The Lost Acropolis. ( 1-3 )

Level: Harly Wuson.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, UW= underwater.

As there is no Compass in these levels, the giving of directions can be a bit difficult, but Iíll do the best I can.

Level 1: Run after Guide.

Youíll be running through the Jungle, shoot some Bats when you go forward and go L into the forest, shoot a Wild Boar and runjump up the rock to follow the canyon to a pit with Scorpions, shoot the Scorps, get the Ĺ MP and go on to the next pit to get the Flares, runjump onto the flat ledge R in front of the cave and follow, go along the L side of the cave, some rubble will drop from the ceiling. Shoot some Bats. Then go over to the R side of the Cave, look in the wall for a small triangular hole you can runjump into, follow the crawlspace to a bigger cave and go R to the lost part of the forest.

Watch out for the Spiketraps, go L around the fallen tree trunk and jump over the Spikepit, climb the trunk in front and jump to the one R, get the MP and shoot a Wild Boar on the forest floor. Go down and to the end of this forest, get Secret # 1, the Uzis from between 2 trees. Return to the first cave where the rubble fell. Thereís no other choice then to follow the cave. To the L, down the slope and keep L side again, to the R in the end is a big gate, and in the far L corner a ladder, go up and throw the lever inside to open those gates. Before you go in, explore the wall of the cave next to the gate, R hand side, jump onto the ridge and in the hole youíll find Secret # 2, Ammo and Ĺ MP. Now you can enter the big Gate.

The Castle Ruins.

Enter the ruins of the Castle, thereís a broken bridge in front of you which has a place where you can climb out of the water, on the L side. Dive in to go to the L corner (same side as the entrance) and get the Ĺ MP and Ammo on the platform there. Then swim to the far L corner along the l wall to get the MP in the alcove, notice the stairs and the gate in the bottom here and return to the bridge to climb out. Stand on the point (under the ropes) of the broken bridge at the waters edge and hop back, runjump over to the other side. Follow the path around the L side and follow up, shoot a Samurai warrior and go on to a small room over the place you got the goodies before.

Thereís a switch on a block, pull it to lower the gate, runjump/grab the crack in the pillar over the bridge and pull up, shoot a Samurai and go swing the ropes to the other side, but first, shoot the Samurai you can se on the other side. Keep shooting the pistols while ducking and hold the look key, so you can see if you draw blood, otherwise change your position a bit. When heís gone you can safely go over, use the switch and a great cutscene of half under and half above water will show you the gates in the bottom of the pool opening up. Donít get in yet, climb the switch block and see the black artifact on the wall in front, shoot it and then dive in the water to find an open gate right under the spot where the artifact was, get Secret # 3, the Shotgun and Ammo inside. Swim out and R/R, down into the stairs in the bottom and get the Ammo where the bubbles go up in the pool. Climb out in the R corner and get a MP. There are 2 Wild Boars, shoot them while standing in the water, with the pistols, takes longer, but saves precious Ammo. Great view of the building up the hill, we have to go to now.

Into the Samurai Stronghold.

Find the breakable floor part, run over and climb down when it is open. Follow the passage to a pushcrate, push it in and go L, shoot some boxes in the far R corner of the store room for the Goodies they hold and go up the stairs. This is the 1st room, there is a crowbarswitch on the floor and shoot all boxes to get all Goodies, follow all the rooms, while taking out the resistance to a room with a keyhole in the L corner, next to the gate, turn and go out of the room, another Samurai will come out, shoot him and get his Keys. Open the gate and get all the Goodies in the boxes, including the Crowbar! Open the wooden gate with the Crowbar and return to the 1st room; use the Crowbarswitch from the side of the stairs. Yusuf the Guide will take his Torch and lead you the way. Shoot the Samurais which storm in and enter the room they came out of, (the stone door at the stairs) behind the gate up the landing is the Golden Serpent, but we need a Key first. Next to the entrance door is a box, shoot it and get the Torch, go back to the 1st room and to the room next to it, hereís a fire to light the Torch, drop it for now, and throw the Crowbarswitch once more to open the gate to room 3.

The Guide.

Pick up the Torch and look for Yusuf whoís waiting to the R, he will not wait for you, the door closes behind him, drop the Torch and shoot the Samurai which is sneaking up from behind. Go light the 2 other torches in the room to open the gate again and go in, follow to a passage with a Spiketrap, run through as soon as the 1st set is down, taking little damage. Get the Ammo in the box, drop the Torch (better leave it here) and reach the Burner alley, go through and go R, shooting 3 Samurais. Find the pushblock in the R corner, (with a flare you can spot it better) and pull it out, and into the room at the burner alley, now enter the new passage and sprint all the way to the end, triggering 2 Boulders from the L, shoot some boxes in these rooms and find the passage in the back where the last Boulder is, shoot all boxes in there to collect the Goodies and drop down the hole R, there is a button in front of the gate, push, run in and into one of the alcoves R or L, as another boulder comes down, get the MP up the slope L and go R in the end, slide down, get the Ĺ MP (Yusuf is waiting up in a passage you canít reach) and run to the far R corner, pull the block out, and aside to pull the switch inside, while Rats nibble on your feet, a pole came up in the room, roll and jump up the pole, backflip into the passage where Yusuf was.

The Key.

Shoot the Samurai on the balcony in the distance and slide down to a grassy area, outside, shoot 3 Samurais and donít fall off the cliff. Climb the block on the wall and runjump onto the balcony, get the Key and open the Crowbar door. Go in and run back through the burner alley, shoot the Samurai and follow through the Spike passage to the 1st room. Use the crowbarswitch to open the gate to the Golden Serpent room and see that Yusuf put his Torch back, go to the keyhole in the R corner on the landing and open the gate, go get the Golden Serpent and shoot the Samurai. Go back to the outside pool through the store room and when you climb out of the tunnel there are 3 Samurais waiting on the cliffs, shoot them or just sprint to the pool and dive in, get a MP and some Ammo on the bottom and swim back to the Bridge, climb out and jump to the other side, go R this time and up the stairs R, shoot the Samurai and see the receptacle for the Golden serpent, go place it and see an open gate to the R of you, runjump/grabbing into the opening and get the Scarab Talisman. Go back to the place where you placed the serpent and look for the breaktile in the centre, climb down, turn around and place the Talisman.

Timed run.

Climb back up and notice the gate just under the gate where you got the Talisman. Come back here after you pulled the UW (Under Water) lever in the UW room below, from which youíve just opened the gate, so dive in, pull the lever and swim to the bridge go over and up to the Serpent, stand one step back from the edge and standjump/grabbing to get into this lower room. Get Secret # 4, the Revolver inside. Go back to the bridge, jump over and go R/ R up the stairs, turn around and runjump into the yellow building, pull out the block L and push it into the window L. Thereís a switch in the other corner, Timed, so look where you have to go first, where you pulled the block from, you can shoot a Samurai first, then see the pillars, and the passage R, where the Samurai was. SoÖ Save in front of the switch, pull, roll and sprint to the opening, R side, runjump/jump/jump right curve and run up to the opening, pull up and sprint through the open gate.

Skeleton Pit.

Get the Flares and go to the L passage down there, runjump to the Arch in front and pull out the Shotgun, wait for the Skeleton to jump to you and shoot him down the pit. Runjump over to the next arch and go L or R, you will have to go both side, so take your pick, get some Ammo and jump to the block on the wall and when the Skeleton jumps to you, shoot him into the pit, runjump to the next and over to the corner with the Chain, get the MP and pull the Chain once, the torch will light, turn to wait for another Skeleton. Go back and do the other side, getting Ammo, Skeleton, MP, Chain and Skeleton, now return to the entrance at the timed gate and go L into the opened gate, go trough the room to the jumpswitch on the opposite wall, look out the window R to see the campfire on the hillside (looks great). When you opened the gate down the stairs here, shoot the Samurai on the stairs and follow the gate to Level 2.

Level 2: Chase War.

The Crystal Star.

Go forward and a gate opens far R, shoot the Samurai from here and go for the building L, up the stairs and a Boulder will start rolling. Go L and get the Ammo in the box, turn and run jump up the slope where the Boulder is rolling, run up and climb out fast. Thereís a jumpswitch on a beam in the ceiling, close to the window with the Ammo, but first you will have to deal with 2 Skeletons, blow them into the Boulder trap, in the window where the Ĺ MP is, take out a Samurai will be shooting at you from across the street. Pick up the Goodies and throw the jumpswitch, get the Crystal Star inside and stand in the exact centre of the Boulder trap, facing the stairs below, when the Boulder rolls aside, run in and run off quick, a Samurai is waiting for you outside. Go L to the L side of the wall L of the gate, climb and runjump/grab the yellow building across the street, pull up and open the Crowbar door, get in to take Secret # 5, the Grenade Gun, Ammo and MP. Go out and shoot a Samurai across the street, drop down and go R, place the Star in the receptacle next to the big gate, shoot a Samurai behind you, enter the gate you opened and the cutscene will show a button up in a window you canít reach from here. To the R is the gate to the Crystal Moon the button will open. But it will be hard to get it. Shoot the 2 Skeletons into the Spikepit and climb up the block at the switch. Save in front of it.

Timed Run.

You can do a test run first, as there are a lot of pickups on the way over to the timed gate and this way you can practice a bit

Hereís what you have to do: Pull/roll, turn L a bit (so you run over the tip of the block) while doing a runjump with a R curve, do a running jump to the street, a running jump into the door the Samurai came out of and sprint to the block under the ladder in the end of the room, never mind Thor, youíll see enough of him later run up to the ladder, a bit R from the centre and jump/grab up, climb, pull up, run to the switch in the alcove R and in front, pull/roll/run and jump to the arch, run/jump to the ledge under the gate, when you land on it, do a standjump into the opening and a running jump/grabbing into the opening in opposite building a bit L. Hope you made it too, donít forget to save here. From here a runjump to the block on L wall and turn to the sloped block with the Spikes. Do a runjump to it when the Spikes are just up, they will go down while you runjump there and jump/grab the crack in the wall, go R and pull up at the window, push the button to open the gate below, drop down onto the sloped block and get the Crystal Moon. Well itís not over yet, go out and shoot 2 Samurais in the street, go L and R, shoot another Samurai and open the gate here with the Moon. Go in and a cutscene will show Thor coming after you and this guy can seriously hurt you with his shockwaves.

The Lava Run.

Jump over the small pit and runjump over the next, stay L of the centre and on the last ledge before the corner, turn R and runjump to the ledge at the R, just on the corner, turn L and jump over to the other side, turn r and runjump to the ledge up the slope, then into the opening R, runjump to the sloped block in the corner and jump to the block with the switch, donít use it, it will block your path, stand with your back at the wall, L of the switch, the ceiling is higher here and runjump to the R opening below, a running jump to the next ledge and a running jump to the L wider ledge, run over it with a R curve and jump/grab from the tip to the block with the MP.

On the block you are safe, get the MP and check the health, stand on the tip of the block and sidestep R once, hop back and runjump with a L curve to the R side of the wider ledge, runjump through with a R curve to the lower R ledge, another running jump will take you to the ledge where you can jump to the other side, runjump from here to the ledge L in front of the block with the red flag. Maybe you have to take one step back, to standjump/grab the top of the block and go around the R side of it (you can take MPs while hanging by hitting the 0 or 9 key), drop as soon as you can and runjump/grab the crack in the wall to the L a bit.

Go L and around the corner, drop/roll and take 2 steps forward, standjump/grab the ladder and go around L, save on the ladder and look where to go before you drop. See the conveyor belts on the ledges, they will get you there fast, but you will have to react fast too. There is a MP on the R ledge and an alcove in the back L; on the block you can see a MP. Now drop and roll, run onto the R side of the ledge and slide, jump to the ledge with the MP, runjump over to the small ledge with the conveyor belt and immediately jump L to the ledge in front of the alcove, get in, you are relatively safe here, run out after checking the health (and waiting for Thor to run away) and with a L curve, grab the block to get the Ĺ MP, jump back onto the slope next to the block and jump to the alcove, get in and from with your back to the wall (save here), start running when the Spikes go down and jump over to do a running jump from the spikeledge to the electrified ledge (curved R a bit), from here a sidejump into the passage L and run jumping up the stairs. In the next room is a block R, run around and up the sloped side. Wait just at the end of the sloped part; just before you burn, save and time your pull at the Chain.

The block under the Crystal Star goes up, go get it and runjump back to the Chain block, The exit gate up the stairs is open, Thor runs around, run out and L/L/R, youíll be back in the street where it all started, run past the big gate where you got the Moon and into the small passage in the yellow building, shoot the Samurai and use the Crystal Sun to open the door. Runjump to the R into the room, so youíll land in the water, swim to the UW lever and save, then use it, turn L and swim on the L side to the spikes, to the wall in front and R through the Spikes as theyíre down, swim near the surface and to the block L, get up and when youíre too late, jump to the centre block to get a MP in the hole L drop back at the lever and try again.

When you are through the gate a Samurai and 2 Scorps attack, take the Jeep Keys and get in. (If you donít know yet, you can back up the Jeep by hitting "sprint" and then Crtl, to go forward again, hit shift, brakes are the Alt key) Start up and drive through the wooden door, L over Samurais and Thor, L and R, more Samurais, drive it through the barred door in the end, stop there, get the Goodies in the window alcoves, hop in the jeep again and drive it through the next door, L and stay R side of the cave, over 2 Samurais, stop and see the wooden panel in the alcove where you just squashed the last Samurai, ride the Jeep up the ramp, through the panel and get Secret # 6, the Rocket launcher and Ammo inside.

Go to the Jeep again and jump the water pit, stop right behind it and go carefully through the Spiketrap. Next thing is a circular Spiketrap, time the jump and stop behind it. Now you have to jump down into the lava pit, to a rocky beach, and then ride the side to the R and up the ridge, into the room there. Stop and walk back to the beach, from there do a runjump/grab to the block with the MP, runjump back and runjump up the ridge, walk back to the Jeep, drive it through the next door and keep R, around the corner and open the door in the far R corner with it, back up and park the Jeep past the burner on the flat part on top of the Boulder slope.

Return for the door and slide down, jump into the passage R and up the passage R at the slope, never mind the Spiketrap, itís for later if you donít manage the next set of jumps. Climb up R side and turn around, stand on the edge, looking at the sloped ledge up in front, jump/grab the edge and pull up, jump and keep jumping till you land in a passage behind you, turn and slide to level 3.

Level 3: Fight to (the?) Guide.

Pull out the Rocket Launcher when you drop into the lower passage and blow the Skeleton away. Stand in front of the Conveyor  belt (nice trick) with the Spiketrap and wait till the Spikes are up, step on and go around L corner, jump the pit and jump again on the very last moment, grabbing the edge in the last moment, so you make a long jump. (Just for fun, let yourself fall from the 2nd conveyor and see what happens)

Timed run for the Scarab Beetle.

Follow the passage to a Burner pit, 3 passages to choose from, take the L, and run sharp around the corner when the flame is down. Stand on the side of the water, behind the Chain, save here and see the light of the burner in the passage in front, now when the burner is on for about one second, pull the Chain and run into the passage, runjump the burner which just went off into opposite passage and run L around the corner, sprint a bit and just behind the gate, duck, as 2 Blades will slice you in half when the gate closes behind you. When the Blades passed, you can stand up and get the Mechanical Scarab with Key. Go back to the burner pit and into R passage, hereís a grey tile, use the Scarab on it and it will kill the burner trap. Go over and pick up the Scarab, slide down the next slope and use the Scarab quick, standing in dead centre of the tile, duck when the Scarab is on the floor and go into the crawlspace when the spikes are gone, just before the Corkscrew touches your behind.

Timed Swim.

Slide down next slope and go L, you donít have to use the Scarab here, drop into the water and have a look around, thereís an UW lever here at the hole and opposite are 2 holes in the wall, when you swim through there are 2 more holes, then 2 gates, closed, turn and look into the room next to the one you dropped into, there is a stone door we will have to open in a timed swim. Go save in front of the lever and pull, roll and swim to the L hole, through the 2nd L hole and down to the L a bit to swim into the open L gate, up to the back wall for the UW lever and pull/roll, swim down and out, L/L and into the next gate, into the gate R and pull the lever there, roll and get out quick, get some air in the hole up and swim through the tunnel near the bottom, R of the gate. The current will take you to the end, go R and to the open door, follow the tunnel up and get out onto the bank in the cave.

Crazy Gates.

Shoot the Bat and look for the jumpswitch on the arch R of the gate and the gate will start to go open and close, stand one hop back from the edge of the lavapit in front of it and runjump in when it is about to open, follow to the next gate and do the same here. Stand 2 sidesteps from the L corner, look at the gate, hop back and runjump. Slide down the slope and reach a lava room with a rope.

2 Buttons, one in each corner next to the entrance, you can runjump around the corner to the first or use the rope. Runjump/grab the rope, go over to the 2nd button and then grab the rope to go through the crazy gate. Position yourself, bottom of the rope, straight in front of the gate, save and hang still, when the gate is about to open, start swinging and swing a few times, till you got the moment where the gate is opening up, then jump/grabbing into the opening. (If you happen to be just too late, Lara will grab the edge under the gate, hang till the gate is about to open up and pull up quick and run in) Go forward and turn to climb the ladder, with your feet on the bottom edge, backflip when the gate opens and hop back till you slide off the slope, grab the edge and drop into a very dark room, get the Flares and have a look around with the Binocís.

Dark Jumps.

In one corner is a switch, in the opposite corner a gate, spot the ledges in the dark and start jumping them with a flare in hand, first you will go in the wrong direction, but finally you can reach the ledge next to the switch with a long runjump/grab, standjump to the switch and use it to open the gat, raise a block so you can reach the monkeyswing. Standjump onto the block and grab the monkey-swing, go to the first burner, hang at the wall and go forward to just on the square of the burner, save there and go forward as the burner goes off, next burners, same MO. Drop at the gate and go on to the next dark room, get more Flares and see the breakledges and the sloped ones you have to jump to reach the ladder, take a Flare and standjump to the 1st breakledge, do a runjump to the next and a running jump to the safe ledge a bit R. Standjump to the sloped ledge and jump/jump to land on the ledge near the ladder, a runjump/grab will get you there, climb up and look around, here is another tricky run, save in front of the switch, Rocket Launcher ready and pull the switch, backflip/roll/arm with the Rocket Launcher while sprinting to the gate, through the Electrical Discharges, shooting the Skeletons just behind those, which will try to slow you down. (You can also go shoot them first by going over to the gate and take out the resistance before you make the final run).

Grand Finale.

Follow the tunnels to a drop off into the water, swim trough the gate, which will open for you into the big pool and get some Goodies on the bottom. Something is shooting at you from above, so check your health regularly. Get out in the corner where you pick up the Grenade Ammo and get behind the pillar. (You will get a flyby just on the slope around the corner) In this place is a central structure with a Big Red Devil, shooting at you and Yusuf the Guide on top, he took the Artifact youíll need to open a door. There is another high structure with the receptacle for it on top where you saw the MP in the flyby. Around the central structure are 4 gates. Let the devil shoot and get behind the pillar quick, then run to the next pillar when he is charging up, go up like this and jump the gap till you reach the corner where you can see a Boulder hanging in the next corner, look at the other high building L, there are grey Face Tiles in alcoves, shoot the bottom one from here and get around the corner quick, as the Boulder will come down, shoot the Devil Bird and when you managed to stay on the ledge here, shoot the next 2 Face Tiles (if you do not have the Lasersight like me, you either have to cheat here, (Save game editor), or go up and shoot the next Tiles), the 2 Boulders higher in the structure come down, youíre safe here, only thing is, there are 2 more Devil Birds on their way over to say hello.

Shoot them too and when you didnít manage to stay on the ledge this time, go back up and follow up, crawl, get MP, jumping gaps, shimmy around the outside of the structure, run through spikes, swing a rope (only swing once and when you are front, jump, otherwise youíll overshoot the ledge, climb a ladder after a long jump/grab to it (you will jump back to this point later) and finally reach the ledge where you can see the MP on the other side of a sloped ledge, (from here you can shoot something L, Lara will aim but you only see blood, no enemy) standjump and runjump through to the part with the MP, leave it for now, or take it really fast and jump/grab up the block around the corner, then onto the roof, L of the burner tile on the corner, climb up and run forward, shoot the Yusuf the Guide and get the Golden Corrida he will drop, the Big Red Devil is on itís way up, so run off the roof, back onto the lower block, check the health (like you didnít do that the last half hour) and runjump to the roof of the high building near the MP, place the Golden Corrida and get the MP, runjump over to the ledge on top of the ladder (donít grab) and jump into the pool below. A Bull is running around the grounds, you have to lure him into the gates you opened when you released the Boulders. The Bull has to break the Eyes inside, stand in the alcove and hold the "look" key so you can see him coming. Jump when he comes at you and run out to the next Eye, do all 3 and the door in the Corrida building opens, go in there and take the Sun Goddess from the pedestal, climb into the exit and run into the cave in front.

End of a great level.

Could not find a Lasersight, so if you did, please let me know!!!!

(with the help of Moonpooka, thanks!)