Hunt for the Blue Hope II.

Level: Seemeister.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

Of course there will be more ways to go through these levels, this is the way I did it.

Once again the Blue hope Diamond is stolen, and you can already guess whoís going to get it back!!

The Blue Hope II-Level 1:

The Key.

When you are dropped from the Chopper, youíll fall into a Harbour near a small Italian town, swim E and get out, (it seems you took some lunch with you, look in the inventory and find bread and beer, which are your new medpacks, beer Small, bread Large.) go R and shoot the Dog and Thug around the corner at the Bridge square, go to the bridge and dive in R side, find the UW (under water) lever on the fence and pull it, turn and swim to the other side of the canal, get some air before you go in the tunnel and swim into the door L in the end, R and pull the 2nd UW lever, to open a timed door W, swim straight W and R, up on the R side and sprint into the door, shoot the Rat inside and get some Bread in the NE corner.

There is a closed door in this side. Go pull the crates, 1st the NW one next to the closed door W, the 2nd next to it and find the passage behind it, go in and see another crate L, pull the switch and hear a door opening up, go out and move the next 2 crates to find that door, inside you will find another crate, get it out and get the Revolver, push the crate between the 2 passages once and use the Jumpswitch on N wall where the crate was, the W door opens, put the last crate back in its place and shoot a Rat, push some crates into the passage where the Revolver was, to get some space, leave the passage with the switch open, you need to go there one more time later, move the rest of the crates so you can enter the door W and find the CS (crawlspace) L and up. Go in and shoot the bat, get the Key and return to the picture (Notice the Gear Wheel on it, weíll be back here after we got a Crowbar) on the wall, pull the switch and go to the N passage with the switch, pull this one and look if the exit door opened, if not pull the one at the picture one more time.

The Crowbar.

Go back to Bridge square through the canal and climb out near the bridge. Go N past the Harbour and open the door there, shoot a Dog when going up the stairs and a Guard coming out of the room where you can pull the lever to stop the big propeller in the harbour. (Notice the crowbar door) Pick up the Beer near the table and go back to the canal at the bridge, swim to the door and go L, 2nd L/R and get some air in the corner, go on and L to the propeller, donít touch it, but get the Crowbar. (Thereís air here too, up in this place)

The Gear Wheels.

Head back, R around corner at air pocket, L/L and up to get the 1st Gear Wheel from the picture. Swim back to the propeller and follow this tunnel to a R hand tunnel, go out in the end and shoot a Rat, go up the ladder and shoot the Thug, in the next room, go R and into the passage there, open the Crowbar door in the L dark corner and get the 2nd Gear Wheel. Shoot the Dog and go into the opposite dark passage, there is a gap in the wall, you can see a red light over a fuse box, shoot it (pistols) and see some Ammo R on the ledge ( for later) Go back to the room with the table and pull the switch on E wall, a propeller starts, and go back to the water and R, follow and stay on R side to keep clear of the propeller, swim into next room and look for the UW lever, the Shotgun and the Torch, (we will get later.) the lever opened a door on the ledge above, so swim up and get into that door fast, 2 Guards are shooting from a balcony up in the room, take them out.

Go inside and just around the L corner, there is a sloped passage R, stand in centre of it, back to the slope and backflip in, jump/grab to hang on the Jumpswitch and go R/L and just into this long corridor, look up in L wall, to see the CS, maybe a Dog attacks now, could be later too, get in the CS and follow to the Beer in front, go L here and get Secret #1, the 1st Golden Rose L and Ammo straight. Go back to the long corridor and follow to the end, R and into the door, L and youíre back in the room where you pulled the Propeller switch. Pull it once more. Now the room where the Torch is, is drained, so you can go get it, go through the long corridor and climb down. Pick up the Torch and jump up the blocks to get back to the door, follow to the small gap where you shot the red light and take one step back from the gap, throw the Torch through. Go back to Bridge square and past the Harbour to the Silver Key room, open the Crowbar door there. Shoot a Thug inside and get the Beer and the Golden Key. Go S past the Harbour and L on Bridge square, open the door there with the Key.

Enter an a barrel rolls aside, 2 small harmless Rats escape, get the Ammo in the dark, on top of the pile of crates pull the N crate aside, get the Beer and pull the switch. Go into the next door and up the stairs, R into the halfway passage, here is the room you threw the Torch in, get Beer R and the Ammo on the bookshelf next to the gap (remember?) Look next to the Big clock, are those See Meister and son? Go into the bathroom and get the Uzis from the shower cabin. Shoot the Urinary in the NE corner and it will break, leaving a hole in the wall, climb down the ladder 2 steps and backflip into an alcove to get Secret #2, 2 Golden Roses (at least for me there were 2.)

Runjump/grab the ladder and go down, climb backwards from the next edge and down a bit, go R around the corner and drop/grab the Jumpswitch, swim NE and find the small tunnel near the bottom.

Swim in and halfway down the cave, there is a hanging rock R with an UW level on the backside, use it to open the door in the end of the cave, go in and R/R and up. Shoot 2 Bats, head up the ladder pull the switch in the room and roll/runjump and keep jumping till you reach an upstairs floor, into the timed gate fast (there are some Flares here, if you want them, take them and go down again to open the gate once more). Go R inside and get the 3rd Gear Wheel from the painting. Get the Bread behind the E pillar and go back, straight past the timed gate. Before you slide down, light a Flare to see the Jumpswitch you have to jump/grab at the last moment. Swim R to the blue door again and this time L, up along the ceiling and into the R small gap, follow R and to the end, to get Secret #3, 3rd (4th) Golden Rose. Get back through the small gap in the end of this tunnel, L/down/R through the blue door and through the small gap in the end of the cave, up in the 1st cave.

Look for a climbable wall section opposite the hole you just came out of, there is a slightly sloped block on the bottom, jump up and grab the wall, go R all the way to the corner and from with your hands just above the square line, backflip/roll/grab the exit pillar, while hanging, go L as far as possible and up (seems you can only climb up while hanging) and go around the R corner to climb back to the ladder and up into the bathroom. Go down to the Bridge square and over the bridge, R into the alley and climb into the window L, no you donít have to shoot it. Get the Beer. Go L inside and there is an old wooden crate on the wall, open it to get the Beer from it, 2 Thugs will come down the stairs, shoot them and go up, look on the pile of crates in the corner for Ammo and go down again, to the gate where you can see the Rose.

Pull the lever on the floor and go into the CS L of the gate to take the Flares, light one of them and turn to see a Jumpswitch, use it and go out, straight to the blue door that opened in the corner, go to the end of the passage and look up in the dark shaft, thereís a Jumpswitch, you have to runjump/grab in to pull it, turn around and look up again, just above the entrance is a CS, grab and get in, follow and use the switch, get Secret # 4, the last Rose of the level and go to the L passage again, go R and use the switch to open the door to the alley, stand just outside the door and see 3 Dogs coming, shoot them and then change weapon to shoot all the Guards before they start shooting you. Pick up the Beer, Ammo and Bread they will drop and go S, along the L side of the building. (Another nice way is to run back upstairs after you shot the Dogs and to the window N, shoot the Rat behind you and shoot out all windows, stand on the balcony to take out all the Guards below, very dramatic!)

Fountain Square.

Go to the SW corner after you took care of the Thug, enter the building and find the pushcrate on W wall, push it in till you can use the switch, a door opens, now you can push the crate further to get to another switch, this will open the trapdoor in the ceiling of the room, go back and climb the crate in the corner and runjump/grab in. Get Ammo from the old wooden crate and go N, open the blue door and shoot the Guard inside to get the Lasersight he drops, go out, N and R, shoot the window in the end of the passage and get out onto the roof, R and shoot one of the Church bells (Revolver + Lasersight combined) to open the Church. The Padre leaves. Go back inside and To the N is a trapdoor, with the Jumpswitch under it, but because you pulled it already, you only have to drop down and go to the Bridge Square.

Bridge Square.

Go up to the Library to get the Torch, it will probably be between some books on the floor, and head up the stairs with it, go R and drop the Torch in this kitchen for now. Go on up the stairs to an office, at the picture of Seemeister Jr, you can pick up some Ammo, shoot the windows and go out on the balcony, shoot the S fence and runjump/grab to the next balcony, with the red canopy, go inside Mommyís room, shoot windows and fence and runjump/grab to the window in the S building over the canal, go L for Ammo and turn around. Start shooting the Thug in the room in the other end with the pistols and by the time you reach the room, he will be history, get the Coin next to the table and head back through the rooms to the Kitchen. Shoot the Stove to get it burning and light the torch on it, donít get too close. Go all the way past Bridge Square and Fountain Square to the Church Square. (taking the Torch with you of course)

The Church.

Go in and light 2 Standing Oil lamps next to the beautiful Stain glass window N (see a door opening up in the Crypt) and go to the blue door W and put the Coin in the slot R of it, go in and open the trapdoor in the corner and climb down, go to the lever in the end of the Crypt and throw it to open a trapdoor, the other room here, we will visit in a moment, we will have to activate an ancient machine first. Go back up to the ground floor and use the NE switch in the room you backflip into from the ladder. (Now the gate you saw once before opens). Go back to the Fountain square and into the SW room there, up in the trapdoor and to E window, shoot it and go out on the roof, into the open gate and jump to the ledge L. Climb the Stain glass window and backflip to the ledge behind, up in the trapdoor, shoot the Bats and place the 3 missing Gear Wheels in the Ancient Machine, it will be activated and the machine will open the last door in the Crypt. Go down there and enter this Mysterious door to go to the 2nd level.

The Blue Hope II-Level 2:

The Lava Room.

Before you start the slide down the slope, be sure to be armed with the pistols. Save and slide, the camera angle changes and then you have to jump twice to go over some nasty Spiketraps. When you slide the second slope, pull out the pistols and jump just before the end of the slope onto a pillar in a Lava room, start jumping the sloped pillars and you go R/L, then start shooting and jumping, so you will shoot 2 Vases in the alcoves, after the 2nd, put away the pistols, so you can jump/grab into the open gate. Be sure you donít forget to Save and get the heart rate down before you move on. Hereís a wooden bridge which doesnít look too stable, run over and jump/grab the opening in the wall in front, go to a burner alley after you shot a Bat.

Burner Alley.

You will have to runjump/grabbing into the L alcove past the 1st burner, look for the next alcove and shoot the Scorp inside it, line up for the difficult jump, you have to run diagonally and jump with a L curve/switch to R in mid air and grab to get into the alcove past 2nd burner. Now stand on the centre of the edge and turn towards the hole R, standjump/grab with R curve and pull up, shoot the Skeleton lying on the floor R in his head with the Revolver and go L, up into a CS, use the Crowbarswitch in the end and go back to the passage, a gate opened in the other end. Follow the stairs up to a switch L, to open the gate there, go in over the Spiketrap and get the Beer, look for the CS at the ladder and get in to take the Golden Key, back out and up the stairs to the Main room. Shoot the Scorps and look at the poor Skeleton, running headless.

The Main room.

The Fire Section. (be sure to have some Revolver Ammo left before entering the Water section)

There are a couple of gates, needing Gems and Keys, as we only have the Golden one I think we will be back here. Open the R hand gate and follow the passage down, a Hellhound will attack from the L, go down to the gate in front after you shot it and get some more Ammo, youíll need it!

The Wooden Bridge.

Have a look out over the 1st Lava room and go into the passage the Hound came out of, look for a pushblock (marked with a brownish square on it) on R wall just before the floor grating and pull it out, get Secret # 5, the Golden Rose and go to the next challenge. Look out over this Lavaroom and see a room with 2 Skeletons sleeping, shoot off the heads with the Revolver or take your chance and do it later with the Shotgun, first drop backwards from the edge of the passage and go shimmy R, around the pillar and see the Jumpswitch, hang over it and when the flame is down, drop/grab and fall onto the burner, go forward and up into the CS real fast and follow the CS to a switch, climb up to the floor again before the Scorp can hurt you and do the same trip again, but now climb up into the alcove over the Jumpswitch, pull the switch and get the Silver Key inside and go back to the wooden bridge shimmying along the pillar. Line up in the centre and aim for the rope in the end of the bridge and jump, run and jump over the gap, run and jump/grab the rope in the end, swing and jump/grab into the opening.

Room with the Bridges.

If you already shot the 2 Skeletons, you only have to deal with one more, shoot it off the floor into the Lava and shoot some Bat in the meantime. The 2 headless Skeletons will just run off the floor. When you reach the room with the Bridges, a flyby will show the room. (The Ancient Machine you activated in the Church is moving the bridges here) Stand on the edge and standjump/grab the 1st pillar and shimmy L around the corner, climb up in the corner and wait for the flame to go down, runjump/grab to the pillar at the ladder on R wall. Shimmy L again and pull up in the corner, facing the ladder, runjump/grab and go up to the bridge, shoot the Bat and walk up a bit, turn to the ladder, do a runjump/grabbing into the alcove next to it and get the Beer, pull the switch in the end, a gate opens up in the room. A Bug will be released somewhere too, save here and either go up the bridge again to wait for it or climb L on the ladder and backflip/roll when the flame on the pillar behind you is down (watch the light on the wall) hop back and grab the edge, climb up in the corner and do a runjump/grab to the pointy pillar (in front) on the other side of the room, drop and grab a crack lower in the pillar, go R and up into the CS fast, over to the other side, maybe you will be attacked by the Bug, just drop on other side and take care of it. Go up the stairs and start shooting as 3 Hellhounds will be coming down soon. Difficult to see them as the camera points away. Go follow the passage to a room where 2 more Hounds attack.

The Block Puzzle Rooms.

Pull a block out of the wall in the NW corner 3 times and move it all the way into an alcove in the S, next to the gate, backflip and draw the guns, shoot the Hound, get some Ammo in the SW and go into this gate. Pull the switch to open another gate up in the Bridge room, shoot a Scorp and go to he passage you just pulled the block out, inside is another block, push it all the way in to reach the Block room and go around to the NW corner to get the Beer, turn around and get the block on W wall into the alcove where the Beer was, get the Ammo that was under the block. Now take the E block and get it into this corner too. Now you have room to move the block you pushed into the passage to get into this room to the W side, behind it is a switch, pull the switch to open another gate in the Bridge room and roll out one of those special bridges. Now return to the previous room and climb up the block you pushed into S alcove, get into the CS after you armed with the pistols, when you reach the corner, pull out the guns and shoot the Scorp coming from the L.

Walking the Tight Rope.

Follow the passage to a lock for the Silver Key, open the gate and line up exactly in centre of the passage, use Ctrl to get on the rope and push forward, when Lara stops, it means sheís out of balance, use the arrow keys L or R to get her straight on the rope again and go forward, when you reach the bridge, go one step on and release Ctrl, go get the 1st Green Gem and Bronze Key in the room after you shot the Hellhounds. Go back walking the Tight Rope and follow the passage back to the Block room. (Itís pretty amazing, Lara can walk the rope after all the Beer) Pull the block in the SE corner out and aside and get into the passage behind it, follow to the crossing and shoot 3 Hellhounds, one R one L and one behind. Go L and past the R hand passage we have to go in later, look for the CS up R and get in, shoot the Scorp and get the Beer. Now go into the other passage and return to the main room.

The Main room.

Open the Bronze Key Gate and enter the Water section.

The Water section.

Follow the passage and shoot the Bat, 2 Crocs will come your way, shoot them with the pistols as soon as you can and hop back till they are dead. Follow to the room where they came from, go L for some Ammo and head to the other side of the room, in the passage, turn and look for a brown vase to shoot, it will kill the Spikes at the switch up in the alcove. Take the Beer in the back of this passage and pull the switch, go quickly to the water room and runjump from the passage to the block, get up fast and runjump/grab into the alcove with the switch. Pull to open a trapdoor in the W alcove. Letís go for a swim!

Go N and pull the UW ceiling lever, get some air and go S, around the corner you can already spot the 2nd UW ceiling lever, pull that one fast, roll and swim back.(It can be a bit hard to find the right spot to pull the lever, bur after a few tries youíll manage)

Wait for the boulder to drop in the pit you opened and swim where it came from, around corner and R for some air, because it is still a long way up to the next air supply. Then go follow the tunnel and up in a big place.

The Under Water Fortress.

When you swim in, 2 Sharks may come for you, it can also be they appear later, but the place we go now is the spot where to deal with them, light a flare and swim up and along R wall, somewhere in the centre of that wall, on the surface is a CS where you can pull up, turn and hop back a bit, shoot the Sharks. Explore the CS further and just around the corner, pull out the pistols to shoot a nasty Scorp, get Secret # 6, the last Golden Rose. Go back out and straight W, under the building and under the part, connected to the wall youíll find an UW lever, pull and go up for some air, now swim to the SE pillar and look for the 2 sloped floor parts with a hole (which opened after pulling the lever) between them, just at the bottom, swim in and get the Silver Key there, go back and to the top of the NE pillar, the roof has a hole with an UW lever, this one will open a hatch under the N structure. Swim there and at the NW pillar you can se the hole to swim up in, get into the Fortress and shoot a couple of Bats, go to the E side and find a switch on the L side of the window, (which will open a gate in the NE outside) now crawl at the basket on the other side of the window and take the Old Key from under.

Go to the W side of the Fortress and use the Key in the Keyhole in NW corner. The wall next to it opens up; use the Flood lever to drain a part of the passage behind the just opened gate outside. Go through the hatch and swim NE into this gate, follow to the ladder, get into the room and shoot some Bats, get the Bread and use the switch to open a gate in the SW. Take the Revolver Ammo (Important). Swim back into the Fortress and use the Flood lever one more time to flood a part of the SW passage, swim there and follow up.

The Poison Pool.

Did you see the small Lizard running, Great! Turn around to shoot the Hellhound and reach the poison poll L. Standjump with sharp R curve to the ledge around the corner and runjump over to the grating in the Spiketrap

Aim for the exact point of the grating and runjump when the spikes are about to go up, run onto the grating fast. Jump to the low ledge in the 2nd pool and to the higher one, turn L and runjump/grab the ledge in front of the gate at the Spiketrap. Turn towards the entrance and look up in the wall over it, thereís a well hidden Vase in an alcove, shoot this to open the gate, go in and up in the CS R. Shoot the Scorp fast and follow the CS out to a ledge. Here comes a very hard jump. Stand in the corner with your back to the wall and face the block on the wall L; you have to do a runjump/grab to the L side of it and just around the corner. You will get it in a few tries. Runjump (no grab) to the ledge in the SW, use the switch and another gate opened in the wall, turn facing NE and standjump/grab the green leaved MS going over to the CS, on the highest point, go one square L and then to the Jumpswitch over the CS, when you use it, a Boulder comes out of the just opened gate and crush the grating in the Spiketrap. Go back through the CS and stand in front of the sloped part of the ledge, standjump when Spikes are down and land in the water, swim into the side tunnel and get out shooting the Hellhounds, take the 2nd Green Gem and the Beer. Swim back to the Boulder to find an UW lever, use it to kill the gates of the Spiketrap. Get out on it and jump to the low ledge in 2nd pool, from there a standjump followed by a runningjump to the ledge at the exit. Standjump L curve and grab to get in. Go all the way back to the Main room.

The Main room.

Place the Green gems and the door opens.

The Boulder Room.

The next room you will get to is a room where a Boulder is rolling side to side, changing the position of the ledge every time. When you pull the switch a timed door opens just under the ledge at the entrance, inside it is a Vase you have to shoot, but thatís only possible from the other side of the room. The Skeletons arenít really a problem, most of them try to reach you by jumping over the ledges and fall down into the pit. This is how it worked for me:

Stand in front of the switch, arm with the Revolver and put it away for now, save and pull the switch when the ledge in front of the entrance is on the other side, turn L and runjump to it, it will just appear in time, take one step forward and standjump, wait a bit and standjump once more to get across, roll and pull the revolver, zoom in and take aim at the vase, from under the ledge, when you shoot it, a gate on the other side opens, the Skeleton will probably run into the passage, so you jump back with standjumps, wait a bit every time before you jump again and reach the other side, use the switch and turn, maybe the Skeleton came back, and from standing in this passage you can shoot it into the pit easy. Do all the gates like this and the Skeleton from the next gate will probably jump to the ledge to disappear into the pit, after the last switch, the door will open.

The Blue Hope Diamond.

Go up the passage and a Skeleton awakes, lure him back to the pit and hop back into one of the switch alcoves. Shoot him into the pit, or when you are out of Ammo, just sprint past him and up into the next room where you will find the Blue Hope, guarded by 2 Hellhounds, just run to it and they will not attack when you stand close to the pedestal. (These Hounds can walk under water, see pic.)

Take the Diamond and the room floods, thereís an opening in the ceiling, swim up and in this cave you can see the Chopper waiting to pick you up again. Great service, Eh?

This is the end of yet another great adventure, made for us by Seemeister, thanks, I loved it!