Egyptian Mythology Series.


5-Nofreteteís Dark Temple.

By Luis Martins

Walkthrough by Dutchy. revised by G&D Prod. 06-05-2010.

The Pyramid.

Stay on this floor and go over the ledge to the SE corner and find the lever. Push it now, so you won't have to go back later, it will open a door in what I call the 3rd room. A Wraith will haunt you so jump over to the Pyramid and run down to the South. 2 Big Demon Dragons are waiting for you at the ground floor, so run straight into the water in front of you, avoiding them. Look for 2 tunnels and swim into both to get a small medipack (N) and pull an underwater lever (S), which will open another door.

Stand on the steps in the water and try to shoot the Dragons from here; you could also jump onto the lower ledge of the pyramid and you can follow them around, while shooting at them. Afterwards go to the E side of the Pyramid and enter the 2nd room between the 2 yellow pillars. Go to the ledge with the 2 boxes and look for a brass ball hidden behind some vegetation (E), shoot the ball and the door will open.

Follow the passage, jump/grab the other side of the pit and shimmy right into the passage. Climb up left (E), next take some slides and jump to the breakable ledge and run to the right quickly (or simply side flip) and slide the next slopes again to land in a sandy passage. Jump the next pit and go right, slide forward, jump to the breakable ledge and run/grab the crack in the wall, shimmy to the ledge right and jump over to the N side. Jump up E and find a marked tile on the bottom; when you step on it a platform rises in the room.

Go back out and onto the platform and stand facing N, jump backwards, grab the edge and drop off onto the slope and slide/grab the edge, shimmy left and pull up, look behind the slope you just came from and step on the marked tile. The trapdoor at the water hole opens, be quick as the door is timed and get into the tunnel before the Spirit that was haunting you will burn you (there is some Uzi ammo in the vase in the E of the room, if you shoot the vase before you go down to the ground floor of this room, you can get it quickly before you open the trapdoor).

The 1st Golden Star.

When you get out on the other side of the tunnel, go N and onto a ladder to open the hatch in the ceiling and climb up to the right, step on the marked tile and get back quick to jump to the ladder S, climb up before the hatch closes. Follow through, climbing and up another ladder to a crawl space S and go through. At the pit jump in backwards and grab the edge/hang/pull up/back flip/roll/grab the other side. Shimmy right and pull up/slide/jump/grab the ladder and shimmy all the way left, around the corners and back flip into the passage behind you, in front of the gate is the 1st Golden Star, get it and shoot the lions head (N wall) in there to open the gate.

Jump to the slope on the left and slide/grab, shimmy right and pull up. Find the wall space up to your left, with another marked tile. Step on it to open the trapdoor at the end of the lower passage and run in quick (left) to land in a lower passage, follow and drop into the water of the 1st room in front of the door you opened earlier.

No need to go in yet. Swim into the tunnel in the East, go right and follow to the Small Poolroom, swim right and right again and to the 3rd room.
Get out and look up for the yellow door you opened (E) at the start of the level (In case that door is closed, you have to go back to the Pyramid at the start of the level and go up to the SE corner of that room to use the lever there). Go in, at the pit run down onto the breakable ledge keeping to the right wall and straight around the corner onto the next ledge and then one more to reach the solid ledge near the burner. Run-jump (no CTRL) to the alcove left and over to the alcove on the other side, push the block away and place the 1st Scroll (opens a door in the 3rd room).

The Pharos Pillar.

Dive into the water below, get the Pharos Pillar from the alcove N and swim back (W) through the door to the tunnel between 3rd and the Small Poolroom. Swim to the 3rd room (N) and find another yellow door open (NE), next to the one you just went in.

The 2nd Golden Star.

Go in and shimmy around the corner to find a brass ball (E) you have to shoot which will open the door next to the entrance. Shimmy back and go in (SE), slide jump to the other slope and slide down backwards, grab pull up/back flip and jump/grab again so you will grab the monkey swing, turn around and climb just over the top of the slope and drop/slide/jump/grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy left around the corner, drop/slide/jump/jump/grab the ladder and climb up. Go to the passage W and slide/jump/grab and climb up (or just run jump around the corner and grab). Go around the corner to the W into a crawlspace and get some Flares, shimmy back and go over the slide to the ladder (E). Follow the passage, climb up and slide backwards /grab/pull up/back flip and keep jumping to a ladder. Climb up all the way to the left and get the 2nd Golden Star.

Jump from here across the room to the ledge in the NW corner and follow the passage. At the next pit, better make a save first, then run-jump to the lower slope and jump, first forward, then youíll go left onto that breakable ledge, turn left and jump to grab the breakable ledge in that passage. Hang left, pull up and run while curving right to jump (don't grab) to the right into the passage and just slide down onto a marked tile which will open a trapdoor in front of you, but first look up left, crawl into that crawlspace for Secret # 1 (18), Revolver, Shotgun ammo and a Medipack in the alcove up W.

Once back out, the trapdoor will be closed again, just step onto the marked tile. Stand with your back to the trapdoor and jump back, grab the edge of the trapdoor and drop into the water of the 3rd room. Swim back (W, straight and into the Small Poolroom, swim in opening SE) to the 1st room and get into the bluish door (S wall) to place the Pharos Pillar. This will open the gate in the West wall of the Pyramid room. Go out, jump in the water. Swim E and to the 2nd room, climb out W. Go to the other side of the Pyramid and jump into the open gate.

Watch out for the dark green tiles on the lower floor, keep off!!!! Make your way to the pedestal and place the 2nd Scroll. A gate opens under water at the W side of the Tomb room.

The Gem.

Get out; go to the Pyramid and to the Tomb room N. Dive into the water around the Tomb. Swim W and into the open gate under the Tomb to pull the lever to open a gate on ground floor on the E side of the Tomb. Swim to the E side of the Tomb and in a tunnel under the Tomb are Flares. Go climb out of the water there and up the steps into the open gate of the Tomb. Be wary of the Nasty beast that is prowling there. Avoid the burner and place the 1st Golden Star at the back of this passage. 

Back at the burner jump down and swim S, left/left and get some Arrows, return and take the W tunnel, go right and follow to a similar room, without burner and climb up to place the 2nd Golden Star, a gate opens in the N wall of the Tomb. Go out W and run to the N side of the Tomb, up the stairs and right into the open gate. Get the Gem from the pedestal and see a gate opening up.

First go back to the E side of the Tomb, up the steps and pull that block (W) as far as you can. Run over to the W side of the Tomb room, enter the Tomb, into the water and swim through, climb out at the room with the burner and find a lever behind the block you just pushed out. Back down at the burner and into the water and swim to the other room and get out. Go to the N side of the Tomb and up the steps to the left to push the button behind the gate you just opened.

The underwater gate in the W of the 2nd Room is now open, so go there by way of the Pyramid room (S) and to the E side. Jump in the water of the 2nd Room and swim W into the gate. Swim W till you have to choose to go left or right. Take the right (N) and use the underwater lever at the end. Swim back to the pool for some air. Dive in a gain and go to the same intersection but now take the left branch. Follow through the door you opened with the under water lever and get out E. Be aware of another Dragon roaming around. If you look in the window N, youíll find a vase. Under the vase are Flares.

Turn and spot an open door S; go in and a Wraith will show its face. Jump in the water to get rid of it and enter again. First run onto the ledge left. Jump to the breakable ledge and pull up/run-jump to the corner, take two steps back, jump to the next breakable ledge and run-jump to the block in the SW corner and push it in all the way. Go to the slide and slide into the next passage, jump the deadly pit, side flip on the breakable tile and find a button to push.

Now jump over to step on the Marked Tile over the pit and go back and see that a block next to the button went down, so you can jump over the deadly pit again. Go in and climb up the ladder (W) to reach the next door and pit, slide and jump and try to land on the left side of the breakable ledge, turn and just jump to the grey ledge around the corner.

Climb the ladder on the E wall and go right around the corner into the passage when the burner is down. Go to the next burner and run-jump from the breakable ledge turning right to the ledge with the small Medipack on a trigger tile. Jump back grabbing the ladder, hanging on the crack, shimmy left around the corner and pull up in the right hand corner at the burner. Time the burner to get through. Go to the first burner, which is not working anymore, jump W and climb up, traverse to the opposite side and use the jump lever. The hatch above opens. Climb up S and left into the opening.

The Pharos Knot.

Climb up N, slide/jump to grab the breakable ledge and run to solid ground. Go to the ladder in front and shimmy left, back flip into the passage there. Look in the pit with the ladder and spot the vase, shoot it to open a door to a secret. Place the Gem to open a door for later on.

Drop into the lower passage around the corner and go S to get the Pharos Knot from under a vase. It will open the yellow door back there (E wall up), step into the passage W, you opened this passage by shooting the vase. Climb the ladder and get Secret #2 (19), Shotgun - and Revolver ammo. Climb down and climb up to the E and find the open gate SE.

Climb down into the lower passage and climb up to the E to find the open gate SE. Slide/jump/jump to the grassy ledge, pull the lever and a door opens. Stand with your back against the wall and look up N. Shoot the Lionís head in there and the trapdoor opens, go through and you are back in the pit room at the push block. Go SE and around the corner, stand-jump/grab to the breakable tile and pull up/run-jump to the exit (N). Climb the ladder near the closed door there and back flip into the passage. Jump to the Marked Tile in the left corner (NW) and the burner will stop.

Spot the jump switch (E) take a run jump to pull it, jump/roll/grab the ladder when you land on the slope below. Jump SE, down the ladder and go to the now open exit.

The Hathor Effigy.

Back in the poolroom; go E to the door you just opened. Slide down backwards twice and grab the edge of the second slope. Then shimmy to the ledge on the left, climb up and go to the pit. Jump over the pit and back flip right back, do another hop back or you will be crushed. Now follow the passage and slide down to jump at the last moment so you land on a ledge and go on. Jump to the ledge in the left corner and stand jump to the breakable ledge, pull up in the right hand corner and side jump right to the ledge. To your left is closed gate, hiding the Effigy, jump NW and around the corner over the trapdoor to the Marked Tile, step on it and the gate opens, so go back to get the Hathor Effigy and the trapdoor opens. Go back to the trapdoor.

Go through the trapdoor and into the next passage; watch out for the rolling ball!! Use the same trick as before and run up the ramp to the entrance of the Demon room. When you slide down jump right or left off the slope in to the water, to avoid the ball behind you. Get out S and shoot the Demons. Go up E and at the SE wall behind the huge vases is a high ledge.

Another Gem.

Climb on top, jump down and use the lever. Watch the flyby. Climb back out, but donít drop onto the vases. Jump in the water and swim through the tunnel under the boulder ramp, get out and climb a ladder E. Back flip into the passage above. Get down on the E side for a Gem.

Push Puzzle, the Music Scroll.

Climb back over and swim back, climb up again. This time go up to the NE corner. Jump on the Marked Tile in an Alcove there. Now go to the ladder W and climb up and when Laraís feet are at the same height as the top of the brick wall, back flip onto the platform you raised. Go to a puzzle field SE and push/pull the pillar to the tile near the S wall (SW). Youíll see a gate opening (in the NE corner). No need to push the pillar onto the E side tile, but pull it back through the middle of the field and do the tile near the N wall (behind the big pillar). Then you will hear another door being opened. Go behind the Marked Tile in the NE corner and get the Music Scroll. Climb back out, go to the far NE corner of the room and climb in E. Jump down to a receptacle for the Pharos Knot. Go to the other side (W) and into the opened door on top of the long steps.

Another Gem and the Ornate Handle.

From the ledge at the entrance look to the middle structure and shoot the Lionís Head on it (pistols will do if you jump), and go to one of the slopes beside it. Pull up and back flip to the structure. Inside is a pillar you can pull on both Tiles, they will open the trapdoors on ground floor. (Take care of that jackal below)

Go down, jump in both openings filled with water to get another Gem and the Ornate Handle. Once out go to the S wall and back flip and jump to the middle structure again. Jump to the W and shoot the Lionís Head up at the wall there, this will lower spikes under the ladder SW.

Jump over to the ledge in the SW corner of the room and save your game. In my game the spikes were still there so I went to the ladder and use CTRL to climb up and made it with a lot of loss of health (Gerty). Climb up and a bunch of skeletons will come at you, shoot them off the ledge. Place the Scroll and combine the Handle and Hathor Effigy to use the Portal Guardian (face S) and the door opens in the West.

The Pit Room.

Jump over the ledges with the faces to the N and place the Gem, go to the S passage and place the other Gem and a door opens in the passage to the West. Go in and swim to the next room, go up the steps and push the block E in all the way. Enter the crawlspace to your left and pull the lever. This activates a wraith, so run down the steps and take a hairpin turn left into the water. Go back up the steps and go right and down, (the gate will drop shut behind you) and follow to another pit, jump across to the ledge and turn to jump/grab the Marked Tile in the SE. Turn and stand jump to the slope and just slide into the passage before the Timed trapdoor closes.

Follow to a big pit and run onto the right ledge, turn and run-jump to the slope on the other side, shimmy to the left ledge and pull up. Jump over a slope to the passage in the W and follow passing the gate to meet a jackal, go on and at the lever turn around first for another jackal, pull the lever to open the gate back there and go in.

Walk through the porch in the centre to leave yet another great level and move on to South America.

End of level 5

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