Goiní Skyhi.

Level by Wizzkiddo (Tom Hillen)

Walkthrough  Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, UW= underwater.


Lara Croft is once again on the trail of something valuable. Her 'colleague' John Stone has tried to rob her of an important artifact she discovered lately. Lara agreed to find the prize, the crown of her collection. Unfortunately it can't be shipped: the legendary Youth Lake (it isnít legendary at all, but Lara doesn't find that out until level. 13). She doesn't want to team with her new rival and steals one of the key artifacts to the Hall of Danger, where the lake is. Just three more to go! One of them was stolen from her - and she is desperate to get it back. She flies her helicopter to Stone's Skyscraper, and the level begins....

Shoot the Guard in front from where you are and he will not shoot back (fool!). Enter the building and go straight and shoot the box left, get the Ammo and enter the LEFT door, sprint through the passage and left in the end, take out all resistance and follow to a room with radar equipment and a mechanic, shoot him from outside the room and it will take a while, or go in and he will attack, he drops the Low Security Pass, take it and another group of Villains will storm in. After the fight, follow the passage back and open the blue door in the corner, walk to the file cabinet and take one step back, push action and get the Ammo, go sprint back to the hall where you shot the box after heís history and open the door at the staircase, go down and open the door there, go right and get the medipack, go to the file cabinet and open it for the M-16 and Ammo.

Shoot the Guard and go explore the 1st office to the right of the right hand hallway, take out all kinds of resistance and check the file cabinet. The second office is empty, so donít bother going in. In the end of the hallway is a passage to a room with vending machines, shoot the mechanic and go enter the adjacent room.

Check the file cabinet and get the Token, shoot the Guard (with serious back problems, was hiding under the table Iím sure) and go use the Token in the center vending machine to get a medipack. (stand back a bit again) Go back to the hallway and now into the right store room. Looks like thereís nothing in those shelves, But thereís a lot behind you, so enter the passage in the wall and run through the laser, taking light damage. Follow to a store room with a mechanic on your heels, take him out and go to the open window, drop back out, and drop to the ledge below, turn around and enjoy the view! Get into the lower room and the ceiling comes down, donít mind that, go straight for the orange box, push it aside and get the Toilet Access Card. Climb back up and go to the passage in left corner, check the cabinet and shoot the Guard that sneaks up from behind, enter the passage he came from and get Secret #1, Grenades. Go back to the stairs and go up one floor (you have to jump to it, as no stairs are leading there, go back to the beginning of the level and open the door left, with the Toilet Access Card and enter S toilets, climb up left and follow to an elevator shaft, shoot the gratings and slide down the pole (line yourself up and run in grabbing)

The opening in the wall on the other side of the shaft is for later, first go down aallll the way (and go get 2 bricks for later, Iíll explain it in a moment) drop into the elevator and shoot the grating on the slope, go in and follow, to another grating, shoot this too and climb into the corridor, go left and open the door , check the cabinet for the Roof Access card and go look in the other end of the corridor, big room, totally empty. Get back on to the elevator and (now you need those bricks, one on the Ctrl-Key and the other on the Up-key, while you go to the toilet) climb the pole in the NE corner aaalll the way and when youíre back, backflip into the passage at the top, get Secret #2, the Uziís, Ammo and a medipack.

Now walk back to the elevator shaft and line yourself up for a run jump/grab across to the other pole (when you look up the pole should be between Laraís legs) Go over and backflip into the toilet passage, go to the stairs and up to the top, use the Security Card to open the machine room and push the button on the right wall to activate the machines.

After activating the machines, go out of the room and turn left (N) to find the card reader where you can use the Roof Access Card on this floor, run up the stairs to a helipad, approach to the chopper and watch the flyby to finish the level.