Fort of Gigant 1&2.

Level: Monga.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.


Part 1.

The level begins with Lara standing outside the Fort. Open the blue doors and shoot the Guard, look for the small door inside and go get the Medipack from that small Ctrl room. Go out and jump down under the bridge, swim into the S tunnel.

The Sewers.

Go up in a room with a trapdoor (for later) and a sewage tunnel S, climb out N and runjump to the tunnel, the shallow water makes Lara go slow, stop and jump up once, then Lara can run. Go to the crossing and R/L, back out of the crawlspace into the...

Ventilation Room.

Go down all the way to the bottom to get some Goodies on the floor, climb back up til Laraís hands are on the first horizontal line on the wall below the crawlspace, R as far as possible and backflip to the ducts behind, climb the duct and backflip to the one behind when you see the sloped surface of it, slide and jump to the one S, turn L and see a part of the E duct behind the vertical one with the ladder (opposite the Jumpswitch). Runjump there and turn S, runjump/grab the Jumpswitch and slide to the flat part of the duct below, runjump to a small section on S wall, a bit R and up, get the Ammo and jump back, now jump to the ladder between the 2 vertical ducts and go up once more, to the E duct and up to N wall, jump/grab to the duct in front of the open door.

Crowbar lever 1.

Have a look inside and find Crowbar lever 1 in the lower part and a closed door behind the grating. Youíll be back here later, but I wanted to show you this place first, and the door had to be opened anyway. Go out, slide/jump to the lower duct in front of the W passage and go in, this is a room with a grated ceiling, just jump up to the centre W Tile in a W direction and youíll land one floor up.

Crowbar lever 2.

Go down the Stairs (you will see more of) and L/R and follow to a small door, open it and stand in front of a Hang bridge, go over to the other side and enter that room, to the R is Crowbar lever 2, in the other corner is a fenced off hole and a closed door in the E wall. So we really need the Crowbar now!

For the Crowbar.

Go back out and L, jump to the ledges sticking out of the rock wall, if the Guard below bothers you, then shoot him. (Notice the caged off lever in the bridge square below, this overhead door is opened by Crowbar lever 1.) Follow the ledges around the corner to a walkway with windows; this is behind that closed door at the crowbarlever. Jump/grab the roof and go to the crawlspace NE and R in the passage, at the ladder you can drop/hang off the edge and drop/grab into a crawlspace with Secret #1. Crawl out and drop to a crate below, in this room are a walkway and a dark crate, don't shoot that! Just jump into the E passage and look R at the crossing, to see the door to the caged off lever and Crowbarlever 1. Go E at the next crossing and come to part 2.

Part 2.

The door will open for you, enter the small store room, a Guard is behind a window R, get some Ammo behind the crates and go W, follow to a store room where you have to shoot a Dog and 2 Guards, enter the Ctrl room on the walkway and push the red button, go out, L and up into the crawlspace, drop other side and see an overhead door with a key hole, go E and into the store room, get a Medipack in the NW and go back to the passage, R down the stairs and L into the empty store room, shoot the Dog coming from behind and open the ceiling hatch in the corner, climb up in the crawlspace and follow to a ladder down to the sewers. Go straight and R up the passage, behind the door you have to shoot that Guard you saw before from the small store room, push the red button and the door to part 1 is open again, go N and shoot the Guard in the next room and take the Keys from the desk on the walkway. The passage leads to the top of the small store room; you can either go that way (W and through the crawlspace at the Ctrl room and R) or return the way you came through the sewers, because you now have to go to the overhead door in the passage upstairs. Open the door and be careful with that first crate opposite the entrance, shoot the other 3 and get the Goodies. Go back to the passage and up the crawlspace R, through the small store room and into the E passage, back to part 1 and up the ladder in the blue room, backflip off, out of the crawlspace in the end.

Part 1.

Drop to the roof of the walkway and get over to the Hang bridge, jumping the ledges, enter the door there and shoot the fences, drop down into a watery Cave, climb up in the N passage and follow up a ridge, to the end of the passage to get a small Medipack, turn back and look up at the ridge, grab the upper passage and collect Secret #2, Flares, small Medipack, drop back down and return to the watery cave, donít jump down, but runjump around the R corner into the passage. In the end, up L is a box with a Boulder on top, jump up and shoot the box, follow the Boulder to a trapdoor it broke, go in and drop to the ground floor.

Elevator room.

Get into the S passage and use the switch to get the elevator to the top floor, go back and drop into the W hole under the elevator and push the grey shelf into the passage, onto a brown Tile, turn around and jump/grab up to a monkeyswing, go forward and L, drop/grab the crawlspace and follow back to the room, go into the E hole under the elevator and crawl to the switch, which will raise the shelf up to ground floor, go out and back into S passage, to lower the elevator and it will get stuck halfway on the shelf, climb the container N to jump onto the elevator and shoot the Guard on the walkway S, jump/grab up there and follow the passage to the bottom of the stairs we saw before (after the ventilation room). Open the 1st and 3rd door R and get Ammo and Shotgun, do not open the grey door in front of you, donít even get close, just go up the stairs, shoot the Dog and into the first passage W, R into the top of the elevator room. Shoot the guard around the corner and go to the W side, climb the crates and here you can jump/grab up into the steel walkway, go to the door and open it with your Keys.

The Crowbar.

Go up the ladders and shoot a Boulder you can see through a narrow gap in the wall. It will trigger a chain of events and this way open the way to the Crowbar finally. Go back down the Ladders and to the stairs, up and straight to the passage leading to the Hang bridge, the pillar broke the wall here, jump onto the N side ledge next to the pillar and climb the wall to an alcove with Secret #3, Ammo, 1/2 Medipack. Climb back down and from the centre of the ledge below, standing on the edge, you can see the Crowbar over the pool, sidejump L onto the pillar and slide, jump R in the end and get it. Dive into the pool and climb out on opposite side, follow passage to top of elevator room and stairs. Go up and over the Hang bridge and throw Crowbar lever 2 in the room. A door opens?? Go out and L over the ledges and runjump from the corner to the caged off lever, jump/grab to the crawlspace in E wall and go to the sewers, straight into the Ventilation room, go up to the top N again and throw Crowbar lever 1. You can see the overhead door opening up, go out and as the route through the W room is closed because of the Boulder crashing the floor, you have to jump/grab the ladder on the vertical duct, go down and jump/grab the ladder on N wall, go up in the crawlspace and straight to bridge square, drop and run N, roll and shoot the Guard (when you stand far from them they wonít shoot) and take him out, go W, to the wall past the bridge and up in the hole, into the elevator room, up to the walkway and up the stairs to the Hang bridge, over the ledges and around the corner to the walkway with windows.

Jump/grab the roof and go to the crawlspace NE and R in the passage, at the ladder you can drop/hang off the edge and drop/grab the crawlspace where you got Secret #1. Drop to the crate below, turn and jump into the E passage. Follow the corridor, and at the crossing past the blue room, R and into the open door to the Cage, throw the lever and see the Hang bridge collapse. Go back to the bridge square, runjump over to the cage and drop down, go to the bridge and climb it. Climb R into the sloped passage and up to a passage that leads to the closed door at Crowbar lever 2 and to the walkway in the blue room on the other side. Go up the ladder and throw the lever in the end, it will open big doors over the bridge in the first room of the level. A room with Sentry guns opened and a door to a walkway above them. Turn back and open the blue door R, step out and dive down into the water, swim N and get out on the low ledge, go up to the path and to the first room, There are 2 Sentry guns in there.

The Gun room with the Sentry guns.

There seem to be more ways to get past them, but itís all based on pure luck and persistence. This is what I did:

Go to the L and follow that wall to the 2nd crate, be sure both guns point at you and roll, back out and down into the water, swim S and get out in the sewer, jump to the block with the trapdoor and open it. If you did it right, the gun is pointing the other way, so you can climb up, step forward quick and get the Revolver. Now this part is tricky, you have to draw attention of both guns to the trapdoor, but you will surely burn doing that, so go down quick and into the water. (What also worked for me was go back up to first room, through sewer, R, crawlspace to bridge square, cave and up and run in to the guns along the R hand wall, get burnt and drop down into the trapdoor, get in the water fast.) Now you are sure they both point to the trapdoor, go back up to the sewer tunnel and go to the crossing, go L and follow to the end, up in the L passage and to the door you opened before, it leads to a roof over the guns, jump/grab the ladder R and go down into the alcove with the switch to open the overhead door. Youíll have to draw the attention of the gun at the trapdoor to the trapdoor again, as it will surely point the other way now. You can do this by dropping from the roof at the gun and into the water fast. Into the sewer tunnel R at the crossing and to the bridge square, to the cave, the first room and over the bridge to the centre of the entrance of the Gun room, Save and runjump over the centre crate, sprint to the centre of the passage and as soon as you get inside turn L a bit, before the R hand gun burns you. (Iím sure it will take some tries, hold on, or give up, I tried later and could never do it again.) Open the doors inside with your Keys. Go down the ramp.

Part 2.

Cross the bridge in the room you crossed before through the duct up on the ceiling, when going for the Crowbar, go to the centre structure of the next room and down the ladder, N and into a room you saw before in a cutscene.

The Pump room.

Jump over the railing in front of the entrance and onto the duct leading to the machine, go over to the top of it and L, drop off the SE side and slide/grab, look for the jumpswitch under you and drop/grab, climb the ladder to the walkway and go back to previous room, lava turned to water, dive in and open an underwater door S. Follow the tunnel to the L, the current will take you through the Pump and will take you to a room with a walkway, climb out and enter a dark passage, follow to the bottom of the bridge room, standjump to a flat pillar R and then to the slightly sloped one NW, turn R and standjump onto the R side of the sloped pillar, slide and jump to the pillar in front of the E passage. Pull a shelf out of the corner to get the Keys from under. Go back to the room with the walkway and up to the ladder.

Open the door with the keys and go in the Ctrl room. Throw the lever to change the direction of the Pump. Go out and back to the room with the underwater door, swim in and the current will take you R, to a Cave.

The Cave with the platformonkeyswing.

Go out in the centre of E side and up the ladder, push the button and go back down, magical platformonkeyswing appeared over the water.

First, watch the pattern of the colored platformonkeyswing as they blink in and out of this dimension. Then time your jumps over to the platform in the SW corner, and jump over and grab a crawl space in the S wall for Secret #4, Flares.

Back out of the crawl space, drop into the water and get out on the E side to start over again. Stand in the SE corner, at the yellow platform, on the higher ridge and back up. Look and wait for the sequence where the yellow comes up, the red behind it a bit later and runjump onto the yellow, runningjump to red and runningjump to L side of light green in the corner, turn R and wait a bit for the next yellow to come up, runjump onto the L side of it, turn L and standjump/grab to a ladder on the rock wall. Climb up and follow the passage R at the crossing. Follow up to a trapdoor, open it and climb to the roomonkeyswing with the big Machine.

The Big Machine.

Climb up the ladder and shoot the Guard on the walkway, climb up the crates and jump/grab to the ladder on the machine, use the monkeyswing under the steel walkway to go N to the crawlspace, drop/grab in and follow to a room where you can see Goodies behind a fence and an overhead door, go around the machine to push the red button, go out and to the other side of the machine room, drop/grab from the S walkway to get into the crawlspace.

Railway Station.

Follow to a pit, jump to the duct on other side, shoot the Bats and drop/grab into the duct. Go to a caved in passage and L/R on the mount, into the crawlspace and follow to a caved in railway tack, jump into a hole L and land into a railway car, open the trapdoor and crawl N. Go into the R hand passage and up, shoot the fence. Go R and to a blue room, shoot the 2 Guards and go around the blue structure, shoot 2 Dogs and a Guard when you go up the brown stairs (Donít touch the red light screen) and open a small door R, go in, go up the ladder and pick up the Goodies go into the fenced off area and push another red button, now the red light screen is down, go out and shoot the 2 Guards, go in and you reached the end of the level.

The end.