Lara in the Mountains.

Level by Steve.

Unauthorized walk by Dutchy.  

 Part One.

View the Video, included in the Zip-file, so you’ll have an idea what it is all about. (in German I’m afraid, couldn't hear most of it)

 “Everybody’s gotten sick, because some strange force captured the Unicorn that has been watching out over this area for ages. It’s up to Lara to find it and set it back free…”

The Sick Bear.  

 Dive into the river and go R, downstream and go down the waterfall on the L side, there’s a pillar on the L wall you can climb. The rest of the current seems to strong for Lara. Climb the wall and go climb up the mountain there to finds a hole in the top of it, be sure to jump to the ledge down at the hole first and then climb down the ladder. A Big Bear is coughing, Pneumonia for sure. Conversation=

Bear: Who are you? What are you doing here?

 Lara: I don't know myself until now. I saw a very bright light shining in the village. Then I ran up to it but it was too late. Have you any idea what this could have been?

 Bear: No. Search me. You can't see a lot in my cave. And I could eat like a horse! But you could ask the farmer who lives nearby...

 Lara: Where (exactly) do I find him??

 Bear: The way is locked by an avalanche. The only possibility is to swim up the river, but the farmer has placed a grating in it which will be an obstacle...

 Lara: How could I open/remove the grating?

 Bear: Umm...I won't tell you unless you help me!

 Lara: What could I do for you?/ How could I help you?

 Bear: Bring me some honey. I can't find any beehives in this snow. But the farmer has a storage where he puts such things to keep them cold. When you get me some honey I will tell you how to open the grating...

 Lara: Well, I will try. See You/ Until later!

Go back up the ladder and go down the E flank of the mountain and into the canyon there, in the L wall a cave opened up. Inside are Icicles hanging from the ceiling, so beware and go over to the Beehives, there’s a jar of Honey there. Take it and go back to the Bear. Stand on the L side of the feeding-bowl and put the Honey in.

 Bear:  Groooar!  That tastes good!  Where do you get the whole honey from?  Lara:  I have my sources....But before you eat, say me how I come to the farmer.

 Bear:  Grrooor... well well.  Go to the source of the river.  There somewhere you can open this lattice.  But pay attention!  The farmer hates it if this lattice is opened, since the dirt clogs the whole channel.  Therefore he made a secret mechanism.  How it works exactly I cannot tell you.

 Lara:  Ok, I will see how I get through there.  I hope it tastes...

Bear:  MMMMhhh....

 Go back up and over to the far NW of the mountain area, you can jump to the canyon there and find a lowered piece of rock in the NE corner, follow the path to the Puzzle area.


 In this area are 4 hidden Boulders up in the E rock-face, in the grass are 4 brick Tiles and 4 pits next to them, R of where you enter are 4 buttons, they will unhook the Boulders, but they will only fall if you pull a pushblock hidden in the N wall (with the ring, obvious) onto those 4 brick Tiles. So hit those buttons and go get that block, pull it backwards from the pit onto the Tile, the block will lift to give you a good view of the boulder coming. Go on like this, but at the 3rd Boulder you have to stand aside as the Boulder will pass through the block (Ooops), so be sure to get out of the way. After you’ve done all Boulders a door will have opened in the passage you entered from (L, just before the CS), go in and use the Jumpswitch to open the gate in the SE river, near Bear’s hill. Go back through the Rivers or over dry land as you prefer and swim downstream through that gate to end up in the next level…

 Part Two.

Climb out and go through the canyon to the house E, R and to a closed door that needs a Key, go on to the back of the house and find a nice Bike, look around to find the bright green plant near the crates and get the House Key, hop on the Bike and go to the front door.

 The House.

 In the hall are 3 doors, open the 1st one to the r and find an old (sick) man sitting in his chair,

the conversation=

 Farmer: Hatschi Sniff- huh? Who are you? What do you want?

 Lara: Calm down, I won't hurt you. I see that you are very ill. I can help you but you need to give me an information.

 Farmer: Cough, cough- what do you need?

 Lara: I've seen a strange light within the valley...maybe you know something about it,...

 Farmer: Yes, I know the place....cough, cough, cough, (pause-) I'm to weak....bring me my medicine, as I won't live that long anymore without it,

 Lara: What medicine?

 Farmer: ----

 Lara: He seems to be fallen asleep. Quick, I should find something that makes him healthy again...

 Go out and into the next room R, R inside and find a pile of books with the Kitchen book amongst them. When you examine it, it reads:

 “ Ingredients for the  “Illba Atualia Potion” a potion that will cure almost all diseases. The patient should drink the mixture of plants.

Ingredients:  “Pyrola Rotundifolia” , a plant growing underground, that needs a high humidity, it can often be found in moist underground caves.”

 Go SE from the book and find the Book-switch between the book cases (opens a gate for later). Go to the Hall and to the last door, follow through the Piano room to the NE room and get the piece of paper from between the books, this reads:

 “Mimosa Pubica” , a very fragile plant, thrives in warm, quiet places, can sometimes be grown at home too.

 Now get back outside and hop on the bike, take it back to the other side (N) of the house. Past the frozen pool is a steep hill and to the open gate SE, break the glass and get the  “Mimosa Pubica”  extract, hidden in the plant to the R. Hop on the Bike and go to the W river, dive in and swim back to that pillar near the Bear hill. Go up the wall and follow the mountains to that place where you did the Block puzzle, dive into the river there and look in the wall under that canyon for a crevice you can swim in, R into the small tunnel and in the end R and down the shaft, go up to a hole in a dark moist cave and get the  “Pyrola Rotundifolia”  extract from the red plant.

 Head back out and swim the rivers downstream to where the Bike is, ride it to the house, and go to the old man, you have the medicine now, combine the 2 bottles and pour the mixture in the bowl, the cutscene shows the man talking to Lara.


Farmer: Cough, cough...oh, what happened?

 Lara: You were unconscious for a short time. I got the necessary medicine

 Farmer: Oh, thanks a lot. May God bless you.

 Lara: Right, now can you give me this information? What is the light all about?

 Farmer: Hmm...I've seen the light you were talking about several times.

But I can't tell you exactly what it was.

Try going to the bridge. I haven't been there for a long time...anyway, it´s going to collapse soon.

 Lara: I'll risk that.

 Farmer: Be careful!

 Lara: Goodbye

 He explains she now has to go to a room with a breakable floor, the Bridge room.

 This room is next to the gate where the 1st level started, so back again through the river and over land to the far SW corner, dive into the river there to swim across and get out, hop on the hill next to the tree and find the passage now open. Run onto the bridge and wait, just drop into the water and follow the narrow tunnel to a dark room with wall-torches. In the NE corner on the back of the pillar is a Jumpswitch that will set the centre pit ablaze and then get the Torch in the NW corner, run into the back o the pit when the flame is down and turn to walk up slowly onto one of the corners of the burner. Light the torch and standjump back out as the flame is down. Light all the wall-torches to get that gate open and light the torch there, open the Pressure door??. Go up the passage in the back, crawl to a closed off canyon and set the Unicorn free, go into the NW corner to find the next CS and follow to the R, go up to the gate and see the freed Unicorn in it’s element… Mission accomplished.

 Dutchy 15/12/04.