The Haunted- Sequel.

Level by Debbie Overstreet.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

crawlspace= crawlspace, monkeyswing= monkeyswing, underwater= underwater.

Level Storyline:

In this new haunted adventure Lara must find a stolen gem and a lost scroll. There are rumors that one of the caretakers of the estate hid the gem and the scroll. Wherever he may have hidden the items remains a mystery as he took the secret with him to his grave. The owners of the estate are certain the items are still within the mansion or hidden somewhere on the grounds. The scroll is said to have powers to stop evil. The missing gem is highly prized and must be returned to the rightful owners. There are seven secrets within this level.

Mirror room.

Sliding the slope starts the level, drop into the water and follow the tunnel to the end, climb out into the mirror room, and walk through the mirror on your right hand, push the 2nd button from the right (donít even think about pushing the rest) and enter the door, drop into the shaft in the end and swim forward and look in the last alcove on the right for Secret #1, a Medipack. Get out in the end and go straight for the Uzi, return and over the hole to a lever to open the exit. Climb the stairs of the mirror room ad on the 12th step; look in the left mirror to find the Crossbow. Go up the ladder to next room.

Waterfall room.

Go left and to the 1st waterfall to get the Crowbar, Secret #2 and go get the Goodies from the pool.


Go West and follow this passage around to the abandoned church on the right, look for the Ornate Handle in the NW and exit NE (you really feel lonely in these big empty places). Next hall, in the centre are 4 buttons on the pillar, push the one on the right and the 2nd from the left, get the Grenades and go into the open door behind you in the SW. Get the Pharos Knot and Ammo from the room and go to the NW corner of the church. Place the Knot and leave this lonely place. Drop into next room and climb into the shaft to next room.

Face room.

Dive into the fountain and get the Revolver, Ammo and a Medipack from 4 tunnels. Back up and arm yourself with the Crossbow and some explosive arrows. Go to the lower doors and walk to the right pedestal, roll and shoot, get the Grenades and the Medipack and go up to the higher doors. Drop and slide along the left side to get Secret #3, the Shotgun on the ledge down there. Follow the tunnel into the poison pool room. Go over the right hand bridge and take the Medipack on it.

Puzzle room.  

Move the round pillars to the centre squares and the square ones to the yellow animal tiles. Under the pillar in the NE youíll find a Pharos Knot. Enter the door in the North and pull the lever, get the Star and Ammo on the way out, take the South door. Pull the lever there and a door in the East opens, go there and shoot both vases, get a Medipack and enter the door that opened by shooting the vase next to it. Claim Secret #4. Go into the left door and enter the

Pool rooms.

Dive into the centre pool and the door will open as you approach, follow to the arrows in the end and turn, look up to find a higher tunnel, follow to another pool room, get out an over to the other side, climb the ladder and jmp to the next ledge, one more jmp will get you Secret #5, Ammo and Medipack. Back to the hole and swim North, get out in next room and to the centre North to enter the adjoining room. Look for the Hathor Effigy and return the way you came to the 1st pool room, get some Goodies from the other 2 pools and go climb the pole in the East.

Skeleton Alley.

Run through the door and left up the steps to the next door, turn and wait for the Skeletons to team up and shoot them all together. Combine the Handle and Effigy and lace the Portal Guardian in the SE. Enter the room that opens up, great texture, Who dares to enter?, get the Spear point (should be a Gem, but to me it looked like a spear point) and go to the North room, pull out a pillar on the left and throw the lever, get the Medipack and go on North, climb the ladder and up the ledge, pull the lever, finally an elevator!!

Climb off on top and follow the passage to a lever. Run through the outside passage and turn when you reach the narrow part, 2 Skeletons together, you know what to do! Go on and repeat this trick till you reach the end and collect a Wraith too, run around the statue until it kills itself and push the first Button, the second one opens another door, allowing you to return to the beginning of the level, so just go straight. Slide the slope and keep your feet high, for a bunch of Beetles is on your heels, drop into the water and see all the beetles follow, swim on and down to the right into the tunnel there and up into the room there, place the Knot in front of you and go to the right into the room, get rid of the wraith at the statues, collect a Star, Secret #6, the Grenade gun, and Grenades.

When you return to former room youíll hear a Demi god, but I didnít meet him, so go to the water and swim left and around the 2nd corner you can pick up a Medipack, keep on the left side of the shaft going up, or youíll get a severe headache.

Place the Stars in the next room and turn to go through the door left of the fountain, dive into the pool to get Secret #7, the Scroll and proceed after pulling the lever.

Place the Scroll, get the Goodies and run forward till you meet a whole lot of Skeletons, backflip a few times and they will team up nicely, so you can take them out with one explosive arrow, do this once more and one Skeleton more at the lever, leave through the long alley.

End of the level.