The Legacy of the Gods - Bonus Pack I.

Levels by Luisa Martins aka Jedimaster

Walkthrough Dutchy (Revised Nov 2013)

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Some room names are in bold, they will be referred to later, so remember.

In case you want to use your own last save, you might have to copy the Data-chapter9a and chapter9b.Tr4 files into the data folder of the bonus levels

When you use the save provided by Luisa (Savegames folder /savegame.2 ), youíll start with a lot of stuff in your inventory, you might want to check it out.

Welcome to the Bonus Levels: 


Bonus level 1. 2 secrets.

Slide down the tunnel to a crossing, shoot the left hand grating and follow the tunnel to a room with a pool and a bowl on the big pillar, dive into the pool and look behind the pillar for an UW lever to raise a pillar in another room. Go out of this room and straight at the crossing, jump to the pillar in the right hand corner of the next pool and fill your waterskin (in your inventory). Notice the UW tunnel under the bridge and return to the room with the bowl, put the water in the bowl and go to the crossing once more the big fence opened up. When you enter the new terrain, a flyby will show you the Church.


The Church.


In this new area are 2 big gates, both closed, go right and up in the NE corner where there are 2 gates, shoot the right hand one and follow the tunnel to a lever, pull it to open the gate in the room where you filled the waterskin. Go back there and get the Church Key from the pedestal. Dodge the Knight (or shoot him in the chest till he drops) while doing that and return to the Church, open the big gate and enter, shoot the Knight and go to the lever on the left hand wall at the altar. When you pull that one, 2 gates open behind the move-able objects with the rings in the room where you got the Church Key. (In the back of the Church are 2 closed doors we need keys for).


Return to the room where you got the Church Key and push in the left hand block with the ring, move it to the back of the room and then onto the Tile next to the ledge, then pull it back and move it under a marked Tile on the ceiling (this will open a gate to a secret, a harp sounds) Go to the other room and move the block onto the Tile in the back corner, the traps at the Key on the pedestal go down, take the Cemetery Key and go to the bridge over the pool, dive under the bridge and swim into the tunnel you saw before to get Secret#1(43), Goodies. Get onto the pillar again and fill the waterskin (for later), then go to the Church, into the back and open the right hand door at the altar.


The Cemetery.


Shoot the 2 Knights and climb up the ledge along the W wall at the entrance, jump around the gravestone and over to the 1st tomb to get the Medipack and jump back to the green W slope, grab the edge when you slide off and go right, pull up on the next flat part and jump to the 2nd Tomb, look on the front of it for the Jumpswitch you have to use (lowers the spikes at a lever on the NE wall). Get back up to the 2nd Tomb and run jump to grab the green slope NE, shimmy to the flat part and run jump SE to the wall with the lever, throw it to raise a block under the 2nd lever at the altar in the Church. This will open that other gate up in the NE corner of the Church yard. Get back up there and shoot the 2 Knights that come out.


Easy Timed run for Cemetery 2 Key.


Go in left and left to use the Timed lever, roll, go past the entrance and follow the passage to an open gate right of you (better check the route first) Itís possible to do it just running. Get the Cemetery 2 Key and some Ammo from the Vase. The other passage leads to the same lever, looked to me it was a longer route. Return to the Church and open the 2nd door in the back. Go into the 2nd Cemetery and shoot a Knight, go up the stairs NE so you get up to the walls, go S and push open the yellow doors, shoot the 2 Knights and put the water in the bowl, the flames go down at a key hole. Go out and right over the wall and look down into the kind of labyrinth, thereís a button down there SE on the wall, drop and use it go back out of here by side jumping over the gravestone blocking the exit and go right around the corner (thereís some Ammo in the yellow plant behind the small fence here) down the steps and follow this tunnel to the lever behind the gate you opened. Use the lever to open another gate at some steps, Go back to the top of the walls of the cemetery and go SE again, jump to a tiled path in the next area, in front of the steps to that gate.


Timed Run with resistance, the 1st Knight Templar Gem.


Past the gate take the 1st passage right and back up shooting as soon as the Knight appears, pick up the small medipack he will drop and return to the crossing. Go E and into the lower passage, down the stairs till you meet Knight #2, take him out too and return to the 1st passage to pull the Timed lever, run down the 2nd passage and right into the 1st alcove, pull the lever before the timed flames return. It will open the door a bit further in the passage, go in to grab the 1st Knight Templar Gem (a gate opens over the stairs in the 2nd Cemetery) and go out of the chapel. Straight to the yellow doors and open them, this is a route back to the cellar at the 2nd Cemetery, to the left is the keyhole where you put out the flames. Go back up to the 2nd Cemetery (Shoot a Knight), up the walls to the SE corner and jump over. Go left through the wall and find the tiled path. Now make a detour to the pool where you can refill the waterskin, as youíll need some water in a bit. Just slide down the grassy hill W, go N and right into the passage E, left to the pool to fill the skin. Get back through the Church and the 2nd Cemetery, up to the SE corner and left to the stone path. Follow the path up to the roof over the stairs and find the opened triangular gate there.


The 2nd Knight Templar Gem.


Enter the triangular gate and shoot the 2 Knights, get some Ammo out of the vase E and fill the Bowl E, a gate opens in the lower part of the room, a Templar Knight is roaming around, just dodge him. Look for a red Ball on the ceiling (SW) in that big room and shoot it to kill the Spikes at a button on one of the pillars. Push the button and pillars raise SW, get onto the one next to the wooden pillar and grab the monkey swing, go right and drop/grab onto the Jumpswitch, which will raise a block at the central pillar, from which you can jump to the open gate E to get the 2nd Knight Templar Gem. The gate across the big room holds the next secret.


Use the Gems, the Templar room.


First we have to make use of both Templar Gems, go to the Church and climb the altar in the back, shoot the grating over the crucifix. Go through, place the gems and enter the next room, shoot the Knight off his horse and pick up the Catacomb Key he drops. Get rid of any other Knights and collect some Goodies from the Vases. Look for the lever in the back of the room and save before you use it. This is a Timed run to the gate of the secret, in the room where you got the 2nd gem, remember?


Pull the lever and side jump, run with jumps, because most of the floors have steps and youíll go faster that way. Collect all the Goodies inside the Secret#2(44) room, and go back out straight to the stone path and drop down into the lower stairs passage, follow down straight. Shoot a Knight and go left where you got the 1st Gem and through those yellow doors you opened before, left and use the Catacomb Key at the gate. Go in W... 


Bonus level 2.  The Catacombs. 2 secrets.


The Demigod room.

When you follow the passage you will arrive in a big room with a Demigod on a structure in front, run in and right into the passage. Past the 1st crossing and shoot the Knight a bit further on, at the 2nd crossing near the gate, go right into a small passage. Hereís a timed lever, shoot another Knight first and use it, sprint out, left and follow the passage back to the 1st crossing, right and run into the pit there with a right curve to land straight in front of the open gate. Inside is a lever that will shut down the burner at a button on the other side of the pits. Climb back out of the pit and go to the 2nd crossing, left and jump the 2 pits and shoot some Bats on your way to the button. The button opens a gate up on the structure where the Demigod stands guard. Time to take him on.


The Lost Cemetery Key.


Go back to the Demigod room and sprint to the opposite E side, into the passage, up the stairs, shoot the Knight on your way up and get out some heavy weapon, (I used the super-grenades and that worked fine) run left and hop over the pointy ledge, jump to the Demigod and blast him, pick up the small medipack he leaves behind and pick up the Lost Cemetery Key from the pedestal. Because of the heavy weapon, the Red ball hanging in the SW corner must have been triggered too, because when I shot it nothing happened and the W door was open, so if the door is still closed, shoot that ball and go in for a Timed run, thereís another red door in the N wall, pull the lever and run out of the passage, left and sprint to the corner, jump over the corner to save time and get into the door to pull the lever (a flyby will show where to go, a big room with lava and hanging cages).


The 1st Demon Piece.


Go back into the passage N leading to level 1 and there at the crossing is the newly opened gate N, shoot a Knight and use the hanging cages to jump across to the lever at the gate. The lever will open a small gate E, use the cages to get there and back flip into the sloped passage, jump onto the breakfloor and run jump to the next part, jump/grab the ledge and follow the passage to a place behind the cage with the Demon piece. Follow the passage NW around past a red door and to where youíll meet a Demigod, take him out and go into the room with the small red boxes, the right hand one has to go onto the lighter coloured Tile in the corner and the red door opens. Go back there (W), shoot a Bat and the statue blocking the lever and throw it. Return SE past the cage with the Demon piece and go left, a piece of wall lowered in the corner there. But before you enter, look left from looking at the entrance and find a passage up in the pinkish cave, climb up to it and drop in the lower part for Secret#1(45), some Ammo, Go back to the blue room with the Timed lever, go in and shoot some Bats.


Timed run.


The lever is timed and opens the gate opposite the room with the small red boxes you pushed, so pull, back flip with a roll and sprint back to it, cutting corners and avoiding that nasty red door that wonít shut anymore. (Itís a very tight run, even for me...


Once inside the gate will stay open, go get that second small red crate S and pull it into the Statue room, there are 3 marked Tile accessible, start with the right hand one as you come in and leave the block on it for a moment before moving on (kills spikes at Tile #3). After the 3rd a Demigod will appear, shoot him and hop into the small garden for some Ammo, then go back to the cage with the Demon piece, to the right of it a red door opened up. Go in, climb the ladder and back flip into an upper passage, take care of all the Bats. Take the left hand passage (to the right is a closed trapdoor) and drop into the cage with the pedestals. Grab the small medipack  and the 1st Demon Piece and a trapdoor will open in the other passage up where you came from. Drop into the trapdoor and jump back S over the cages to go to the Demigod room. Take the W passage and go right at the 1st crossing, get some Ammo at the 2nd Skeleton to the right and open the gate with the Lost Cemetery Key.


The Lost Cemetery and 2nd Demon Piece.


In the left wall at the brown hill, behind the plant is a crawlspace, go in and use the Crowbar lever to lower a block in another passage, go out and shoot the Knight, turn N from the crawlspace and look for a Spider webbed passage behind the last Tomb (maybe the 3 Knights attack first, so take them out as they appear), jump the pit, get the Ammo on the floor and throw the lever to kill the flame at the pedestal in the N room. When you come out of this passage, go straight into the opposite corner behind the Tomb there is a breaktile (NE), stand on it and drop into the water. This will come in handy for the Wraiths that will appear or already showed up. Notice the block that is in the wall of the water pit and climb out to get the 2nd Demon Piece from the pedestal in the room N.


On your way back out of this room, look on the pillar left at the exit and use the Jumpswitch to lower that block in the water pit, dive in and get the Flares, look up for the UW ceiling-lever and use that to lower a block in a wall back in the catacombs. Go back to the Demigod room (S and left) and into the N passage, right at the crossing to the 1st level gate and in the left hand wall is the lowered block with the lever. Throw it and return in the direction of the Demigod room, look in the left hand wall after you turned left at the crossing and get Secret#2(46), all kinds of Goodies. Go to the Demigod room and place both Demon Pieces on the Statues left and right of the central structure. The gate at the end of the W passage opens, go there, get Ammo and push the button that will open the big red door in the Demigod room, the passage behind it leads to level 3.


Bonus level 3-a. 4 secrets.


The Hell Key.


At the pit, turn around and drop hang from the edge, drop onto a ledge below and climb down the ladder, left and to the left most ladder, down to about a block from the slope below and back flip/roll to land in front of the open door, hop through the Hammer-traps with stand jumps and turn right at the end, go behind the pillars to go down into a passage there, shoot a nasty Bat and hop over the pits till the Boulder starts rolling, then do a run jump to one of the side slopes and keep jumping till you are safely on the other side (or a run jump and grab the edge of the pit). Push the button and return to the Hammer room, the E gate opened, do a run jump over the pit and into the right hand alcove at the Spikes (notice the closed door in this alcove, you will be back later to collect a secret here when you opened the Hell Gate) and make your way up the rest of the stairs killing a bat and get the Hell Key from the pedestal. Return through the passage to the Hammer room and go right, behind the pillars and into a now opened door N. Follow the passage over a pit to a crossing, left is the start pit, go right and open the Hell Gate. At this point you can also go and collect Secret#1(47), a Medipack and Ammo, because that door opened in the passage E off the Hammer room, where you got the Hell Key. Get it now and return here.


The Hell Gate.


Go in over the ground floor and straight to the W wall and right a bit, look for a plant hanging between 2 pillars, grab up to the crawlspace behind it and throw a great looking Skellie-lever inside, this will raise a block at another lever. Drop out of the crawlspace and go back in the direction of the entrance to the room, under the overhang, at the plants hanging from the ceiling, go right into the crawlspace and find the next Skellie-lever where you raised that block. Throw the lever to kill the flames at a Crowbarlever in one of the top rooms S. Go back out and left a bit then follow the right hand brown wall to the N Lavapit, jump around the right hand corner to a pillar and to the next (to the right side of this pillar is a piece of wall that will be lowered shortly), follow the side of the pit to where it gets too steep in the NE corner, do a long run jump with a right hand curve and slide/grab the edge of the pit, go left and back flip to the dark brown ledge.


The Tomb Key.


Follow this to a passage to where a vase blocks the entrance of the upper path, shoot the vase and jump in. Go to a Crowbardoor and open it, push the button in the end of the passage to lower the piece of wall on the path you just came from. So jump out of the passage to the brown path and follow to the SE end, from here you can run jump to the SE path along the pit and enter the lowered wall. Here you will find the Tomb Key.


Go back to the dark brown path on the other side of the pit and hop into the passage where you shot the vase, looking out of the passage you can do a stand jump/grab SE up to a higher ledge right of you. Here are several burners protecting the blocks in the passages. Go past them to the E and run jump up to a ledge on E wall, turn and jump/grab up to the higher ledge, follow the path W along the N wall till you reach a crawlspace at the sandy part of the floor, go in and shoot the vase, push the button to kill the burner at the 1st ( left ) block. Go out of the crawlspace and straight to the edge of the pit, drop from there and land in front of the blocks.


The Block-puzzle.


Push the left #1 block all the way in (burner is off at 3rd block) and notice the right hand passage for later. Go out and push in block #3 and then #4,  a block lowers in that passage at the 1st block, go in and shoot a vase thatís blocking the passage behind the 2nd block and go out again push the #2 block in all the way, (a burner goes off in front of a Keyhole in the passage left of #1 block, this will be for later when we have the Soul Key and are ready to go to level 3b ), but we were here anyway, soÖ  Now pull the #1 block out once, go around to the other side of the block and pull it once into the spot between the 2 passages and another marked piece of wall will lower behind you to reveal Secret#2(48), some Ammo for you.


Lets move on, go jump up to the upper floor (in the E remember?) and go in the direction of the crawlspace you visited there, now go past and follow the path along N wall to the W wall and left along the ledge with the colums (W wall), notice the 2 Skellie-levers, the first seems a trap, the second has a burning floor. Stand on the ledge leading to that second lever and look left up on the ceiling is a Red ball to shoot, the flames go down and you can use the lever, the gate near the ball in W wall opens. Go in and fill the waterskin, get a small medipack  from the 2nd vase. Turn around go SW over the ledge, jump to grab the ledge S. Turn around and look into the gap you just jumped top spot a lever, where a block has to be raised first to use it.


The South Halls.


Go into the S Hall and find the Crowbar lever in the E end and use it to raise that block under the lever, go back to the gap you jumped and jump down to go for that lever. Turn around and see a pillar in front of the S Halls in the lava-pit. Spikes at the bottom and Flames on the top ledge under/over the ladder are gone, jump back to the top S hall and go to where you can jump onto the top of that pillar and push the button. A gate opens in the W wall, lets check that out, run off the S side of the ledge to land one floor down in front of the 1st floor Hall. Turn around, jump/grab the ladder on the pillar to go down and go over the ledges to the W gate.


The Hell Oil.


In the passage, before the open gate you can jump up and grab the monkey swing and go all the way over to the plant right of the burning pedestal, drop and turn around to look between that plant for a Red ball to shoot, grab the Hell Oil (a gate opens someplace that looks like Hell) and go back using the monkey swing. Make your way back up to the top S hall to use the Tomb Key in the Keyhole in the middle of the S wall, shoot the vase between the 2 gates, the right hand gate will open.




Enter and go to a crossing, the left path goes to a closed gate with some Ammo behind it (later) and the right hand wider passage leads to Hell, immediately a Demigod opens fire on you, shoot while side-jumping from side to side to dodge his bolts. Go jump past the burner to the ledge where he was and look left, thereís the gate you opened jump over the ledges and into the gate to push a button that will open the gate in the W side of the room, the S room holds a bowl where you have to put in the Hell Oil, I did it right away, just walk slowly over the corner of the burner Tile.


Go to the W gate and into a Tomb, shoot the Harpy and get some Ammo (I needed those) and proceed to the next part of the Tomb, there are 2 closed doors, left and right in W wall, go into the NE corner where youíll find a lever, which will be Timed of course and for the door in the SW, pull, roll, sprint to the end of the short passage, go left, run and jump diagonally over the crossing of the lava flows, jump as soon as you go under the door as there is a pit right behind it and enjoy what is in store for you now!!!


The Boulder Room.


5 Boulders rolling from side to side and 3 doors open/close on the other side of the room, itís not too hard to cross the room to the centre 3 automatic doors, pull the levers inside down and the left most door (S) opens.


Go in and right at the crossing, stand jump/grab over to the sloped pillar and pull up, slide jump immediately and jump /grab to the ladder from the 2nd slope, get your feet on the ladder and go around left, to the 2nd ladder on that side go one step up from the bottom and back flip into a passage (notice the door left of the ladders). You're on a slope leading to a Lavapit with trapdoors, go left and shoot the Harpy, then right and down to the 1st trapdoor. Take two steps back and hop back to do a run jump to it and a running jump to the pillar in the corner. Line up for the 2nd trapdoor, stand a bit back from the edge and stand jump, so you can run jump from the trapdoor to land on the sloped pillar, grab the edge and go right to where you can pull up.

Do a diagonal run jump with a sharp curve to the trapdoor under the ladder and grab up, go right around the corner and to the Skellie-lever in the alcove, it will open the last door in the Boulder room. Getting back is easier, just run jump out to the left to land on the pillar in the corner of the room, take 2 hops back from the edge and run jump to the trapdoor, a running jump will get you in front of the exit passage in the right hand corner, mind the pits there and get back into the Boulder room, go left and to that far door N.


The Soul Key.


This lever will open the door in the wall at the ladders. So go back to the other side of the Boulder room and re-enter the S door, jump the sloped blocks and go around the ladder to the other side, back flip into that open door, slide and jump onto the corner ledge, stand in front of the next challenge. Try to get onto the front side of the 1st Tile and do a stand jump/grab to the 2nd, pull up and run jump to a safe ledge (stop at once as thereís a pit close by), shoot a Bat and start hopping over the pits to a room on the right where you can get the Soul Key. The exit behind you opens, which will bring you back in the Tomb. (behind one of the deceased to the right and close to the Hell is a crawlspace where you can get Arrows).


The Torch.


Go E to the Hell and jump to the central ledge in the lava, the one the Demigod was on, look N into the lava and notice the Demons head on the far wall of the pit, shoot the Gem in itís mouth and go back up NW to the S Hall where you used the Tomb Key, look in the W wall, because shooting the Gem opened the door there, fill the bowl inside with the water from the skin and the flames in the passage below go out. So go back down into Hell and around to the gate in the NE where the Demigod was, you can go over the floor now and grab the Torch in the back (on the grating and hard to spot), go out to the room where you put the oil in the bowl and light the Torch on the burner in front, light the Oil and the gate in the NW opens (you can leave the Torch here).


The Garden Key.


Make your way past the burners (be careful, the 2nd burner has a burning floor too, so do a run jump over the burner and the pit behind it, shoot a Bat and in the S Hall a Demigod will be waiting for you, shoot him and grab the Garden Key from the pedestal. Go to the SE corner of the room and look up in the S wall for the crawlspace with a Skellie-lever which will open a gate near the entrance of the Hell. Go back through the burners and through the lava room to those sloped steps leading up to the crossing, right and jump over the pit and go into the open gate left to claim Secret#3(49), Ammo and a Medipack.

We can go for the next secret right away, so go out NW to the S hall and get to the ledge on the W wall of the big room, go past the gate where you got the water and when you get to the NW corner, look down right of the ledge, there is a small ledge below, you can just get to by running off the ledge, look in the W wall for a now open crawlspace and grab the edge of the ledge to shimmy to the opening. Inside are some Ammo and a Medipack, which are Secret#4(50).


Climb back out and get back on the NW ledge, do a run jump to the S to land on the red floor belowand find your way back up to the top of the room through the NE corner and when you jumped to the highest ledges there, turn left and do a run jump S into the structure on E wall, follow the ledge to the Crucifix room left, this is the room you see in the load-screen of the level. Shoot the Demigod and go to the N door where you can make use of your Garden Key.


The Gardens.


Follow the passage down to a kind of labyrinth, go left at the crossing and follow to a pool. Go over to the other side (remember this pool, as it is the only one deep enough to get rid of some Wraiths later) and go right at the next crossing, follow all the way S and to another shallow pool, throw the Skellie-lever to raise a block in the other (NE) end of the labyrinth. So retrace your steps to the crossing where the deep pool is to your left and go straight, in my game the 2 Wraiths appeared right here, so roll and get back to hop into the deepest part of that pool to get rid of them. Then go on N and right to find the raised block behind a wall, use it to get on the top level of the labyrinth (hidden somewhere SW is the 1st Crucifix for later) go to the opening in the wall in the NW and hop in. Follow to the edge of a Lavapit (notice the passage with Spikes left), from standing at the very edge do a stand jump onto the 1st Tile and one stand jump/grab to the next. Pull up and stand jump/grab to the last, a run jump will get you to safety and youíll reach the Garden room.


Flood the Lava room.


Go left and down the stairs into the water, swim right and just around the corner into a small tunnel, left around the corner inside is a plant and behind that an UW ceiling-lever, pull that to raise a block and swim to the end of the tunnel to collect some Ammo. Swim out and left a bit, go N and climb out behind the N structure, get to the top of it and look into the hole in front of you to find a Jumpswitch that was protected by Spikes before, drop/grab and use it to open the gate in the upper W side of the room. Swim along the tunnel and climb up to the top again, get onto the raised block and jump around the room over the ledges.

Inside the small room W there are 2 Wraiths waiting, to collect them both you have to jump the 1st pit and run around the next floor. Get back to the Garden room and jump into the water so youíll get rid of them both in one time, make your way back up to the small lava room W and look on the S wall of the back room for the Demon head with the Ruby, shoot the Ruby and the Demon door in the N of the Garden room opens. Go in there to throw the flood lever that will flood the lava in the Lavaroom W.


Go back to the Lavaroom and dive into the 1st pit, swim through the 2nd (where you can climb back up later) and go left at the next crossing, climb out in the end to get a small medipack  and swim back to the crossing, throw the UW lever and swim N, climb out and up to get through the opened gate, jump over the pits and find a closed door right at the next crossing, go left and reach the Block Puzzle room.


The Block Puzzle room for the Large Waterskin.


Go shoot the vase in the W passage and jump in, follow jumping over the pit, up to where you can grab the ceiling and go straight over to a Jumpswitch on the opposite E wall, drop grab to use it. Now go jump into a passage up in the NE corner of the room, watch out for another pit, push the button to lower the Spikes in the S of the room and raise the Push block you have to push onto all of the Coloured Tiles in this room. The door in the entrance passage opens up, go there and use the Skellie-lever to lower a block on the S structure in the Garden room.


Labyrinth, the 1st Crucifix.


Return E to the Lavaroom and swim into that centre pit where you can climb back out, go right over the ledge in the garden room and go get that Large Skin from the roof there, Wraiths (or one, I didnít wait to count them) appear, jump down into the water and climb out SW (or SE) to get back to the Labyrinth S. Use the monkey swing to get back over the (break tile) Lava pit, drop in the alcove to the right where Spikes have gone now and jump around the corner to the exit. Go over to the hole in the centre of W wall of the labyrinths first floor, between 2 Textured blocks, drop in and push the button to lower a set of Spikes under a Jumpswitch. Climb out, jump to the wall in front and find the hole with the Jumpswitch a bit to the right, this will raise a block under the 1st Crucifix, left of you, so climb up and go N to the next hole. Drop in and pry it of the wall, better fill up those Waterskins while youíre down here, climb out in the E and get back to the Crucifix room through the passage in the SW corner. You can place the Crucifix if you like or first collect them all.


Go out of the room and straight into the Big room, jump down from one of the protruding ledges to the bridge below and go right, you can jump from the NW corner across to the passage left of the Blockpuzzle, where you can use your Soul Key to open the door to level 3b.


Bonus level 3-b. 6 secrets.


Jump over the pit when you go through the door, and enter the next level, when you come to a dead end, go left. Use the monkey to swing over the pit, the passage left has a still closed trapdoor, so go straight and get a flyby of the Hell-castle (what else can you call it). Go straight over the bridge and into the other side, up the stairs. Left and at the lantern is a passage in S wall, follow to a pit, stand with your back to the pit and turn right a bit so when you side jump right youíll land on the sloped ledge.

Grab and go right, pull up/back flip/roll/grab the ladder and go up to the top of it, right around the corner and back flip, slide jump to the next block, slide to the end and jump/grab the opposite wall, go up to the top of the ladder and left to the left one, back flip/roll and slide jump, one more jump will take you to an alcove from which you can stand jump/grab around the corner to a passage up E (notice the lever there for later). Go out N to reach the E side top of the castle, near the Snakepillars (next to the pillars are 2 trapdoors).


Go to the gate E and look for the crawlspace up in the right hand wall, push the button inside to open one of those trapdoors and go in for Secret#1(51), some Ammo. Go back out and into the S passage where you came from and to the timed lever for the gate. Pull the lever, roll and sprint into the open gate E in time. As you enter, the gate the 2nd trapdoor at the Snakepillars opens too (shortcut back to level 3A)


The Throne room.


Go right and through the side passage to the Barrel room, straight across to the Dog statue right of the opposite N door, behind the statue is a lever that will open that door to the N door to the Kitchen. Go left through the kitchen and when you reach the left hand door to the Throne room, it will open as a shortcut. Look for the barrel blocking the opening in the N wall opposite the Throne room door and shoot it, go into the 2nd Store room. To the left is a small passage with water to fill or refill the waterskins (thereís a similar passage in the Kitchen, only the water there is deadly). Go E and to the left hand meatlocker, shoot the barrel and go in to push the button that will stop the flames on the stove in the kitchen E, go there, shoot the barrel to get in and use the lever on the stove to open a gate in the Barrel room. This leads to a Scale puzzle.


The 1st Scale Puzzle, the 2nd Crucifix.


This one needs 4 ltrs. of water, so go into that refill passage W of the 2nd Store room and get 4 ltrs (empty the small and fill the large skin, combine the 2 skins and there will be 2 ltrs in the large one. Empty the small skin and combine again to get the 2 ltrs into the small skin and refill the large, combine again so one litre goes into the small and leaves the 4 ltrs you need in the large skin). Go to the scale E of the barrel room and fill the jar, the scale levels and a gate opens in the S passage to the Throne room (when you make a mistake here, a Fire dragon comes out of the other gate in that passage and you have to kill it to reset the scale, Clever !!!).


The 2nd Crucifix.


Get into that passage S and pry your 2nd Crucifix from the wall, look up in the S wall for the crawlspace and go down the wall on the other side, follow the passage under the Barrel room to a button which will open the E door in the Kitchen. Go back up and through the Barrel room to the Kitchen and right into the room with the Big Wheel, go straight to the next room and right/right into a passage with a ladder. Stand in front and jump up, grab the ladder at the highest point of the jump and back flip over the burner into an alcove. stand jump/grab forward to hang on the grated red ceiling and go out, left into the room and to the gate N, turn left and drop/grab to get into the alcove with the Skellie-lever. This will open the gate to the Bedroom. Go in and to the right hand bed, to the left of that bed is a candle, look behind it to find a crawlspace and go in for Secret#2(52), Ammo and a small medipack.


Then look on the other side of the same bed to find the crawlspace up in the wall, go in and follow this to a passage where you see red doors to the right. Go straight into the small passage, shoot the barrel and use the Skellie-lever, it will flood the pit at the big wheel, return to the red doors and push them open. Go down to the hall and left to the big wheel, find the Jumpswitch in the SW corner of the big wheel pit and use it to open the trapdoor in the W room, find the Skellie-lever right of you in the pit to open the N gate at the big wheel and climb out in the SE. Go to the W room and into the lower passage to find Secret#3(53), some Ammo.


The 2nd Scale Puzzle, the Library Key.


Go back to the ladder, but before you go up, get 2 ltrs of water into the large skin. (empty the small and fill the large skin, combine the 2 skins and there will be 2 ltrs in the large one) Climb back to the big wheel and go into the N gate, left and fill the jar on the 2nd Scale, it will level and the S gate at the wheel opens. Go there and shoot the left barrel to get the Library Key that was under it.


The Library and the Devil Scrolls.


(Wraiths pop up every now and then, could be I missed one)

Go back E to the Hall at the Bedroom and right up through the red doors and straight to the Library door. Go in and run down the stairs, followed by a Wraith(s), run left a bit and past the bluish pedestals into a water filled pit behind it.


The 1st Scroll:


Get out of the water and go up the S ladder to the 1st floor, turn left and open the nearby E Red doors, (notice the barrel in the passage to the left, later) go to the end of the passage, roll and sprint back to get into the pool below to get rid of the Wraiths and get back up there and to the room at the very end of the passage. After you pulled a lever there, head back to the Red doors and shoot that barrel to the right, go in the short passage, a block lowered there, revealing a ladder. Go up and into the passage to a pit with a Jumpswitch, ignore that for now and get into the crawlspace on the right side of the pit, follow to a lever that will open one of the book cases E at the pool. Go back up to the pit with the Jumpswitch and this time use it (Iím not sure what it did, but I think itís one of the 2 Jumpswitches for the next secret) and leave the passage through the red doors.

Go down to the ground level using the N side ladder. Go to the book case N of the pool and use the Jumpswitch there, the book case will open now, go inside to get Secret#4(54), Ammo. Go out and use the monkey swing in the room E of the pool to go over to the other side, shoot the barrel and push the button to retract Spikes somewhere, the Scroll is still protected by fire, that will have to wait. Go out to the pool and left, look behind the S ladder for a Demon head with a Ruby, shoot it to open the book case left, enter, jump the pit and go pull the Skellie-lever where the Spikes retracted, the room with the Scroll floods, so get back there and grab your 1st Scroll.


The Green room for the 3rd Crucifix:


Go up the S ladder and to the right hand Red doors in the S wall, around the right corner is a crawlspace up in left wall, check the health and pull up, youíll slide immediately, so be prepared to jump over a pit from the 2nd slope, run through the next room and left to the red doors, open them quick and run to the ladder a bit left and in front, jump down into the water and get back up to the open doors after the Wraiths are gone. Go into the green room and find the Scroll pedestal in the SW corner, place the Scroll and go get the 3rd Crucifix inside, go back out and straight to the 3rd Scale in the NW corner.


The 3rd Scale Puzzle, the 2nd Scroll and 4th Crucifix.


1 litre needed here (large empty, small full, combine, fill small again and combine= 1 ltr in small). The gate in the SE opens, go in and pull the left lever for the right hand one is still protected by fire, another book case opens. Stand between the 2 levers and look up to the centre of the ceiling, shoot the Red ball and the fire at the 2nd lever goes off. Throw the 2nd lever and a block lowers, revealing the Torch.

Return to the Library ground floor and look behind the S ladder in the SE corner to find the Scroll room, get the 2nd Scroll and go up the steps in the NW corner of the Library. Open the door by placing the Scroll and run for water, go back and inside that door to get the 4th Crucifix.


The 3rd Scroll:


Go up the S side of 1st floor again and into the right hand door, past the crawlspace and open the red doors in the end, follow over the E side landing and open the next doors, shoot a barrel right side and enter the Room with the 2 Wheels, (remember the burning wall-torch for later) thereís an opening up in E wall over that torch, use the chain to climb up and back flip in, follow to a pit, drop down into that lower passage and follow to the crossing, right side is back to the Library and left we go now, pull up in the crawlspace and drop in the room with another wheel. Jump to the axle pillar and climb down the ladder on the back side of it. Push a button down in the pit and go up the ladder, back flip onto the ledge with the Skellie-lever where the Spikes have now retracted, throw the lever to open the next Scroll room. Remember the closed Devil door in the pit (secret for later) Go back through the crawlspace and left, straight to the red doors (S) and down the ladder there, the open room is behind the ladder and right of the Secret room, get the 3rd Scroll.


Get the Torch.


Go up the N ladder at the pool and to the right hand red doors on N side and inside is the Torch, go to the right hand doors S side and follow the passages over the W landing to the room with the Wheels, thereís a burning wall torch (remember?) where you can light yours. Return to the green room (left door at S ladder) and in the NE corner is a wall torch that needs to be lit, a book case opens on the W landing. So go back there again taking the Torch with you and get the Ghost Key, some Wraiths appear. Drop the Torch and run for water, make your way back up to the same room and light a wall-torch on the right hand side (this will open the Devil door to the secret we will get later).


Second Floor W.


Go to the room with the 2 Wheels (first floor NW) and back flip into that upper passage again. Now jump over that pit you went down in before (donít go for the secret yet or youíll make a detour) and follow to red doors, open them and arrive on the top floor W side. Look up where the little lantern is and shoot a Ruby from the Demon head, this will stop some flames at the last Crucifix on the other side of the same block. Notice the gate in S wall on the E landing, you will have to go there later in a timed run.


Ghost Gate Timed Run.


Go to the gate SW and open it with the Key, enter and when the 3 Wraiths appear, run back, right onto the balcony and jump over to the SE floor, where that timed gate is. Run off this floor in the corner where the ladder below is, so youíll drop into the pool below. Again you have to go all the way up and into the Ghost gate, jump the pits and save in front of that Timed lever. Pull, back flip twice and side jump right, sprint into the lower passage and right, out to the balcony and right, to the corner where you can jump over to the SE floor and sprint to the gate, hit jump to roll into the open gate, inside you can place the Scroll to raise blocks on the balconies outside.


The 5th Crucifix.


Go to the E landing and to the block, stand in the window alcove to jump/grab up to it, look N and spot a Jumpswitch, go pull that one first (opens a crawlspace behind you), return onto the block to go over to the S, just a bit right is the crawlspace with Secret#5(55), Medipacks. Go out, onto the block again and over to the W side, pry the 5th Crucifix off the wall, jump off the block to the left and run to jump to the E landing again as Wraiths will make their appearance, the pool below will take care of them. For the last time go back up to the room with the 2 Wheels and into the upper passage, drop into the pit there and go into the left passage at the crossing, through the crawlspace and down into the Wheel-pit where the devil door is now open, get all the Arrows as Secret#6(56).


Well thatís all you can do here, so get back through the crawlspace, left and out to the E landing, to the exit of the Library SW and follow the path back to the trapdoor at the left Snake pillar on Hell castle. Go down and use the monkey swing to go right over the pit, the passage leads back to level 3A as you remember, donít forget that pit at the door.


Bonus level 3-a  - Short visit back.

Find your way back up to the top of the room through the NE corner and when you jumped to the highest ledges there, turn left and do a run jump into the structure on E wall go to the Crucifix room and place all the Crucifixes. Leave the room through the S door and nice music will accompany you to level 4.


Bonus level 4.  6 secrets.


When you come to a passage leading down, run jump to the dark ledge in front and look in the left hand wall, past the green pointy structure to see the opening in the wall, secret there, so run jump onto the right hand breaktiles, run left around the corner and a bit right quickly jump with a left curve to land under that opening with your face against the wall, do a fast back flip onto the sloped wall behind you and jump/grab into that opening, get Secret#1(57), small medipack, Arrows and Ammo.


The Cave.


run jump out to the floor in the E and go forward till a fast flyby will show you the surroundings, run jump/grab over to where the Skeleton is lurking and shoot him off the ledge, go right a bit and shoot the second one off too, stand on the W side of the NW column here and face S, now drop back off the edge of the floor and see the sloped rock below, hang one grab from the left and drop, immediately jump hard left to land into an opening in the wall, collect Secret#2(58), Ammo and climb back up a ladder.


West: Cartouche piece 1.


Go W and at the end of this floor jump to the S gate with the cartouche receptacle. Go around the right hand columns to get to the steps leading down W and shoot the heavily armoured Skeletons, (they have fire proof feet, so shooting them in the Lave will not help too much) run jump into the passage SW and follow to a room with more Skeletons, shoot them before using the Skellie-lever that will retract Spikes on the pillar E in the lava. run jump to that pillar and onwards into the room with Cartouche piece 1.


Jump back to the W room and go right, down the passage to the lava, look left to spot the block in the corner and the opening in N wall. Run jump left around the corner to the block (or jump NE with a roll to the sloped purple rock at the other side, immediately do a sharp right jump from that rock to land on the block). Now jump into the N opening to get Secret#3(59), Medipackís. Don't step on the W side of the floor, be warned! Go back out, jump to the block and back into the passage in E wall. Go through the room with the Skellie-lever to the opposite passage jump out and go up the stairs, around the columns and jump back to the central floor. Go W and jump over to the next part of the floor, shoot some Skeletons and look for a Demon head with Ruby up on W wall, shoot it now or later (a door opens up in the W wall).


Rope Swings.


Jump to the W gate and follow the path to the right, jump to the ladder, shoot the bat and go up to the arch over a gate. From the other end of it you can run jump to a Tile hanging from a chain, run jump to the roof in front and go right. Find the ropes you can use to swing in the direction of that open door W (I had to aim well left of the second rope to catch it). Go in and left, jump into the alcove down at the end of the ledge and drop backwards out to the white sand below, look for the Demon head with Ruby in the deadly room W and shoot the Ruby, Spikes will retract under a Jumpswitch up on W wall. Get the Ammo at the window and go climb back up the S passage where you came down.


Stand on the ledge facing into the room, back to the E wall and all the way to the left, now when you side jump right, you will land on a sloped ledge next to the ledge and slide/jump/grab to the jumpswitch, maybe you have to correct the aim in the air, but thatís how I did it. The Jumpswitch will make Spikes retract in a passage W from the place where you climbed up before, so go into the S opening and right, be careful thereís still a Skull tile with deadly Spikes, follow the passage, jump over the room with the Demon head and drop down the deep shaft. Throw the Skellie-lever to open another gate in the Cave and a block lowers so you can get back out of here, retrace your steps to the roof outside and just drop down to the floor below. Follow the path to the ladder N of here and go back up to that arch where the gate is now open.


The Golden Handle.


Just under the ledge where you enter is a Jumpswitch, use it. Youíll drop onto a sloped block, grab the edge and pull up, back flip and jump from the next with a slight left curve to land on a ledge, climb up left to get the Golden Handle. Go over to the high ledge at the column, from which you can run jump back to the lower ledge at the lower gate, go out and right. In the NW corner is a block that will allow you to climb back up to the upper gate, go back inside. The jumpswitch raised a block on the ledge inside, use the monkey swing to go over to the other side of the room and get Secret#4(60), Ammo in the back room. Make your way back to the central ledges, several routes possible.


East: Cartouche piece 2.


Go E and at the very end of the floor look down to the right (S) into the pit, see the sloped path there? run jump/grab/roll down onto that path and slide, jump onto the block in front and jump into the room left, where you can pick up Cartouche piece 2, the trapdoor above opens, climb back up to the floor.


The E Gate.


Go jump to the gate in the E and look right, look with the Binocís to find the ledges SW you can use to get up to a ledge up on the S wall (to the W), from which you can jump to the roof of the structure in the centre, go right and run jump/grab the Tile on the chain, then over to a roof over the E gate, go in the open room and use the Pentagram Cartouche (combine the Cartouche parts) on the receptacle in the back of the room. The Gate below opens, so go out on the roof and drop to the floor below.


The 1st Portal Skull.


Inside take a right and around the corner, shoot the 2 Skeletons while they stand together so you only need one Arrow. The rope you can see in the pit is too far away, so run jump to a ledge to the right and from there to the 1st rope, aim a little left of the 2nd rope and swing once or twice before you jump, the 2nd is quite close, the 3rd rope only needs one swing and then to the passage with the Black statues. Go on to a deep pit and jump over to a pointy rock ledge on the opposite side, from there to the ledge with the Skeleton.

Shoot it into the pit and go to the next pit, run jump to the opposite ledge and jump back to the ladder next to the entrance. Go down and to the other side of the pit to find a passage left where you can  use a Skellie-lever that will open a gate above and retract Spikes at the Skull. Go back up the ladder and back flip to the ledge in the corner, use the monkey swing above to go over to the opposite ledge and jump into the passage where the 1st Portal Skull awaits you. A gate opens up.


The Pentagram Cartouche.


Go back to the pit with the ropes and spot a gate left in the wall, with a secret for later. Use the ropes to get back where you came from, remember the 1st rope jump is only one swing, the 2nd can be done with one swing too, get back into the passage and follow it all the way N and left, shoot the 2 Skeletons and go to the opened gate left. Use the Skellie-lever to open a near by door, turn and go left into the NW corner and follow the passage to a nice and hot pit. Not too hard really, the monkey swing is for coming back, slide and jump to the 1st pillar, jump a bit left to the sloped one and jump straight till you land on the the right sloped one.

Let yourself slide to the lower one and jump a few times to get to the other side, follow the passage jumping the pillars to a room right where you can get a small medipack if youíre interested. At the very end of this tunnel is the Pentagram Cartouche. Go back through the tunnel to the monkey swing past the Steam blowers and drop onto the pillar where the monkey swing goes left, run jump back into the passage and go left to get to the large Cave, jump to the central ledges and head for the gate in the S and centre of the Cave, place the Cartouche and the gate opens, go in and shoot the Demigod.


The Black Knight room.


Go to the SW corner of the room and stand between the Bowl and the Black Knight, run jump with a roll as high as you can into the corner of the room onto the sloped rock and jump as soon as you land, curve right and grab the roof of the arch there. A series of hard jumps (you really have to get as far as possible into each corner before a run jump is possible or use the "short run jump" trick) to the arch over the entrance of the room, shoot out the wall piece in the NE corner of the room and run jump in there.


The 2nd Portal Skull.

Below youíll see break tiles, look with the Binocís to find the crack in the E wall behind them. Run off the ledge here and slide jump to grab the Tiles, pull up and run to the end, jump/grab to catch the crack and go shimmy right to an alcove, pull up in and crawl onto the Tile, a block lowers left of you, run jump out of the alcove to the break tiles on N wall and run jump into the alcove with the lever, this will open the gates and lower the Spikes on the white ledge in the lava, run jump out to that ledge and shoot a Skeleton, go to the opening in E wall and enter a great little cave for Secret#5(61), Ammo. Go back out and W to the room with the Black Knights and to the opposite room where the gate opened too, shoot the Skellie before it wakes up. Look for the block sticking out of the right hand wall, only to be reached with a looong! (hold forward key) and perfectly lined up run jump from the entrance ledge. Or go along the S route, but you have to go to that block right, because on that block is a panel in the wall. Shoot the panel and push the button to stop the flames at the Skull, jump to the grassy slopes E and go get the 2nd Portal Skull with a jump to the other side. Go back and from the block at the button you can now run jump onto the sloped block in the NE corner, turn right a bit just before you land and slide/jump/grab the exit ledge.

Portal Hall, the 2nd Pentagram Cartouche.

Go back to that corner in the Black Knight room, where you can jump up to the S arch and shoot out the panel in the S wall, next to the closed door and run jump into the opening to the Portal Hall and run off to the lower pillar right of the opening, run jump to the 1st Portal and spot the Jumpswitch on the N wall, it will open the gate right of the lever high up in the E wall. After you dropped to the floor, run around and gather all the Skeletons to shoot them.

Shortcut Up.

Look for a gate in the W wall, go down on the lower ledge and look in the deadly water, where you see a stone path on the bottom, the water is safe. So hop in here, swim S a bit and left around the corner to an Underwater lever, it will raise a block under a ladder. Swim back and right into a tunnel under the floor and get a small medipack from a tunnel right. Swim out E and right around the corner to that block SE. Up the ladder to the top and jump N (Skeleton) to the gate you opened. Inside Lara will look at the Face on the ground, which really is a Crowbar-lever, to be operated from the right hand side and it will open the Devil door up in the W wall of the Portal Hall.

When you get back out, youíll see more Skeletons, do a turkey-shoot and jump down to the 1st Portal in front, to the low pillar in the corner and up into the opening between the rooms, then to the high pillar on W wall and over to the open door. Go in, one block down and jump to the sloped block across the room, drop and shoot a Bat, jump to the gate and go left to get the 2nd Pentagram Cartouche.

Use the Skulls, S Gate.

From the open gate you can jump back to the Portal bridge and go right to the Skull Portal at the S gate, place the Portal Skulls in the pillars left and right and the gate opens. Enter and follow the tunnel to the next gate and go shoot a Demigod coming from the right hand stairs, then place the Cartouche and go into the room.

The Big Crates and Spikes room.

Go left and into the adjacent small room N, climb the block right and go jump over the blocks to the one on the other side of the room, where you can shoot a panel and run jump in, push the button to raise a Crate-pillar near the entrance gate in the Big room. Go back there (you can jump from the block to the exit of the room, to avoid the burner) and climb that crate from the ledge at the entrance and go jump the pillars to the E side of the room, look on the central pillar to spot the Jumpswitch, which will open the E gate and the door NW.

So get back up there and to the door N, stand jump and grab to get in. Run onto the right hand ledge, jump grab to the block in the other corner and from there into the opening in the N wall, go up left to push the button (#1) for the S gate in the Big room. Jump straight back to the block left of the exit and go jump over the pillars into the gate E. Donít take one step too far as thereís a pit! Jump the pits and to the next room from side to side and finally into the corner where the plant hangs, climb up the ledges to use a lever (#2), which will now open the S gate in the Big room. (Notice the gate here, it holds the last secret for this level).

Return to the Big room and jump to the pillar left of the passage, go jump into the S gate.

Timed run for The Torch.

To the left inside is a lever that will open the W gate at the Portal Bridge, not too tight a run. Pull, side jump right/roll and run jump to the gate, stand jump with a left curve over the pit, so you can run out and onto the pillar left of the gate to avoid the Spikes under the gate. Run out E, ignore the Demigod for now and do a couple of run jumps till you are past those nasty pointed blocks in the passage and sprint over the bridge to the 3rd right hand pillar, run sharp right around it and just over the edge to land on a lower ledge and back up, run jump/grab into the Timed gate. Hop over the many pits to get the Torch.

The Golden Key.

Take it N into the Black Knight room and ignite it, then light the 2 other bowls to open the devil door up in the W wall and that gate to the secret you saw. Get up onto the arch again and jump/grab into that devil door, inside youíll find the Golden Key. Return S to the Big room, (Donít forget the Demigod) go up the pillars again and make a little detour through the E room, to get Secret#6(62), a Medipack and some Ammo. Go back out and go to the S gate where the Timed run started and use the Key in the keyhole to the right of the Timed lever.

The Star Effigy.

The Spikes on the central pillar go down and a trapdoor opens on top of it. Go out to the Big room and to the pillar at the entrance jump to the centre one and go up the ladder to get the Star Effigy. Climb back down and go W out of the Big room, left up the stairs and into the teleport room. Go up to the Golden receptacle and combine the Handle and Effigy to form the Guardian of Light, place that to activate the Teleporter. Step into the Teleporter after you had a good look around this magnificent room.

Bonus level 5. 4 secrets.

(Iíll give certain passages and rooms names so I can direct you there later and I donít have to describe the route every time, the names are bold)

The Room with the Columns.

stand jump/grab onto the break tile below and take a quick step forward, stand jump/grab up to the ledge in front and go up to the Room with the Columns. Some Skeletons will greet you, you know what to doÖ Go to the N room and right, thereís a ladder there and just left of the ladder is a crawlspace up in the wall, get in and use the Skellie-lever to open the trapdoor on top of the ladder. There are 2 things to do there:

1st: The Trident.

Go up and back flip into the passage, shoot a Skeleton waking up in the left hand opening and go straight to the end of the dark passage, climb up the passage up in right hand wall and go to a Bone pit, do a long run jump to a sloped rock in front of you and keep jumping till you land on a flat ledge, jump to a ledge on N wall and push in the block there to the end and you'll hear a trapdoor opening up. Go back onto the ledge and jump/grab the ladder on E wall, go down into the cage with the Trident and get it (a gate opens in the N room for Cartouche part 2). Go back up to the top of the ladder and back flip to the ledge, a long run jump will get you to a (partially sloped)block on E wall where you can use the monkey swing to go S and back to the Bone pit, run of the ledge to land on a sloped ledge and jump/grab a crack in the opposite wall, go right and back down to the dark passage.

2nd: Open the W Gate and Cartouche piece 2. 

Now go out onto the roof right and overlook the Room with the Columns, look SW to spot a Red ball near the opposite roof. Shoot it to raise a platform left of that opposite roof, turn left and run jump/grab the edge on the E wall, shimmy all the way to the other end and back flip/roll/grab the platform, go up and into the left opening, shooting the Skeleton backwards off the edge itís on (heís in for a looong fall). Spot a triangular crawlspace in the opposite wall (right side) and run jump/grab to it, climb in and follow to the Skellie-lever that will open the W gate in the Room with the Columns. Roll and look up N for the crawlspace that will get you back safely, jump back to the ledge at the roof and drop on the side of the platform, so you land on the slope below. Go to the N room and to the open gate in the NE corner, a few jumps will get you to Cartouche piece 2. Head back out and go to the Room with the Columns.

Go to the W ďDemon headĒ room and shoot the Ruby in the Demon head in front, a ledge raises in front of you, jump across and go left, straight into the passage with the breaktiles. Turn left, side jump right to the Tiles and run jump from the end of them to the ledge with the button, a gate opens where we go next. Use the monkey swing to get back to the crossing, go left and jump through the Cross room to where you can shoot a panel in the right hand wall. But to the left is the open gate, go in there first. Slide jump over the pit after you shot the panel and go into the Blue room.

The 2 Vase Puzzle for Cartouche piece 1.

Hop on the block S and jump into an opening in the E wall, next to the entrance and go pull the lever to lower blocks in the Puzzle room, go back and push the S Vase into the SE corner. Then move the N Vase into the NW corner and the blocks are now on ground level. Push the N vase to the NE and then the S Vase to the SW. The gate opens to the W pit, shoot the 2 Skeletons and go get Cartouche piece 1. The Devil door N in the Puzzle room opened so you can get back to the Cross room and into the W opening where you shot the panel before and drop into a room with white blocks.

Raising Blocks Puzzle.

Just under the entrance is a lever that will raise a Timed pillar in the N side of the room, from the pillar you can jump/grab the jumpswitch in the NE corner, that will lower a block in the S wall across the room, inside that passage is a marked Tile on which you have to push a block that is currently on top of the block on N wall. Go to the N wall and just left of those blocks is a lever to lower a block under the one still blocking the S wall passage. It will reveal the elevator lever, meaning it will raise and lower the block with which you can get that upper S pushblock down to the floor and up to the S wall passage.

Use it and pull/push the block on the N elevator block, do the S lever again and go pull the block to the S wall and onto the Tile at the lever there, then do the N lever and the block should be in front of the still closed passage. Go look just in front of the N lever to find the trapdoor in the floor (light a flare). Open it and go down, jump the pit and go do a run jump past the Boulder and the Spikes. Look right and see a sloped block in the end of that passage, stand with your back to it and close to those Spikes, do a back flip to the slope and jump to get up to the overhead breakfloor, run to the end and maybe you can spare the last Tile so that you can get out more easy after you pushed the button to lower the block in the S passage above.

Standing in the opening at the Boulder passage, look right and do a run jump into the passage there, then a jump/grab to get onto the sloped block in front and pull up, slide and around the corner a jump to get onto the ledge. Pull out the left Block and push/pull it all the way S into the passage opposite that nice door (you have to go around over that pit). Then pull/push it into the alcove E and the door will slowly open, get your Secret#1(63), Ammo and Medipack. Get into the opening the block was in before, jump up to the ladder right and go up to the S passage where you can now pull the block in and onto the Tile. A block will go up and the W gate opens and additionally a Wraith come to pay a visit. No water where you came from, so quickly move ahead and run jump into that open gate and do a run jump/grab over a deep pit. Follow the passage and just run down into the Water room.

The Water room.

(maybe I didnít do it all in the right order, but it worked and looked fine to me)

Lower the Spikes.

Swim to the SE corner and climb the ledge, follow this passage (passage up) through a Lavapit and to a pit with a monkey swing overhead, shoot out the panel over the opposite ladder and jump/grab over the burner, go up and shoot the Skeleton down into the room ahead. Do not use the Skellie-lever left yet (to raise a trapdoor at another lever, because if you do you will miss a secret) and go forward to the Spike room, a Jumpswitch (later) on the opposite wall and a monkey swing. Shoot the panel in the far left corner and monkey swing over there, when you drop, youíll slide down a long slope, jump to the ledge in front and go around the corner to the Boulder slope. Run jump/grab over and pull up, a Boulder comes, hop back and grab the edge to let it pass. Pull up again, run up and roll to jump back and repeat this 1 more times for the next Boulder (3 total). Then shoot a Skeleton and follow the passage right, over a pit and to the next pit, look up right after the first long jump and find the crawlspace in the wall. Go in to use a button that will retract the Spikes in the Spike room.

Create some useful Ledges. 

Move on through the passage, jump on the sloped block in the corner and slide/jump to a ledge, hop onto the next and be careful at the last, itís sloped and you can jump to a safe ledge after a short slide, climb up to the Ladder room, you have to run in left onto the ledge. Jump to the opening to the Water room E and drop to a ledge below, turn S and run jump to the ledge in the corner over the gate of the Spike room, turn left and jump to the ledge in front of an opening in the S wall, hereís the room where a trapdoor has to be raised later after you got the secret from under it. Shoot the Skeleton and go climb down the hole into a dark room to get Secret#2(64), Ammo and a Medipack. Get out.

Dive down into the water and go through the passage up and to that Skellie-lever you didnít use before (just before the Spike room on the left side), throw it to raise the trapdoor over the secret room so you can use that lever there. Follow the rest of the route to get to that lever and blocks will come out of the wall in the Water room.

Devil Door N.

Dive down into the water, pull the underwater lever SE and the flames at the top monkey swing will stop (later). Climb out to passage up, go to the Spike room and straight to the Jumpswitch using the monkey swing. The gate opens and will give access to the lower path over the blocks, run jump/grab over the pit and go to the N devil door, shoot the opposite panel, run jump/grab over and  throw a Skellie-lever (to open a gate to the 2nd Death Key above in the pit), go back and notice the ladder under the opening to the water room, run jump/grab to it and go down to Secret#3(65), Ammo and a Medipack. Go back up and back to the Spike room over the blocks and over the pit, go up to the monkey swing and go up to the Boulder slope and to the Ladder room.

To the top, the 1st Death Key.

This time you may climb up to the top of the ladder and back flip to a ledge, jump SE to the opening to the water room and drop onto the ledge below and turn N, jump over the white blocks, past an opening in the left wall (Death Key room for later) to the highest block, grab the monkey swing and go over to the opening in the S wall, all the way to the end into an alcove (where you stopped the flames with the underwater lever). Turn around and run jump to the ledge with the Skellie-lever, run jump back up into the same alcove and use the monkey swing to get back to the white blocks. The Devil door there opened, go one block down and jump/grab in to get the 1st Death Key, Spikes go down in the green opening.

Now, you can do that first or go for the next Death Key first, either way youíll have to climb back up again. 

The 2nd Death Key.

Go jump back out to the white block, go down one more and look for the ledge below, between these 2 white blocks, drop down to it and run jump/grab over the pit to get the 2nd Death Key. Get back to the Water room fast and dive down, Wraith alert! Go to the top again and run jump into that green opening SE with a Face crowbar lever, use it to open a gate way back at the Demon head room.

Back to the Cross room.

No shortcut here as far as I know, so go dive down into the pool, beware of the Spikes below and go back up to the Ladder room. Via passage up, Spike room, Boulder slope, Ladder room. Jump out E to the Water room and drop to the ledge outside. Jump around The S side to the white block E, this is the passage back to the Raising Blocks puzzle, go out of that room SE and go left over the pillars in the Cross room. Jump to the exit and left at the crossing with the wall torch. Go straight past the Demon head to the Trident room.

The Trident room, the 3rd Death Key.

Go down into the pit in this room where you have to place the Trident later. That's because you'll have to use 2 Jumpswitches in the place that will be flooded afterwards, to open a door for later. From the pit go W through the opening in the wall and turn around to see the 1st right above that opening, use it. Look for a hole in the floor N and crawl to a passage with the 2nd lever on left wall, go back and place the Trident on the statue.

The pit floods, swim into the W room and into that hole in the bottom, follow the tunnel past the Jumpswitch and find the underwater ceiling-lever in the end (#1 for a Devil door), swim back out and up the S hole in the wall, thereís a ledge on S side, climb up to a room with Secret#4(66), a Medipack and some Ammo after a shimmy right. Go back and jump back to the door, from the ledge at the water you can see the door left and a jumpswitch up right (#2 for the Devil door). stand jump/grab around the corner to the ledge in front of the door and look E, run jump/grab to the 3rd Jumpswitch to open the door, go jump up there again and enter.

Slide and jump to the corner slope, slide and jump/grab the breaktile, hang left a bit and do a diagonal run jump into the opening in the far right hand corner of the room, get the 3rd Death Key and go down E through the water to the Trident room.

The Star Effigy.

Go out to the passage S and look just left outside the Trident room for the alcove where you can place the combined parts of the Cartouche, the gate in the passage next to you opens, go in and jump some pits to get the Star Effigy. Go out to the passage, left and follow the route back to the top of the Water room (through the Cross room, Room with the Blocks, out W over the pit).

The Water room (2nd visit), the Darkness Key.

Go out onto the white block under the entrance and jump to the grey ledge left, jump around to the W and up to the Ladder room, up the ladder and to the water room again, down and over the white blocks to the Pit room in the N wall on the 2nd block, to the left is a still closed gate to the Darkness Key and right is a ledge with a pushblock.

The Death Key room.

Push the block all the way to the end and youíll hear a gate open, hop back a bit, turn left and enter the room with the receptacles for the Death Keys. In the right hand wall is the gate that opened, go push that Vase once into each alcove in E wall, to stop the flames under the key receptacles. Donít stop with the Vase on those Skull Tiles, theyíre deadly. Go back to the previous room and place the Keys. The gate to the Darkness Key opens, so go jump over the Pit to get it. Jump back to the opening to the Water room, go down the white block right and jump to the ledge under the Ladder room and go down the ladder to the small grey ledges in the Water room (a shortcut here is to drop from the S end of this ledge (check the health first) ) and jump around to the E exit and go back to the Room with the Columns.

Room with the Columns-S, the Satan Key.

Go to the S room and open the gate in the NE corner, go in and jump to the Skellie-lever that will open a gate in the S room, just left of the deep pit. Hop to the ledge E for a small medipack and go back out. On re-entering the Room with the Columns, 3 Wraiths appear get to the Trident room and get rid of them (out W, over the pit, right at the Demom head). Return to the Room with the Columns. 

Go to the S room now and hop left over the corner of the deep pit to enter the NE gate. Jump through the Lava room and find a passage up in the right hand wall in the back pit, follow over a trapdoor to the next pit, grab the crack in the wall in front or jump/grab to the crawlspace right and go into the next room, shimmy to the block right and run off to the ledge below, jump to the Skellie lever that will open the exit and the trapdoor in that passage you went through just before. You can go to the N end of this room to get a small medipack on the block in the corner and return to the S side where a crawlspace door opened in the E wall, return to the E Lava room and go up into that upper passage N to drop down into the trapdoor and get the Satan Key (the trapdoor under the ladder in N room opens). Go back out and through the E Lava room (You may have noticed the closed door with the Spikes there, later) and head to the N room.

The Book of Death.

Go down that ladder SE and from just above the Lava do a back flip into the passage, go to the corner and time the jump through the Flames, run past the Hammergod and jump to where the book is, there are 2 break tiles there, one in front and one behind the pedestal, break the last by running over it and climb down the dark pit, jump the pit and go up the next ladder to a Skellie-lever that will stop the flames under the book. So go back up, get the Book of Death (the Spikes go down under the door) and go past your little friend again, up and out to the Room with the Columns.

The Torch.

Go in S and left into the E lave room, jump to the door where the spikes went down. Open it with the Crowbar, go in for the Torch, go back to the block just before you jump to the exit gate and stand back against the wall, stand jump with the Torch to the gate and leave to the Room with the Columns. Go W into the passage with the Demon head, left/right to the Cross room. Jump SW to the Raising Blocks puzzle and light it on the Bowl, go back through the Cross room and straight to the wall torch at the gate E.

The Golden Handle.

Throw the Skellie-lever to change the scenery in the room W of the Demon head, so go out, right/left and spot a block under the opposite slope, jump there and get into the N alcove, jump the pit and go down the ladder to a deep shaft, jump to the button and push that to get a block out of the wall, hop on the block and push in the N block to the end, get the Golden Handle and make your way back to the Demon head room.

Jump to the SW block and over to the keyhole for the Satan Key on the opposite side and use the Key to open the W gate. Jump over and go in, go right, down the slope and jump from the 2nd, go on to the receptacle for the Guardian of Light (combine the Handle and Star Effigy and place it to get the Teleporter behind you going (In case you don't have one of the items, you can jump out through the gate E). Step into the Teleporter and leave these great surroundings.

The End.

Keep the last Save for the next timeÖ

(Revised Nov. 2013)