots a Target up near the roofs, there are several doors and gates around the courtyard, go to the SW pool and pick up the Lasersight and some Flares are located at the base of the tree, SE corner. Now you have Revolver and Sight, you can go to the N side of the Courtyard and shoot that Target up SE. Spikes will now retract at two Puzzle tiles in rooms NW and SW, so go open the green puzzle room NW and move the piece in place, go to the SW corner of the courtyard and into the purple room, move the piece in place and walls lower to a central W room. Go in there and use the lever to open a gate NE on the Courtyard.

Loads of Traps.

Go into that room and in the E is a passage with 2 Rotating Knife-traps ands Spikes to spice things up a bit. I did a backflip through the 1st trap from standing on the line in front of it and take a step forward quickly so you stand close to the Knife and the Spikes donít hurt you, then turn around and run as soon as the Spikes are up and stop in front of the 2nd Knife-trap. Stand close and use "roll" to get through. In the back of the passage is a crossing to the L a Boulder awaits and to the R are a block and a trapdoor, face S and hop back till you touch the red tile and quickly run back into the Knife passage, let the Boulder pass and it will break the block in the end of the R hand passage, go in there and throw the switch in the end to reveal a similar Boulder-trap, you know how to trigger it and how to avoid the Boulder. Shoot a Warrior before the attempt and go into the new alcove to get some Ammo another passage opened up to the L. "Roll" through the Rotating Knife, then duck under the Knife above and get out the Revolver, shoot the Warrior coming around the corner while ducking and stay low to get the Ĺ MP he drops. stand up on the R hand side of the 2nd Rotating Knife, sidestep to the middle of it and "roll" through.

Now follow the passage to a room with a MP on a pedestal, quickly hop back after taking it and go to a lever NE, a gate opens at the Courtyard and a Warrior will come in. Go out W and R to enter the opened gate in the middle of the E wall. Push the pieces into the alcoves and a block rises in the room, climb up and open the hatch to climb to the 1st floor.

1st Floor Puzzle.

Go R onto the landing and some Warriors may attack, go to the NW corner pillar and behind the green lantern on the E side of the pillar is a very well hidden Jumpswitch that will open the doors W, go in there and shoot a Target up in the middle of the room. a wall lowers to the L (S), go in and find some Ammo in the windowsill and a switch on the S wall. Itís a Timed switch but not too tight, pull. roll and runjump around the red lantern, run into the next room and jump straight over the 2 benches to get to the open gate N, go in for the 3rd Stone of Lu. In the windowsill is a Ĺ MP to be found.

Go out and back to the E side of the landing, stand facing W at the tree and slide down onto the roof, then jump to the branch and throw the lever to open doors in the S wall jump back to the landing and go into those doors, Puzzle pieces on the stairs. One by one pull the pieces to the white squares under the colour tiles on the ceiling and Boulders will make the pieces rise, after the red one went up go into the hole the Boulder fell in and get Secret#3, Ammo. After the last piece the block under the 2 switches will rise and when you use them a gate opens up S at the Courtyard, hop backwards off the roof. Grab the edge and safety drop down in front of the opened gate, go into the room to obtain the last of the Lu Stones, behind the fence S are some Pickups.

Completing Master Luís Puzzle.

Go back to the Puzzle Hall up the waterfall steps N and place the last 2 Stones and move the last pieces into place, blocks will rise in the SE corner of the Puzzle floor. Climb the blocks on the Puzzle floor and grab up W into the hole to the upper floor, go to the SW corner and L onto the roof. Make your way to the SE corner of the yard by jumping from flat part to flat part or shimmy along the edge of the roofs, finally on the roof of the Gazebo with the Fan you can hop over the top (in the middle, corners are open floors) and get Secret#4, a MP. Now, below this Gazebo is a small puzzle, you HAVE to get back on the roof, donít drop through one of the holes otherwise youíll land on a wrong (Eye) tile, so drop from the outside of the roof and carefully go step onto each of the 4 Dragon tiles without touching an Eye tile, so donít run around the corner at the red pillars or you will touch them. After all 4 dragon tiles are activated the Spikes at the pedestal will stop and you can pick up the Fan of Relaxation. Head back to the Puzzle Hall.

Note by author:**The Fan can indeed be picked up by ONLY jumping on the dragon tiles and NOT touching the eye tiles. If you touch any of the eye tiles even slightly then the spikes will go away as well but they will kill you when you pick up the fan.**

The Balance.

Back in the Puzzle Hall, go up to the 1st floor again and to the W side of the Tower, a switch there (NW) will raise a block in the structure, go in from the E side and open the hatch over the block, go up to the top of the Tower and on the W side is a pedestal with the Balance. Pick it up and a Flyby will show the opening of the doors in the Puzzle Hall below, so make your way back down and enter the doors W, go up the stairs and the level endsÖ