TRLE community level # Uno.

Levels by several of the builders.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, UW= underwater.

 A nice level, looking good, difficult moves at times, but the whole time playing I got the feeling I missed a lot of things, maybe I did. The puzzles where not too hard, but all in all a good level. Great Team effort.

Shoot the vases to get the Ammo from it and also the Scorp that crawls around. Drop to the pool below and run around the ledge, stepping on each Brown Tile there, this will open the gate. Go to the middle of the South wall, jumpgrab/pull up to 1st.floor and go over to the ladder on West wall, go up and over to the centre pillar, turn around and pull up into the passage above. Go to the NE corner of next room and take some Ammo on the way over enter the mummy room, get the 2 MPs and pull the lever in NE corner.

Go through opened gate to a room with pool, there are flares NW and a MP SE to pick up. Go around the back of the structure and jump into the hole on top, between the slopes. Fall into the water, get the Hand of Sirius where you land and follow the tunnel, go left and up and enter the Poison pit.

 The Poison pit.

Kill the Scorps as you go along the left side and jump over to the next ledge where they crawled around. Turn right and see the low ledge next to the centre pillars in the pit, climb them and turn East to jump to the pillar with the slope in front. Pull up, slide/jump/jump/jump to land on a ledge under a couple of Dummies (sorry, Mummies) run past them to the ladder on the North wall. Climb up and go through this room to the SE and find the next ladder to climb. Youíre back in the Poison pit, where you can enter the passage you maybe saw already. Another Mummy there, run for the NE corner, pull the lever and a pole appears in the room. Climb the pole and backflip into the alcove. Jump to the crack in the wall and shimmy left. Pull up, follow the passage and at crossing, go straight, crawl and get the 1st Cartouche Piece. Back and take the left at the crossing.

Follow the passage to a pool, get the Flares on the other bank and dive into the tunnel under the flares, tricky moves here, go up, right through the hole and keep right and up through another hole and just through this one get into the triangular hole to your right, follow it to a dark passage where you will need those flares you found, at the crack in the wall, go around the corner to the right and climb block, over and after next block, turn around and place the Hand in the slot there.

Follow passage again and you are on top of the pool. Jump to the pillar in front and get ready to shoot some Baddies. Jump to the next pillar and follow the passage up and drop from the edge to shimmy left into the corner, get a MP and return to use the MS to reach the gate you opened with the Hand. Go in and more Baddies there.

You will have to get 4 Spikeballs into 4 pits, go to the slope leading to SW corner and jumpgrab the sharp ledge above, pull up and follow up, climb and run back as a Ball starts rolling down. As soon as the slope to your left ends, runjump to the slope left of you, or do this later, go down and get out of the way of the Ball, get up again and make the jump now.

Turn as you land on the slope and runjump to the Wall of the slope you just jumped from and hang, shimmy to the grassy part, down to the lowest part and around to the right, so you can drop near a lever you can pull now, it will release Ball 2. Do the same thing on the other side of the room and the gate will open in the East.

Go right in next room, go down and find the statue, pull it once and hear a gate open, go down into the hole on the left side of the statue and get a MP. Up again and take the hole on the other side of the statue, follow down and jump over the deep pit, roll at once and runjump back, wait for the ball to fall in the pit and go over again, shoot 2 Baddies as you enter and climb the ladder on the side you want, walk over the ledge to the middle and go through gate to climb the ladder to your right, get Secret #1, Grenadegun Ammo, do not explore the bridge, a nasty trap on it.

Go to the next room, get the MP on the ledge and go over to the NE and get a MP and Ammo. Find the gate in the South wall and turn as you get there, look up and climb the ladder, walk over the ledge along the East wall and get the Uzis there, go pull the lever to open the gate downstairs. Kill the Baddy and a Scorp and enter the gate, go left and drop to lower ledge, go over to the pool in the SW and dive in.

Look for a hole in the South wall and swim in to get Secret #2, a MP, get out of the pool and go to the corner where the pole is, go up the slope opposite the statue and slide down the other side, get out of the way as a Ball comes down. In to the water and into the small gap that looks like an eye, swim left and up, and look for a hole in the ceiling near the gate. Climb up and go pull the lever there, back to the pole on ground floor.

Push the statue in so you can climb up the pole and backflip to the ledge behind, use MS to go to lever and pull it, down to the ledge below and back to the entrance of the room, look for the MS and stand on the small slope, jump up and swing over the slope in front, drop into the shaft, fall into the water and surface, look for the passage with lever to pull.

Dive in again and follow to the pool, go right and into the eye again, the gate should be open now. Swim into next opening and go right to get a MP. Go for air and now swim left/left and take the 2nd MP. Back for air once more and now go left/right/ follow/left and straight to SW, get out and run for the pedestal as 2 Boulders come down.

Take the Eyepiece and run for the door in front, as 5 Scorps appear, donít mess with them just, leave and in next room go right/right around the corner, get the Ammo and go to the pillars in the NW, climb and look for the Grenade Gun. Over to the pillars on the other side and use the MS to reach the exit in the East. Slide/jump/grab the opposite side of the pit and climb to the place where you can climb up and slide/jump in the last moment to grab the side of the ledge with the Flares.

Climb the ladder, shoot the left vase to get the Ammo in it and climb the pillar in front, stop where the surface structure changes and climb to the other side, backflip/roll/grab the next pillar and around again. Backflip to the ledge behind and get the 2nd Cartouche piece. Shoot the Baddy thatís bothering you and runjump to the sloped pillar, slidejump/slidejump and land on the sloped ledge.

Enter the hallway and look up, to see where you are going (MS), jump over the grated floor parts and climb the ladder on the South side, backflip into room with vases and a mummy. Shoot the Mummy and pull/push the statue to the other side of the room and go to the East to climb down the ladder. Jump to the crack in the pillar in next room and shimmy around to the pillar behind, jump to the ledge left and get the Ammo in the vase, jump to next pillar and go to end of the room, climb the ladder and backflip into next room with vases, look for the place to put the "Cartouche" on left wall and go to end of the room, drop from the edge and land on top of a high pillar, standjump/grab to the MS and make your way around to the other side to the exit. Enter next room and pull the lever to the left, get into the CS where the Spikeball fell and shoot vase to get the Ammo. Go down the passage and take care of 2 Baddies down in the next room.

Go to the NW corner and get into the wooden roofed structure to get the Shotgun and return to go to SW and keep to the left, along a hallway with Poison darts that donít seem to bother Lara much. Go left and find the climbable surface and go up. Shoot the Baddy and go down the sloped steps to the bottom.

Purple Rock room.

Do not step on to the sand, itís to hot for you, stay on the stone walkway and go to the right. On the highest point along the North wall, turn and jump to the grassy ledge overhead, hang and climb to top, pull up/backflip/roll/grab the one behind you, hang, pullup/slide and jumpgrab so you land on a lower yellow ledge from which you can jump to the ladder and hang on.

Climb up while a Baddy starts to shoot you (take a MP and get your sweet revenge later) go past the painting on the wall and backflip/roll/grab the ledge behind. Shimmy to the right as far as you can and save. You have to slide/jump to the top of the Purple Rock. At least to the sharp ledge a little to your right and go up the Rock, get the Hand of Orion and a gate below opens. Stand on the edge over it and backflip/slide/jump into this passage. In the Rock, donít walk on the centre square (Yikes, Spikes) and enter the passage in front.

The Labyrinth.

In the Labyrinth, go straight, follow, go right/end left and follow to pool, swim over to get the Crossbow, turn and see another passage, go in and pull the lever there. Back to where you came from and go left at the Golden entrance. Follow to room with burners. Dive into the water and swim a full circle around the central structure. Get out in the West and go to the centre, jump over the burners when it is down and get Secret #3, a MP.

The Burial chamber.

Backflip out of here and climb the ladder behind you on the West wall, backflip into the Burial chamber. Runjump over the gap in the floor to the pool, when the flame is down and take the MP on the bottom. Next to the vase near the lever is a slope, pull up and backflip/roll/grab the grassy wall behind you (if you seem to fall short, try to let Lara slide a fraction of a second before the backflip, she will go further. A nice trick I learned today from fellow raiders. You are never too old to learn!) Climb left and backflip to the ledge with the lever, or climb over it go down as far as you can and drop/grab the ledge.

Pull the lever and jump back to the grassy wall, climb all the way left and up, so you can climb up into the shaft in the ceiling. Pull up into next room, Lara is looking at a piece of the ceiling, go there and grab it to kill some Spikes at the 2nd Eyepiece. Go get it and go to next room. Jump to the ledge to your right and to the next SE, climb down and go place the "Hand" in SE corner.

Dive into the pool and go East, right around the corner and follow the tunnel to a room with a Big Door on the other side, do not walk on the sandy surface yet, try to take out the Baddies from here (or later if you like). You will fall through the sand, so turn and back off the ledge while grabbing, drop and get the flares there. Into the water and through the tunnel North, follow and crawl through a hole and climb the ladder in next room, to the Big Doors. Stand in the middle of the doors, (I could not see the slot for the Eye of Horus but it is there) place the "Eye" and leave this level.