Back to Basics 2006 - Level index.

  #  Level name  Level Builder
 01  Jin Ra Long  Aza
 02  Gardens of Japan  dantheraider (Daniel Sherwood)
 03  The Valley of Guizhou  Dennis16 (Dennis Götz)
 04  Mallory's Trail  Marksdad (Ian Smith)
 05  An Oriental Adventure  staticon (Kevin Learwood)
 06  The Riddle of Master Lu  Masha Frenkel
 07  Heaven's Gate  BaGi (Barbara Giesecke)
 08  The Blue Sun  christoph (Christoph Summerer)
 09  The House of Kuan-Yin Lo  Isis (Sue Wicks)
 10  The Quest  Anya (Anya Marie McDonald)
 11  Tears of a Lost Dynasty  TC14 (Thibault Chatelus)
 12  In Xanadu  Tony Tomb (Michael Bender)
 13  Qiunhai Artefact  Tinka (Catherin B. Bendig)
 14  Forbidden Houses of Ni Leng Hua  Hochgiftig (Jens Nolte)
 15  A New Mission for Lara  Mikki (Michele Flena)
 16  Forest Palaces  Chronicles5 (Mike McCracken)
 17  The Dragon Island

 Horus (Nadine Lannte)

 18  The Killing Fields  Loch
 19  Cloud of Sparrows  diamond (Manuel Fumo)
 20  Nintai  Ruediger (Ruediger Abend)
 21  Temple of the Five Elements  userpaul (Paul Allan)
 22  Teahouse  MichaelP (Michael Prager)
 23  Cursed Temple  Sweet (Sascha Wandelt)