Egyptian Mythology Series.


3- NOFRETETEís SECRET GARDEN.  revised by G&D Prod. 22-04-2010.

Level by JediMaster

Walkthrough by Dutchy

If you did not get the Revolver in the previous level, use the save game included in the download.

As you start the level a Big Scorpion will come at you, keep jumping to and fro over his head on the slopes while shooting and youíll kill him without any harm. Proceed and a Harpy will attack you, take her out too and climb on the ledges in front of you till you see a gate that youíll have to open. Find the crack in the E wall and use it to get into the passage there, follow this to a lava pit and a breakable floor. Stand left against the slope there and run in and over the first part around the corner to the second part, run-jump/grab to the last and hang so you can plan your next move, see the ledge in the corner so pull up run and jump/grab into the passage on the left.

Go around the corner and climb the block at the door with a face, use the monkey swing to get over to the reach-in-switch, use it and head back for the opened door with a face, be careful! After the grey tile there are more breakable floors. Run over and angle a jump into the passage to your right, at the end drop down, grab the ladder and shimmy left and pull up at the end. When you are standing at the end in the next passage grab the greenery on the ceiling, that is a monkey climb and swing to the jump lever on the W wall.

When you drop from the switch onto the slope, straight away back flip/roll/grab the wall and climb back all the way up and get of on the left.

Go back N and left at the crossing, again a left (S) and use the monkey swing to the reach-in-switch, a door on the left is open there. Save your game and angle a jump around the corner to the right (or use the monkey swing on the ceiling) go S and run though some corners till you are near the start. The gate S has opened. Go through and jump over the lava pit into the opening, slide to a flat ledge and look for the next slide to a break tile. Run from the tile onto a slide and jump so you will go over another set of burn tiles and start falling into a deep pit with water. There are 2 tunnels in this pit; take the S one to the end and pull the underwater lever there, return for the other tunnel (W) and go through to the next room.

The Big room.

Find the 2 lionheads in the corners in the SE and SW corner and shoot them with the revolver (they have to break) and then go up the big stairs to the South and into the passage left. Climb the ladder and drop/hang off the ledge, shimmy left, pull up into the crawl space; you will hear a door opening somewhere. Look around and see the pedestal for the Scroll you will have to use later. Go down the ladder again (use the monkey swing ceiling to reach it).

At the bottom look for the block S you can push in till you can enter a crawlspace, go in and push another block all the way in (E). Follow the passage and jump down then climb the ladder around the corner for Secret # 1 (13), Uzi Ammo, Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. See the Gem behind the fence? Go back to the ground floor, up N around the corner, through a crawlspace, straight N into the Big Room.

The Big Room, to the Gem and the Scroll.

Now dive into the pool at the bottom of the stairs, under the stairs is a tunnel, follow and at the crossing and a gate go right (W) and up. Climb the blocks and jump down, jump towards the breakable tile, be sure you are holding it in the middle, pull up, run-jump to the jump lever and afterwards back flip to the ledge. Climb back up and jump down into the water again. At the crossing, go straight and follow through, at the end pull the underwater lever. Return to the crossing and go left (S) and get out and climb up till you are at the Gem.

Take it and go back to the Big Room. Jump in the water and at the intersection swim N now, follow through and at the end up. Place the Gem in its slot in the NE corner on a grey column. Now a door in the pool near the Big Doors is open. Go N and before the stairs dive in and the gate that opened is left (W). Follow the tunnel to a closed door, just before this door swim up and get out, climb the steps and find the jump switch E and pull it. The former door is now open. Back in the water and swim W through the door and follow next tunnel.

Get out and beware of the 2 Demi Gods. Take care of them and the last one drops a Gem. Under the vase NE you can find Uzi Ammo. Go to the other tunnel in this room (NW) and dive in to get a Pharos Knot. Return and run past the Scorpion to the other tunnel and return the long way back to the Big Room. Get some air S and climb out. Place the "Knot" in its slot in the NW corner at the grey column.

The other under water door in the small pool opens (W); follow the tunnel and place the Gem (shoot the vases). Go back to the pool, the door in the North side of this pool is open, follow tunnel, get out, climb the steps, shoot the bench for a small medipack and jump back into the water as a wraith is pestering you. Back up the steps and follow the passage, go left at the closed door, jump down and into the water, take the Pharos Knot from a pedestal and the door opens.

Go back and climb up the door N is open and you are followed by a Big Scorpion, find the opening NE, from the lower ledge in there you can shoot him. Go in the further, jump in the water and pull the underwater lever. Go back to the last room, the door opened SW, go in over the breakable tiles and stand in the middle of the room so you will fall in a tunnel, filled with water under the floor.

Swim through and get out in the South of the room with the 2 fountains, run into the small room there on top of the steps, from here you can shoot the 2 Harpies, they canít come here.  Find the push block in here (E wall), pull it out and aside so you can go in and take another Pharos Knot. A Wraith will haunt you to the water. Get out again and a Big scorpion is waiting for you. Stand on the ledge in the SE corner, opposite the golden vase and you can take him out without any harm.

Go to the SE and follow this passage to a room with break tiles in the floor, run onto the tiles against the wall and jump/grab the wall, so you can climb down. Go to the East and shoot the crate over the pit, jump there and take the Scroll.

Go to the SE and follow this passage to a room with break tiles in the floor, run onto the tiles against the wall and jump/grab the wall, so you can climb down. Go to the East and shoot the crate over the pit, jump there and take the Scroll. Now head West, jump over the pit and climb onto the ledge with the crate, shoot it (the trigger might not work if you don't climb on it) and return over the pit. Climb back up the ladder, a block lowered, get through the passage for Secret #2 (14), Uzi and Revolver ammo. Get back and down the ladder, now place the 2 Knots to open the Double doors and you are back in the Big Room.

Big Room, place the Scroll.

Now you have to place the Scroll, so go to the SE corner and through the opening, climb the ladder and drop/hang off the ledge, shimmy left, drop down and put the Scroll in its place. The door on top of the big stairs opens (W), so retrace your steps. Go in there and use the monkey swing to avoid the traps, get the Gem. The flyby will show you where to go next; the door to leave the Big Room is open. Use the monkey climb to get back then go E to the passage with the ladder and the door before the ladder, on the right is open.

Do not just drop in; there is a spike trap right under the entrance, but jump or run in and angle right or left. Go up the stairs and halfway up go right to an entrance to a poolroom, go in and stay near the entrance, for a Demi God will come to greet you, normally he does not leave the room, so get back to the stairs and shoot him. Enter the room after heís gone and go for the island in the pool (N wall), jump over to the alcove in the E wall and get the Uzi Ammo in the vase (if a Wraith appears go for water). Swim through the tunnel in the East to the poolroom in the East. Again get out and look for a vase in the water on the North side, shoot it and get the Uzi Ammo.

The Crowbar.

For now climb up the steps to return to the Big stairs and head up South, turn and look for a lions head up there, shoot it and a door will open further up the stairs on the left (E). Go in to this room and drop/hang from the edge so you can shimmy left, around a corner till you can pull up. Shoot the box and get the Crowbar. Shimmy back and go N to throw a lever there that will open the opposite door at the Big stairs. Make your way there and go in and head N to get some Uzi Ammo in a vase. A Wraith appears and you have to run down the stairs a bit, go left or right and jump in the water. Then make you way back up the stairs to the last room W.

Now head S, shimmy the edge, jump the pit and use the reach-in-switch (a gate opens in the water of the room below). Go down the Big stairs and go to this room (S) via the poolroom downstairs. Jump in the pool with the two fountains and find the tunnel (N), follow to a room with a pillar in the middle and look on the N side of this pillar for a lever. Get out through the door N and swim into one of the poolrooms. Climb the steps to go back to the Big stairs and go all the way up and go right (N). A couple of big doors opened to give access to the upper room of the level. Look for a small stairway along the West wall and go up. Open the door there with the crowbar and go in carefully, thereís a pit under the entrance. Run over the break tiles to the other side and shoot the lions head through the gap in the wall.

The Golden Serpent.

Return using the monkey climb on the ceiling and go over to the small stairs along the East wall, this door opened and go in over another pit and push the lever (a gate opens in the room with the Big doors N). Go there and take care of the Demi God waiting for you. Go to the gate and get the Golden Serpent and watch the flyby of the next challenge awaiting you. Back to the S and run all the way to the end in the next room, look for the passage in the SE corner, follow and enter the High room.

The High room.

Go up the stairs and jump down, turn right to the opening in the small fence, run off the edge and land in the water below, as two Wraiths come for you. Swim to the structure in the middle and look for an opening under water, go in and get a small medipack N.

Now swim to the shore and get out dealing with a Demi God, after heís gone jump over to the middle structure and shooting the vase to get some Uzi Ammo. Go to the pool in the East and look for 4 vases under water (in the corners); shoot them all and a door will open in this pool in the SW corner. The vase SE has some Uzi Ammo under it. Swim into the open door and pull the underwater lever. A gate opens in the N wall in the centre of this room. When you go there a Harpy will attack, deal with her.

Go up the stairs and look for the jump switch (N) near a closed door, pull it and go back to the pools and look for the opened door in the SE corner of the pool. Dive in and pull the underwater lever.

Swim to the door that opened in the NW, use the underwater lever in there, the door in the N corridor where you pulled that jump switch is open. Follow all the way up also climbing a ladder and stairs to the top of the High room (quite a climb) and on top take the right hand passage (N). Push the block in the end in and jump over the spike trap and use the monkey swing for the burner pit, keep to the walls on your left and get the Pharos- Knot. The last door in the East pool opens. Return to the beginning of this passage to the intersection and go straight (back to the beginning of this High room).

Stay on this floor and go all the way over to the East (shoot the vase on the Big Brown Cross on your way if you want the Uzi Ammo in it (you will have to come backup here later) and run off the close by ledge (NE, so you will land in the pool down there where the door is, a Wraith is released). Swim through the door, get out in this new room and head S, climb up and turn to use the monkey swing to reach the passage left (W).

Drop down and open the crowbar door in the N. Look outside and see the slot for the Gem. Jump over and go place your Gem, and make your way over to the West to get some Uzi Ammo in there. Be careful, the lower ledges on the North side of this structure will burn you. (If you happen to see the slot for the Knot to the South of the Gem slot, there is no need to use it, it will only open a door to get another Knot somewhere in a passage South of where you used the monkey swing last). If you want all the pick Ėups, jump in the water, go through the gate N and follow through up some steps and up a ladder. More steps till you are on top again. At the intersection take a left (S) go over to the N or S wall and jump on the Big Brown Cross. Climb all the way up and shoot the vase there and grab the Uzi Ammo. Jump back in the water down below. Swim to the NE corner an in, climb out and now go to the N. Up the ladder and down again, and place the Pharos Knot at the end. The gate opens, go in and follow the Star path notice the gate on your way. Thereís a spike at the end on the ledge below so run onto the ledge left and drop onto the grassy ledge in front of you.

Scorpion room, use the Golden Serpent.

From up here take care of the Scorpion down there and go down when heís gone, jump into the opening in the West and another Scorpion will come at you. Turn left (S), in the end of the passage look for the push block at the end and push it in to reveal a lever, push it and head back to the other passage. Follow it and step on to a blue tile in there and notice the grating floor down there, itís deadly, donít try it Go back to the Scorpion room and go in to the gate on the top ledge in the W wall, to place your Golden Serpent. An earthquake will flood the room behind you, so you will be able to go into the passage with the burner grating. Dive in the water, swim W and right. Swim deeper and use the underwater lever. (Better keep a save here as sometimes you have to use this lever twice). Swim back and climb up the ledge (N) and jump into the opening W. Follow through and at the intersection go right (E). Watch out for the spikes, donít step on the 1st. and 4th. Tile, the others are harmless and use the reach-in-switch; this will open the gate near the push block and the lever. Go back into the water and swim W, to the left, left again and up, get out and climb up all the way to a slide. Run in and slide to the next level.

End of the level  

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