BtB2006 04 Ė Malloryís Trail.

Level by Marksdad (Ian Smith)

Authorized Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Story: (extended story in the read-me)

Lara has decided to track down the Possession (a large diamond) which she believes the Chinese are hiding (they can't destroy it, because

diamond's are indeed forever)in order to exhibit to the world as proof of Mallory's success. She needs to follow the trail of Mallory's diamond through the foothills of Everest to the Thyangboche Monastery.

The foothills of EverestÖ Yesterday

(this level is an expert level IMHO)

After the flyby showing that big Diamond the level starts. Go to the end of the passage and slide down backwards (*authorís note: You don't need to slide backward down the slope. If she slides forward, Lara will fall naturally onto the 4-tile platform next to the ladder.*), shimmy L and just around the corner Lara can climb down a ladder, backflip off and take care of the Warriors. Pick up Flares and a MP near the E bench and go out N to have a look at whatís coming, up over that Dragon picture is a white panel which will open after stepping on a Dragon tile on the upper floor, you have to jump onto the sloped side and then jump with a sharp curve into the open (hopefully) panel.

Timed Run.

Go climb back up the ladder you came down from and climb L onto the floor, go stand on the red Dragon tile to activate the Timed panel and now you have to jump to the L side of the ladder, go drop/grab down as fast as possible and sidejump L run to the N end and curve to jump onto one of the slopes as close to the N wall as possible, keep jumping to the opening to get in (may take a few tries, but you have another option, just standjump from the red Tile down in the corner where the ladder is without grabbing it and then sidejump L, takes some health but saves time)

Stop as soon as youíre in as the fun isnít quite over.


Look down the slope and spot the opening to jump into halfway down to the R, draw pistols and slide, jump hard R into the opening and start shooting the Warrior rolling from side to side, careful you donít get into the Circular Knifes or down the Boulder slope. Then jump through the Circular Knifes and stand L at the Puzzle room. Jump onto the L side of the sloped block in front and slide/jump to the next block, a flyby will show this high Puzzle room with the 3 Puzzle pieces.

The Puzzle room.

Jump to the opening in N wall and go into a blue room, careful! Only go over the wooden floor tiles under the blue Dragon tiles on the ceiling (the others mean instant death)

Knife-trap Ladder. *Save after every successful jump*

Walk up to the ladder and go up the R hand side to a safe distance from the Knife, backflip/roll and grab the ladder behind, go hang R and go up 6 steps from the bottom. Take a MP to get full health or you will not make it and backflip/roll/grab at the right moment, go to the middle of the ladder, climb up and go over the top of the slope, slide and jump to the wooden walkway. Move the Puzzle piece onto the dragon tile E and then pull it back again, put it on the N end of the walkway, go to the W end of the walkway and save on the striped Trigger tile, the door E opens up and itís a Timed door.

Timed Run into Trouble.

In the passage behind the door you can see a Moving Pillar, sprint from the tile over the walkway and immediately run past the Pillar and stop (or stop just inside the door). You can sidestep around the next corner (Knife-trap) and go past the Chain into the next room to take care of the Warriors, a Ĺ MP will be dropped and if youíre lucky it wonít be under one of the benches. In the NW corner is the Crowbar, pick it up and jump grab curved up to a crawlspace in the W wall. go in and in the next room are 2 Boulders, step out of the corner to trigger the first and hop back when itís safe run around that Boulder and to a door to be opened with the Crowbar, step into the Puzzle room.

On this 2nd floor walkway is another Puzzle piece. Pull/push it onto the Dragon tile and go up the N stairs, to come to a room with Puzzle doors.

2 Doors Puzzle.

Stand on the green entrance tile and hop onto the one SE and hop into the open door, go up to the black Tile in front of the second (closed) door, go down again, runjump to the red Tile in the NE corner and from there runjump to the passage, jump up to the open second door L, quickly get in and Save.

Moving pillars.

When you come to the Moving pillar you can see a MP to the L, donít even tryÖ Just face SW a bit standing to the R in the passage and runjump into the far passage to go over the Knife-trap and just past the second Moving pillar in one go if youíre lucky.

Timed Doors.

The next hall has 4 Timed doors. The first one to the R (W) will open when you step onto the first blue Dragon tile. Go in and get the Ĺ MP on the Dragon tile. The opposite E door in the hall will open up, sprint there and a Warrior will join you, take care of him and go stand on the Dragon tile in the back, sprint out and L/L into the next E door, another Warrior appears. From the Dragon tile in the back (opens a door behind the #4 door) you have to sprint out, go R a bit so you will touch the second dragon tile in the hall to open up the #4 door W and sprint through the passage to just go under the last door, better Save while you slide down the passage and quickly turn R, run through the passage and jump/grab to the walkway in the Puzzle room.

The Last Piece.

When you move the last Puzzle piece in place, the gate down in the SE corner of the Puzzle room will open, drop down from the walkway and swim to the ledge, pass through the door to come to a Canyon.

The Canyon.

Go into the NE corner and climb up the rock S, get a Ĺ MP from under the Cherry tree there and jump grab a crack in the E rock face, shimmy R around the corner onto a pointy rock, hang on the R hand side, pull up and slide to the end before you jump/grab to catch the monkeyswing. Swing to the opposite side of the Canyon, go R and pull up in the L corner of the path between the rocks, immediately hop back and grab the edge, shimmy L a bit to let a Boulder pass.

Follow the path to another Boulder and just standjump over the R hand side, the a runjump around the R corner to get out of itís path and get some Ammo near the N gate overlooking the 1st Room. Now head S and come to a lower canyon floor.

Cliff Hanger.

Grab up to a crack in the R hand (W) wall and go L to the opposite ledge, turn around and run along the W wall to jump/grab the rock bridge, now grab up to a crack W and go shimmy L to an opening in the rock face, runjump over to the E and go L a bit, then runjump/grab to the W again, shimmy L to the opening and then go back to the R 3 steps, now youíre lined up for a backflip/roll and grab the ledge as you slide off, shimmy to the R before you pull up. Now runjump/grab over to the lower side of the W path and side step R a bit after pulling up. sidejump R to a little bush and shimmy L to get the Ĺ MP there which happens to be the only Secret. Shimmy L past the bush again and sidejump back L to the path.

The Shotgun.

Follow to the W and come to a deep gorge, just do a standjump straight forward to land in a deeper part of the brook. Go into the NE corner to get a Ĺ MP, turn W there and standjump onto the rock, get the Shotgun and use it on the Snake swimming towards you. Now head W through the brook and come to the Snake-pit Bridge.

Snake-pit Bridge.

Shoot the Warrior on the bridge and look in both pools for more Snakes. You can jump onto the rocks on both sides to have a better aim (the temple up S isnít to be reached). After you shot all the Snakes, dive into the N side pool and swim E for the Ammo, then climb out on the bridge, dive in S and look for the small tunnel (a bit E) into the S wall and follow to a small room with a switch to open the gate on the Bridge. Swim back past the Snakes and go into the gate, and inside the next door will open for you.

Nerve Wreck Alley.

The next passage is almost impossible to get through without taking a MP and you have to be lucky too. I went in with a runjump over the first Knife along the L side of the passage and start as you expect the Spikes to be up in the ceiling when you land under them. Now runjump grab and try to hit a *MP key* while you are airborn. Then run to the sloped passage in the end, trying to slide down forwards, from the end of the slope a jump/grab to the crawlspace and crawl through to a door that will open up, the same non-revealing flyby will kick in and youíre now in the room with Malloryís Gem.

Malloryís Gem.

Head NE over the side of the pool and at the high wall, a runjump to the ledge in the pool. Runjump/grab the ladder N and go R around the corner, up a bit till you can backflip to that high wall, grab the monkeyswing and go R/L at the crossing, L again and keep R at the fork, follow to where youíll drop from the monkeyswing. Grab the roof of the structure and shimmy R or L to a corner, jump up into the opening in the middle and take Malloryís Gem.

Dive into the opening in the floor and swim to a Circular Knife, time the swim through and go up in the canyon at the end, take care of the Warriors and slide down the passage W to end the level.