The Castle. (Le Chateau)

Level by Claude Gross.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, UW= underwater, MP= Medpack.

While writing a walkthrough you come through every room more than once and in this level things were different every time, as for the 3 face switches of which the outcome of the same combination was different every time, and for the pushblock in the UW rooms, in the canyon I had a confrontation with 3 Ninjaís once, which I never saw again later, the last secret at the Bull troubled me a long time as the first time I used the keys I could collect it right away and then in a later game I could not get it anymore. So I did the best I can and it worked for me once, so try and see if you can get through like this too, otherwise use different combinations to get the desired result


Go to the 3 Face-switches in front and pull the R hand one down and up again (waiting for the cutscenes to end every time), then go to the most L one and pull it down. (Thatís for later) Go out to the Castle wall, you can jump down into the lake to the R and swim into the tunnel in N wall, the gate will open for you.

UW room 1: Pull the UW ceiling lever in the S, swim up into the now open ceiling-hatch follow tunnel to hole, drop down into:

UW room 2: Thereís a pushblock next to the central pillar, pull it clockwise around the pillar to the light colored tiles, stopping on every tile for a moment. Tile 1: Hatch opens to room 3, Tile 2: a pillar goes up in room 1 and the room drained (this can be different sometimes, just go pull around till the pillar goes up and the room is dry)

UW room 1: Throw the lever to flood room 2. Go back to room 2.

UW room 2: Use the UW ceiling lever N side to open the gate to room 3, go up to the tunnel again and through the gate to room 3.

UW room 3: Get the Golden Key from the golden ledge and use the UW ceiling lever in the E to open the hatch to room 4. Go up in the tunnel and S to room 4.

UW room 4: Grab Secret#1, Uzis, Ammo and Ĺ MP on the floor in the dark. Go back to room 1 and throw the lever to drain room 2 and go there to pull the block onto the last Tile, W of the pillar (or on another tile that will show the pillar gone and the room re-flooded). Go back to re-flooded room 1 and swim to the exit-gate in S wall, it will open for you, swim to the SE corner of the lake and get out, runjump up to a dark ledge in the SE corner of the rocks and get Secret#2, Shotgun and Ammo.

Go over to the W side of the lake and into the NW cave, around the grey pillar to the L and up the ledges W to find the Guardian Key on the stone ledge, get back to the lake and climb out at the ladder on S wall, go up to the wall and R, into the building as the gate opens for you, turn R into the N room and place the Guardian Key on the ledge (the previous room changes as walls go down to give access to higher levels), get a MP and some Ammo in the corners of the room and go up those walls in the other room, over the bridge to the opening in the ceiling in the N, get up and shoot the 2 Guards, get the Ammo one of them drops and go L at the square overlooking the Horse pool, shoot a box to get the Lasersight (for what I donít know, as you never get to using it) and go into the opposite room, go to the window and just runjump through it, throw the lever to open an UW overhead door in the Sewers, pick up the Ĺ MP at the shelf on the wall and look on the ledge at the grated windows for the 2nd Golden Key.

Go back to the hole in the floor where you climbed up from and from the bridge you can jump to the E room on top of those steps. Dive in and down, into the tunnel and up/R into the next tunnel and to the end of it, up and R to swim through that door you opened. Climb out E to get a Ĺ MP from the box and then head N, a gate will open for you. Go up the ladder to come to a Mirror room.

The Mirror room.

See the hidden ledges in the mirror and a lever on the other side on the ledge, walk slowly out onto that 1st ledge, itís about opposite the lever, turn L and runjump to the corner, where youíll land on a walkway going down into the room with the Spiked floor (walking slow doesnít work here you have to run down, just keep a straight line down). From this walkway you can standjump onto the grey ledge to the R, between those Spikes and get the hidden Crowbar on the 1st square, walk to the other side, stand a bit back from the spikes, turn around and backflip to the ledge at the mirror, turn towards the entrance of the room and standjump to the next ledge, turn R standjump to the next, turn L and runjump to the next, turn R and just jump/grab up to the one near the start and turn R, 2 standjumps followed by a runjump and you can use that Crowbarswitch to open a gate at the pool where you came into this place. Now take one hop back from the switch and turn L, walk to the edge of the floor and standjump onto a ledge with the hidden Crossbow, run off the NW point of this ledge to land on a lower one and turn straight to the exit ledge, standjump once, hop back and a runjump aiming slightly L to land on the exit ledge, go down the ladder to the pool and up on the other side to get the 3rd Golden Key from that room. Then swim into the sewer again and R at the crossing, up a bit and L at the next crossing and follow to a pool that was lava before you pulled the Face-switches.

The Room with the 6 Pools.

You just emerged from the SE pool, there are 5 more, one of the pools is still burning (you donít really need it as it is a shortcut, I believe), the others were changed to water by the 3 Face switches.

Centre W Pool: Go over to the centre W one and swim down the tunnel to get a Ĺ Ba Cartouche in the end. Turn back and hop into the SW pool.

SW pool: Follow the tunnel to a room where you can get into a CS with steam-blowers that brings you to a Lava room, jump to the next ledge after you dropped out of the Face and turn L, jump over the sloped ledge and slidejump to the block at the wall, drop into the hole L of it and get Secret#3, the 4th Golden Key, then climb to the top block and grab the MS to get back to the ledge in the lava, go to the ladder in the other end of the room and go up to a green cave with a large pillar, behind the pillar is a MP, then climb the pillar, notice the overhead door to the L and get another MP before jumping into the Boulder passage with the torches. Go up and turn around just around the corner, 2 back hops up the slope and quickly jump back into the corner, sprint down and jump back onto the pillar, go back in after the danger is gone and follow up to a canyon.

Get a screen of a Crowbarswitch and when you go down the L side green slopes a flyby will show you where it is. Just follow the green ledge and jump to the flat ledge sticking out to the R in the end, go around the corner to pick up Secret#4, a Revolver and more Goodies. Drop/hang from this ledge and go R a bit to drop onto the ledges below, follow the lower ledge to the Crowbarswitch, Rocks dropping on the path behind you. Throw the switch to open that overhead door at the pillar and shoot the Guards that appeared and go back through the Boulder passage to the pillar, runjump/grab into that overhead door and go get the 5th and last Golden Key and the Ĺ Ba Cartouche next-door. Go jump back to the pillar in the green cave and down to the pool below. There is a trapdoor open now, swim in and follow the tunnel, get air at the hole and swim on to an UW ceiling lever at a gate. After using the lever, stay on the same spot for a bit till you actually see the trapdoor opening up (if you swim away too fast, it will remain closed.

Here was the shortcut back to the room with the 6 pools, you could go through the opened gate here, but only if all the 6 pools were clear, I just swam back to the green cave, climbed back down the ladder to the lava room and through the CS behind the face to swim back to the room with the 6 pools. Go to the NE pool.


NE pool: The Bull. Swim to a room with a closed gate in front and a Big Bull on the other side, in this room are 5 Bullís Eyes you will have to break by getting the Bull to slam into them, one of those Bullís eyes is behind the gates, so run to the bull to get him out of his cage, roll and run a bit to the R to the opposite Bullís Eye, roll and wait for him, hold the "look" key, so you can see him coming and quickly sidejump to get out of harmís way. Then run to the opposite Eye and then go over to the ones behind the table on the other side of the room, then the opposite one and finally the one behind the now open gate, sidejump L as the Bull comes and go out the gate there, turn R to the cage the Bull was in and notice a gate opened in the back of the Bullís cage, hop on the ledge and go place all 5 Keys. (The last one is to access the last secret) A screenshot will show you a gate opened somewhere.

In the first go at this level I could get the Secret now, look at the Bullís cage and see 2 of the 4 cage pillars went up, so you can climb to the roof over the Bullís room and get Secret#5, Grenade-gun and some Goodies on the roof. Go back down to the Key ledge.

Go between the pillars of the key holes and drop from the edge to the Horse Pool area, go into the door under the ledge you dropped from and shoot the Guards, go get the MP and Ammo and go E and L into the passage, here is the gate you opened before on the L, go in and get the Ra Cartouche at the window. (There are some other gates and rooms, but they are just shortcuts back up to the top of the level in case you forgot something) Return to the main room and place both Cartouches in the W wall, to open the central structure, go in to get the Amulet of Horus and a flyby will show the exit opened. Draw a gun as the Flyby is going on and immediately shoot the Ninja when you regain control. Go out to the Horse pool and out the newly opened gate on the opposite side to exit the levelÖ

Well this one didnít quite satisfy me, because of the strange things happening, only after deleting all previous saves I was able to play it like I did it the first time and following the walkthrough

Dutchy 25-10-2004