The Lost Mountains of Heroic Madness.

Level by Mulf.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, UW= underwater.


These two levels form the first part of a set of four, a mini-series loosely based on motifs of the Love craft story "At the Mountains of Madness". These motifs will become more apparent in the second part (levels 3 & 4), in which (among other things) you'll have to explore a ship and shotgun a shoggoth. :) In these first two levels, however, your objective is to find your way through a derelict base camp taken over by mercenaries and collect two artifacts (Seals of the Old Ones) along the way. (You will have to find a third one on the ship in the level 3 in order to gain access to the fourth and final level.) (Mulf)

Game play is non-linear. When you start the game, you find yourself in a large outside area, centered around a deep chasm. You may start on top, in the middle or at the bottom of it. Each approach has its own (dis-) advantages, but no area is optional. (Mulf)

But I think you better start on top, because you get the important things there, Crowbar, Shotgun, Fuse, Lasersight, but as in all Mulf levels these levels are like Swiss cheese and you can go back and forth from them in various places (Dutchy)

Part 1.

The Chasm.

You are in a cave on top of the mountain, turn back and find some Ammo in the L corner, now go W and spot the Guard and his Dog outside, shoot them from here, on the lower part, so the Dog can’t get at you. Go out and follow the path to the W and then R to the N, at the avalanche, runjump around the corner from the triangular flat and land on other side, look in front and see the fence with the Sentry-gun behind it, also to the R, you can see a MP in front of the building, below it is a cave you have to go in. Now sprint to the E corner of the fence and runjump to the MP, all the time being shot at by the Sentry-gun, get it quick and drop back from the W side of the ledge, (you can also decide to get the MP later) slide to a flat piece of snow and look N, you can see the cave, runjump to the rocky ledge and up to the cave, climb up and go to the opening in the W wall, follow L and open the hatch at the ladder.

Base Camp.

Go up and into the building, shoot a Dog and his master (which doesn’t seem to move) and get Ammo, also from the table, look for a switch on S wall, it will open a gate to a store room outside, take 2 steps out and get back in, wait for the Dogs to arrive and take them out, outside you will be shot at by another Sentry-gun, so better do it inside, Go out and turn L, climb up to the roof in this corner and crawl to the Ammo in front of you, which is Secret # 1, drop down again and to the store room in the N, shoot the Guards on 1st floor and collect their Ammo, there’s some more in a box you can shoot behind some crates, now push the light colored crate in the S all the way in and get the Crowbar from the box to the L, the door is closed for now, so pull the crate back to where it was so you can access the passage behind it later through that door. Climb up to the 1st floor landing and look for the cracked crate in the S wall, you can open with the crowbar, go in, drop down and take the Shotgun, shoot 2 Guards in next room and get Ammo and a Yellow Fuse. In the office is the door you saw before, leading to the Secret passage, go in and get Secret # 2, the Lasersight from the box. Go back out of the storerooms and back into the 1st building, down the ladder to the Cave.

Going Down.

On the opposite side you’ll see an icy opening and a small passage to the R of it, there’s a small MP in it, the opening in the E leads nowhere now. (You’ll get out of that opening later) Go sharp R and stay close to the wall, find the place where you got into this cave the 1st time, go down to the rocky ledges and down towards the lowest in the SW, turn and back off the snowy slope, drop on to a lower ledge and enter the lower cave, go to the entrance you see in the E, shoot out the ice cover and go in.

Part 2.

In to The Base.

Look up and behind you as soon as you enter the passage going down, there’s a hole, pull up into it and get the Ammo in front of the Spike ball, drop down again and go to the closed door, with sweat in your hands (Spike ball), stand in front of the switch R of the door and save.

Spike ball #1.

When you pull it, hop back turning so you face the opening and runjump to the breakable floor in front, run and jump to the next part, turn L in the end and land on a safe part, that doesn’t break, turn R, stand with your back to the wall after you took the flares and jump up, shooting the Guard on top of the walkway. (We’ll take the advice on the yellow sign on the wall, saying, “there is nothing down there”) Stand on the E side of the platform as far as possible hop back and run E to grab the next lower one, pull up and standjump over the pipe to the next platform, runjump through with a R curve to the next take a step forward and one more standjump will take you to a safe platform in front of a passage L, the door is closed, the jumpswitch for it is on top of the walkway, the Guard was on, so on we go.., runjump to the next platform, landing in the center, turn R and standjump to the safe platform at the walkway.

Spike ball #2.

Will come down as you climb up to the walkway, so that what the second hole in the entrance passage was for… Do a runjump/grab to get on and get the Ammo the Guard dropped, pull the switch and return the way you came, run on to the safe platform, mind the ceiling, keep under the highest part and runjump to the door-platform.

Spike ball #3.

Go up the passage and around the corner and as you already understood from the heading, another ball will come down roll, run (it’s a slow ball, there is no need to hurry to much) for the platform at the entrance and turn R or L, hop back off and grab, hang there till the ball went in the grinder below and go up the passage once more, this time armed with the Shotgun, shoot the Guard (what did Lara say, Fool…? or Cool…?) and go on. Enter the office by opening 2 blue doors, take some Ammo and a MP from the desks and pull the switch in the NE corner, the steel door in the short passage opens, go into the Big Machine room.

The Big Machine room.

Go down the stairs all the way and shoot some Guards, take everything they drop, (Lara definitely says “Fool”) go to the W side of the central Machine and pull the switch after you took out the Guard. A door opens up the stairs and will release 1 Dog and 2 Guards, climb the block in the SW corner near the Machine and wait for those Dogs, take them out and turn L, the 2 Guards will appear there, shoot them and go get the Ammo and Shotgun, then climb straight up to the door. Enter a small storeroom, get the Ammo in the box on the crate and find a switch to pull in the SE corner. This switch opens the door in the lowest part of the Machine room, so get back to where you shot the last Guards, just go straight forward in to the Machine room and land on the stairs leading to that door.

The Boiler Room.

On a landing up and in front of you are some pickups, now go around the Boiler to the N side and prepare to shoot some Dogs and Guards, take all goodies and climb the ladder where the Guard was. Into a small store room and take some Ammo from he box next to the ladder, pull the White crate out and push it to the W, go in to the new passage and shoot the Guard in next room, get the Ammo and see the door that needs a Key in the SW, open the door SE and go in, R and into the 2nd door on this walkway after you took the Ammo in front of the3rd door. Search the dormitory to find the Uzi’s and a crowbar door, open it to get Secret # 3, the Desert Eagle on a desk and Ammo on the other. Shoot the Guard that comes in and go back to the 1st door on the walkway, open it and go into the bathroom/toilets.

The Bathroom/Toilets.

Go straight forward and the wall you bump into has a breakable part in the left corner, shoot it out and go down into a greenish room look for a Guard on the S platform above and shoot them now if you can. Go back out of the room and R, find the toilets, shoot the bowls and water will poor out, flooding the room where you shot the Guard, swim N under the platform in the pull the lever and 2 steam blowers up on the other platform will stop, making life a lot easier. Swim back S and climb up in the R corner, get the Ammo and use it on the Guard on the other side of the room. Go up the short stairs and get the MP, hop back once and turn L runjump/grab the platform and get the “Guards’ Keys”.  Pull the switch on the N wall and climb the crate, runjump/grab into the passage.

Spike ball #4.

Yep you’ll encounter the 4th on your way up, run back and jump to the crate R, up once more and at the ladder, (leading to level 3, which isn’t there yet) R and down to a hole, drop down and you’re back in the room with the door that needs the Key you now have, so why wait, open that door…

Through the Hole.

In next room are 3 holes in the L wall, stand in front of the L one and hop back, run forward and push crawl as soon as you reach the hole, you should be inside now, turn and drop back, hang and mind the breakable floor you will land on, so roll and run off to the R, pull the switch in the end of the passage and look for the other breakable floor part, halfway, walk on and jump back now drop down and get Secret # 4, the Grenade gun and Ammo for it. Drop down into the Boiler room and go into the gate you opened in the SW corner, go past the ladder (shortcut back to the room with the 3 holes) and at the yellow tank R into the passage to next room, nothing to do here so follow the passage up to Base Camp.

Back in Part 1.

Base Camp.

Just before the dead end, past the flashing yellow warning light, you can open the ceiling hatch and go up, open the blue door E and sprint out to the building E, climb to the roof again (you found Secret 1 here) and look over the N side, if it’s ok, you can take out the Sentry-gun from here, using the Eagle with Lasersight and shooting the fuel tank. Drop from the roof on E side and shoot the Guard (Fool!) and go S, around the corner to show yourself to the Sentry-gun. Now circle back to the yard and stay well out of the way of the Sentry-gun, climb the roof of the building you came out of and look for the best spot to shoot the fuel tank of the last Sentry-gun.

All Guns taken care of, you can go get that MP on the ledge in front of the building E, if you didn’t take it in the beginning of the level, or did that MP reappear here? Another Guard comes out, take his Ammo and head N, along the fence and to the door that needs the Key.

Back in Part 2.

The Crane.

Open it and go put the Fuse in the machine, a door opens in the other corner of the room, so get the Ammo on the floor behind you and a MP under the pipe L and go for that door. In this office you can get the “Seal of the Old Ones” and some Ammo on the desks, pull the switch and Boy, what have you done… You really messed up things outside, a container dropped from a crane. 2 Guards with their Dogs come out to investigate who did this and you know what to do with them….

Take the goodies they drop and go R out the door, roll and take out another Guard on the gray walkway, follow the walkway and get Secret # 5, the MP in the alcove there, go back and see the pile of crates on the E wall, stand close to the pit and runjump with a L curve to land on top of them, (if you want to shoot the Sentry-gun again, go forward to the snowy slope, around the Crane and on to the crates in the corner, the Gun is back, shoot it just for fun) climb down and onto the fallen container, stand in the corner and jump/grab the opening in the E wall, shoot the box for Ammo and follow the walkway around the R corner.

The Ware House.

Here you can pick up all kinds of goodies up and behind the crate pile, just climb in every opening you see. The last is on the very top in a box. Go down again to the walkway and to the ground floor, look in the pile of crates to the E for an stack that’s low enough to climb, go over and into the opening L, push the white crate and go in, climb the crates in the N and jump/grab the container W, up and R past the wooden crate under the slanted roof, the box holds nothing, just go around and climb the crate around L corner, push the white crate and get the Ammo, return E and turn S, runjump over to the red crate in the crate pile S, climb all the way up to the highest crates on E wall, the white one is push able, but impossible to move (nothing in it as far as I could see, just shoot the box on the crates below in the SE corner and from here a runjump/grab to land on Secret # 6, Grenades. Drop from the crate and open the broken one below, Get the Ammo from inside, hop back and go R, follow over the crate and look for a breakable floor part next to the red crate W of the passage you came out of, run over and drop in for Ammo and flares, go back out and to the crate pile E, there is a hole close by, with a white crate in it, a breakable floor in front, drop in and find your way to the far SE corner, look up to open the hatch and climb up, go E for flares and on to the crates N for Ammo, go back to the hole and shoot the lock on the gate to open it.

Back in Part 1.

Go in and either L or R, it’s the same, into the passage S at the bottom of the steps and L/L, over the crates, runjump to the jumpswitch, back over the crates and past the passage you came from to find an open gate in the end, The sign says “Go Back, Wrong way, but that is if you came here from the other side before. This gate had to be opened first. In the passages behind you are a closed door and a closed gate, so I think we’ll be back here.

From the Go back sign, you can go up the slope (find the walk able spots with the Binoc’s or flares) and enter the cave again, now go L and get that MP in the passage there, the Sentry-gun can’t harm you anymore.

The Chasm.

Go to the path SW you took before and down to the lower cave again this time look for the crack in the E wall leading S, next to the opening you went in before, crawl into it and turn so you can back off the wall and hang, shimmy to the R and to the ladder there, go down all the way to the bottom and then S on to the slope in the end, shoot the icy wall and go in, be careful, spikes everywhere.

Go L and to the block in the Corner, go around and climb it on the E side, shimmy L before you pull up and go runjump to the pillar W, runjump to the sloped one in front and slide/jump to the next, turn L and do a diagonal runjump to the pillar on the S wall, a standjump will take you up to the last, at the hatch in the ceiling and an opening in S wall, from the center of the pillar, standjump/grab into this opening and shoot the Guard, 2 boxes for MP and Ammo. Go up the stairs and shoot another Fool, pull the lever and have a look to the R to see the hatch opening up (Cool!). Back down and standjump to the pillar under the hatch, stand on E side against the N wall and standjump/grab in. This storeroom seems empty, so go on to the next, take the flares on the crate and pull the switch on S wall, turn and arm yourself as Dogs and Guards come in during the flyby. Start blasting them away, go gat the stuff they dropped and enter new grounds. More resistance shows up, and 2 Guards are shooting you in the back from a ledge up and behind, seems you can’t hit him from below, so run over to the N, climb the ladder and turn to take care of them.

The Pump Rooms.

Pick up everything and head back to the ladder, go down and to the pool in the structure, dive in and go through the tunnel E and follow past the dangerous propellers to the gate, go R and up in to a pool in a new area, get air and dive into the S tunnel, go L/R/R and pull the lever, roll and go E into tunnel, get Ammo and Secret # 7, the next Uzis. Follow the tunnel and you’re back in the pool, go back in W direction and into gate that’s open, watch out for those propellers, go sharp L and stay close to the wall, in the alcove SE is some Ammo, get out and past entrance to NE corner, follow tunnel and go R for MP, L to get out, stay low and swim as far as possible, draw the Eagle and turn, shoot the “Fool”, turn again and go to the end of this passage, open the hatch and climb up, you’re in the Electrified room.

Go straight and out to the frozen pool (in front you see the area you saw before, only from the other side), L and into the cave. Beware of Spike balls 5-6-7 up the slope, stand facing the pool, on the R hand side and hop back a it, to touch the slope that triggers the Spike balls, jump forward to the pool and a runjump to land on the ledge in front of the Electrified room. Wait for the balls to break the ice and look for the lever between the 1st and 2nd propeller from the R. When you get near, push “action” and Lara will grab herself, during the flyby, roll and swim forward, to the ledge again go up and on to the piece of ice that’s left in front of the cave, runjump over to the small ledge on other side and jump in to the room there, go on through the gate to shoot some Dogs and find the open door to the R, follow and you’re in the other side of the Electrified room, go L/L and open a door with your key, go in and take the 2nd “Seal of the Old Ones”. Jump up the red crate and shoot the Dog and 2 Guards, get some Ammo behind a crate and go back to where you came from, the door the Guards came from is still open, so enter new territory.

The Big BANG.

Follow the passage to a small window, there are oil barrels piled up ext to the boilers, the Eagle doesn’t work here, but the Grenade gun will, stand in the center of the hole and turn to the R a bit so you’ll aim at the steel landing to the R of the pool, arm with the grenade gun and Super Ammo, jump and fire a Super grenade through the hole, see the grenade roll to it’s goal and watch the Big BANG, the hole place goes to pieces, (great cutscene by the way), oil pours in the water, oil starts to burn and pours through a hole in to the Big Chasm. The ice melts.

The Way Back Home.

GO back through the passages to the room where you got the 2nd Seal of the Old Ones and go out the door that opened there, climb the building L on E wall and in to the hole in the roof, get Secret # 8, Grenades and climb back out, go to the Electrified room and on to the pool where the boulders went in, runjump to the entrance of the cave, go up the slope and climb up, run down the slope and slide back to the top ledge of the Chasm, go L and find the ice ladder, go all the way down (you can also attempt a nice and dramatic runjump with a scream in to the pool from above) and dive into the water, swim N and go on, till you see Lara disappear in the darkness…

End of this great level.