BtB2006 02 ĖGardens of Japan.

Level by dantheraider (Daniel Sherwood)

Walkthrough G&D Productions.


"Lara is in Japan looking for an artifact. But when she gets trapped in the Gardens of Japan things start to get interesting. Lara must find a tunnel of water to escape from the Gardens of Japan."

In this first Courtyard is a pillar with a pedestal, but there are Spikes to be dealt with first, shoot the Warrior, but be careful not to shoot the Monkey and pick up the Ammo dropped when he perishes. In the NW corner is a hole with water, dive in carefully as thereís a Rotating Knife-trap right at the start, time the swim through and climb out in the Yin-Yang room as the Yin-Yang is to be used there, shoot the Warrior, pick up his Ammo and go throw the switch on the N wall, a door opens S, inside youíll find the Yin Piece.

Swim back through the water to the first courtyard and climb up the tree as the Spikes are now gone, grab the Yang Piece and head back to the Yin-Yang room, combine the 2 pieces and place the Yin-Yang, the door opens and now you can pull/push the Puzzle Piece to the Tile NW, the Spikes retract in the passage E, get a Ĺ MP and the Gem. A Warrior attacks when you return to the water hole, get the MP he will drop and swim back to the courtyard. On the E side of the tree is the receptacle for the Gem (a trapdoor opens up NE) and in the SE corner is some Ammo.

Climb down into a lower passage, just in and to the L is a Jumpswitch opening the gate in the back, climb the block, open the hatch above and climb up the pool room. Shoot a Snake swimming around in there and swim through to the end of the N tunnel. Up to throw the lever, go back and up in the NE corner of the pool room. Shoot the warrior to get the Revolver and the Blue Piece NE can now be moved all the way to the opposite SW corner, under the Piece was the Lasersight, pick it up and go to the NW black Piece, first get the 2x Ĺ MP and then move the Piece to the Tile SW. Swim into the N tunnel again after a Wraith showed up and climb out in the end again, climb into the now open passage e and go close to the Fire-tile, shoot the Target up behind the gate and get the Crowbar.

Return to the water, swim back a bit and now go up in the hole halfway down the tunnel, open the door with the Crowbar and go up the ladder to pull up along the R hand side. Save there as there are 3 Knife-traps to get past and another surprise will come in, after you jumped the first Knife, save again and wait with the Revolver drawn, a Warrior will come in but you have to wait with killing him till he gets real close so the Yin-Yang he drops will land under the high (central) Knife, otherwise you wonít be able to get it.

In the next room a Monkey is waiting in front of a closed gate (this will be the Monkey from the read-me, donít shoot it). Open the gate with the switch on N wall and just run through the passage and into a room, a Wraith will appear, run straight into the opening in the wall and fall into the water, get the Uzis from the bottom and swim up to get 2x MP. Then go up the steps to get the Flares and the Dragon Stone

(There is a bug here as every time I left I got a Wraith behind me. But once you are out, donít go back as sometimes the gate shuts behind you and you canít get out).

Return to the previous room, place the Stone on the dark S wall and enter the open N gate, hop back fast and sidejump to get out of the way. 3 Boulders come down, then go up the sloped passage after you picked up 3x Ammo to the L of the entrance gate and shoot the Target up in the next room, enter and see the Flyby showing the spot where the Target was and what you have to do next.

Throw the now safe switch on E wall, then move the Puzzle Piece to the tile, next is the switch SE, to lower the block so the Piece can be moved onto the square under the tile on the ceiling, the gate W opens up. In the corner of that passage is a Jumpswitch opening up the next gate, go get some Ammo in the passage to that gate, enter and shoot a Target, then throw some switches to finally be able to use the Yin-Yang and the gate in the passage opens up, go under the Knife-trap and open 2 Crowbar doors, shoot the Warriors on the next square and take care you donít shoot any Monkeys. Pick up two more MPs and climb the SE pillar to the top. Get Ammo and the Shotgun from the top of the pillars and jump to the NW corner, drop down and light a flare to find the switch in the dark corner. The gate opens up and now you can follow the Monkeys in walking through the Bamboo fence? Try to open the next door with the Monkeys sitting in front of it (I just shot them) and in the next pool room is a lever E of the pool. Throw it to turn off the flames protecting the switch in the NW corner. (The spiked NE switch is a decoy, and the gate in the pool apparently doesn't open either.) Go to the NW wall switch and throw it to end the level. Ö.