The Armour of Hideyoshi.

Level by NagaeTakanori

Walkthrough Dutchy

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing,MP= medpack.

There are more than one ways to go through this level, because there are plenty of shortcuts everywhere, but I will take the one that seemed most easy to me. Going through the level more then one time I noticed Guards can pop up at different spots, so just take Ďem out as they come along.

The Pagoda.

You slide down a slope to the edge of a pool, here you get a flyby of a heavily Guarded Temple (is it a Temple?) , dive in and swim L, through the gates and climb out on the L bank, a Hellhound will come running through the water, shoot it and his companion too when you go over to the Pagoda. Go up the steps and around to the front to get the door open, go in and get the Flares from the crate, look to the R of the door and use the Jumpswitch to open a gate in the SE corner of the garden. Go out and get under the pagoda to get the Revolver and then go to the Flares near the SE pool, go up to the Pagoda again, shoot the Guard that showed up and go over to the small building in the SW corner, grab up to the roof and get the Ĺ MP from the back, check out all the roofs for the Ammo and most important the Lasersight on the E roof, a Guard will open fire from the SE roof, shoot him and get the Ammo.

Go down from the roof and now there are 2 ways to proceed, but the 1st one described below will get you some nice weapons to get you through the rest of the level, if you take the other route, you can access them only later on. The best route, in my opinion, is through the SE gate youíve opened and the other is by moving the globe at the NE gate onto the Tile so the gate will open, just open that gate and leave it at that. Go into the SE gate.

Route 1- The SE gate: Go in and slide down the slope, a closed gate to the L will open for you, get the Ĺ MP from the R hand alcove and notice the Ornate Handle behind the next gate. Go down the steps and get the Flares, pull the Jumpswitch R of it and quickly jump/grab up to the R side and pull up to the top of the steps, start shooting the Hellhounds before they can reach you, go down the steps again and into the gate that opened to collect all the Ammo, go back to the passage where you came sliding down and go L/L. The grey door will open for you, look R of that door for the Jumpswitch and return, go to the end of the passage and pick up the Ĺ MP from the 4th alcove to the R, then go up the steps and get the Ammo, follow through a gate you just opened with the Jumpswitch and reach the Boulder room.

The Boulder room.

There are 4 Spiked Boulders in this room, they are aimed at 4 gates and will roll over slopes leading to those gates. Pick up the Ĺ MP on the slope near the W Boulder and go to the one in the N wall, at that big plant, save and walk slowly back (facing L or R) onto the slope just inside the wall and run or jump out onto one of the ledges besides the path of the Boulder, when you hear the Boulder coming, just let it go into that gate and go up where it came from to get the Ĺ MP. Now it looks like nothing happened, but it did. Go to the slope of the E Boulder ands see the slope has changed, the Boulder cannot reach the gate anymore, so it will open but not close behind the Boulder. Trigger the Boulder as you did before and run aside, see the boulder open the gate for you and go up to where it came from to get the Flares, turn around and see the hole above, jump/grab up and get the Ammo and look in the SE corner for a ladder down to more Goodies, then go up the ladder again and down to the Boulder room, go over to that gate opened in the W, get into the CS after you picked up the Ammo in the pit. Inside youíll find the Crossbow with Ammo. Now itís the turn for the S Boulder, get the Ammo where the Boulder came from and the Grenade-gun and Ammo from the CS behind the gate. The slope of the W Boulder will only be broken after getting the Grenade-gun, trigger the W Boulder and get the Ammo, inside the gate is one more Crossbow and a lot of other Goodies.

The Labyrinth Swim.

Well got your backpack stuffed have you? Time to move on. That pool in this room has an UW tunnel. Swim in and L/R at crossings to get into a dark room, light a flare to discover a Lara-Clone. Donít mind her, just get the Goodies and climb up in the SW corner, get more Stuff and pull the pillar away from the hole behind it, then go over the crates and grab some Ammo before you take another swim. Go R, keep L at the fork and follow to where you swim against a grey gate, pick up the Ammo in front of it and go L, up a hole a bit further. Open the hatch and now be careful! Here are those Sentry-guns you saw in the flyby earlier.

The 10 Sentry-guns.

Turn around from opening the hatch and climb up, go slowly up the R hand corner of the wall in front. Look around to see which Guns you can take out from here, if you did it right you can take out all 6 Guns on this side of the Temple (hit them close to the red marking on the fuel tank). Notice the ladder at the end of a bridge leading to the Temple. But first you have to take out the rest of the Guns as well. Go down the steps leading to the N side of where you are, go sharp L and to a water hole with a MP next to it, grab that and head N, stay close to the N walls and from time to time look over to the Temple to see if thereís anything to shoot, there should be 2 Guards up on the N side. Equip the Crossbow with the Lasersight and Explosive arrows and zoom in at max, see the body parts scatter around. Then take the Revolver again and put the Lasersight back on, proceed along the wall to take out the 2 Guns on the next corner from the blue doors opposite the big ramp leading up to the Temple, proceed to the 2 Lions on the W side of the Temple and from here the last 2 Guns are an easy target. Thatís allÖ If by any chance you didnít get one, you have to lure him to target in one direction, then go around and take him out from the other side.

Go back to that water hole near the E steps and dive in, go R at the crossing to get the Flares at the grey gate and then roll and swim back into the L tunnel, the tunnel straight leads to the 2nd Pagoda we will visit later on.

Into the Temple.

Go to that bridge in the E and go over to the Temple, climb the ladder and go L, around the corner and drop from the side where the fence is missing, shimmy over the jumpswitch and drop/grab to open a gate below. Slide down to the waters edge and go R/L into the open gate, follow the passage to a door to the R, open it to get a pair of Binocs, go out and to the next door on the R (shoot all vases youíll encounter, donít know if it did anything, but better safe than sorry) go to the next door in the end of the office and to the door R in the passage and shoot the Guard inside. Here is the Bike.

The Bike.

Take it out of there and R, down the slope to the R and park it on the Guard down there, get into the CS and follow to the L at every crossing (except for the dead ends) to reach all rooms and collect all the Goodies, throw 2 Jumpswitches to open big doors outside of the Temple and find the Nitro Feeder for the Bike, and youíll end up at the CS again, go out and fit the Nitro to the Bike for later. Go up the slope and through the office to the passage with the brooms, R there and slooowly up the L side of the slope to break the wall. Stop on top and get off the Bike. Turn to look inside the building and shoot the Guard that will be shooting you from upstairs (could be he didnít show yet). Shoot the vase in the alcoves over the slope and see the Grenade-gun, donít shoot with explosive arrows or the Grenade-gun will disappear.

Do a runjump onto the balcony L of the slope and climb the white block, grab the MS and go over to that Gun in the alcove, runjump back to the balcony and go to the SE room, pull the Pillar away from the Jumpswitch behind it, that one will open the blue doors N at the bottom of the big slope outside the Temple. Go to the NW room and get the Right Gauntlet from the block, shoot the 3 Guards that appeared and get the Ammo they drop. Now return to the Bike with a long runjump/grabbing to land next to it and back up down the slope. Youíve got the Nitro fitted havenít you? Hit Sprint and forwards and jump out of the Temple, go around to the N side and up the slope in front of those open blue doors, hit the wall and go in, running over every guard that will show himself. Only be careful of those holes in the corners. Pick up the Ammo and the Left Gauntlet and the do a tour of the outside, over the walkway to get all the Ammo there.

Go back inside and climb up to an upper floor through the hole next to the block where you got the Left Gauntlet, shoot the Guard and get the Right Greave there, this will also open the gate back at the Ornate Handle. Look for the next holes overhead and go up to the top of the Temple to get a Flyby of this great place. Grab the Breastplate and see a gate opening up in the 2nd Pagoda, to get the Left Greave. You also saw a lot of Goodies out on the roofs of the Temple, one of the windows of this small room is a walkthrough wall, go out and get more stuff, climb to the very top of the Temple and get the MP, Uzis and Ammo (already wondered where the Uzis were) shoot the Harpy Bird that appears. Because the window cannot be entered from the outside, youíll have to go down dropping from roof to roof and look for those pickups on your way down. On the roof with all the Revolver Ammo you will meet some Guards and more of them are walking on the grass below, take Ďem out from up here. Grenades are fun!! Then go over to the E side and climb from the roof where the ladder is below, drop and grab to get up the walkway again, one Ĺ MP I forgot is where the upper Sentry-gun was on the NE corner of the Temple, drop down there and then into the water to swim in the tunnel under the N ramp, where another forgotten 1/2 MP is to be found. Climb out of the water and go up the bridge and ladder again to go around the walkway to collect the Ammo on it, then back to your Bike.

The 2nd Pagoda.

Down the slope and into the N doors to the R is that 2nd Pagoda, you donít need the bike to get there, but itís more fun. Back it up as far as possible and race it over the ramp, steer L to land L of the opposite ramp that seems to be too high, get off the bike and look for some Flares if you want, they are in the water E of the Pagoda, on the block from which you can climb back. Then go get the Left Greave from inside the Pagoda (the gate of the Hathor effigy will open), climb the grey blocks S of the building and jump onto the roof to get the Ĺ MP, go down and hop on the Bike fast as 3 Hellhounds attack, they will kill themselves by getting too close for comfort. Back up the Bike to jump back over the water, landing to the R of the opposite ramp and go L to the Temple.

The Portal Guardian.

To the W side and through the grey doors there, go L and leave the Bike there, go S into the passage leading to the Boulder room and R into that passage with the slope leading up to the 1st Pagoda. Go R into the room with the Handle and get it before you go down the steps, the gates to the next room are opened too. This is a similar room to the one where you got the Handle. Get the Flares and pull the Jumpswitch R of them. Go get the Ammo from behind the gates and donít forget to go and get the Hathor Effigy from the alcove upstairs, a Ĺ MP from the one next to it. Back to the Bike and go out to the Temple. Into the N doors and park the Bike, go L and shoot the fence, get the Shotgun on the ground between the fences and shoot the next fence, 2 Guards come out to play, pick up their Ammo and follow the passages to a CS in the corner, get in and find another one of those Lara-Clones, stay close to it while shooting the Hellhound and get the Goodies. The passage with Pillar next to the CS leads to those grey doors and I didnít find a good enough reason to move that one from this side and I didnít want to go back to the other side again, soÖ Go back to where the Bike is and combine the handle and Effigy to place the Portal Guardian in order to open the Final doors, there is a Ĺ MP in the pit behind the doors, but you have to shoot the Hellhounds in it and itís possible the 2 Guards will come out from the green slopes on the other side. So go down for it or just sprint the Bike over the pit and run over those Guards (or not) and leave this great levelÖ

Really loved the way those Pagodas and the Temple were designed.

Dutchy 5-11-2004.