The Jurassic Stone.

Level by George Mciver.

Walkthrough  Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, UW= underwater.

Level 1: The Jurassic Temple.

You slide into a crevice. Go explore to the L as the tunnel in front is closed off, when you climb the mount inside the cave, an earthquake occurs. The tunnel you came from has an opening now, so go back and L, drop through the hole and slide into a water filled Cave, swim to the other side of it and reach a hidden outside area, go to the big doors and walk through, a deep pit is behind them. Stand on the R side, turn and drop down into the pit. Follow to a big Hall, enjoy the flyby and see the Revolver on the block engulfed in flames and protected by a Skeleton, weíll get that in the end.

Dive into the fountain and find the UW lever (under water lever) on the W wall, pull it to open a gate in the N wall. This is the Beetle room, as it holds the Pyramid where you have to place 4 Black Beetles later. Look for a jumpswitch on the wall in the NW corner, cleverly hidden on a face tile. This opens the big doors in the W passage back in the Hall. Go enter that passage and enter the Demi god room, thereís one in a closed cage. For now we have different things on our mind, dive into the L pool and open the UW door, go in to get some Ammo, return and go L, past the Demi god and R up the stairs, kill the Raptor (those guyís canít take much) on your way up and enter the doors.

Take some Flares L and go on, another earthquake occurs, youíll hear footsteps, turn to see the Raptor closing in, take him out. Follow the passage to and outside fountain. There are 4 burning reach-in switches here; I tell you what to do. Approach crawling, to just under the flame, wait for it to go out, stand and use the switch at once and when Lara has her hand in, push crawl again, so she will go on her knees just before the flame catches her. Do all 4 switches here. Thereís nothing to it with this trick. The S door opened, pick up the MP in the pool first, then go in the door, use the reach-in switch and get a screenshot of the UW door in the N pool in the Demi god room. A door opened here at the pool where you got the MP.

Go in and make your way through the passages, with a flare, watch out for those Scissors, run past the burner and drop into the empty cage opposite the Demi god, when you go out youíll notice his cage opened too, but with me he stayed inside, so I shot him around the corner jumping aside as he fired back. When he is gone, go in to his cage and open the sarcophagus to get the Crowbar from inside.

The 1st Black Beetle.

Go out the cage, L and into the N pool, the UW door is open, go in and follow to the chain you can pull to open some doors, they are past the Demi god cage and L, downstairs, on the opposite side of this burner room is the 1st Black Beetle, stand L side and runjump/grab the 1st burner ledge, go around shimmying R to the other side and pull up in the corner at the wall, stand still when the burner is on and turn, back to the wall as soon as itís off, do a runjump/grab, with a little L curve, to the next burner pillar at the next interval and shimmy R around the corner till you face the next jump. Pull up and runjump/grab to the ledge, Go L to the side closest to next pillar and pull up in the corner, standjump/grab to the next pillar, shimmy L and line up for the last jump. Take the Beetle, the burners go off and 2 Giant Wasps come in to the room, turn and start shooting as soon as you see them, but be careful to hop back into one of the corners (and keep hopping back while shooting), otherwise they will push you off the ledge. Make your way back to the Hall and into the Beetle room, a door opened in the E wall, go in to use the reach-in switch.

The 2nd Black Beetle.

Youíll see a block rise in the Hall, go out and L, the block is under an alcove with a closed door, stand on the edge of the alcove and look W, thereís a balcony you have to jump to, a runjump with a R curve will get you there nicely, go up the slope and an earthquake rocks the room. Yet another great room up the slope, a flyby takes you around for a look-see, showing the Beetle on the top of the building. Dive into the R hand fountain and get the Winding Key from the bottom. Go to the NE corner and use the jumpswitch, then go to the NW corner for another one, the big doors open, go inside and up the stairs, R and L into the passage, follow to a Spiketrap, itís a real tricky one.

The Spiketrap.

Stand on L side of the tile, about half a step back from the Spiketile, and turn L a bit so when you sidejump R you will just get past the pillar R and over the corner of that Spiketile to the slope next to the Spiketrap, when you slide down, the Spikes go down, so you will land safely. Next Tile you do the same, be sure the Spikes are triggered when you jump over the corner. When you save every time just before you jump and did it wrong, change the position a bit and save again. I got through without any harm this way. When the Spikes are down, they wonít go up again, so go forward to a hallway where a Demi God awaits you, and shoot him, taking shelter behind one of the pillars to the side by sidejumping every time he shoots at you. Look for the jumpswitch in the SW corner on a pillar, where the Demi god was and use it to open the door in the alcove in the Hall. Go back there jumping over from the balcony, or just drop to the ground floor and climb the block again and enter this door. Follow the dark passage and another earthquake kicks in, reach the outside area with the Obelisk and go into the pool, L and through the tunnel, thereís a room with a fountain and a lot of passages in the walls, you cannot reach from here, dive into the fountain and take the E hole, to an air hole straight in front, from that air hole go R/L/R and follow to the end.

Getting up in the world.

Get out and here is a room with a block you can climb. Jump to the higher pillar and stand on the L side of it, runjump, grabbing the very last moment, otherwise you will not turn enough to grab the crawlspace in the SW corner. Runjump to the pillar R and to the opening in the wall L. This is the fountain room you started in. Now you will have to jump around the corner, go stand in the centre of the opening, looking L a little bit and hop back, runjump, just touching the L pillar and with a sharp L curve not grabbing and you should just make it, runjump/grab to these pillar and climb up R, get onto the centre ledge and turn S, standjump, grabbing the last moment, from the N side of the centre ledge into the opening in S wall, a little down from where you stand now, stand on the L side of this opening and runjump/grab the 2nd pillar you can see just around the R side. On it is Secret # 1, a MP and Ammo, turn back and runjump/grab the opening in the wall, jump/grab up to the ledge in L corner and over to the centre ledge, now runjump/grab into the opening N wall, look R and see the crack in the pillar. Again a tricky jump ahead.

Stand on the edge in the centre of the opening and turn R a little bit, hop back and do a runjump, just touching the R hand corner with the shoulder and turning sharp R, with the grab in very last moment to just grab the corner of the crack, shimmy L to the opening and then do a runjump to the L ledge, no grab and over to the next, runjump grabbing the last moment to the opening in E wall, then runjump/grab into the gap in the pillar in front and jump/grab the corner ledge L. Climb up and runjump to the ledge behind the pillar SW. Jump to the lower ledge and around R corner to runjump/grab the opening, walk through the wall and see the Ĺ MP to the R, runjump/grab over to get it.

Return to follow the path W, runjump without the grab to the lower ledge at the burner on N wall, from where you land, a runjump/grab last moment with a curve L over the burner in the corner, pull up in the R hand corner and runjump/grab quickly to the ledge S, get ready to shoot a Wasp, I crawled and with my back to the wall, not to be thrown off the ledge. From this ledge a monkeyswing goes to the pillar on S wall, the start is tricky, go forward to the end, but not too far or you will drop off, turn l and follow to the end, drop to the pillar below and runjump into the opening SW corner. Standjump/grab the pillar behind it and runjump to the ledge L, standjump to the pillar S. Standjump to the opening SE and runjump to the pillar and over to the next, there you can see the reach-in switch in far L corner and the Beetle down on the blue block at the fountain.

From here you have to runjump around the L corner to the ledge there, donít grab, just jump, itís a tricky jump; you probably have to try a few times. I did it by standing in the centre of the S side of the ledge and aim at the corner, let Lara look up and see the corner exactly between her legs, runjump no grab and curve sharp L to land exactly on the tip of the ledge. The other jumps to the switch you can do by yourself now, if you did last jump youíre a pro by now. The switch is for the Mechanical Scarab door. Jump of the ledge into the fountain below (make a nice dive, hold shift and jump down) and get the 2nd Black Beetle. Go to the SW corner and climb up the blocks, youíll reach the room where the door opened, get the Mechanical Scarab and dive in the water and swim through 2 rooms to the fountain room where you started this climbing affair. A block raised on N wall, get into the crawlspace and climb up, as soon as the Skeleton appears, climb up L side and you will drop into the passage where you killed the Demi God. (Letís go find a way to open that door here)

The 3rd Black Beetle.

Head back through the Spiketrap to the stairs, go around to the other side and enter the passage there, the Spiketrap here you can disable with the Scarab, combine it with the Winding Key and put it on the center of the tile in front of the Spiketrap, run through when they are down and collect the Scarab. A Raptor attacks, take him on here or run past him to the fountain and take him out from the fountain. Thereís an UW lever in the fountain, N side, use it to open the door in the passage where you killed the Demi God. Go back trough the Spiketraps and enter the door, up the stairs and kill the Raptor, go R at the big doors and use the Scarab at the T-rex head, to kill the Spikes and use the reach-in switch to open a door on the other side, so go back to the big doors on top of the stairs and straight into the passage there, use the Scarab again and go L, to a switch on a balcony. The switch opens the big doors, but timed, so roll/sprint to the corner, release a bit to turn the corner and sprint to the end, R and sprint turning L so you go just inside the doors. Up the stairs, kill another Raptor. Now weíre one floor up in the room, under the Beetle. Go Rand from the end of the balcony a runjump with a R curve to the walkway on W wall, go R and go to the Chain, the Spiketrap is a joke of George, the Scarab will explode! Just pull the Chain and go over the walkway to the other side of the room, and enter the door you opened. Follow the passage to the roof and run straight over to the other side, a Wasp takes off from the R, kill it at once. Look L and see the big pillar on the corner of the roof, drop down the edge next to it, grabbing and look for the Shotgun there, drop to get it and pull back onto the roof, now go over to the centre of the roof and slide down grabbing the edge, drop and shoot the Skeleton off the ledge with the Shotgun. Go get the 3rd Black Beetle. Go down the stairs or just jump off the ledge into a fountain on ground floor, either way; go down and to the Hall.

The 4th Black Beetle.

There you will find another block raised in the SW corner stand facing E and on the L side, grab up to the edge above, tricky but possible, shimmy R and pull up onto the Demon face tile to trigger the door R, slide off and grab the edge again, the door will open, shimmy R and get in, reach the puzzle room.

The Timed Doors.

There are 2 Raptors inside youíll have to shoot, follow to the pool, past a couple of colored doors L+R that make part of the timed puzzle, the Beetle is on the unreachable 1st floor. At the pool, look for the green UW laver and pull, roll and swim quickly to the R a bit, get out fast (be sure to release the swim up key just before surfacing and push the forward key, otherwise Lara will swim backwards first and you will not make it to the door in time) Sprint to the green door and inside this room are lots of naked ladies on the walls, (something youíd like to share with us George?) the 5th alcove L has a jumpswitch, pull it and see the red alcove in the end, it will open a door in the back of the red room.

Go back to the pool and use the red lever and roll, swim to the edge, get out fast and sprint into the red door, go L and around the pillar. L and look for the jumpswitch use it and the door to the Secret in the Blue room opens. Go find the door in the end of the red room, just to make sure youíll find it later and head back to the pool. Use the Blue lever and get out of the pool fast, sprint to the blue door and shoot the Raptor inside, look for Secret # 2, Ammo and Lasersight, L in the end (it will also kill the flame on the block where the Revolver is). In the end of the blue room is also the door which holds the switch to open the normal door opposite the blue door. Now you have had the training and collected the Secret we can get to business, go to the pool.

Save and dive for the green lever, use/roll/out, sprint in and to the end, use the red switch sprint out, to the pool, use the red lever, get out fast, sprint into the red door, sprint all the way to the end, use the blue switch inside the hopefully open door, sprint back to the pool, use the blue lever, out, sprint to the blue door and to the switch in the end, sprint back out and straight into the open door across the room, jump over the pit and use the Chain. A block went up in the room, so you can climb to the Beetle. Climb up and pry the 4th Black Beetle off the wall. Go back down and to the Hall, go to the block where the Revolver is and climb on, get the Revolver quick, itís Secret # 3 and climb down, roll, go to the block at the T-rex head and stand on it, equip Revolver with Lasersight and shoot the head off the Skeleton that appeared on ground floor. Now you can go to the Beetle room to put the Beetles in the Pyramid in peace. The door in the N wall opens; go out and to level 2.

Level 2: The Jurassic Stone.

Now itís a bit harder to explain directions as George seems to have left out the Compass. Try to save on Shotgun ammo to deal with Skeletons, use the pistols for the Raptors as much as possible, but they will drop with one Shotgun shell if you let them get real close.

Drop down the hole and land on a black pillar in the Pillar room jump to the sloped one and slide grab/drop to the ground level, to the L is a switch, ignore it, go R and see the Arch we will pass a few times, there are 2 statues and an oil lamp on it we will have to light. Go under the arch to the Arch room, thereís a switch R on a sloped block and one on a rock L, ignore both for now, go L past the rock into the passage to the switch room, use L switch and then R and see one of the statues at the Arch on fire, go to the Arch room and to the switch on the sloped block, pull the switch to raise a block in the switch room. Go there and climb the block, pull up to the corner of the pyramid like structure and jump to the R walkway, use the brown monkeyswing to go over the top of the pyramid, drop into the hole in it. Land into a fountain; look for an UW lever in the pool and a gate opens outside.

Climb out of the pool and find the switch in the corner between the 2 passages of the room, pull it to light the 2nd statue at the Arch. Go up the passage under the oil lamps and shoot some Bats. Climb the pole and backflip to the highest ledge in the corner, runjump with a L curve into the opening in the wall and follow up to the Arch room, shoot the raptor and go to the gate next to the switch on the sloped bock. Pull the switch inside to light the oil lamp on the Arch. Now that all 3 lights burn, the gate at the Black pillar opened. Go to the Pillar room and climb the tree, backflip to the sloped pillar and jump to land on the flat black pillar, do a running jump while the Skeleton wakes up to the open gate in the wall in front. Follow the passage up to a Big Room.

In and around The Big Room.

In front is a Golden Door, with 4 statues and 2 torches we will have to light in order to open it. Go L and to a room R, with a tree in it, go to the next tree room and look for a ladder on the tree, stand just R and in front of the roots on the ground, standjump/grab the ladder and go up, backflip to the upper level, turn around and go to the next room, shoot the raptor, go L and reach the room with the 6 switches around a pool. From where you came, use the L in front and turn around, there are 4 switches there, use the 2nd from L and then the most L one, now the most R one and last the 2nd from the R. If everything went well, youíre still alive and the gates are open. Go through and see the gate left we have to open, holding the Timeless Sands. Stand in front of the gate and see the wall torch just in front of a passage to the L, runjump to the slope that is in front of this passage and slidejump, keep jumping to the flat ledge at the switch, use the switch and then go back using the monkeyswing over your head, don0t go all the way to the end, a bit before the end, you can drop to a slope and slidejump back to the ledge at the gate, now stand on the L side of the entrance, looking into the room, back to the pillar, runjump to the wall in the pit and if you go over the top, (if you donít go over, grab and pull up) slide jump and keep jumping to the flat pillar in the end, use the monkey-swing to go to next pillar, runjump/grab to the switchpillar and use it, back with the monkeyswing and drop, jump back to the ledge, now go L and to the end, thereís another passage with a wall torch, runjump onto the slope and keep jumping to the switch, the gate opens, go back with the monkeyswing and go get the Timeless Sands from it.

Go back through the switch room (kill the Raptor here) and down the tree to the Big Room. Find the hole in the ground to the L, just before the blue passage in the wall, drop down and land in the fountain. From the position you dropped in the pool, go L and follow the big corridor L, shoot a Raptor and a Skeleton will awake, take him for a walk to the pool and shoot him in. Maybe another Skeleton will come out around the pool, get him into the pool too. Go to the corridor again and follow to the end, now get ready to deal with 2 Big Slow 6 Armed Monsters, they canít take much but they only get hurt if they have their arms wide. So trick them, by holstering your weapons and pulling them quick and shoot as the Monster opens its arms. When they are history, go to the place they came from and find 2 switches next to the gate, pull them both and head back to the fountain, go past and L into next corridor, get some Ammo L and go to the open gate to pull the switch, roll and shoot the Raptor coming for you. Go forward and to the opposite side of this corridor, notice the fountain R, (for later) and use the switch inside the open gate there, roll and shoot the Raptor, now go back to the gate where you pulled the 2 switches and use the lever inside, and yes, you guessed right, shoot the Raptor. Now go to the fountain all the way on the other end of the corridors and get the Ammo in the R corner, under the ledge next to the Ammo, in the corner of the pool is an UW lever, use it to open the exit gate across the corridor. Go to that gate and follow to a fountain you saw before, go to the R hand passage and up, up the pole and backflip to the ledge, runjump into the passage in the corner and end up in the Arch room, you know the way back to the Big room? Climb up the tree in the pillar room, and runjump past the Skeleton.

Again a Raptor will be greeting you. Every time you go past the Golden door, youíll see another flame burning next to it, to show you that you are in fact making progress.

Look opposite the Golden Door for the roofs to climb up, when you climb the last block, hop back quick and wait for the Spike ball to go by, then climb up and jumpgrab the L side edge of the slope, so you can shimmy all the way L, pull up in the corner and jump up to the higher ledge, be careful not to run in the pit, shoot the Bat turn L and climb the blocks to the corner with the faces, turn around and use the monkeyswing to cross the room, go forward to the spot where the branches go R and follow it over to the dark wall with the Oil lamp. Drop to the ledge and get the Torch, stand on the edge and throw the Torch to the ground, tracking where it lands, so you can find it again, and donít throw it too close to the Spike ball, look below and see the slope you can drop to, slide and grab the edge, shimmy R and pull up to the ledge, run R and into the open gate, turn and wait with the Shotgun in hand, for the Skeleton to appear in the doorway, and blast him off the ledge. Go into the passage and use the switch in the end to light yet another torch on a statue below, go out and use the switch on the ledge to the R to open a gate.

Drop to the Ground from the ledge and head into the blue passage in the far R wall (notice the gate here with the receptacle for the Guardian key, later, later) and L into the Cave find the opening in the R wall and climb into it, 2 Wasps attack, take them out and go for the lever in the L side of the room. Another shot of the Gold door. Go back to the Big Room.

Go get the torch, light it on the pedestal (donít get too close) next to the Golden Door and climb up the block at the statues to light 2 wall torches, one each on side of the door. Now look at the wall of the entrance to the Big Room and L of the passage you entered from. Under the Arch is a gate open, take the Torch with you and drop it as soon as you hear the footsteps in the passage, shoot the Raptor and go get the Torch again, follow to a very dark place, with an opening in the L wall, standjump in with the Torch and to the ground on the other side, go to far R side and jump into the R alcove, roll and runjump to the block on R wall in front, light the wall torch and the gate below opens, go down and in. Claim Secret # 4, a Raptor. :^) Drop the Torch and find the switch around L corner, use it to open a grating in the floor behind the pillar, get the MP and the Ammo and drop into the hole, pull the switch to kill the flames at the Uziís.

Go back to the Big Room and L, to the end thereís a room with a big fountain, go to the far end and see the alcove with the Skeleton, pull up, blast the skeleton off its feet and get Secret # 5, the Uziís and Ammo quick. Go to the L side of the fountain and see the hole in the bottom, dive in and see the closed gate, go in the direction of the alcove with the Skeleton and look for a small hole in L wall, go through and down, L and R into the tunnel, up into a room where a Raptor makes a lot of noise, find the UW lever in the far R corner and head back out, L to the small hole, R to the gate which is open now and in, to a room with a lot of alcoves to make you confused, go sharp L and find the Flares, now go to the top of the room and into the shaft, into next room. Kill some Bats and another 6 Armed Monster, find the reach-in switch in the back, you know how to tackle this by now.

Go back to the water and swim to the fountain area, R through the small hole L and down, L, take the 2nd opening R now and see the dark block on the other side you raised with the reach-in switch. Climb it and go make some Raptor burger, look back over the pool and see the statue in the centre of both pools, go over there killing some Bats and place the Timeless Sands in its hands.

A gate opens behind you, so turn around and go in, follow the cave up and go R, runjump over the deep pit and run up the slope on the L side, a bunch of Spike balls will come down, keep running, when the ball R passed, do a R curved jump to get out of the way of the ball coming straight at you. Follow the cave up to the end, on L side and when you canít go further, look up L and get into that crawlspace, follow around to the cave again, upper level and do a runjump/grab to the monkeyswing. Go over to the opposite side and drop/grab the crawlspace there. Pull in and shoot the Raptor in the passage, reach the top of the room with the big fountain, see the structure with the lever to the R, a Skeleton is guarding the place, runjump, shotgun in hand to the R, just keeping the brownish, pointed corner block to your L and slide to a ledge, if you happen to miss the ledge, start jumping to the side till you can slide to a safe ledge, turn to the Skeleton and shoot him off the ledge, pull the lever and drop down to the pool and the Golden Door opens because you just lit the last flame on the Statues.

Go in to the Door and get some Ammo R and head down the end of the cave, great looking cave by the way, in the end L is a gate, and a bit further some more Ammo. Enter the gate, which will open on approach, get ready to Rumble, as 2 Raptors with Mommy T attack, take Ďem out and head for the back room, here is the Jurassic Stone on the block. When you take it an earthquake rocks the room, head back to the gate, a block raised next to the gate, but first look for a Monster statue in the alcove L from with your back to the gate, stand under the lowest point of the upper ledge and jump/grab, (itís a tricky grab try a few times, maybe try only using the ctrl key) pull up and get Secret # 6, the Guardian Key. Drop from the alcove and climb the block at the gate, climb the alcove to pull the 1st switch, another block rises on the other side of the gate, climb up there and pull the 2nd switch, when you get off the alcove, the timer on the gate starts, so get out fast.

For the Bonus.

Go up the beautiful cave again and to the Golden door, it will open for you. Head L and into the blue passage, open the gate there with the Guardian Key and enter. This is really the Bonus for getting all 6 Secrets. Run to the R hand ledge and jump on it; get the Crossbow and the explosive arrows :^) Equip the Crossbow with these arrows and shoot the Skeletons, when they stand together (or save Ammo and shoot them in the head with the Crossbow +lasersight +normal Ammo) See the gate on other side with the Cartouche receptacle, there is some Ammo on the R side ledge. Now head for the back of the room and shoot the 2 Raptors, a bit further 2 6 armed Monsters, as they say, bad things come in pairs. Find the Cartouche one of them dropped and explore the ledges in the back room for some goodies. Now go place the Cartouche and enter the Death room, nice Bonus! Shoot a Raptor coming out and then a Skeleton coming from the R. On the floor are Skull tiles, the ones facing you are friendly, the ones looking away are a slow and agonizing death the ones looking L are the ones you have to step on to get the gate in the end open. Go around the R and see the 1st on the R wall a bit further in the room, go l past the gate and next to the gate in the corner is the 2nd, around the pillar next to the gate is the 3rd, head into the gate and a whole bunch of enemies attack I counted at least 2 Monsters, 4 Raptors, 2 Wasps and as you approach the switch in the end of the room, 3 Skeletons attack and as I went out of Ammo here I just had to run for it, go back out the gate and to the gate R in the Death room, follow the passage to the room where you killed 2 Wasps before and head out the R passage, L up the cave and R into the Big Room, go to the L passage under the Arch, just past the entrance, go in and the last Raptor will attack from behind, so just sprint to the slope in the end and slide down, use the switch in next room and go through the gate to the Garden of Eden, go to the far end, between the 2 Statues and on the ledge youíll find the switch to pull the Final Curtain.

End of the Levels.