The Golden Mask.

Level by Seemeister.

Walkthrough  Dutchy.

The First Room.

Lara enters the level by sliding down a slope, just before the spikes jump/grab so you go over them. Go to the highest block in the NW, grab the ceiling and swing over to the SW corner, thereís a vase you have to shoot in the alcove. Hang exactly in the middle of the opening and drop, pull the guns and shoot as you pass the opening. The door in the West will open. Go over the pit and at the next room,

The Waterfall room.

Jump backwards in to the left (it triggers a ball) and run back quickly. Be careful here, the water in front of the entrance has current and will suck you down. Shoot the Crocs and pull the switch, run off the ledge youíre on to the East, in the water there is a timed door, get in and be sure to have enough air, go down and at the Scroll, go L/L/to the end, R/L/L/R and up for air. In this maze is the Lasersight as you saw in the screenshot.

Hope I can guide you through, face North and dive, go L/1st R/L/R/R/L/L/L/L and get the Lasersight, get back for air and go back here again (if you want) there is a small Medipack in the area. Go back for the Scroll, go left and up.

Climb the ladder and a little up, backflip into the passage behind, shoot the Scorp, get Ammo and Crowbar and follow the ladder up. Slide the slope and go left, just outside, on the ledge sidejump left and land on the Waterfall. Go over to the East and find the crawlspace under the Waterfall opposite the window. Go in and shoot the Scorp, follow to get Secret #1, the 1st Gem. Back out and go to the switch again. Pull and run East along the South wall and jump from the highest point of the ledges to the next and into the timed door (when the screenshot comes, run a little more, otherwise the door will close just in front of you, but stop in front of the pit in there). Jump over the pit and go for the switch, killing the Scorp on the way. The switch will open a trapdoor on top of the ladder by the door. Go up into the


Shoot the box and vases for a Medipack and see the Torch, leave it for now. Climb the ladder near the trapdoor and drop on the other side near the burner (in left or right corner) and crawl into passage quick before you burn and climb down next ladder, in the dark spot climb, to the right into a passage and get the second secret the 2nd Gem. Go out, drop to bottom of ladder and youíre back in the Waterfallroom. To the switch again and into the last timed door, This time pulling the switch up to open the trapdoor.

Back in the Torchroom, place the Scroll and enter the passage with the Stardoor, go left and get Ammo for the shotgun, out and to the ladder in the other passage. All the way up and to the high room with the slopes. Runjump to the ledge with the burner just when it is going to stop, so it is off when you land on it, run for the ladder and go up. Ignore the Bird, it will push you off the ledge before you killed it. Just runjump straight to the slope in front and slide grab/hang/ pull up/backflip/roll/slide/grab and repeat this till you are hanging on the last slope under the burner. (behind you is a box you have to shoot) Pull up/backflip/roll/pull out the guns and shoot, if the box breaks, a trapdoor opens and you will fall in. Take the Supplies and go on, get some Ammo on the way and in the dark spot, look up for a passage and go get the Shotgun there. Go on to the next lava room, jump the pillars to reach the 1st floor and some Skeletons will attack, shoot them off the ledge and go for the switch. A platform rises on the other side of the room, run fast, cut corners by jumping them and across to the platform and runjump straight into the passage there.

Follow the passage and climb the East ladder near the switch, get a Medipack at the window and at the pit, take the Flares, drop from the edge and hang shimmy left and pull up, immediately backflip because thereís a surprise coming down. Wait for it to fall in the pit and back over, shoot the Bat and run back over the pit once more, for another Boulder comes down.

Now find the hole the balls came from and climb in, get the Scarab and proceed down the lower passage, pull the switch at the window to lower a rope in previous lavaroom and follow the passage again. In the next corner is a hole to the first room.

Go left and use the Scarab to disarm the spikes. Get the 1st Star in the end. Go back to the switch near the ladder and pull it, climb the South ladder now and runjump to the ledge in front and go stand on the sharp point of this ledge, facing the wall. Runjump/grab aiming left to the ledge in the corner, shoot the vase in the opposite corner and use the rope to reach the ledge on top of the switch. Enter the passage here, ignore the first hole in the ceiling, take the second hole to pull the switch there and the door to the long lava room opens.

Down and backflip/roll/grab the passage behind you. Get the Medipack and push the block behind it, so you can pull the switch it was hiding. An earthquake and a Boulder rolling under the floor. Now you can push the block in further to get the Revolver and Ammo. Climb up at the switch.

The Long Lava Room.

Make no mistakes here, you are being watched as you will find out soon. (Nice, this FX)

Runjump through the blades and stop in front of the Spikes, shoot the vase in the alcove to the left to open the door in the end of the room. Run over the spikes and jump to the other ledge, more spikes, so be careful. In the next room, runjump to one of the slopes to the side and start jumping to the other side and enter the big lavaroom. The passage to the right in the same wall goes to the corridor along the long lavaroom and makes it possible to return to the beginning of the long lavaroom in case you missed something back there. Shoot all the vases except for the one in the far NW. A rope drops from the ceiling, swing to the ledge in the South, get the  and shoot the last vase North, over to the North and get the  there. Now swing to the spikeledge in the West and leave the room.

The Mask Room.

Skeletons start pouring out of every gate on the ledges and thatís where you have to go, take as much out as you can with the revolver, from lower ledges. (in the head as you know)

Go to the pool in the NW and get the Ammo on the bottom. Find the switch on the North wall, pull it and roll/run like crazy to the raised block in the South. Jump up and climb to the 1st floor. Go right and under the pillar in the SW is a jumpswitch to let a rope drop from the ceiling. Swing South to the naked lady on the pillar and climb up. Blow remaining Skeletons off the ledges. In the gate South is more Ammo for the shotgun. Enter the gate in the West and go left and up. More Skeletons, if you did not kill them from downstairs. Pull the pillars to the Tiles and enter the gate to the North, go right and up one step on the stairs there, turn left and pullup into the alcove and pull the lever. Proceed to the top of the Mask room and meet the Demigod. Just run past and get the Golden Mask. Enter the passage in the South and get the 2nd  Star. Out and to the stairs you came from, turn right and go to the lever right, pull this one and trigger a Boulder to crash down into the Torch room, breaking open a wall.

The Torch Room.

Follow the passage and light a flare at the slide. Slide and at the last moment in front of the spikes jump and as you land jump again. Slide into the pool of the Torch room. Take the torch and throw it through the gap in the wall caused by the ball. Place the 2 Stars and enter the passage with the Scarab tiles again, go right/right and down into a room with the Mummy you heard all level long, go left and go to the room where the torch is now, get it and some Ammo as a bonus. Return to the passage you came from and take the first passage right before the ladder, down and to the slide that will take you to the First room again. (Remember to jump the spiketrap down there.)

First room.

Light the Torch and then light both torches at the closed door. Go in and shoot the Scorp in the crawlspace. Go into the passage West and in the dark spot, stand up and climb up left to get the last Secret, the 3rd Gem. Return and go to the right in the room you came from, place the Gems in the pillar and go through the door and use the Jeep outside to leave for the Mansion in London again.

End of the level.