Looking Forward.

Level by Sheevah.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, UW= underwater.

The Boulder Slide.

Try to save as soon as Lara comes into picture, youíll need it, jump/roll as soon as you land on the slope and jump/grab from the end of the slope to the CS in front, get in to claim Secret #1, a MP, drop back out and slide backwards, holding action, to grab the edge of a spikepit, pull up/back flip/roll and slide the long slopes, chased by a Boulder, slide 2 short slopes and land on a breaktile, roll and immediately jump for the ledge in front, side jump left to avoid the second Boulder and then take out the Bats, enter the passage and get some Flares in the end, look up for the jump switch and go back out, stand on the ledge you side jumped to and see the CS to the right, get in and claim Secret #2 the Uzis. Climb back out and right, drop and hang off the sloped ledge where the breaktile was, drop and youíll slide off a sloped pillar into a passage with a crowbar gate and turn around. Look to the left of the sloped pillar and see the ledge there, jump over and go around. Drop from the edge and shimmy right, pull up into the CS.

TNT room.

Pull the TNT crate next to the crate to the corner onto the grating in the floor (flyby of gate opening up), kill the Spider after the first pull. Get the Ammo on the wooden crate and go outside again, just before you jump over the pit again, turn and drop off the ledge, hang and shimmy left, drop/grab and pull up into the CS, pull the switch to cause an explosion, kill 2 Spiders, back off out off the CS and hang/back flip/roll/grab the ladder, go up to the top of the passage and back flip/roll to land on the other side again.

Back to the TNT room (be careful, the floor is still hot) and into the blown out grating. Look for the Lasersight in SW corner and some Flares on a pillar, get some air and go behind the pillar with the Flares and into the tunnel to get the Crowbar in the end to the right. Back all the way to the passage the Boulder went in and shoot a Spider in front of the wooden gate, open it with the crowbar and run in shooting the pistols, 2 Spiders, roll shooting for a Baddy popped up behind you, take the Ammo he will drop.

The Store Rooms.

Take the Ammo on the crate in front and a Baddy appears, take him out and go into the SE corner he came out of, pull the switch and see a lowering block. Go to the wooden crate next to the entrance and get a MP, then to the SW corner, over the red brown crate (shoot box) and find another switch, it will lower the other block. Go to NE corner and into the CS, see the small grated window and shoot it while youíre here, look for the swinging ball inside, youíll return here later, take the torch and get out, light the torch at the entrance of the store room and light all 4 torches inside, the trapdoor over the lowered blocks will open, now pull the SW switch once more and climb into the trapdoor, go forward and in front of the lower part, turn around and see the CS up there (With a flare). Go get the Crossbow inside and go back down stairs, pull SW switch again and get into the CS to shoot the swinging ball with Crossbow+Lasersight. The small gate you saw upstairs opens. Yes, again the SW switch and up for new passages to explore.

Go right and at the corner, pull the pistols and shoot the Spider, get the Ammo in the end and go into the left branch of the passage, around second right, jump back for the Spider that will drop down, Climb the ladder and left into the passage, take out the coward that shoots you when you canít draw your guns and climb another ladder, on top keep left and pull up in the corner of the burner, turn and run onto the ledge to the right, between the pillars.

TNT Puzzle room.

In front of you are a trapdoor and a lot of TNT crates scattered around the room. Look for clues on the ceiling as where to put them and be careful not to put a crate between the 2 pillars along the East wall. Behind the one in the NE corner is a passage, with spike traps, leading to a box you can push once to reveal a switch, which will raise a block in the TNT room and wake up a Rat, go back and climb into passage, kill the Baddy and go down to drop on a TNT crate, stay on it and shoot everything thatís moving. Go claim Secret #3, Flares with a Baddy and a Shotgun with a Rat. Back to the TNT room and into the trapdoor, slide forward and on the grating, turn right and run off quickly, slide and jump/grab the MS over the burners. Drop in the end.

Lava Race.

Youíll land on a breaktile, stand jump twice, then side jump left and stand jump/grab, pull up and run jump to safety. Jump/grab the crack in the wall and shimmy right, to the other side, enduring a pesky Bat, above the dark shadow in the lava, back flip/roll and immediately side jump left, run jump/grab the next tile and pull up, run jump/grab in the last moment to reach the ledge at the door, turn and shoot that stupid Bat finally, enter the passage kill some Spiders and a Bat and at the TNT crate, turn and climb the ladder up about 2 steps, back flip and go pull the switch, the lava room floods, kill the Spider and get back down run into the water and between the pillars in front of you is an underwater lever on the right hand pillar, throw it to cause an explosion, get out and kill another Bat, go to where the TNT crate used to be and drop into the shaft. Look for the tunnel in SW corner. Just follow up.

The Main Room.

Get out in the green pool of the main room and see the receptacles for the puzzle pieces, a red and a blue pool, the flyby shows the open gate in the blue pool, go over there and equip yourself with the crossbow so you can draw it quickly later. Dive in and follow the tunnel to the end and get some Ammo (Secret #4), turn and into the left passage, climb out and slide down onto a trapdoor, use the crossbow to shoot all vases through the crack in front and run forward as soon as the block is down. Get the Ammo and the "Blue Magic Star" (youíll see the gate in the green pool opening up), stand in the centre of the room, facing West and look in front of you on the floor, (is that a trapdoor ?, yep!) open it and go down to claim Secret #5, some Ammo and a MP, without the secret sound (wouldnít have found it without the help of Sheevah, thanks.) and return over the now stepped slope to the Main room. You have to deal with a Demigod when you return there. The big vases are shootable, and you can pick up Flares under the SW one and Arrows under the NE one.

In to the green pool and follow the tunnel, climb the ladder and use the MS to go over to the gate far in front of you, endure the poison Darts and a Bat, land on the ledge and kill the bat, go back and take the second right, take a MP and pull the switch inside, roll, run jump into the opening and hurry up, cutting corners, go left/right and let yourself fall from the MS as the gate behind you closes on a timer, get some Ammo and same trick again, now go straight forward and get no Ammo and pull last switch, gate at the ledge opens, land on the ledge and jump forward quickly. Go get your reward, the "Purple Magic Star" (the gate in the red pool opens). Back in the Main room youíll have to deal with 2 Harpies.

Puzzle room.

Red pool this time and follow tunnel to a room with steps, as 2 Spike walls move in, sprint to the other side and enter the puzzle room. Look at the ceiling for clues and move the pieces to the right place, the pillar in the centre will lower to reveal the last puzzle piece, the "Celtic Star". Return to the Main room and have it out with a Harpie and a Demigod. Go place the Puzzle pieces and the big doors will open, go outside to get the "Golden Rose" and the level will end.

Great level, had fun and kept me quite busy for a while.