The Evil Stone.

Level: Bibi Phogue.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

This level will take you through beautiful surroundings, it is a pity you will find that Graffiti about TR-Online everywhere, it kills the atmosphere. Only one time at the end of the level would have been quite enough. (Thatís my opinion, Dutchy)

Level 1: Patagonia.

You are sliding down a slope when the level starts, go to the shallow cave in the W, after you took a look at that beautiful tree hanging from the wall and from the highest ledge in that cave, jump back up the ground you came from NE, follow into the building in the NW, shoot a Coyote on your path and go to the end of the room, R for some Flares. Turn around and in the room with the graffiti, stand on the small slope to grab the edge of the sloped wall, go R and backflip/roll/grab the ledge behind climb up to get Secret # 1, Medipack and Ammo, on the ledge at the window, look out for a bit, great view! Go down and back to the shallow cave in the beginning of the level, from the highest ledge, grab the monkey swing to go over the water, drop/grab on the other side and go forward a bit, look up R in the wall to find the passage, go in to use the switch, see a gate opening up.

Waterfall Cave.

Back out and shooting a Coyote, go E and into the open gate L, into the waterfall cave, go along the L wall to the waterfall and walk down to the lowest ledge, jump/grab the waterfalls edge and shimmy R, pull up and turn R, run jump/grab with a little L curve to the Climbable E wall, climb to the R and onto the ledge in front of the opening in the wall. Donít fall in the water, if you happen to do so in any of these waters, youíll end up as Croc meat. Look out around next L corner you have to sprint into the R hand passage before the Boulder crushes you, follow the passage out to another pit where you have to run jump/grab to the ladder, climb up and follow the valley down, look in the alcove between the trees L for Flares, go down the valley and shoot the Bug, drop into the hole in the far NE corner and get the Shotgun in R alcove, the passage leads to an old temple in a valley.

The Old Temple.

From the ledge youíre on, run jump to the Stonebridge and over to the ledge along the S side of the valley and up to the Temple, at the sloped surface, be careful, you have to run jump over to the alcove in the wall in front. (If you happen to fall, shoot 2 Coyotes and climb up at the Spike trap E and try again.) In the alcove you can climb up to a floor with spike traps, stay close to the R side and clear of the Trap and go drop from the edge of the bridge, shimmy to the R to get Secret # 2, Ammo, Medipack, and Shotgun. Turn around and run jump to the sloped wall on S side, slide back to the ledge you came from, and head over to the bridge, run jump/grab the rope and swing into the building. Go through the Scissor trap and pull the switch. (A screenshot shows some propellers) Run out onto the L sloped side valley and shoot the Coyotes if you didnít yet. Head over to the E and enter the building R, here are those propellers you saw, swim past (close to bottom and R or L side) and pull the lever on the other side, the Temple door opens. Go back to the Valley and shoot 3 Coyotes. Go in and to a pool room, notice the tunnel in the E wall, dive in and follow, donít look back, climb out fast on the ledge in a shaft cave.

Look for the climbable surface on the block hanging next to the ledge and climb up, go L and hang on the sharp ledge, pull up and back flip into a passage, run forward, with rocks falling around you.

To the Caves.

When you reach the outside area, look R and jump/grab the edge of a higher ledge R, walk up to the wall and from the ledge there, you can climb down into the pit, take the Flares and go to a passage in the S wall. Go in and pull the switch, sprint back and be sure to jump over the pit, climb back up the ladder and from here you can do a run jump/grab (start with your back to the rock) to the pointy ledge on the N side of the pit, follow and shoot the Bug, enter the passage it came out of and be careful, a Spike trap in the dark. In the next outside area you have to use the switch in the SW and drop into the hole, go into the S passage, over the Spike trap (the other passage will close the door you just opened and leads back to the cave you saw when you jumped the pit to the pointy ledge) and just before you go into the open door, pick up Ammo R and Medipack L in the dark corners. Now enter the door and reach the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon.

Climb the ledges L and grab the monkey swing to go over to drop/grab the crack in the wall on the other side, pull up in go R and get the Ammo, turn around and follow around to the canyon again. Drop hang and drop to a slope below, back flip to a ledge behind go up and around the pointy rock, face the W and walk up to the edge, see the opening in the wall on the other side?, slide from the L side of the slope and jump in the end, with a L curve to the ledge across. Get the Ammo and follow under a trapdoor we will come down from later and go with a long run jump/grab over the canyon to another cave. Follow to the R and to a pool, shoot the Croc and swim to the end and R into the tunnel, get the Ammo and swim back to the beach and get out in SE corner, go through the crawlspace and reach a cave which leads to the Big Temple, watch out for the falling rocks.

The City Walls.

Before we go down to the City Walls, we will need the Key, go run jump/grab with a L curve to an opening you can just see around the L corner when standing in the end of the cave overlooking the Wall, climb up in this cave and go over the wooden bridge you probably noticed before. Go on to a path along the Croc pool, run jump to the ledge with the Ĺ Medipack and get it, step back to the edge and stand in R corner, turn R a bit and sidejump L onto the sloped wall L of you, slide and grab the edge, go L till you can pull up, walk the path up to where you can run jump with a L curve into the opening in the N wall. When you reach the murky pit, run jump over to the other side, a bit R or L of centre to avoid the Darts, you will be hit, but only light, climb up in next room, go R there and around the Lava pit. Jump/grab the ladder and go down shoot 2 Coyotes on your way to the big slope and run up to the ledge on top where you will find the City Key. An Earthquake will rock the room, go back down the slope on L side and jump over the broken part, then start sprinting and while you sprint go to the R side of the passage, back to the lava pit. Rocks are falling; the place will collapse soon, jump over to the ladder and get up, go around the lava pit and up to the room with the pillars, take the W passage to the top level of the Grand Canyon. Jump to the grey stone bridge and up to the next S, walk to the R and do a run jump to the leaf covered path on the SW side of the Canyon, follow to a trapdoor in a hole. First go to the other side of the canyon, over the bridge to get some Flares. Go back to the trapdoor and climb down, this passage you know. Follow back to the City Walls and this time go up to the opening in the wall, follow to a square where there are great Statues, go look for Ammo on the R and then go to the door S, open it with the City Key. Go in and go to the City.

Level 2: The Lost City.

When you go forward, shoot a vase L for Ammo and see the gate in front of you, you will be back here after you opened it, go R and down to the room with a passage to another ruined room (graffiti), follow the passage to the E and down to a room where you climb the block R, run jump/grab the block E and stand jump into the balcony on E wall, follow the passage up past the Chains and sharp L around the corner, get into the room there, throw the lever (to open the small gate at the start of the level) and go out the hole W, get the Medipack outside and return exactly the way you came, if you drop to ground floor from here, the gate will be closed again. Go back to this gate and enter the 1st floor of the ruined room, follow to a pushblock, blocking the passage, push it in all the way and to the R once. Thereís a passage behind it.

First go use the switch on the wall in the NW (which will open the gate in the ruined room) corner and enter the passage behind the pushblock, take a flare and run in L, jump over the pit and wait for the Grinder to drop in the pit, jump back over and go where it came from. Just around the corner you will hear the Secret # 3 sound, wait here and save, run in and collect all stuff like Crossbow and different types of Ammo. Sprint back before the Corkscrews take your scalp. Go back to the ground floor of the ruined room and enter the new gate, down the cave like room and L, duck when you are near the Skulls on the floor, they are there for a reason as you will soon find out (they didnít duck in time), crawl forward till the Blades passed and go on to the Big Lava Room.

The Big Lava Room.

Pick up the Ammo and go L, jump over the gap, shoot the Skeleton into oblivion and go past the Chains (get some Ammo from a vase after the 1st Chain) to the ground floor of the Lava room. Run jump over the gaps in the floor, always looking for the shortest jump. Go L and into the Vase room when you reach the lava level, shoot the Bats and go L, see the gate and go L under the flags, find the switch in the corner and use it to open the gate. Inside is a deep pit, go on the block R and grab the ceiling, go over, be careful to make the turns L/R following the monkey swing. Drop on other side and slide down the slope, follow the room and shoot the Bats, reach the room with the big Statue on the floor. Go right around the corner on the balcony and find a closed gate. You'll be coming back here later.

The Statue Room.

From the steps leading down, run jump into the alcove in the N wall to get the Ammo, jump back and go down the steps, to the passage E. There are 2 Meat Grinders here, sprint behind the one which passes in front of the entrance to the other side, pull up and use the reach-in switch, run into the corner and stand still, the Grinder will pass, maybe you take some damage, then go for the 2nd reach-in switch, use the corner trick and sprint behind the other Grinder back to the last reach-in switch, you can see yourself running in the distance and the Grinder coming from behind, use the switch and a gate will open run back to the Statue room and climb into an alcove in SW corner, get the Ĺ Medipack and push the block 3 times, sidejump over the corner or go around through the Statue room and pull it to the grey Tile. Look behind the Statue pillars for some Ammo and go to the Statue room, the gate in the far N wall is now open. That gate upstairs in the S wall is also open (on the balcony).  Go there and find the Crossbow and the Lasersight.  Before leaving, push the floor lever to open a door in the Pump room (for a Secret).

The Beetle Room.

Go back downstairs and save before you enter the opened gate N. Sprint in and R into another room, hungry Beetles pouring in from the ceiling, when you go through the corridor you can see a jump switch above the entrance, climb up the block in the R hand corner and L up the ledge, go to centre of 2nd square and back to the wall, run jump/grab the jump switch (it seems that the Beetles wonít bother you when dealing with the jump switch when you sprint there) and when you got it, run back to the previous room, a trapdoor opened, drop in and look for the Medipack on the ledge along the N wall. Go get that and from that ledge, stand jump over the sloped block E, slide/jump/grab the ledge with the lever, finally some rest! Throw the lever and check your health if you didnít yet. Get back up the block at the trapdoor and up to ground floor, sprint up the slope in the S, you will reach the ground floor of the Lava room, in a different spot, line up good for next long run jump/grab to the other side, from the L side of the floor. Now you got rid of those nasty Beetles, it seems they hate Lava! Enter the gate in the W wall, shoot the Bats and go to the passage in the end of the room, crawl around the L corner as a Blade comes overhead and stand up again at the pit.

Grinder slope.

Jump the pit and from the grey Tile on the slope, go up backwards, hop back twice and the music starts, run back and over the pit. Go up again when the danger is gone and reach the Globe room.

The Globe room.

3 Globes and a couple of Symbols on the floor, look at the centre Symbol as that one seems to be the clue, it is combined out of 3 Symbols, the Triangle with the small circle SW, the bend pipe NE and the other bend pipe near the lamp on the S wall. Put the Globes on these Symbols, be careful not to push them over any of the other Symbols and the gate will open. Go get the Golden Mask inside and arm with something explosive to take care of the Skeleton behind you. Go back to the Lava room and from the sloped ledge L of the gate, jump/grab the ladder to climb back up. Go over to the Vase room, past the Chains and over the gaps. Now go R when you get there and into the Pump room. In front of you is the door you opened when you were in the Statue room, go in under the pipe and run jump over the Chain pit, climb up to next room from the slope in the corner and throw the lever inside, a trapdoor in the adjacent room opens, look through the window and see the Brass ball, go down, jump the chain pit and stand in front of it, shoot the Ball in the trapdoor over the gate (Crossbow and Laser sight combined) and go in to get Secret # 4, Flares and Ammo. Go back to the Pump room and place the Golden mask in the NE corner. The pumps start working and will lower the lava level outside. Go out and to the end of the stone ledge, onto the new uncovered rock L and stand jump to the single rock, run jump to the SW corner ledge and get up into the crawlspace there. (Only use "action" and "up" key here, no "jump") Drop on the other side and from the centre of the ledge, do a stand jump over the sloped block S, slide/jump and slide/jump and once more till you land on the flat ledge holding Secret # 5, Medipack, Flares and Ammo. Jump onto the N slope and slide/jump back to the crawlspace, go to the Lava room and run jump to the single block, turn L and stand jump to the NW ledge there, up into the passage, 3 Skeletons will wake up, wait for them to stand together and blast them sky-high. Go R over the bridges in this room, you donít want to fall here or you will end up like the Bones down there. Look for the switch in the NE and go over to the gate on the other side.

The Corkscrew Trap.

Slide backwards from the next slope and use the reach-in switch to the R, roll and run for the one opposite, roll and to the next other side, do all 5 like this and when you rolled at the last, duck to crawl to the exit, phew! Just made it! Slide into next room and shoot the R hand vases for Ammo, go on and get a Ĺ Mp from the vase R, a Medipack L and another Ĺ Medipack opposite side. Hm... wondering why all the Medipacks? Go on to the gate and find out, 3 Giant Scorpions will attack. After they are gone, use the 2 wall switches L and R of the gate and go in, follow to the room with the Evil Stone. Walk up to it and end the levelÖ Boy again we donít see Lara getting the final reward.

Great level nevertheless.

Got 5 Secrets, you too?

Dutchy (revised 20-04-2010, thanks Phil)