BtB2006 01 Ė Jin Ra Long.

Level by Aza

Walkthrough G&D Productions.


50 years ago in a mysterious far Eastern country the first human cloning experiment took place. The experiment was going well until the young clones turned into psychotic stick wielding killers. They took over the nearby monastery called The Temple of the Dragon, killed all the monks, and sealed themselves in. They have stayed there in isolation ever since. One day whilst Lara was taking a trek through this country she fell down a hole in the forest and landed in the monastery. To get back to the outside world Lara has to find three Dragon Gems and put them back on their proper pedestals.


Lara is standing in a dark tunnel, follow to where you can climb up right, turn around and jump/grab the Jumpswitch to open the gate. Go through the gate and a Snake and Warrior will attack.

1st Courtyard, Dragon Teardrop and Lasersight.

Go around the pool and look in the NW corner for Ammo and in the far SW corner are Flares, 2 Snakes show up, deal with them and head to the S side into the building through the left passage, a Warrior shows up behind you, take care of him now or wait until later, just drop into the hole and light a Flare, on the left side of the pillar in front of you is a Jumpswitch to shed some light in the darkness, follow the room to the back, shooting Snakes and dive into the water there, follow and a gate opens up ahead, pick up the Dragon Teardrop, roll and take the first right, get a small Medipack and the Lasersight and swim on to come to the opened gate, go swim left and up to the pool.

The Revolver.

Get out and shoot whatever Enemy shows up and head to the W side and open the door with the Teardrop. Go in to a crossing with a closed door ahead and go left for now, jump over the double Knife-trap and get the Revolver. Grab up to the monkeyswing and head back over the Knives.

Yin, Yang and the Dragonís Gem.

Now go up those steps N to come to a wide room with a Puzzle to the left and a bunch of traps to the right. In the far back at the Traps you can see 2 Warriors one each side of the Traps, you can shoot them from here with the Lasersight before they even move, then go to where they dropped and collect the Yin and Yang Pieces. Now go to the N side and stand facing the first Knife-trap (yes Iím not kidding, you have to jump through them like a Circus Lion), take two hops back from the Trap and runjump starting when the Knifes are about to close, so they will be open when you go through. Remember to Save after every successful jump and when you reach the red glass display it is no longer red and you can walk in to get the Dragonís Gem.

Blue Puzzle Clue.

A trapdoor opens up S, go climb down and follow past a chain to a room with Spikes in an opening up the ramp. Find some Flares in the SE back and a switch in the SW to lower the Spikes in the opening, go up the ramp and stepping into the opening will reveal the clue on the S wall, take a note of the position of the Dragon tiles and return to the Traps room.

2nd Dragonís Gem and Shotgun.

The door N is now open, so head over there and shoot the Warrior coming for you, get his Ammo and go into the next room, climb the block SE and look up to the ceiling over that burning Lamp, thereís a Target to shoot, it will raise the block youíre on, climb up S and follow to the 2nd Dragonís Gem on the roof overlooking the Courtyard, a flyby will show that door in the building opening up. Go to the S side of this roof by hopping over that Bell and drop to a lower roof there, get the Ammo and go to the front of the building, shimmy or jump past the red pillar and get the Shotgun show in the earlier flyby, drop from the roof and go into the building again, straight into the open door at the crossing, careful! Thereís a Moving Pillar. I donít think the Medipack can be taken, so just go through and shoot 2 Warriors, now before you step on the white floor in the passage, grab up to the monkeyswing otherwise also 2 Wraiths will appear (the cut scene will show where they can be taken care of if you happen to make a mistake, and the Wraiths will appear on every entry without using the monkeyswing).

Blue Piece Puzzle, the Crowbar.

Go into a Puzzle room and hereís the puzzle of which you got the clue before, in the far back of the room is a crawlspace up in the wall, inside is a 2x Ammo pickup (notice the closed door W, for later). Push/pull the Piece according to the clue to the other side of the room and into the passage where the crawlspace is, now a gate opens S, go get the Crowbar from it and return back to the Courtyard pool with those 2 Wraiths (no means to avoid them now) following you through the Moving Pillar trap.

Red Puzzle Clue.

After the Wraiths are gone you can go up to the right hand gate in the S building and (combine the Yin and Yang to) use the Yin-Yang to open the gate, follow in to a pit with a red Puzzle Piece in a pit, get the Flares from the pit and have a look at the wall. Make a note of the Dragon tile positions and go back to the W building.

Red Puzzle.

Head right up the stairs and left to the Red Puzzle, use your notes to find the path over which you have to push/pull the red piece into the enclosure and youíll see the door at the blue Puzzle open up, so return downstairs and go back into the W passage through the Moving Pillar and be sure to grab the monkeyswing before you go into the white floor passage, go into the open door and come to the Star Courtyard.

Dragonís Mouth Courtyard.

The Flyby shows the Stars on the roof of the structure (looking like a Dragonís Mouth) and a Jumpswitch on the side. Now take a step back so youíll stand in the lower part of the passage against the higher ledge, take a hop back and do a runjump when the Spikes are about to go up and land inside the Mouth when they are down again, quickly run onto the safe floor and get the Ammo. Now a Burner will start in the Dragonís throat, weíll have to get rid of that first. Runjump back towards the entrance and climb onto the ledge, go into the SE corner and runjump onto the roof (you can also use the ledge on the S side, where a block lowered).

2 Dragonís Eyes.

Go get the 2 Dragonís Eyes and head into the NW corner, jump over to where another block lowered and go in to shoot a Snake and get Secret #1, Ammo and a Medipack. Go back out and from the S side of the roof (on the square where you got Dragon Eye #2) you can hop backwards and grab the Jumpswitch there to stop the Burner in the Dragonís throat. Now jump into the Mouth once more and head W to where the Burner was, turn around and grab the ladder and as soon as Lara pulls up her feet you can backflip into the higher passage.

The Globe Clue.

Youíll come to a room with the Crossbow on a pedestal. A Warrior attacks and leaves Ammo, then have a look at those Boulders (Globes) hanging there, behind them are little lights, make a note of the 2 green lights behind the left two Globes and go on to the next room, place the 2 Dragonís Eyes to open the gate and pick up the Ammo in front of the gate, be sure to have a weapon drawn equipped with the Lasersight and slide down.

Target Shoot!

The best way for me was to just walk up to the edge of the ledge with the fire wood and look left first with the Crossbow+Lasersight (normal Ammo or youíll destroy the wrong Targets too and youíll get a Boulder in your neck, Spikes up your Ö and get burnt the same time) Take out only the greenish Targets behind the gates which open up one by one and then the big gate W will open up, donít shoot the Golden Target there yet because the second Secret will be lost then. Jump over the white blocks in the deadly pool to the S and get into the passage with Wraiths on your tail, inside is Secret#2, the Uzis and loads of Ammo, hurry up Lara! Go back out to the white block and jump over to the open W gate, just in front of the second gate is that Golden Target, shoot it now and the second gate opens up.

The 3rd Dragonís Gem.

Get into the pool behind it to get rid of the Wraiths. Go back to the Target room and jump over the block to the E, onto the ledge with the Lamp, then onto the higher one, jump to the ledge below E in front of the Target alcove and from the alcove standing close to the crawlspace up in the E wall you can do a left curved runjump/grab to catch the edge of the crawlspace, get in to collect the 3rd Dragonís Gem. Crawl back out, drop and slide before you backflip to the ledge, runjump SW around the higher Lamp ledge to the lower one and get back into the W passage, over the pool and into the room where the 3 Dragonís Gems can be placed in the Shrines. After every Gem Warriors will attack so now the Uzis and the Explosive Ammo will come in handyÖ

The 3 gates opened up W, follow through and slide down to a pool, climb out N and just before you can grab the Grenade-gun the level will endÖ