BtB2006 03 – The Valley of Guizhou.

Level by Dennis16 (Dennis Götz)

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Story from the read-me:

"Lara is travelling to Guizhou. It's a Chinese province full of rainy weather. There is a forest with difficulty accessible in the valley of a tributary from the Yangtze River. Here there is a very old monastery where strange things take place. Lara gets to know from a researcher that the monastery is afflicted from ghosts. They try to throw out the monks, but most of the monks are already damned. So Lara goes to this mysterious place to convince herself."

From the valley the level starts in, go through the cave and to the L (S), follow through to get the Ammo and a ˝ MP in the cave in the end, then backtrack and go straight N into a tunnel and a flyby will start as soon as you reach another valley with a building W, find a passage in the NE corner and follow in to a wooded area, get a ˝ MP on the little mound L and shoot a Snake before you go into that passage E. In that small room you can stand backwards against the white block, take 2 steps forward and backflip/jump/grab onto a ledge above, get the Flares there and stand on the higher ledge to runjump/grab to a Jumpswitch on the W wall (opens that door from the flyby). So head back and run past the Snake to get back to the Valley with the building and go look behind a tree SW to get the Ammo there. Now you can enter the building.

The Yai Chi room, the Revolver.

Climb the white block in the room with doors and a receptacle and grab up to the upper floor N, go L and find a reach-in hole in the wall, grab in twice to first get the Revolver and then a MP. Go to the other side of the corridor and find a lever to open the doors in the Yai Chi room, two Warriors attack and one of them will drop a ˝ MP. Go down to the Yai Chi room and find the open doors N and S.

S side: Yin Stone.

Stand on the L tip of the ledge and face W, then sidejump L onto the slanted block, backflip and jump/grab back from the next slanted block to grab the ladder and climb to the ledge above, do a standjump around the L to the passage SW and follow to where you can see a switch. Don’t go into that passage yet but grab up to a ledge L and jump over to the N to get the Shotgun.

Knife-trap Run.

Go back down to the S side and into the passage with the Times switch. Save there as the switch will deactivate that Knife-trap for a while and you’ll get a screenshot of the Knife so you can see if it is in the "open" position, which is necessary to get past it, so pull and look if the Knife is in the right position and backflip roll, run back to the SW corner, curve R and jump/grab to the monkeyswing and quickly get past the Knife-trap and follow the passage to the Yin Stone, grab it from standing on the side of the pedestal (Darts) and quickly go to that opened trapdoor under the Knife-ball, which just dropped from the ceiling. Time the jump/grab past the Moving Pillar and drop through the next trapdoor to get down into the S passage, head to the N passage of the Yai Chi room.

N side: Yang Stone.

In the room is a pool, there’s nothing down there but if you fall in there’s a tunnel leading you back to where you are now, just standjump to the slanted block and jump to the ledge, runjump/grab across to the W side crack and shimmy L to where you’ll find a switch to deactivate the Spikes in the other corner of the room. Shimmy back and go into the passage, slide down into a room, and shoot a Warrior there. Just to the L of where you came down the slide, you can jump/grab up to a balcony and on the balcony is the Lasersight hidden in the reach-in wall, then use the switch to stop the flames on the white block down in the room, get down to the ground floor and from that block you can grab up to the n balcony and open a door with the reach-in switch.

Boulder-trap, Target shoot.

That door is in the SW corner of the room and leads to a Boulder slope and to the L is a Target you have to shoot to release the Boulder, stand with your back to the entrance passage, turn L a bit and shoot the Target so you can immediately hop back into the passage. After the Boulder went by, you can follow the slope up to the terraces on the roofs of the Temple. Climb up a ledge NE and have a look up to the S where you’ll find another Target to shoot, opening up a door at the Skylight below, if you need there’s some more Ammo E from where you shot the Target. Drop down to the Skylight and go in E and follow down a ramp to a crossing. On the pedestal to the R is the Yang Stone and another trapdoor opens up NE, drop down and head out to the Yai Chi room. Combine the 2 Stones and place the Yai Chi W to open the trapdoor behind you. Drop into that new passage.

The Underground River.

Jump across the river to the NW and get some Ammo there and dive into the river, swim all the way to the end (quite a swim) and come to a deep part of the river, on the bottom are some goodies, but better swim to the ledge SW and climb out to take care of the 2 Snakes. Dive down and get a MP, Flares and Ammo, then climb up the SW ledge again and runjump/grab to the ledge N. Hop onto the higher ledge and from the highest tip a runjump/grab N again, turn around and runjump/grab back S, runjump/grab across the river to a crack in the E wall and shimmy L to a switch which will raise a block a bit back in the river. Now shimmy all the way back and around the corner, to drop onto a ledge with Ammo and dive into the river, swim back N and around the corner is the raised block.

Climb the ledge from facing the gate and go up the block, jump to the other side of the river and grab up to a ledge E, then jump to the ledge over the gate N and turn L (W) to runjump/grab to a wooden block W, one more runjump/grab to the ladder. Go down to the bottom of the ladder and climb all the way around to the L, it’s very dark, but if you don’t see any movement anymore, you can drop and light a flare, you’re in an alcove with the one and only Secret, the Shotgun and a MP. Jump/grab back onto the ladder and go up and R around the corner, up again and off L to a ledge with a reach-in switch opening the gate below. Make a nice swan-dive down into the river and climb out at the gate, follow into the other part of the River, runjump/grab across to the tunnel there and follow out to a Jungle Area.

The Jungle.

Dive NW into the Lake and just before you climb out at those blue flowers is some Ammo on the grey bricks on the bottom. Climb up at the blue flowers and go through the opening N, to a small valley, head into a tunnel E and use the Jumpswitch in the end top open a passage near the lake, so return there (shoot a Warrior if he already showed up), jump to the E side and go into that new passage, crawl into a crawlspace in the end to recover the Crowbar. Back to the Lake and now into the opening at the blue flowers again, in the small valley go L and follow to the Temple. Go into a room N and find 4 Puzzle Pieces, push every Piece once and now you can climb the raised block to jump/grab to the crawlspace E, crawl in and climb up, get the Dragon Star from the E wall and duck immediately. Get out of the way of the darts and go back down to the Puzzle room. Go out to the lake and from the E side you can jump to the rock in the Lake and then over to the W valley, shoot a Warrior and follow to where you can open the Temple with the Dragon Star.

The Temple.

Go in and at the crossing R for now, down to a room with a Warrior, shoot him and open the hatch up behind the banner he was looking at. Climb up in and get the Ammo from the corner, then use the switch to open a door. Climb down and go back to the crossing, head up to the W now and hop over the Spike-pit just around the corner. Do the "roll" (stand close and hit the "end key" when the are open) through the Rotating Knives and come to the walkways in the top of the Temple. Go to the N over the walkway and Lara looks to the R, that green/blue dot is a Wraith (there will be no way of escaping the Wraith for now, it is kind of a hurry up and check your health sequence till you reach water).

The Gem of Zhenren.

Jump to the E side lever and throw it, go to the other lever W and Save, throw the lever, roll and run with a bit of a R curve off the end of the ledge to land on the white walkway below, run S and to the R to jump onto pillars W, jump from pillar to pillar and down to the ground floor, time your run through the popping Spikes N and get the Gem of Zhenren there, roll and run back through the Spikes. Make your way up the pillars, starting in the NW corner and finally jump/grab to the white walkway. On the N side of it is the Shrine where the Gem can be placed and a flyby will show the floor opened up in the W, so roll and run back S. Jump to the pillars W and safety drop from them to safety drop into that new opening, get into the water to get rid of that nasty Wraith and find a ˝ MP on the bottom.

The Qi Ornament

Climb out N and open the small, throw the switch to open doors and shoot the Warrior coming in. Go into the room W and L (straight W is to a corridor with table where the Qi Ornament has to be placed later) In the next room are Spikes, walk onto the grated floor and Spikes retract, get into the SE corner and the Spikes in front of the lever S will retract, throw the lever and hear a door open up. In the SW corner of the room with the Spikes is the new open door, go in and get the Qi Ornament. Go out to the corridor W and place the Ornament on the table (a cut scene shows the gate on the top walkway open up).

Head back, shoot a Warrior and go to the water, jump across, and go jump up to the passage in the SW corner, climb the ladders and come to an alcove overlooking the Temple, drop out through the transparent Dragon tile and jump over to the white walkway. Go up the stone steps E and runjump/grab to the lever ledge, then to the walkway and go through the open gate, slide down and the level ends…