The Haunted Castle.

Level by Debbie Overstreet.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

1st Castle.

Youíll land in the Castle yard, the Shotgun at your feet, take it and go to the NE corner, find a small triangular ledge next to the tree, so you can runjump to the brick ledge in the corner, with the 2 (yes 2!) jumpswitches, one opens the steel gate in the Castle wall and the other will raise a block allowing you to climb in. Shoot the vases and a Horseman appears. Shoot him in the Gem back hopping so he will follow you nicely. Take the Gem and the Goodies from the vases and go West. In next room get onto the ledge on the left and shoot the left vase on opposite ledge, jump over and climb the block to get in to the crawlspace. Take the Key and get out, drop on the other side of the block and shoot the vase, take the Medipack and drop to the floor, look for another vase in the room that holds the Lasersight. Go open the gate and on to the next Castle.

2nd Castle.

Dive into the water and go right to the NE for a lever on the block (you can first get out to kill 2 Crocs or do that later). Swim to the now open doors of the Castle and enter, go right and pick up the Ammo, approach the Skeleton and donít give him the chance to stand up and blow him into the fountain, get the Medipack from the bottom  and go upstairs in the North, just before the ladder, lookup to see whatís coming down later. Climb the ladder to the puzzle room.

The Puzzle Room.

Move the puzzle pieces to their places, just look for the right colours and a bunch of pillars will raise in this room, go pull 3 jumpswitches you can access now and a passage in the East wall with some Ammo. When you pulled the last switch a trapdoor opened, jump to the hanging pillar next to it and climb up. In this room you can pull all 3 switches and youíll see 2 trapdoors open and a Wraith will be released. Get down to the puzzle room and go into the trapdoor in the North, go straight and through the crawlspace, climb out and go right, into the fountain to kill the Wraith. Go get the Revolver and Ammo lying around and go back through the crawlspace, get the Goodies and a Key to the right and Ammo in one of the open trapdoors in the puzzle room. Go down to the ground floor of the Castle, remember the Boulder?? Sprint to the fountain and go past it to find the gate, open it with your Key and enter.

3rd Castle.

Get into the hole to the right of the gate and push in the block and claim Secret #1, Goodies and the Gate keys, back out and through the gate. Follow the passage and drop into the yard of another castle, get some Ammo next to the tree in the South and go to the fountain in the SE corner. Dive in and follow the passage inside.

The Tower.

Climb the stairs and meet a Horseman, shoot him and take his Gem, look in the hole beside the stairs just past the vase for Secret #2, the Crowbar. Further up the stairs and shoot Horseman that has no gem for you. Climb the ladder behind the vase and in this tower room you can choose 2 pickups, take the Flares and drop through the moulded floor.

Swim East through the tunnels and throw 2 levers in the end. Go out and youíre back in the 1st Castle yard. Go into the fountain behind you and get the Medipack, swim into the open door and get some Ammo, follow the tunnel and make your way back into the Tower. This time take the Small Medipack and fall again, follow these tunnels (with their spooky inhabitants) again and go about straight. Get out in the Horsemanís room.

The Horsemanís room.

Run to him and shoot him off the horse, and when he drops just keep back hopping again shooting till he gives up. Take his Gem. There are 3 doors and a Gate in the room. Go to the next room in the SW corner and over to the switch in the centre, look left and down to see the trapdoor on the bottom of the pool, pull/turn left run in and go through the trapdoor at full speed, the block under the trapdoor is timed, pull the lever in the end, roll and swim back out quick. (If youíre too slow, try side jumping left and then into the trapdoor) Enter the gate in the South and take the Flares, in the end of this awful place is a switch to pull on the left behind a wall, watch out for the Wolves. Go back to the horsemanís room. The block next to the South door lowered and you can place the first Gem. Enter the door and pull the switch. Look for the next block that lowered and go place the 2nd Gem. Enter the Skeleton pit.

The Skeleton pit.

Sprint to the end of the room and right into the corner (run over the wooden floor there), get the Ammo quickly and hop back into the pit behind you, get the Crossbow and now go have some fun with the explosive arrows (try to team them up together, to save Ammo, youíll need it). Over to the fountain on the other side of the room and get the Medipack from it. Turn facing the exit and look for the Brass ball switch on the ceiling, shoot it with a normal arrow and lasersight, this will lower the last block in the horsemanís room. Place the last Gem and enter the room.

Scorpion pit.

Slide down the slope armed with the crossbow and start shooting the Scorpions there. Look for the Key to the left and go shoot another Brass ball in the dark lair in the SE corner, the trapdoor opens up, swim through and pull a lever, followed by some Wraiths.

Get out in the entrance of the Skeleton pit and wait there for the Wraiths to kill themselves at the statue. Go open the gate in the horsemanís room. (Hey, were running low on Ammo here!) Run for the higher ledge to the left and oversee the situation, 2 Scorpions and a Medipack, a pole next to the entrance in the corner. Wait for the Scorps to leave the room and run for the Medipack, get back and go for the corner with the pole, climb to the top and backflip to the pillar behind you, use the monkeyswing to go over to the other side and keep left till you are over the sloped pillar, slidejump to the exit and drop into a big pool below.

The Tunnels.

Swim to the other side and into right hand tunnel, get the real Scroll in the end (under the 2nd fake one) and get out on top of the tunnel leading East. Push in the block and get it out of the way so you can use the switch behind it. Now dive in to the East tunnel and follow, through the door and just past it look in the right hand alcove for the Key. Follow the tunnel, get some air in the hole above you, till you get to a lever in a deeper pit, pull and go on quick, one more lever and you can get out through the trapdoor a bit further. Claim Secret #3, the Amulet of Horus. Go East again and up/down/up till you reach a large castle yard with pools, get into the other pool to get some needed Ammo in one of the windows and leave the yard in the NW using the key.

The Spike room.

Go into the left corner and shoot the vases on the blocks so you can climb up, jumpgrab the sloped pillar and pull up/slidejump/grab the ladder, climb up, go right and jump to the ladder over the passage in the wall, climb down, drop/grab the edge and go in to get the Winding Key. Backup out and hang/backflip/roll/grab/drop to ground floor, climb up again and go left this time. Up the block with the vase and over to the gate, turn and shoot the ball on the ceiling to open the gate. Go to the end of the cave to get the Scarab Beetle. Shoot all Bugs and you can get Secret #4, in a crawlspace in the wall to your right as you go out (Great secret Deb!). Go back to the ground floor of the spike pit and wind up the Beetle with the Key and place it in front of the spiketrap, go over to get the Key on the other side on the ledge, drop off the ledge on the right side and look for the block you can push in, go around it to get Secret #5, the beautiful ďGolden ScarabĒ.

 Go on through this passage and enter a room with 2 gates, and a stair between them, look on the right side of the stairs for the switch (timed) that will lower a block in the wall on the other side of the stairs, over the burners and you can figure out where we have to go, pull/roll/sprint around the stairs, jump over the lower part of them and sprint to the wall to jump into the hole before it closes up, donít stand there, run in or you will be caught in the wall. Once inside, pull the centre switch and the one left of it, the other block lowers, allowing you to return over the burners, go up the stairs and onto the block that raised, jump to the Scroll pedestal and place the Scroll to open the gate.

Jump over the pedestal and get the Star off the wall, return and use the new block to get back over the spikes, open the Stargate and the music will join you sliding down the slope to the blue rays and the end of the level.

Another fine level by Debbie.