Costa Rica Bonus level.

Level by Donald Forgues.

 Walkthrough Dutchy.

 This level is a continuous Timed run and you have to collect 25 Gems in a hotel.  

 The Flyby shows a Gem outside the hotel, but that one is just for show, the real ones are all inside. Iíve made floor plans with all the pickups and Gems, so you can have a look where to go after you started, youíll probably have to go through the level a couple of times before you remember all the important places to visit and get the timing right to complete the level within the 20 minute time frame (although sometimes you get some extra time) Saving is best done just before you enter the next floor and Lara has to wait for the door to open anyway, or while Lara opens a door with a key or pushes a button, those are the moment when saving wonít take up precious time.  

 Hotel Lobby. (pic 1)

 Start in the Lobby, where the #1 Gem is behind the counter, L side, hop over and grab, roll and jump back with a R curve, run sharp R into the corridor there and go L into the first automatic doors. Go through the next door to the 1st Floor.

 Gem count: 1

 1st Floor. (pic 2)

 Sprint L into the corridor of the first floor (I thought that to be the easiest route) and Guards can show up at any time, you can ignore them if you like till you got the Uzis in the store room. Shoot the standing lamps in the bedrooms for the Ammo under them and the 2 Garbage bins in the store room also for Ammo. After picking up Gem #5 in the bedroom at the entrance of this floor, a last Guard will show up and he is important, as he will drop the Library Key you will need on the 3rd Floor. Sprint back into the door you came from and head L in the corridor, L into the next automatic doors and the door to the 2nd Floor will open up.

 Gem count: 5

 2nd Floor. (pic 3)

The white line is the best first route, itís a bit of a long route, but itís better to have the HK Gun before entering the Meat lockers as those Butchers are really stubborn. And with the HK Gun, you can take them out while running. So the white route worked best for me, start shooting as soon as those toilet door is open and just stay there for a bit till the Guard drops and go get the HK Gun quickly.

(pic 3-2)

Then run for the side where the Conference room is and go L, just sprint in and straight to the #6 Gem, take it and sprint back out, straight to the Meat lockers. Follow the map to get the 2 Gems, the Ballroom Key and a MP, sprint back and go through the Conference room, L to the corridor (pic 3) and R to the #9 Gem, open the near by door and get the last 2 Gems of this floor from the Ball room. Sprint out and L past the door you got the HK Gun from and into the passage with the stairs up to the 3rd floor.

Gem count: 11

3rd Floor. (pic 4)

Run in a bit to the R and the first door to the L has Ammo, the next door the #12 Gem and Ammo under the lamp, go out and L to get Ammo from the 3rd room and then go out and open the opposite Library door (save point). Run in and go L around the book cases (pick up the Ammo if you like) and shoot the 2nd lamp on the L wall.

Desert Eagle. (pic 4-2)

This will open a door next to a Gem, go in first and get the Desert Eagle to the R and the #13 Gem. Go out and get #14 just L outside the door.  (pic 4)

Sprint back to the corridor and go straight to the end, around the corner L and the rooms L have Ammo in the first and Flares (youíll need) in the second, ignore the 3rd door for now and go straight to the corner where you can open a door with a button (save point), inside are 2 Guards, go through that secret door to the R and push two buttons to open the next door. Inside is Gem #15. Go out and straight to that door you just ignored and go in to push the button that will open the hatch over the ladder, go up into the Ventilation ducts.

Gem count: 15

Ventilation ducts. (pic 5)

Follow to the first R hand duct, run in with a Flare and get the hard to spot #16 Gem, roll and run out, R and follow straight and come to some Ammo. Go L there and into the L duct at the slide, get the #17 Gem and roll, go to the slide and go slide down to a Store room on the 3rd Floor back.

Gem count: 17

3rd Floor back. (pic 6)

Go sharp R and runjump over the crates to get the #18 Gem, run to the Ammo from the Garbage bin and then open the door fast (save point). Sprint L and through the door to the R and into the first door L, into the L corner for the #19 Gem and out again, circle around to the other side of the corridor and into the door there for the #20 Gem. One more floor wiped clean. Go to the opening in the wall near the elevator and up to the Flower shop level.

Gem count: 20

Flower shop level. (pic 7)

Run L a bit and straight to the door with the button in the end L, (pic 7-2)  shoot the 3 Guards while running to the end of the square, L around the crates and get the #21 Gem, go on and L curve to jump on the crates (thereís Ammo in one of the garbage bins between the crates, but you donít need much anymore) and jump to the higher crates L, run to the other end, jump to the single crate and curve L while you do a running jump to the next pile of crates, run to the far R hand corner and jump in the last moment to grab the crate with the #22 Gem. Standjump forward to the crates in the corner to get the Flowershop Key and drop down to the floor, sprint to the exit (thereís Ammo in one of the garbage bins) and go out to the corridor (pic 7), L and to the door halfway down that side of the corridor, open it and go in L, take the space between 2nd and 3rd book case and get the #23 Gem.

Get out to the corridor again and go L, around the R hand corner and open the Flower shop with the key. Go in and start shooting the 4 flowerpots on the counters to get the Sprinklers going. The #24 Gem appears near the exit, thereís some Ammo behind the counters. Go out and into the now open door opposite the flowershop, in this kitchen the last Enemy will come at you, shoot him and sprint through those white doors to the other room, go L around the corners to get the #25 and last Gem. A voice will ask if you have all 25 gems and that seems to be the end of the level. If you still want a MP, go into the toilets to get it.

 The end is a bit frustrating to say the leastÖ