BtB2006 05 – An Oriental Adventure.

Level by staticon (Kevin Learwood)

Authorized Walkthrough G&D Productions.

During an expedition to the east in search of the fabled treasures of Hoo Flung Dung, Lara had followed a number of clues that had led nowhere.

One afternoon, Lara was contemplating her next move while walking in the grounds of the Hoo Flung palace when she spotted a dark opening through a dense thicket of shrubs.

Ever the curious one, she just had to investigate. Cautiously, she made her way through the undergrowth and found a small opening in the steep hill beyond. In she ventured and found herself sliding down a steep slope into a hidden, but well tended garden.

Could this lead to the object of her quest? Or would it be another dead end?

The Palace Gardens.

Lara slides into the garden around the Palace, go N and R around the corner to a small building on the corner of the garden, from the higher ground at the palace you can runjump/grab to the roof of the small building, get up and hop into the hole in the roof to get the Jewel of the East. Go runjump/grab SW to the roof of the palace and go over the top to the other side, about halfway to the S is a flat part in the roof and you’ll find Secret#1 there, a ½ MP. Go back to jump to that NE roof again and then head S and do runjump/grabs over all the parasols to the last building on S side, there’s a hole in the ceiling.

The Emperor’s Fan.

Drop in and swim down to get some Flares, then go climb out S and follow the corridor to where a Warrior attacks, shoot him to get the Emperor’s Fan. Go into the passage W and follow to the end (ignore the ladder in that R hand passage) in the n end of the corridor is a hole up in the ceiling, climb up and place the Gem to open the door, go in, shoot the Warriors to get a ½ MP and the Yang. The Crowbar lies on a pedestal in the W, in the E is a MP to be found. Go place the Emperor’s Fan on the table and the door opens N, go in to a Puzzle room.

Puzzle Room.

Pushing the puzzle pieces on the tiles will raise ledges in the floor and the next door n opens up, same story there and one more door opens N, now the Pieces have to go all the way into the N room and on their Tiles (well… that was fun, be sure to Save here). Another gate opens N, go in and to the R is a room with a lever, the lever opens the gate across the room, and in that room is a Timed switch in the far corner.

Timed Run.

The switch will open a gate back in the room with the Fan S (cutscene), so pull and turn L, sprint to the gate R and go slalom through the open doors to the table with the Fan, past it to the S and R into the new room. The lever there will open a trapdoor in the pond in the middle of the Palace garden as the cutscene shows.

The Alpha and Beta Stars.

Leave the room through the SE door, down the hole and follow back to that passage with the ladder L, go up and slide back into the Garden, go to the pond and dive into the hole. Follow through to a big Courtyard, in the SE corner is a small door, open it and go up to a Snake-pit, shoot the Snakes down in the pit and drop in, hop into the alcove E and get the Alpha and Beta Stars from the wall, standjump L out of the alcove to grab the Jumpswitch on the wall (gate opens up) and use the bamboo pole to get onto the upper walkway, from there a runjump/grab back to the exit and go R into the newly opened gate to a staircase.

The Ray of Hope and Crossbow.

Follow up to where you can use the Alpha Star to open the doors. Go in and shoot the Warrior, he will drop the Ray of Hope, go have a look out of the window while you go to the back of the room to use the Beta Star to open the other door at the stairs. Go back and enter those doors L, shoot the Warrior for a MP and get the Crossbow from the pedestal at the window, a lever N will open a gate in the Courtyard below.

The Lasersight and the Yin.

Go back down the stairs to the Courtyard and into the open gate N, past another staircase R and in the room at the end is a switch to open up the staircase, go in and look N under the stairs for a crawlspace, get in and follow up to a small room with the Lasersight on display, get it and go back to go up the stairs, look up in the SE corner and shoot the Target with your new toy (Crossbow+Sight). The door opens and inside is another Warrior to deal with, this one drops the Yin. Go place the Ray of Hope in the shrine SW and a door in the Courtyard will open up. So follow the staircase down to the Courtyard and enter the E door, a deep pit lies ahead, hop back close to one of the walls and grab the edge of the pit, shimmy along the wall to the opposite side and go through a gate which will drop shut behind you.

The 2nd Jewel of the East.

This Courtyard was partly covered in sand after a major disaster, dive S into the pool and swim down to go L into the space under that roof and swim E into the small opening, L at the end and R into another wider tunnel. just where the sandy floor changes to a white marble is a tunnel to the R, go in for Secret#2, a ½ MP. You could also decide to swim straight E and up to that Boulder ramp for air first before going for the Secret. Climb out at the Boulder ramp and climb the red lever cage W, stand on the E edge facing E and standjump with a grab in the last moment to catch onto the ladder in the hole in the ceiling. up in the room are 4 pictures of Ancient Warriors, one is facing the other way, climb into a hidden space and get Secret#3, Flares, go back to the room and go into an adjacent room with a Burning reach-in switch, crawl under the hole, stand up as soon as the burner goes off and use the switch, hold side jump or duck while Lara uses it and you’ll be gone before the burner starts again, go back to the lower room where the cage is now gone, use the lever to release the Boulder and it will drop into the Secret passage, a block will lower in the Courtyard. Swim back there and go into the new tunnel to get to a submerged staircase, swim down and get the 2nd Jewel of the East, swim back to the Courtyard and into the SW corner, climb out at the gate you can open with the Jewel.

Timed Burning Pillar Run.

In the next big Lava pit are 3 pillars with burners on top. On the entrance wall are 3 switches which will stop the Burners, but they are Timed, start with the L hand switch from facing N and quickly get to the switch R of it, then sidejump R to land in front of the 3rd switch and then roll and runjump onto the first pillar (don’t run to the edge of the pit but try to jump one step before that), a running jump/grab to the second pillar and a runjump/grab to the last, then a last runjump/grab to get to the S side open gate. Follow the passage through to another deep pit.

The Jump Pit.

Runjump to the top of the pillar and stand on the NE corner, look down NE and spot the MP, slide about to the first seam in the slope and jump hard R to land on that ledge with Secret#4, a ½ MP. Look down NE and spot a sloped ledge on the side of the big sloped wall. do a sidejump R from facing NW and land on that ledge, grab the edge and shimmy R to a sloped pillar that will allow you to jump/grab forward to the ladder on the wall. climb into the opening in the wall, walk through and drop/hang from the W side, shimmy all the way R to a ledge with the Alpha Star and go back the way you came. At the ladder opening a jump/grab to the pillar R (sloped away from you). Hang in the middle and pull up over the top, now comes a jump sequence, not too hard if you let Lara slide a bit before every jump, in the end you’ll end up on a ledge with a receptacle for that Star. The gate will open (I managed to jump over the block with a L curve to grab the ledge near the E opening, :D) Follow the ledge into the opening in the wall and go up the ladder to come to a steel bridge spanning the high room, a Warrior attacks. Don’t fall off the bridge and get the Ray of Hope after you’ve done him in. On the other side of the bridge you can pry the Beta Star from the wall and go up the next ladder to the top of the room, open the gate with the Beta Star and go in.

Hazard Alley.

Follow in to the second passage L (ignore the wooden floor passage for now) and get through those Rotating Knives (stand real close and hit "roll" when the Knives open up) and come to a Moving pillar, jump past it and turn around to jump back into the L side where a switch will open the N gate beyond the Pillar. Jump to the gate and enter the passage to Knife-traps, runjump past them and in the next room is a MP and a lever to open the gate behind the glass. Go back through that lovely passage and go R into that wooden floor passage you ignored before, follow through to the room with the open gate, get the MP and walk through the painting behind the pedestal, go into a room to get the 3rd Jewel of the East and go back as a raising block went up in the previous room, open the ceiling hatch and make your way through the room carefully, lower a Timed block in the floor opening L and go down, follow through to a room with a transparent floor, shoot a Warrior and to the glass wall W, place the Jewel to open the door and go in L, just L of the door is a grated Tile raising a Timed block in the middle of the room.

Timed Block.

Sprint with a curve over the Tile, starting from the open door and this way you already have speed when the block still has to go up. Jump onto the front side of the block, turn around facing E and grab up to the floor above, runjump/grab into an opening E and light a flare to spot the hidden crawlspace up L, halfway down this passage, get in for Secret#5, a ½ MP. Crawl back out and head E to runjump to the next floor and find the Jumpswitch on the W side of that floor, hop/grab back and the switch will open the E side of the glass cover around the lever, go in and open a gate far W with the lever, cross the rooms to the W. Go up the wooden ramp and end back up in the garden, go S and open the big doors E of the pond by placing the Ray of Hope in the shrine, inside the Yin and Yang should be combined to use the Balance in the receptacle.

The End…

The floor opens up and you’ll drop into the lower passage leading to a Boulder-trap, just slide down and watch the scene, Lara will slide onto the end trigger just before the 2nd Boulder catches up with her…