The Legacy of the Gods. (LOTG)

Levels by Jedi Master (Luisa Martins)

Walkthrough by Dutchy (with help from Moonpooka and Kristina) (revised Sept 2013).


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Chapter 1. 2 secrets

Shoot all the vases you see, some will break and have goodies for you, but it will be a too long story when I mention them all.

Itís possible Iíve forgotten to mention some smaller enemies, but you will find them soon enough.

Some room names are in "bold", for you to remember because they will be referred to in the walkthrough later.


"Somewhere in Europe"

From where you land, go left and just before you climb up to the plant, look left and run jump grab the ladder on the W wall, go down to the end of the ladder and back flip/roll/grab the opening, climb in and get Secret #1, Goodies. Jump back to the ladder and go up to the top, back flip/roll/grab back to the ledges. Follow to a run jump to the corner slope, slidejump to the pillar and run jump to a left sloped pillar on W wall, slide and jump/grab the SW ledge. Go right and get some Flares left, in the end climb up into the crawlspace left and follow, drop to lower passage and go left To the right is a closed door, follow to the lever and open the door with it, go back (climb up the high wall, only use the ďCtrlĒ and ďupĒ Keys, no Jump) and follow new passage to a pit with a breaktile, just run around right corner onto it and left onto the safe ledge, run jump to the pillar and stand jump into the opening with a grab and right curve.


The Main room, the Crowbar.


Get some Arrows in a hole right and go E, drop down to the Main room as I will call it. run jump/grab the 1st pillar and look left to see the button there, stand jump onto that pillar and run onto the ledge at the button (NW), push it to open a door on a lower level in the room. Back to the pillar and run jump to a high pillar you can just see in the NE and stand jump onto the higher ledge with the vase, go run jump/grab W to a kind of balcony, and remember this one as we will be back here to go into the N passage. For now we go down to the passage SW in the structure, down the ladder and to the SW, shoot the Rats and hop to the pillar in the lava room, get Ammo and shoot the grate, hop/grab in and get the Crowbar from the box. Get back to the passages and go E/left and hop over the pit, follow the passage down to a balcony in the room, go left and into the door you opened before (first button).


The Warrior room, the Lasersight.


Reach the Warrior room with a pit. Go over to the NW corner and go down into the pit. Hang from the last block and drop, side jump left, land in front of a box and shoot it quick, get the Uzis from it and go find some Warriors when you go W. Just treat them as Horsemen, hop back from them while shooting them in the chest. In the wide passage here you have some room to move, when you did all 3 of them in, head W and right, shoot the vase and hop over the gap to the fence with the box behind it, look up right and jump into the alcove there, to get the Lasersight, go back over the lava and right/right, run jump over the lava and reach the Diamond room.


The Diamond room, the Revolver.


Looking out over the room, youíll see the 5 receptacles left and another Warrior waiting for you on the other side. Go along the left side and to the pool, take care of the Warrior and dive into the water on the right side of the stairs, find the hole in the central structure and throw the UW lever, a gate opens. Swim up and through the N hole to the next pool, climb out on S ledge and get the Arrows from the red box in the gazebo. Go to the NE corner of the Diampnd room and get the Revolver from the box. When returning to the Warrior room, you have to deal with 2 Warriors, climb back up the blocks in the place N where you found the Uzis. Go through SW to the balcony in the the Main room, take a right around the corners and return over the stairs to the passage where the rats were.


The Main room.


Go to the ladder N and climb up, back flip to the ledge, hop onto the balcony and go to N passage. Walk up to the edge behind the plant and look up, jump/grab the ladder and climb up, get Arrows right and use the lever left, go down into the room below and shoot that Rat.


Room with the 3 doors.


Combine the Revolver and Lasersight and shoot the Blue ball in the ceiling over the pillar. Get up onto the block in the middle of the room and get the Ammo from the vase.




Jump to the E door and just sprint in, you will drop onto the pillar in the lava, go run jump to the other side and shoot the Bats there, climb up left, turn and jump to the opposite alcove, turn and jump/grab the ladder, and up you go. run jump/grab over to the other side and follow to a room where you can get some Ammo on the SW pillar, jump to the NE corner and climb up, turn and shoot the grate, run jump/grab in to the opening and shoot the Rat. Grab the Crossbow from the pedestal in the Turkish bath and dive into the pool. Grab the Arrows and swim into the tunnel, follow to the Pushblock room.


Block puzzle I, the 1st Venus Diamond.


Go to the N side after shooting the Rat and shoot the vase in the alcove, push the block all the way in and go left/left, pull a block as far as you can. Go back to the room and into a crawlspace in W wall, now you are behind the block, so you can push it into the alcove with the trigger Tile. A trapdoor opens up in the room, above the spiketrap. Roll and run to the block on opposite side in the passage, push it in twice and the Spikes are down, climb up into a revealed passage in the ceiling where this last block was. Turn and climb up to top room, go to the back and run into the hole, so you can grab the Jumpswitch. While you drop, the pillar behind you lowers, and there you have your 1st Venus Diamond.




Go back to the room with the 3 doors. Hop on the block at the W door and turn left, jump up and grab the monkey swing leading into the corner where a well hidden Jumpswitch is waiting for you. The door is open now, so go in and shoot a Skeleton (Crossbow, Explosive Arrow). Go left at the fences and climb to a Crowbar lever , and throw it to lower a wall where we will go to next. Go back and onto the single ledge, left at the golden fences, drop back off the side and spot the Jumpswitch. Drop/grab to use it and drop to the lower sloped ledge, slide/slide and jump onto the ledge at the bottom of the ladder, jump up into the alcove left of the ladder and go throw the lever and the 3rd door opens. Run back onto the ledge under the ladder and climb up, go back E to enter the 3rd door.


3rdDoor, the Shotgun.


Stand on the edge and shoot a Bat. Drop into the water and get some Shotgun ammo in the E, then open an UW door W side and swim in, get out, shoot the box to get the Shotgun and go E, stand jump with a grab to the alcove right over the lava and follow the passage to a lever, pull it to open a gate in the room with the burner. Return, drop into the 1st hole and swim back to the burner. Climb up the burner pillar in the SE corner, so you can run jump/grab into the NE passage. Enter the gate and follow to a pushblock (obvious) left, a Skeleton awakes, maybe 2, it differs (notice the yellow wall behind him), deal with him (them) first.


Block puzzle II, the 2nd Venus Diamond.


Go to the end of the passage, left at the yellow wall and pull the block out once. Return through the passage to the block in the W wall, push the block in all the way. Turn right and push the one N once and you'll see another block left, push it to the end and to the right once, go behind it to take the Flares from the alcove, push the block into the alcove to create some space. Turn around, go to the opposite block and pull it S twice, so you can get the block out of the NE passage and into the alcove N, the yellow wall lowers, a Skeleton will come for you, shoot it! Go back to the passage where you shot the 1st Skeletons and pull the block that was behind the yellow wall (N) onto the yellow square, now you can go around the passages entering the passage NE which holds your 2nd Venus Diamond.


Down again.


et the small medipack and run jump to the arch over the entrance, put the water in the scale (stand at the back) and go to the NW corner where the gate opened. Pull the lever and drop from the platform, go into the structure and right, pull the block out and push it on the Tile W, then pull it straight out and onto the light green square right of you (raising block), go inside and into the passage the block came out of.

Pull the lever and see the block raised to 1st floor, go up there and around the block, to the S passage, use the lever inside to lower a pillar at the block (notice the hatch in the ceiling). Now push the block to the Tile and the UW gate opens, go down and swim in, straight and get the Trident (wasnít mentioned in the list of objects) in the room with the statue. Go swim back and right, notice the triangular hole left for later and follow to the end of the crooked passage, pull the UW lever and return to go up in the triangular hole you saw, get Secret #1(12), Goodies. Go back to the block room and up to the 1st floor, the S passage and up the ceiling.


Crawl under the 1st blade and jump over the next ones on the side where they arenít attached to the wall, at the last a Wraith or two will show up, so donít wait too long getting to the fountain in the middle of the room. On the bottom of that hole is a small medipack. Get out and climb up to 1st floor ledges (SW), thereís a ledge on the S wall next to the roof. There's a lever on the green wall (well hidden). The lever is timed and will open the gate in the NW, pull, roll and turn right a bit while run jumping to the ledges, sprint over the bridge and jump over corners to take the shortest route into the gate. Run right over the breaktile and throw the lever, roll to get out of the cutscene and run around the corner quick to get to the fountain again. Do the same in the SE corner for the NE gate, no Wraith this time, but a Secret in the pit, climb down to get Secret #2(13), Ammo. Back up and to the opened door in the SE, shoot the Skeletons waking up as you go in, one in front and the other behind you. Push the block inside once and throw the Crowbar lever in the new right hand alcove, pull the block outside and W against the big blue button on the grey block, a door will open on the S roof.


2nd Pushblock puzzle.


Go in and to the SW corner, pull/push the block there all the way into the entrance so you can go around the central pillar, go to the SW corner again and pull the block which was behind the first block out once and E once. Go around, pull the first block you pushed into the entrance back out twice to the W, turn around and enter the passage you opened SW, go right over a pit and pull the lever to stop some Spikes. Notice the Gold Tile there. Now look in that pit for a crawlspace, go in to get Secret #3(14), Ammo. Climb out left and push the block left of the lever you pulled, to the E once and shoot the grate, go out and to the other entrance of the room again, push the block at the entrance all the way into the NW corner and go to the SE corner, push the right hand block in all the way and go to the SE corner again, pull out a block there (S) as far as you can, go around outside into the other side of the room, where the lever is.

Go to the SE over the pit push the block left at the dead end and go in right to find a button in the new passage, a block goes up in the pit where the secret was. Go back there and outside, in the other door and push the block (second one S) back to the button alcove, so you can use this passage again. Now you have to move the block in the NW corner of the room onto the Gold Tile, by going round a few times and a gate opens in the E on ground level.


Go to a swimming pool on ground floor and open the Crowbar door N, go in after you shot the Skeletons and place the Trident to fill up the pool, use the UW lever next to the E gate and go in. Climb out and go up the slope SE, around and up the steps. Past the grey wall part left, look at the opposite wall and use the monkey swing to reach the Jumpswitch. The grey block will lower, so go up again and pull a block behind the lowered wall once to open the passage behind the block, go around and ďwalk into the LightĒ.


Burner room.


Drop to the lower floor and see the lever behind the gate left, go on and down right, run jump to the 1st burner when itís down and go left around the corner and hang on the next, pull up and turn, so you can stand jump/grab the 2nd burner when it is down, go right and pull up in the corner, run jump/grab the 3rd when they are both down and go right, pull up in the corner and run jump across the burner with a right curve to the safe ledge N. See the alcove over the next burner, in E wall, here you have to go later after you opened a door inside, so stand jump/grab N, run jump/grab N, stand jump/grab W, see a Jumpswitch on the right wall for later, run jump/grab S, stand jump W, run jump into the alcove S, pull the lever to open the door in the E passage, go jump back there and from the outer corner of the ledge, stand jump up in.


Platform room, Timed Gates.


Reach a room with a lot of platforms, go left and shoot the 2 Skeletons. Look for the lever in the NE corner and go to a raised block opposite the entrance, climb up to 1st floor and go NW, shoot the vase and get the Ammo, go run jump to the balcony over the entrance (along W wall) and look up left at the blue door, shoot the Ruby out of the Lionís mouth and go on to the S, run jump/grab the ledge in the corner and climb up left, run jump into the alcove with the button SE. Jump back out and climb up right, shoot the Skeleton and look for the 1st Timed lever right (central strucutre), it will open a gate E on the 1st floor of the N side structure. Drop down NE, turn N and run jump into the N structure. Go in E to push the button inside. Climb back up to the 2nd floor to pull the Timed lever on the N platform, head down to the 1st floor S structure, another button inside. Last Timed lever on the S structure is for the gate in the central structure 1st floor where you'll find the last button. The blue door opens on the balcony near the Lions head (W). Go use the lever inside to flood the burner room.


Flooded Burner room, the 4th Prometheus stone.

Go back to the burner room and swim S to the small tunnel and then to an opening in the W wall, near the safe ledge. Use the UW lever there and swim to the sandy ledge at the NW corner, climb out and jump to the burner from where you can jump/grab the Jumpswitch, (which will open a gate to a Secret you'll get to later). Climb out at the sandy ledge again and jump into the passage W, go over the edge and hang, shimmy all the way to a white passage, follow shooting the Skeletons and get the 4th Prometheus stone, sprint back with a Wraith on your tail and drop into the water at the cracked wall, swim out and to the entrance of the Burner room (tunnel S).

Go back to where you pushed the block, now push it once S into the entrance passage and go around to push it E so you can go through the opened wall, go to the NW corner and pull the block there (W) twice. You can get rid of the Wraith in the burner room. Go back where you removed the last block and enter the room with Secret #4(15), Ammo and a lever to throw. (This one is #1 of two for the #6 Secret gate in the room where we place the Stones later).

Go back out and drop at the monkey swing to the lower floor and swim back and gi in SW to the gate at the entrance of these rooms, go into the right hand passage and up the stairs, shoot some Skeletons and climb the ladder in the end, push the button and see Skeletons awake on the ledges and doors open, go down the ladder and out the left hand door (W). Go over to the roof over the entrance to this big room in the N, shoot some Skeletons hanging about and jump/grab the roof, pull up, get the Ammo and use the right hand lever inside. Roll and run to the opposite one, pull and go to the last one in the middle, it will open the door in the Ground floor passage S. That one is a timed door, so you have to run jump back to the ledges, run over to the S, down to the ground floor and into the passage S. Quickly down into the door to a dark labyrinth.


The Dark Labyrinth, the 5th Prometheus Stone.


The door closes behind you, so no way back here, go right and follow to a corner with a triangular alcove, go in for some Flares, out and right, notice the unlit wall torch here and go right/right at the crossings over pits. Notice the burning torch and go left at the blue door on the other side of the pit, right at the next unlit torch and down into a lower passage, use the lever and return to the blue door, get the Torch inside and go back out. Straight E over the pit and left. Ignite your torch and go back to where you found the Flares first, light torch #1 there and go back to the blue door. Go S to light torch #2, follow the passage S around the back and where the passage makes a left turn, leave the torch and look up right in the corner, go into the crawlspace for Secret #5(16), Ammo and a Medipack.


Back out, pick up the Torch and head E, over the pits and to the end of the passage, light torch #3. Return to the blue door and go right (E), over the pit and to the T-crossing, leave the Torch here and go right, over the corner pit and get the Flares, turn back, take the Torch and hop N over the pit, left and light torch #4 in the wooden passage, go N and straight into the lower passage at next crossing, light torch #5 in there, the gate opens finally. Go back to the crossing and left, follow to the gate, shoot the skeleton and dive into the water. Under the stairs is an UW ceiling lever, go back up and get your 5th Prometheus Stone. Dive back in the pool and swim to a passage with swinging Spike bags and spikes, jump past the first 2 bags and sprint past the last, over the Spikes up the passage and swim back to the fountain.


Go back to the Main room, through the N water passage and place all Prometheus Stones, the gate behind you opens, go in and get the Hepaistos Oil. The gate of the room above this one opens, so climb up to the arch and go get the 2nd Golden Star and some Ammo left. Now, if you want the next Secret, jump from the ledge outside to the roof E, go into the open gate and look up right for the crawlspace I showed you before. Get in and follow through to a button, push it if you didn't yet and the gate N across the room opens up (if not, you possibly didn't use the lever at Secret #4).


Grab the ceiling and go all the way over to the Secret gate you just opened, go down to get Secret #6(17), all kinds of Goodies. Go back out and down and to the N gate, up the pole and back flip off, go up into the W passage, follow up and finally down a slope to slide back to the 3 level point.


You're facing S when the level reloads, but we don't need to go to Chapter 4 -2, so turn around and go N to


Chapter 4 - 1 revisited. 1 remaining secret

The Thor Key.


Follow N and jump over to the blocks N, go down the ladder and to the pit, jump/grab the other side and shimmy right, pull up. Climb the block right and look up N. Climb up into the passage with the web, follow, shoot the vase at the ladder right and get some Arrows. Go up the ladder and reach the Jungle.


Element Puzzle.


Drop down and go fill your waterskin in one of the shallow pools, climb up at the E structure again, using the shortcut pillar, remember? (N side of the E structure). Go into the open door and put the elements in the bowls, Water left, Oil centre and Sand right (better not save till you ignited the Oil). Place the 2 Golden Stars in the opposite wall and the S door opens, get the Torch and go out on the entrance pillar, stand just over the torch and light yours (maybe first dhoot the Bug). Go back inside and light the Oil in the bowl, the other door opens. Go pull the lever inside to open the Thor gate. Go down to forest floor and to the W structure, up the right hand stairs and look for the lever on the pillar just around the corner up there. Pull to open a trapdoor in the pool below, go outside and into the pool under the building and follow the tunnel to the Thor room. Turn E inside and shoot the Ruby in the Lionís head to open the door to the Secret.


Turn around to get the Thor Key and see the Atlas gate open up. Go back to the forest floor, if you want the last Secret of Chapter 4 - 1, you'll have to go back to the crossroads of the 3 parts of the level, for the blue door there on the left, go back to the grey stone pillar on the S wall near the Aqueduct. Climb the pillar and go through the triangular hidden passage to come to a slope, slide down and just drop into the pit (safe ledge), climb up and up the ladder. Run jump over to the now open door E and get Secret #3(18), Ammo and a Medipack inside. Go jump back W, follow the same route as in the Thor Key paragraph to the top of the E structure in the Jungle and jump to the Aqueduct, go N and swim into the now open gate to the next level, the Atlas Key level.


Chapter 5-1. 6 secrets

Timed Run.


Slide down the long slope, jump to the right so you will slide down the right hand side and jump to the right in the end, maybe jump some more times to the right so you will be out of the way of the Boulder. Go E and right, follow the small passage to Secret #1(19), Ammo and a small medipack. Go back and straight into the cave in front, left and to the lever, timed for the door W past the Boulder, so save and pull, roll and sprint to the Boulder, jump over the pit and run into the door and keep running as there are breaktiles behind the door, left around the corner and jump to the next tiles, a running jump will get you on the last set, run left into the safe passage and follow to the Valley.


The Valley.


A bunch of cute little Birds will come and say hello, reply with Bullets. Just run to the end of the sandy ledge so you take all of them out at once. Return to the beginning and jump over to the ledge on W wall, where you can climb into an alcove in the NW, throw the Crowbar lever inside (screen of a gate). Go out, turn left, jump to the sloped surface in the NW and slide to the valley floor. Get some Flares at the Skeleton there and go to a hole in the ground in the NE, just at the entrance of this UW tunnel is a ceiling lever, pull it to open the way to a Secret. Climb up the block when you got out of the water, look behind you for the Jumpswitch and use it, go climb up S and where you have to turn around to go on, look right up in the wall after you pulled up, go into the crawlspace for Secret #2(20), Arrows and a Medipack. Go climb N up the shaft and at the exit is a lever to pull, the gate opens up. Go to the ledge on NW wall and left, look down and see the open gate, jump down to the ledge in front of it. Go stand jump to the first pillar, run jump the next and 2 run jump/grabs to the other side where you will find a lever to open the next gate. Back to the Valley.


The Athena Soul.


When you come out, the rest of the Birdies will show up. Go over to the SE corner where there is a possibility to climb up to the ledge over the big blue doors at the Statues. From this roof you can do a run jump to get back onto the central ledge and go left to the W where the ledge touches the W wall. Look over the N side down to find that opened gate and safety drop down to it, donít slide into the pits. Go inside and get the beautiful Athena Soul. Another gate opens, go to the entrance of this room and climb the S wall to go for Secret #3(21), Ammo and return outside. Make your way to the SE again, go up to the roof and jump to the central ledge. Go right to the E wall and where the ledge touches the wall, you can do a curved run jump to the small ledge under the gate in E wall. Go in and jump into the pool inside, an Ancient Warrior is running around, you can shoot it like a Horseman. Take the small medipack he drops and pull the lever in the SW to open the big blue doors S.


Enter and shoot the 2 Warriors. Go S and right and shoot 2 more Warriors, find the Jumpswitch in the NW corner and go back to the passage, go to the other side and shoot the next Warrior, look for the crawlspace in the NE corner and get in there.


Burner alley, the 2nd Athena Soul.


Standing on the higher ledge at the breaktiles, stand left and run jump to the first tile (safe) at the horizontal burner ahead, go around the corner when it goes down and stop just around the corner as the tile there is also safe. Stand in the right hand corner and look if the burners below are down, hard to see I know, a stand jump to the next corner and a side jump left to the next safe tile.


Now turn so you can side jump left into the next passage and run around the corner over the missing tile (this time watch for the glow of the burner around the corner, because that is the important one), then run jump to the last tile and stand jump into safety. Shoot the grate and hop over the pit, shoot the big vase left first and jump to the left into the room and jump into the alcove opposite the entrance, turn to use the Jumpswitch and kill the Spikes, go get the 2nd Athena Soul and some Ammo. (The other passage at the first breaktile pit opened) See another Warrior running about behind the gate and head back to the burners, grab the ceiling and go swing back, drop onto the lower ledge at the start only when the burner below is down and quickly take a step forward. Get back through the crawlspace. Go shoot yourself another Warrior and climb back up to the central ledge in the valley.


Blades Room, Timed Door.


Go to the passage N, but be careful at the Skeleton lying on the path, it has become a Spike trap now. Run jump over a pit to the room with the Blades, not too hard, look where they hang from the ceiling and stand on the other side of the path, close to the blade as possible and stand jump past, sidestep to the other side and do the same, time the jump at the Spikes and run jump to the right hand slope in the next room, grab the edge and go right, pull up, back flip/jump/grab the monkey swing and head into the passage. The lever there is timed, so save in front and roll after pulling, sprint back, run jump sharp right to land on the ledge between 2 pits, stand jump over the pit into the open door.


The Pushblock Puzzle.


Push the Statue of the nice lady to the SW corner where the different ceiling Tile is and the trapdoor that was under the Statue opens. Get some Ammo in the NE vase. Drop down in the Pit and light a flare to find the pushblock in E wall, push it all the way in (there's a lever behind it). Now go right, shoot a little rat and go to the end of the passage, push the left block (S) and go into the new passage shoot rats as they emerge. Go find the 2nd block right from the dead end, push it once (it is now in the Pit) and go all the way back to the pit and push the block into the corner. Go into the E side and pull out the 1st block back where it was, go around through the opening W and use the lever that is located behind the first block. Now push the block back so you have both ends of the passage open.


Go right after you pushed it back to the lever and to the most SW corner, pull the S block out twice and go around to enter the passage behind it, shoot some Rats and climb up the ladder in the end (turn/look up) back flip to the alcove and throw the lever, back down and right over the pits to the next lever. Go to the Pit and use both switches in the now open alcoves S and N, the door above in the Statue room opens. But donít go there yet, push the last block back in the passage at the ladder and roll, go N to the end of the passage and pull the block out 3 times, go around and get Secret #4(22), Ammo from behind it. So now youíre finished here, go up to the Statue room and out the W door.


The Atlas Temple, Lots of Levers.


Shoot the 2 Warriors on entering and go up a block at the E wall, left when facing the entrance and shoot the grate, go use the lever and go to the right side of the entrance, do the same and a pillar raises next to the ledge outside, climb up and run jump/grab to the balcony S. Go W and shoot the 2nd last vase for Ammo, go to the SW corner and look on the blue block on W wall for the lever. Go E and to the 3rd blue block right, use the lever on it to raise a block next to you, climb up and shoot a grate in E wall, at the end of the monkey swing, go there and push the button. Drop to the floor and go up the block again, climb into the alcove at the monkey swingís end and use the button. Grab the monkey swing and go N, behind the plants is a Jumpswitch to pull. Go pull the lever left of the white block again, so it will lower and you can use the lever behind it.


The South Building, Target Practice.


Look behind you to find an open trapdoor, drop down and notice the receptacles on the block you're on. Go E, in the NE corner under the window is a timed lever to open a small gate up in the S wall. You have to shoot a ball behind that gate. Shoot the box in the window, equip the Revolver with the Lasersight and pull the lever. Hop back and jump with a roll up into the window, draw the revolver and shoot the Ball in the gate before it closes again. Go to the other room W and notice the Jumpswitch on W wall, go up the window where the box is and look in S wall for another Ball to shoot. The Spikes under the Jumpswitch are down, so use that and see the gate at the 3rd Stone open. Get the Ammo from the bottom of the pit and go push the button on the back of the receptacle block in centre room, the exit opens. Go N and stand with your back to the centre Temple, look up above the gate you just left and shoot the Ruby in the Lionís head.


The West Building, Raise the Platform.


Go back up the balcony of the S building and to the NW corner, jump to the ledge with the nice plant and then face NW to side flip around the corner to the N ledge. Get down to the grey ledge with the button and you already guessed that, push it. It opens the W gate below, so slide down and shoot the Warrior. Enter the gate and hop on the centre block in the back room, jump around the right corner and get into the crawlspace to get Secret #5(23), Ammo. Drop hang back out and shimmy left, pull up and jump to the ledge on S wall, turn around and jump to the lever. Jump back S and go left, stand jump to the ledge close to the gate E and get out. Go left and at the end of the ledge look down over the E side. Drop to grab the Jumpswitch and go back up the ledge you just dropped down from. Look over to the roof of the Atlas Temple E and spot the raised platform, run jump/grab there and get some Ammo on the roof and throw the lever while youíre there (#1 for the N door), get back to the ledge W.


The North Building, for the Stone.


Go over the roof of the N building to the SE corner and find the button on the wall there. Jump there and push it to open the door on the N balcony. Go back shoot the vase on the balcony for some Ammo and go inside. To the right and look left/up behind the plants at first corner use the Jumpswitch and go to the entrance, a wall lowered there (N), use the lever and go W, open the hatch in the end and throw the Crowbar lever up in the attic. Back down and E to the end where you can push a button now. Go back out to the balcony and shoot some Birdies, go left and jump to the NW corner onto the roof, slide down onto a slope and head to the entrance of the N building.

Go right and throw a Crowbar lever in the back of the pool, go W and stand on a breaktile in the N side of the pool, swim in and use the UW lever to kill the spikes at the 3rd Athena Stone, go get it in the hallway. Taking this last Stone also caused a platform to raise at the E wall outside, giving access to a Secret. Go out and into the W building, up to the ledge and jump N to the roof of the N building. Go to the SE corner and jump to the new platform. Go inside and get Secret #6(24), Arrows and a Medipack. Get down to the ground floor.


The South Building, use the Stones.


Head back to the S and place the 3 Athena Stones in the receptacles on the block and the gate opens. Follow to a crossing with 2 closed doors and a hole in the floor.


Chapter 5-2. 2 secrets

The Sunken Temple.


Only option is to get in the water, look on the 1st pagoda for the Ammo, on the W side of the base on the 2nd pagoda is an UW lever. Swim to the last pagoda for the 2nd UW lever to open that trapdoor. Swim up to shoot a vase on the bottom, E of the pagodas and dive in to get the small medipack, swim to the structure at the W wall and climb up on the roof. Drop in the trapdoor facing E and find the UW ceiling lever in that room. The gate opens in the E structure; swim over and up to the surface inside.


Timed Run in the Horse Room.


Look in the alcove on right hand wall (S) for the lever. It is timed, save and pull, turn left and sprint like crazy down the left hand passage E, left and to the button on left wall at the gate, push and while Lara pushes, hold back flip or side jump left, so she will jump away as soon as possible, the Spikes will come back up any moment (Could be the spikes are up when you get down there, but they are harmless for a few seconds more).


The Small Lava Room.


Enter the gate and shoot a Lavabird, go stand on the left side of the entrance, look left and see the ledge with the plant, run jump to it and dive into the red water hole (Yep not deadly at all!) swim to Secret #1(25), Goodies, look for a lever behind the pedestal where you pick up the Uzi Ammo. Pull it and music sounds, (it lowers a wall to access the second secret later on), swim back and climb out from the hole. Run jump aiming for the corner of the red pillar nearest to the ledge in the lava E (this way you can just run over the small ledge along the pillar) and this is the only way to get back to that low ledge E. Run jump to the ledge between the 2 pillars SE, run jump to the N ledge and face the wall, side flip onto the sloped wall left, shimmy left to the end, pull up and back flip. Jump from the central structure back with a left curve to land on the ledge at the burner, jump into the passage N.


Hang into the pit around the corner. Drop/grab and get into the crawlspace, follow to a lever, it will open a door in the top of the Lavaroom and also a door behind you. Jump up W, drop from the other end and run jump/grab the burner pillar, pull up in the corner and run jump/grab the next ledge, climb up to the top of the room and shoot 2 Lavabirds. Jump to the ledge with the open door right and get in, grab Ammo and pull another Timed lever, roll, sprint out and jump to the central roof, over to the opposite ledge and just into the door before it closes.


The Timed Rope Swing, the 1st Pegasus Tear.


You are in a room with a deep pit and a rope in the middle of it, shoot the 2 Lavabirds and swing to the other side. Go S and to the lever in the alcove, save in front and pull, roll and do running jumps over the ledges in front of the pillars to the alcove on the other side, pull the lever fast as the Spikes will come up soon, roll and run jump to the 1st ledge, a running jump/grab with a right curve to the rope. Go down and swing one time to the opposite corner and jump, you will land on the floor, run like the wind into the open gate SW and go pull the lever inside (spot the white block there). The Timed part is over now. Swing back over the pit to get the 1st Pegasus Tear, the left one, the one with the Skeleton is trapped with spikes.

Shoot the vase for a small medipack and swing back to the other side, go into the lever passage again and see the block lowered, get the Ammo and drop down to where the Timed Spikes are, go to the N passage on the other side again and this time just go up to the central roof. Go to the SE corner from the ledge at the Rope room to push the button (As usual you have to be careful on those down sloped ledges, you get stuck on the edge and fall off when you want to look over the edge). Go back over the central roof to the SW corner and enter the opened door. To the right is a passage with a closed Gold door. For now go up the stairs, shoot the Warrior and open the red doors by pushing them (Ctrl), shoot the Warriors before they push you down into the Horse room.


The 2nd Pegasus Tear.


Go left over the balcony, notice the Star on the other side and the grate with the Stone receptacle left, open the next set of red doors and go down to a Crowbar lever, use it. Open the Crowbardoor behind you to have a shortcut back up here later and head back to the passage with the closed Gold door. Left to where the block raised and find the Jumpswitch there. After the use of it, go to the Lavaroom and shoot a Lavabird, go to the right side of the Arch and stand one step back from the edge, stand jump down to the raised pillar and jump to the central structure where the 2nd Pegasus Tear awaits you.

The Gold door in SW passage opens up in the room, so run jump down to the ledge in the lava NE and go back up to the top of the room, straight to the passage, into the open door in the right hand passage where you pulled the Jumpswitch before (You can also go from the central structure to the raised pillar in the lava and jump back to the entrance, up to the horse room and down the other E passage, into the opened Crowbardoor and up, itís up to you). Shoot the Warrior and follow passage down to a vase with Ammo and use the lever to open 2 doors behind you.


The Boulder Traps.


Shoot the Warrior and go straight at the crossing, into a blue passage, go to the lever and save. It is not as hard as it looks, pull/roll/run into the passage right, stop on the centre of the tile in the entrance of the Boulder trap and wait for the right moment, stand jump and wait for the 2nd Boulder, stand jump and stand jump/grab into the open door, another Boulder hangs up right, run left and jump into the passage left in the end at the water hole.


1st Helios Star.


Spot the Star you have to get after you raised the block under it. Dive into the water and follow the tunnel to an UW door, look right and use the ceiling lever, go back to the block you raised and get the 1st Helios Star. Go back to the UW door and open it to come back to the Sunken temple.


TheTimed Swim, the 3rd Pegasus Tear.


Swim straight to the roof of the Arch on the E side and open the Crowbardoor, go in and use the timed lever to open a door S, roll, run out left and run to the end, take a long dive (shift and Alt) and swim to the S pagoda, get up on the roof and run jump into the open door, get your 3rd Pegasus Tear. Go swim back to the Horse room (underwater gate E) and this time go down the right hand passage E, to where you opened the Crowbardoor (shortcut). A Warrior or 3 show up, I lost count, so take out what you find and go stand on the end of the balcony of the Crowbardoor, jump/grab the Jumpswitch next to the red door up in the wall and climb in. Shoot the Warrior inside and go place the 3 Tears, pull the lever in the corner (probably to lower the wall inside the Secret room). Go back outside and drop, turn right and go down the stairs, to the Big Lava room.


The Big Lava room, 2 Stars and 2 Stones.


From the lower big ledge, shoot the Lavabirds and then from right hand corner a run jump to the sloped ledge behind the SW pillar. Go to the NW and notice the alcove with the receptacle for the Stone up left in the wall. Run jump to a ledge around the corner and to the NW corner pillar over the burner, left and run jump/grab the sloped pillar, over and slidejump/slidejump/slidejump to a ledge. Climb up, go right and run jump/grab the ledge at the room left, turn right and run jump/grab to the pillar under the red door W, look up left and shoot the Ball, run jump back to the E and enter, go left to use the lever and go to the lever at the now raised block behind you.

Get some Arrows in the other corner and run jump through the spikes to the red door. Use the button inside to open a gate at the next Star. Go out and run jump to the lower passage S, go through the passage and notice the white wall left (youíll be back later), jump to the ledge in the lava and go over to the ledges at the S gate where you see the 2 Athena Stones waiting for you.


2nd Helios Star.


Follow to the burner Tiles (Save before you jump there and keep the save separate, because I got a crash after I saved ON the corner of one of the burner ledges). Jump from one to the other standing in corners and go N to the open gate, climb in and get the 2nd Helios Star. The door left opens up, push the button near the door and see that white wall in the S passage go down. Go out W and shoot the Lavabird while standing on the Star balcony (remember this balcony). Go back inside and out through the gate to jump back over the burners and along the S wall and into that alcove in the passage, over the pit inside to the lever which opens a red door in the place youíre going next.

Follow the path along the S wall and all the way up the steps in the SE. Run jump/grab from the burner Tile to the sloped pillar N and go over, slide/jump/grab the ladder on next pillar, go over and slide/slide/jump/grab the ladder, go up and over, slide/jump, slide/jump and keep jumping till you can grab the ladder, go up and turn right, run jump to the pillar in the wall and shoot a Lavabird right.


3rd Helios Star.


Run jump over to the N pillar and to the right (E), imediately left is that open red door, climb up and follow up to the 3rd Helios Star. Climb the left wall and go over to get Secret #2(26), Goodies (the block in the crawlspace lowered with the lever at Secret #1). Get back to more serious business and pull the timed lever on your way out, run down left onto the wooden ledge in the Lava room, sprint to the end, jump to the corner pillar and a sharp right turn with a running jump/grab will get you into the door in time, roll to get off the edge. Inside you can use that handy Titan Key again and open the Gold door with it, jump back to the wooden ledge and left, run jump/grab from the red door over to the open door S and use the lever to open the big S gate, nice doggiesÖ

Jump back to the wooden ledge and go to the W pillar, from this pillar you can run jump to a flat piece of black Lava, go down to the edge of the lava and follow the path to where you can run jump/grab the Star balcony. Go up and through the passage, over the burner tiles to the S gate and shoot the Doggies.


The 2 Athena Stones.


Look for the Jumpswitch in the SE and climb the raised pillar from the plant ledge, turn and grab the ceiling, go to the NW corner to use the Jumpswitch there, the gate opens. Go get the 2 Athena Stones and shoot some Lavabirds when you go outside again. Make your way back over the burner Tiles, the Star balcony, over the black ledges to the NW corner. Go up the grassy slope under the alcove at the receptacle (S wall), run jump in with a curve and place the 1st Stone.


4th Helios Star.


A wall lowers in the central area of the Lava room, turn around, shoot a Lavabird and run jump/grab up onto the pillar in the lava E, go SE over the top of the high pillars to the centre of the room and jump (no Ctrl) into the alcove where the wall went down. Get the 4th Helios Star inside and go back down to the edge of the lava, follow the path to the N again and jump across to the entrance ledge, go into the passage N to the balcony at the Crowbar door and go up there.


5th Helios Star.


Go to the top of the horse room and shoot the grate to place the 2nd Athena stone, the gate behind you opens, run jump/grab over to the roof and get the 5th Helios Star from between the Devil Ladyís legs, careful with that crowbar!! Now you have all you need, so head back to the other side and into left passage, left into the blue passage leading to the Boulder trap. Down into the lower passage and through the now open door right (N) at the closed door of the Boulder trap.


Chapter 5-1 revisited.


You are back at the Atlas Temple. Go the grey pillar SE and up the higher ledge, left to place the 5 Stars. The gate of the Temple opens. Go down and take the Atlas Key, the trapdoor behind the receptacle opens, drop in and slideÖ slideÖ into complete darkness, a Scream!!Ö A Splat!!Ö Youíre done for.


Chapter 6. 1 secret

Well not quite, although things are looking pretty bad, somebody took all the Keys from you and you are in aÖ


Prison of Hell.


Go right and look for a Jumpswitch in the SE corner and go stand at the Skeleton, pinned to the wall next to the lever, looking E and there is a floor grate you can open. Go down and get a small medipack at the Skeleton there, head to the centre of the room and go N. To the right is a pit with Spikes and a Crowbarlever for later, go N and into the crawlspace. You have no choice as to face the Demigod in the Pool room, so climb up and arm yourself with something powerful, shoot the Guy. A Wraith will show up, so quickly run into the pool in the N room to get rid of it, grab the Medipack from the bottom. When you climb out, you can see your Keys on display behind the fences N, so lets go get them back.


The Keys, the E Room.


Go to the Jumpswitch SE and open gates with it. The next Demigod shows up,go S to the Cage (as I will call it) and get some Ammo S. Head through the gate E and to the E room (as I will call it) and onwards to the Pit room (as I will call it), notice the 2 doors in the E wall and go NW to the passage where the next Demigod will be waiting for you, best take them out close range with Super grenades. Go on W and in the next room, shoot the Demigod in the corner. Look for the Jumpswitch on E wall, next to the hole in the floor. Notice the gate in W wall where you will be sprinting to in a bit and go down the hole, get the Ammo and try to leave the break Tile intact when you jump around the corner to the timed lever. Pull/roll run over the tile to climb out the hole S side, turn right and run/jump or sprint to the gate. Inside you can recollect your 5 Keys, donít forget one and go out the W gate, shoot the Demigod  there.


Open a Gate in the W Room.


Use the Jumpswitch in the N, go for the button on the ledge E, opposite the gate with the Spiked lever (1st for the W gate).

Thereís a little statue there too, but it will not work for the Wraith you are about to encounter, run to the S, into the W room (as I will call it) and left past the burner and into the Cage, left into the Pool room and into the pool fast. When you climb out, another Demigod is running around the Cage, take him out and notice the Crowbar lever  below is now clear of Spikes. So climb down the hole and go throw it. Back up and to the W room, there will be an open gate in the NW, jump to the ledge over the pit and turn SW, shoot the Ball in the alcove and jump to the ledge with the Spikeless lever in the next room (2nd for W gate) back out and you have another victim for the pool on your tail, go get rid of it first and head over to the pit room E, the 2 doors are open. Go to the one NE.


The Rope Swing.


Line up for the stand jump/grab to the 1st rope and go swing to the other side, go left and run jump/grab over the pit, throw the lever (3rd for the W gate) Now jump back along the S side and look for the Jumpswitch behind the plants on the right hand wall, where you pull up to the ledge. Go run jump/grab back to the ropes and swing back to the pit room, go left, shoot the Demigod and to the other door.


Swinging Spikebags. (spiced with burners)


Here you can stand jump past the bags every time the burner is down and the bag on the other side, stand left or right and walk up close first, on the corners of the burner tiles you are safe, go jump to the 2nd last bag and walk up as close as possible, run jump to the alcove with the lever. Throw the lever (4th for W gate) and the burners go off, make your way back to the pit room and shoot the Demigod, go to the room W of the pit room and shoot the Demigod, go use the lever in the back of the room and see the W gate finally opening up.

Pick up some Ammo at the N gate and go out S turn right and through the Cage to the W room, have another look in the room where you shot the Ball and see the gate with the button open, run jump/grab around the corner to get in and push the button to open a piece of the wall in the other room. Jump back to the ledge between the 2 rooms and to the lever ledge, jump/grab into the opening N and get Secret #1(27), chased by a Wraith so dive into the pool first and collect the Ammo there while the Wraith takes care of itself. Get the rest of the stuff and go back, run jump with a right curve to the single ledge in the room and out to go to the W gate.


The W Gate.


Turn around standing in the entrance and back flip over the pit, jump back quick, take one step forward and wait for the Boulders to pass. Go over the pit again and straight W into a water hole, get the small medipack while the Wraith kills itself and go W, turn around and shoot the Ruby in the Lionís head and go over to the slope on W wall, so you can jump up the NW corner. Use the lever and go to the water hole quick, you know whyÖ Now go up the slope on N wall at the Stone pillar, on the E side of it and jump/grab the chain, go up and back flip into the passage, run over the breaktiles to the other side and use the button to open the gate on the S side of the cave. Slide down from the pillar and go in. Get back to the water with the Wraith and go back inside.


The Prison Boss.


Run jump with a left curve onto the left slope so you slide back from it, grab the edge and go right and pull up/back flip/roll/grab the ledge behind, follow over the breaktile to a slope down. Save here and slide/jump to land just between the 2 Skeletons, stand jump forward and run out of this passage, the Prison Boss is roaming around here and I donít think you can kill him, isnít he great? Go right and look for the button inside the N building, turn left and run out, left and to the other side building, find the jumpswitch on the wall of the structure. Then go inside here and push the button on the S wall, roll and run out to the middle square and find the Jumpswitch on the right hand side of the N building. Now the gate W is open, get there fast and go in right to the N wall, jump up into the passage and push the button. Out and to the opposite side for a small medipack if you have the guts for it. Go out W and slide to the next adventure


Chapter 7-1. 5 secrets (4 now, one later)

Boulder passage.


Shoot the Ball up in the passage ahead from the place you stand as the level starts, run to the pit and left into the open door. Go to the lever in the end and pull, roll/sprint back and over the conveniently closed trapdoor in the pit, into the opposite door. Shoot the great looking Lion in the next passage and follow to the Gate room, shoot more Lions and look for the lever behind the vase on the SW ledge (1st for the Gate) and go S, shoot more Lions and go to the room where there is a lever on a ledge with Spikes. Go on to the next room and turn around at the pit, so you can shoot the Lion coming from behind to push you into the lava. Look up in the W side of the room and shoot the Ball, go back to previous room and now throw the lever on the W ledge (2nd for the Gate), and a Jumpswitch in the NE corner.


Room with the Chain.


Back to the room with the pit and jump to the Chain W, climb up to the Ball and back flip to the hanging Tile. Look for the Jumpswitch on S wall and stand jump/grab with a curve to grab it. Back up the Tile and to the ledge on E wall, into the open door SE and up the block, there is another trap in the passage below, you have to go down and into the W passage fast before the Boulder hits you, but if you just hang on the edge, centre of it and drop/roll and wait standing against the wall, the Boulder will bounce of your belly, now you can enter the W passage and jump over the pit, go left and see the lever alcove in E wall, run jump/grab in and use the lever (3rd for the gate). Run jump back, but be careful, donít stand with your back against the lever. Then jump into the lower S passage with the steam and climb in, use the S wall to climb left to the lever, to open the door to the secret.

Go back with a run jump left curved to the W ledge and into the alcove in N wall with a run jump/grab get Secret #1(28) and push the button which is the 1st for a black door. stand jump back to the W ledge and up the exit in the NW, drop one block on other side and turn to push the button (3rd for Gate). Jump down and head N to the Gate room, go right and shoot some Lions on entering the room there, use the Jumpswitch SW (Gate finally open) and go up the alcove NE and follow the crawlspace to Secret #2(29), Ammo. Push the 2nd button E for the Secret door and go back to the Gate room.


The Gate.


Go into the gate N and up right, pull the lever and see the door in the 1st passage opening up. Turn and run jump from standing next to the lever to grab the sloped pillar, pull up and slidejump/grab the break Tile, pull up on right hand side and run to the corner, turn left and stand jump onto the slope below, slidejump and slidejump/grab the wall in front, go up and slide down into the Boulder passage. Be sure to jump over the square with the Skeleton (Spikes) and go into the right hand passage at the pit fast, as somebody put those Boulders back up!! Go into the door in the right hand passage (W) and jump to the opposite side and enter the huge Bridge room, go left and down onto the slope, slide and jump to the S block at the closed red door.


To the Bull Pen, get the Bridge out.


Go jump the pillars to the one with the Crowbar lever and use it to open that red door, so jump back there and enter the Bull Pen. A lot of passages with Bump switches in them and a closed red door. Go to the SE and run jump up the sloped passage for a small medipack; go down and to the opposite doors N. Push the doors open and push the button inside, climb up W into the hole in the ceiling here and follow to Secret #3(30), Arrows and a Medipack. Push the Secret button and go back to the Bull Pen. The red door NW was hiding the Bull; go lure him out and into each of the 5 passages with Bump switches. Run in, roll and look for the bull and when he comes near, jump over him and go to the next passage, the NW door will open after the 5th. Go in and jump over the pit, use the lever (the Bridge will roll open) and go back, leave the Bull Pen through the open door NE and go up to the pit, grab some Ammo and stand jump left to the Bridge entrance.


The Key Room.


Go over the Bridge, shoot a couple of Lions and go use your 5 Keys in the Keyholes. The gate opens in the N, go in and up the right hand passage, shoot the Lion and open the hatch, climb up left and follow to the balcony of the Key room, at the Keyhole left you can jump over to the W roof, use the Crowbar lever and drop down, go to the Bridge room, over the Bridge and left, jump the ledges to the open door in N wall and up for Secret #4(31), Arrows and Ammo. Push another button for the black door and go back to the Key room.


Thorís residence, the Charon coin.


Go N into the big gate and straight into Thorís residence, turn right in the SW corner and pull out the Crossbow with an explosive arrow so you wonít miss and shoot the Ball up on the ceiling in N direction. When you stand on one of the higher ledges with columns, Thor can't harm you. Run to the E side of the room and pull the lever on the raised block (Thor can't harm you), back W again and up the block W, roll and run jump to the pillar next to the roof, over to the NE corner and run jump/grab the ledge along the wall, go in the NE passage, use the lever (timed sequence, miss one and you have to start here again. So better save). Pull the lever and run out, left and jump the corner to go to the passage in E wall and use the lever before the fire goes back on. Roll and run out, jump to the roof (you can make it without Grab and sprint around the trapdoor in the centre towards the red door opened on the other side, jump and grab to the ledge and get in, throw the lever and go back to the trapdoor on the roof. Go down to get the Charon coin, go back up and to the door, which opened in the N of ground floor to go to part 2.


Chapter 7-2. 4 secrets

From the Main cave go into the NE corner and to the Water Temple, shoot the Demigod and get a small medipack from the pool. Jump up the mount in the NW corner, turn left and stand jump/grab the ledge over the entrance, push the button on W wall (some spikes go down at a lever) and have a look around. On the roof of the temple is a lever, protected by Spikes; you have to go there in a Timed run from the alcove in the SW corner.


Timed run for 1st Jewel.


This is what you do, save in front of the lever, pull/roll run jump out to the left to the ledge youíre on now and sprint to the end, jump right to the ledge in front of the gate and a runningjump with a right curve to the roof of the Temple, sprint to the lever, pull/back flip/roll and run jump to the ledge N and into the open gate. Get the 1st Hades Jewel inside and get out fast, a Spirit will follow you when you go back to the Main cave and into the Pit cave in the NW corner, watch out for those Spikes at the lever right, go to the small statue and the Spirit will kill itself there if all goes well. Shoot the Demigod on the other side of the room and go back to the Main cave and up the black hill in the SE corner and find the alcove with the lever, of which you killed the Spikes before. Youíll see a door open in a room with a chequered floor. Go to the NW and at the torch in the corner right/right and thereís the door.


The Vase Puzzle for 2nd Jewel.


Shoot the Demigod and go to the vase in the alcove NW, run over the break Tile in front of it and go down the hole to push the button, Spikes go down at a lever. Go back out, the left wall seems to be climbable. Go for the opposite SE corner, light a flare and spot the Tile thatís darker than the rest, open it facing S, itís a trapdoor. Go down to get the 2nd Hades Jewel (a gate opens at the lever) and get out fast for a Wraith will make life miserable, when you run out of the red door into the Pit cave, go in a straight line W and stand on the break Tile in the Pit till you fall into the water. The Wraith will be gone soon. Go back to the Puzzle room and up the sloped block in the NE corner, run past the Spikes, get the small medipack and throw the lever, the pit in front of the Vase W fills up, so go out and go pull the Vase to all the tiles marked with a magic white Ball above and all the walls will go down giving access to the buttons behind them and the Spikes go down. When you push the one that was behind the vase, the Spikes at the lever outside go down and the others will open a gate somewhere.


UW labyrinth and Lavaroom for 3rd Jewel.


Go back to the Pit cave and throw the lever in the grass, something moves, a block lowers in the Water pit, dive in and swim to the back going right where possible, use the UW ceiling lever and swim back going left where possible past the entrance for the second ceiling lever, go get some air left around corners. Swim to the back again (NW), thereís a third UW lever. Now go find the next lowered block (keep left) and swim up to a passage leading to a lever, grab the ceiling to go over the pit after you took the Flares, the lever will open another door in the Pit cave. Swim back, W/left/right) and get out (Yes, thereís still one block up in the labyrinth...later...later). Go into the Lava room in the SW, shoot both the Vases and run out to get rid of the Wraith in the water. Go back in and run jump over the burner to the corner pillar, to the higher one next to it, get the Ammo and run jump/grab to the next over the burner, run jump/grabbing into the NE corner to the ledge under the Skeleton and jump to the pedestal with the 3rd Hades Jewel. Jump back to the lower pillar, where the flame turned into a harmless steam vent and get back to the Pit cave, shoot a Demigod.


Lava Pits for the 4th Jewel.


Go into the W building and right, to the open gate, stand at the entrance and stand jump/grab to the second tile, hand left and pull up, run onto the centre of the 2nd and stand jump to the next, stand jump to the one where you can run around the corner to the next and stand jump to the last and right into the alcove with the lever, pull and see the next Jewel, Lava turned into water, a Demigod in a Lava pit and the exit of the place youíre in now opening up. Turn and jump/grab into the open gate, get the Ammo and walk around the corner, do some long range target practice on the Demigod and stand jump from the centre of the ledge on the 1st slope, keep jumping and grab the ledge where the Demigod was. Slide down to the passage and make a detour to the Pit cave to get rid of 3 Spirits at the little Statue.

Go back in the W building and head S, shoot the next Demigod in the Lava pit and go down a block, jump to the other side and on the ledge with the plant, climb up and run into the water fast. Swim to the UW door in the S and go to the next room, pull the UW lever on the E side of the block where the pedestal with the Jewel is (this will open the last block in the UW labyrinth) and go up to get the 4th Hades Jewel (a block lowers in a pit in the Main cave). Shoot the vase for a small medipack. Go back to the Pit cave shoot the Demigod and dive into the Water pit, swim to the left and keep going along left wall into the room with Secret #1(32), Goodies.


The 5th Jewel.


Go back out and to the Main cave, W side and down into the hole, follow the crawlspace to a small medipack and climb up W to a Crowbarlever which will open the last gate in the Pit cave. Return there and go into the lower passage at the small statue and run into the room. Roll and get back to the Water pit to get rid of the Wraith, go back in and get the 5th Hades Jewel from the pedestal. Notice the Skull door N and get out of there, lure the Spirit to the small statue and go into W building. W is a deep pit with ropes, go swing the ropes and turn right on 2nd rope, jump into the room there.

Use the Jumpswitch right of the statue N and the gate opens in the W, jump back to the rope and go up and slide down to straighten the rope out swing once to next rope and swing to the ledges W, climb down the ledges to a webbed passage and get Secret #2(33), Goodies inside. Go back up and top the gate follow to a huge room, in the right hand passage is a Demigod, shoot him and go in, look for a Jumpswitch on the W wall just before you go around the left corner.


The Prison Key.


Go up to 1st floor balcony and left, shoot the Demigod and go E, left into the alcove with the lever. Use it to release Thor from the passage you have to go through in a bit, and then to the opposite corner for a passage up to 2nd floor, go left/right/right and into the big gate, up to the left corner alcove and wait, be sure Thor followed you inside and pull the lever to lower the big gate, look if you caught him and run out the S gate, which will close behind you, so Thor is trapped inside and will not come banging his hammer on your head while you place the Jewels in the W receptacles. The gate W on ground floor is open now so go down the passage near Thor and left/left down the other big passage to ground floor, look for the second Jumpswitch on the corner pillar (same spot as other side) and go shoot a Vase SW on ground floor for the Ammo inside. Now get the Prison Key from the W room and go back E, shoot a Demigod and swing the ropes to the Pit cave.

The Skull door you saw where you took the last Jewel (near the little statue), is now open, so go inside to get Secret #3(34), Goodies. Go out and left to the passage between the Pit cave and the Main cave, remember the Vase puzzle, go into that room (left) again and into the open trapdoor SE, the curtain wall right of the pedestal is open now (you did that with the 2 Jumpswitches where you placed the Jewels). There's a deadly pit behind the curtain, so Save and then run jump in to go over the pit behind the curtain and get Secret #4(35), Goodies. Now head out and go shoot the Demigod in the Main cave on your way back S toÖ

Chapter 7-1 revisited. 1 remaining secret

Run through Thorís place, enter S and to the passage to the Key room and shoot a bunch of Lions running about, back into the passage and up the passage E to the 1st floor and use the Prison Key in the Keyhole in the left alcove, go down and head S for the Prison.

The Prison, the Zeus- and Secret Keys.


Be careful, plenty of Lions everywhere and Spike traps at the Skeletons lying about. Two Lions will come in just when you are about to jump the 1st trap at the Skeleton. Go S and left into the passage to E cells and hop over the Skeleton, shoot the Lions and a Ruby in the Lionís head on N wall of the passage, the middle cell opens. Go in and push the button, always check your back as Lions pop up from nowhere and go to the W side of the prison, shooting Lions and hopping over Spiked Skeletons. Shoot another Ruby in the Lionís head and run jump/grab over the pit, go in the door and jump over the pit inside, use the Jumpswitch. Go to the last cell on E side and use the lever on the N wall. Go to the 1st cell on this side and into the pit, follow the crawlspace to get the Zeus Key and Ammo. Return and go to the 1st cell W side, get Secret #5(36) and push the button, go to the middle cell at the pit on this side and get the Secret Key from inside. Now you can go back to the Water Temple in part 2 (Out the prison, N through Thor's Place and out the re door N to the Main cave, NE to the Temple).


Chapter 7- part 2 revisited.


Get the small medipack from the pool if you didn't yet and go open the gate to the Temple, get the Zeus Amulet from the pedestal and go to the newly opened door, slide and from the short 2nd slope, jump/grab the ledge ahead, out the gate and toÖ


Chapter 8. 4 secrets

Swingblade room, Timed Gate.


When standing in the entrance, look left into the room and shoot the Ball hidden in the plants, the gate SW opens, go past the Blades to the place where you can go down to a slope in the pit right and run jump to the passage with the lever in the corner, jump back to the slope. Grab the wall and shimmy right before you pull up, go to the lever and save, pull, roll and run jump with a sharp right turn around the corner to the Timed gate over the burner E. Go past the 1st Moving pillar and right into a hidden passage behind the 2nd pillar, get Secret #1(37), Ammo. Go on through the passage and to the left at the last pillar. Jump to the slope and slidejump/jump onto a breakledge, run and jump/grab the ledge in the corner, pull up and run around the corner, jump to the safe Tile hanging on the Chain. Climb the chain, back flip roll onto the break Tile and run onto the safe one with the Chain.


The Pool.


Run jump into the passage and come to a pool, shoot the Bat and go to the NE corner, look for the Jumpswitch in the hole and grab it when dropping in, land in the water at a closed blue door and swim into opposite tunnel, just before the exit to the pool you can pull an overhead UW ceiling lever (#1 for the blue door), climb out at the pool and go to NE again, push the button over the hole (#2 for the blue door) and go to the Timed lever on the W wall at the pool.


Burner Alley.


Pull, turn right and walk to the edge of the ledge, stand jump over to the alcove with the Vase, run along the W wall and jump up to the slope in the left corner, run left into the opened gate and land right in Hell, jump from the slope you are on to the breakledges and run jump to the next and a running jump/grab to the corner Tile, pull up and run onto the safe ledge.

Jump past the burners shoot some Bat and go into the right hand passage at the 3rd burner, left into the passage and here is a timed sequence, pull the lever in the left alcove/roll and run to the right into the passage to the lever there/roll and run back into the 1st burner passage left, up the Block right (donít mind that Bat for now, take care of him later) and pull the lever fast, roll and get back down and left into the passage S before you burn, go right and in front of the lever you just pulled, you can climb the left wall to a Secret. But you'll have to use the lever again to stop the burner first and get up there quick. Go get Secret #2(38), Ammo and a Medipack. Go down (the burner is off now) and down E, follow the passage back down to the pool, shoot some Bats, dive in and cool off. Look under the alcove where the big vase is for a small medipack on the bottom and swim into the other tunnel to the now open Blue door. Swim into a room with many Balconies.


Room with the Balconies, Timed Runs.


Shoot the Demigod and go to the NE corner to climb the sand hill he was on and jump/grab the balcony on E wall, go around over the ledge S to the W balcony where the blue door is, remember that door and jump to the single ledge in SW corner, shoot some Bats and climb the ladder, go into the N passage to a Timed lever, pull/roll, run out and jump to the roof of the W balcony and over to run jump up to the ledge in front of the S gate, get inside and shoot some vase for Ammo, go to the lever over the pit and pull, roll sprint/jump the pit, jump to the lower roof W and sprint off onto the single ledge at the bottom of the ladder, roll and run jump to the balcony and into the blue door. Shoot the vase right of the lever for Arrows and pull the lever to open a gate in the E, top of the room (not timed). Climb the ladder and run jump/grab to the ledge at the still closed gate NE, over to the roof of the E balcony and into the gate. Jump around the corner and reach the Big Lavapit.


The Big Lava Room.


Jump to the steam pillar, shoot that ball E and turn around. Jump up W into the alcove with the lever, pull and run out to land back on the pillar, go on to the SE corner pillar, climb down to Lava level. Jump to the W ledge over the burner, jump around the pillar to the breakledges and run to the end, left and up in the alcove S, get Secret #3(39), Goodies inside and shoot the vase to go out that E passage. Drop back from the edge and back flip to the ledge. Go follow the path to the NW corner, notice the gate in the E wall on your way over and the block in the back W wall when you arrive in the NW corner. Jump around one more corner to get to the ledge with the button and shoot some Bats before they push you off the ledge. Go back to the E side and jump/grab the wall under the gate, pull the lever inside and run out onto the ledge, go back to the NW corner and into the lowered wall, pull the lever to kill the rest of the Spikes up on the pillars. Go to the SE corner and climb back to the top of the room and go over the pillars to the W side and then to the NW corner, along the N wall to the upper ledges E and over to the bridge going over to the balcony on the W side, shoot a bunch of Bats and go up to where the Spikes are.


Timed Run.


Look over to the SE and see the gate, the ledge to reach it and an alcove with a lever in the NW corner. Save in front of the lever and pull/roll/sprint out to the right and sprint behind the statues, run down 2 steps and jump to the higher ledge with the statue S, sprint to the last, turn left and sprint down onto the lower ledge, run jump/grab the one at the gate and sprint in against the inside wall so you donít overshoot the single ledge before the pit. Jump to the lever to kill the Spikes at the lever on the balcony and head back there, throw the lever to open a gate back to the room with the balconies. The gate is one floor down in the NW corner, quickest way down is to the ledge with the vase and the Ammo on N wall and just run off to the E, land on the pillar below and run jump to the passage NW (not timed BTW).


The Balcony room again.


Have some long range target practice on a Demigod and go along the N wall (and the closed gate youíll return to later) into a newly opened passage W. Thereís a nice Devil roaming around this cave, just be fast and avoid him much as possible, shoot the vase left when you enter and use the Crowbar lever (#1 for two gates), run into the passage going to the S side of the cave. Follow and at the point where the Bat comes to bother you, thereís an alcove to the left, look further in the passage to see a Lionís head, shoot the Ruby from here and the block in the alcove lowers. Go back there.




There are Boulders hanging to the sides, run past the first quick and trigger the 2nd by standing left, stepping in front and hopping back. Jump over the pit and look up right, shoot the Ball and stand with your back to the next jump, back flip and jump back over the pit and a running jump to the safe floor over the next pit. Return to go up where the last Boulder came from. Go left, push the button to open the gate in the Balcony room, go to the other side to push the button there (#2 for two gates) and head back out, carefully jumping the pits. Go to the Balcony room to pull the lever behind the gate you opened (NE on this level, #3 for two gates) and return to the S passage in the cave.


When you follow the passage to the W, youíll slide down a sloped part, go R into the alcove and pull the lever (#4 for two gates), go out and to the Skeleton at the Lionís head, up into the passage there and swing the ropes to the other side to use the lever (#5 for two gates), swing back and jump to the lower pillar right of the entrance to go down to the lower one on N wall, look for the Jumpswitch on the W pillar and run of the pillar you stand on to the slope below, jump/grab the lever and go up the sandy hill in the NW corner, shoot the vase and go in for Secret #4(40), Goodies and go back up to the entrance. Go to the gates that opened in the NW corner of the cave, avoid being shot in the butt with a flaming ball and go down the stairs (there are two gates in this hall, you can ignore those for now).


Chapter 9. 2 secrets


Grab the Flares and enter the room left, run jump/grab the opposite wall, go up to push the button and climb down till you hang over the alcove there, drop/grab and go in to throw the lever. Go run jump/grab back to climb back up to the stairs and go up, shoot the Demigod and go left in the top hall, jump into the open gate and throw the lever to open the gate at the bottom of the stairs and go down there, stand at the edge and look into the left back of the room, shoot the Ruby in the Lionís head. Make a little backtrack to get the first Secret of Chapter 9, up the stairs and right, in the now open gate there is Secret #1(41), Ammo. Go back to the gate below and start your adventure in Chapter 9.


The Breaktile Runs.


Run over the breaktiles to jump/grab the rope and swing to the next breaktiles, run and jump/grab down to a lower tile, stand jump/grab the one in front and hang, save and pull up, run to the last of the series and stop before the gap, this one is safe, look up and shoot the ball to open the door ahead, stand jump twice and slide down the slope, just before the end, jump and run to the end, jump/grab the breakledges in front and pull up. Run to the end and jump up into the safe passage. Follow to the Sloped room.


The Sloped room.


Run jump far to the left and slide grab the edge of the slope, go right and pull up next to the sloped block, back flip and jump back to the right to land on the block, jump to the ledge N next to the gate, jump over to the one E and climb up the higher pillar, drop from the N side to pull the Jumpswitch and slide/jump back on the ledge next to the gate, go jump over the ledges to the SE corner, shoot one or both vases and jump/grab into the alcove with the lever. Go back to the higher NE pillar and grab the ceiling, monkey swing over to the ledge on W side and go to the lever, the gate in the N will open, make your way back and jump into the passage. Run jump without touching the first two Tiles to the safe corner Tile and turn to jump/grab into the E alcove, the Timed lever will open the gate up E in the Sloped room and leaving the two Tiles intact made it easier to reach it in time.  


Timed Runs.


Pull/roll run out left to the pit, jump up the block right of the gate and roll, run jump over to the E side and pull up, run jump up the ledge at the gate and go get Secret #2(42), Goodies. Back to the passage N and jump to the corner Tile, turn left and see the Timed lever which will open a gate in the left hand passage, so pull, roll and run right/right and sprint through the gate to the Pool.  


The Pool.


(the fixed camera will make things a bit harder)

Walk over the ledge with the columns to the N and push the button, hop back till you slide down the grassy slope and land just in front of the UW lever you have to pull, climb up on the grassy ledge over the lever and follow the steps up to the top W side, go over to the single SW block and run jump to the pillar E, look down with the Binocís to see the ledge to run jump to and drop down the W side to the ledge below, go into the blue door and throw the lever to open the door on W ground floor, go out and run onto the ledge under the waterfalls and go up the steps on N side to go to the door W. Inside you can use the Titan Key in the right hand lock but it leads nowhere (I went into the gate and the game went to the menu Note: this was a passage to a coming level!!). Instead use your Secret Key in the left hand lock and go in, shoot a Demigod at the Spikes right and go pull the big vase to the marked Tile in the ceiling near the gate you entered from. The Spikes go down and you can go to the lever to raise a block in the top right hand corner of the room, so you can jump to a lever later (not really necessary, the jump was possible without it).


The Statue Room.


Run jump to the W side, shimmy left and drop one level, go into the passage, straight to a pit, turn see the Spiked lever right and drop/grab the edge, drop/grab to the 2nd last level and go right, drop grab the edge at the Crowbar lever , use it to lower the spikes. Drop/grab back and shimmy to the left side to climb back up the ladder, to the pit again and now to the lever right, use it to lower a block on the opposite side of the Statue room, so go back there. Climb up right and stand jump with Ctrl to land on the lower S balcony, go E and jump into the opening there. Use the lever to raise some blocks on the W ledges and jump back to S balcony. Go back up the W side and run jump/grab up to the higher S balcony this time, jump back to the W ledge and up to the SW blocks, go over the Statue with the Tile to the lever in the SE and back to the W to go over to the NE lever. stand jump around the corner to the nearest hanging Tile (or jump back to the lady with the Tile and to the hanging Tile from there) and go stand jump/grab up to the highest one, jump/grab up to where the blue door opened and enter.  




Go left and jump to the ledge and shoot the Ball in the other corner of the room, jumpgrab the Chain and go down a bit (for me it didnít work, the back flip/roll/grab to the next chain) but you will land on the second Tile anyway. Jump/grab into the passage and pull the lever, jump over to the last Chain W and go up, about one block from the top and turn so the Chain align with the left corner of the centre ledge on the ceiling. When you back flip now you should just land on the tip of the ledge at the next lever. Pull the lever and go back to the passage at the blue door, into the open S gate jump/grab over the pit and follow to the next pit, run jump over and climb up to a slope, jump up to the flat corner and up the block, turn to the SE corner and see the opening in the wall. For me it worked best when standing on the SW tip of the block, one sidestep left and turn to the opening a bit, stand jump (If you had any other option!) with a left curve and land in the opening.  


The Winged Demi God.


Down in this place is another one of these fine blokes, go over to the E side of the terrace shoot the vase in the pool below and drop down into it, get the small medipack and climb out. Run into the big N gate and take the Bloke with you, go around the right corner into the smaller passage and into the right alcove to close the Big gate, go back to check if you trapped him and go out the S gate in the passage, it will close behind you. Go to the NW corner and get the Medipack there. Now pull the left vase at the S passage to both dark grey tiles on the ledge and go into the S passage, left and look for the alcove with the lever in the centre pillar, go around to the other side after using the lever and push the vase to the marked blue Tile, the gate opens. Go up the slope and enjoy the flyby with the music. Shoot the Demigod on your way to the small Temple and open the door with the lever. Slide down... enjoy the great scenery of these levels once again, make a save game, run out the passage and the adventure endsÖ


(Keep that Save game for the Bonus levels or use the one provided with the download)


With the kind help of Kristina and Val.