The Hunt for the Blue Hope I.

Level by Seemeister.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

When you land in the street. Turn left and climb the ladder in SW corner, from the top backflip onto the balcony roof. Look over to the East wall and see the Crowbar on the roof of the balcony. To the North in the West wall is a crawlspace, pull the lever, go to the street and shoot the SAS, go over to the open garage door in the North. On the boxes is a Medipack and a hole behind them. Get the Nitro in the crawlspace. Open the door in the garage with the crowbar, go up the stairs and into the office to the right. Climb the bookshelf and get the Lasersight, way back to where you pulled the lever for the garage door and now climb the ladder SW and get Revolver and Medipack.

Look down into the shaft and see the window you can shoot out. Backflip in there and pull the lever get back to the stairs in the garage and all the way up into the Library, climb the bookshelf and get some Ammo. Use the crawlspace in the dark corner for Secret#1, Golden Rose, the Uzis and Ammo. Shoot the vase on first floor in the corner and a block will rise behind the piano, allowing you to climb up. On the first floor is a bookshelf with the keyhole on it you can pull out. Go around the balcony and find the Red Star and some Ammo. Get the Key and go down, a SAS comes in.

The key is for the door below, go in and shoot the vase, get the Key for the 1st.balcony, the one to the South at the crossing of stairs. Shoot the SAS on the other balcony and look for a Blue ball swinging in the room on the other side of the street (stand on left side of the balcony and youíll see it). This will open a door in the basement of the building, near the crossing of stairs is an alcove with a big plant, shoot the windowpane behind it and climb up to pull a lever. Climb down the ladder and into the passage to the right, drop and follow the passage.

There is a lever up there for a door allowing you to go back to the stairs, but go down instead and follow to the boiler room. Everything is hot here, so be careful. You have to reach the ledge with the burner in front of you, run in and as soon as you land standjump/grab the edge of the pillar. A Boulder comes thundering down. Shimmy to the right and backflip from there to the pillar behind you. (better Save here and while you are here shoot the ball in the crawlspace in the North wall.) There is a pillar along the South wall in the dark, runjump over.

Now you have to jump to the slope in the SE, stand with your back against the South wall and in the SW corner of the pillar runjump forward and because the surface of the pillar is triangular you should automatically turn to the East, aim left for the point of the slope and grab in the very last moment, otherwise youíll land up short. Pull up and slidejump to the slope jump/grab the pillar and pull up. Turn and runjump into the hole behind the grated slope in the SE corner and pull the lever to stop the burner on the high pillar where you came from.

Climb up to the Crack in the pillar on the West side of the crawlspace and shimmy right, drop on the slope and hang, pull up backflip/roll/grab the pillar and get on top of the higher one. Climb off on the East side and get the Key in the passage there. Climb back up and swing with the rope (donít go down the rope all the way or you will jump over the pillar) to the pillar in front of the crawlspace where you shot the ball. Get in and use the lever. Back to the rope and into the opened door, go East and crawl in. Halfway, stand up and climb up East for the lever, turn and jump over the gap and get the key.

Back down and out of the crawlspace and into the ceiling hatch you just opened. In this store room is Ammo on the boxes, go upstairs to the balconies and use the 2 Keys to open them, one hides another key and the other a lever to pull (which will open a door in the Garage below) Back to the store room and open the Garage door with the crowbar. 2 SAS will come in, so deal with them first and go to the Docks. Between the boxes is some Ammo, shoot the SAS in the control room from here and from the top box, monkeyswing to the control room and pull the lever. This will open a door under the Ship.

Another SAS will come in to the Docks to investigate all the noise. Dive into the water and swim into the door East (you can shoot the Crocs first or just swim past) and get into the Ship. Shoot the SAS guarding the next room from the dark crawlspace and enter the computer room. Get Ammo on the boxes and use the key for the door to the next room. Use the lever to open a trapdoor in the computer room and go back, one of the computers is moveable, so pull it out of the way. Enter the crawlspace to go one level down and get the Blue Hope, Ammo + Medipack. If you use a flare near the Medipack youíll notice the Valve pipe on the wall, so peel it off and return to the Garage.

Look out; there are 2 more SAS on the Docks. In the Garage, look for the box you can pull out and get the Key behind it to open the door to the street. Open the Big Gate and shoot the Dogs and SAS around the corner. Go to the Bike and fix the Valve and Nitro. Go to the Yard behind the Gate and race at top speed into the passage with the wooden ramp in the East. Jump over the pool and brake as soon as you land, there is another pool beyond this one. Shoot the Croc in the second pool and get into the tunnel in the SW to find the "Rose". Get out again and leave the level when you go to the Chopper in the North yard.

End of the level.