Egyptian Mythology Series.


2-King Echnatonís Tomb.

Level by : Jedi Master.

Walkthrough Dutchy. Amended 12-11-2006/revised by G&D Prod. 22-04-2010.

As the big doors close behind you, you cannot escape the 4 Ninjas so deal with them.

Look for the fence in the NE corner and behind it is a climbable surface to go to the higher level. Make your way over to the NW corner and push the lever to open the gate in the N wall.

Go down and into the passage N and at the crossing find the push block to your left and push it all the way in. Return to the passage and go straight at the crossing, the gate that opened is on the right (S) so go in. Go up the stairs, jump down and shoot the vase to open another gate in the room with the block. Go back (W) and climb the ladder on the left (watch out for the lava pits) get the Laser sight (the blue tile triggers another gate in the East room. Go there and get the Uzi ammo on the blue tile, the gate to the E opens. Go down the slope and turn right into the next room, shoot the scorpion and take the Uzi ammo on the grass, proceed down the slope, shoot the barriers and enter the poolroom with the doors.

Go over to the East side and use one of the ladders to climb to the first floor, jump over to the central column and climb higher (even if there is no ladder texture the W and E side you can climb). Back flip to the ledge behind you and look for the pedestal with the Eyepiece in the E. Turn and run into the pool below, where you land look for some Uzi ammo on the bottom and go back W up the stairs and straight to the end en right (N) and pull the lever in there. Now the gate at the end of the entrance passage opens. So back out to the left and left again.

Go in and up the slope but donít step on the flat surface on top, instead angle a jump to the higher ledge to your right, jump in and run into the passage right to avoid the Spike ball.

Turn and go up the slope where the ball came from, follow the passage all the way to the end avoiding another ball and pull the lever in there. Make your way back to the passage you ran into at the first spike ball, go left (S) and follow this one up the slope (take out the Ninja) and enter the room you opened. Shoot the barrier, sprint down the slope, chased by a Spike ball, at the end jump to the left. In the SE corner is a small crawl space, get in there for Secret # 1 (7), Flares. Get out by standing in the corner facing W and use Ctrl to hoist up.

Go N and climb up; slide the slope, shoot the barriers in the small red room, slide down again to enter a room with a statue. Climb up the blocks W and jump over to a monkey climb (S) use it to get to the vase hiding a lever. Push it and return to the room to find the open gate in the N, just before the gate look right and use another monkey climb to get the Uzi ammo in the vase. Exit the room trough the CS, go straight and then right, drop off at the lava pit and hang, shimmy to the right till you can pull up near a gate that is closed, take the other passage E.

Jump to the left and notice the passage next to the one you came from, (you will return here in a while) drop off to the ground floor and go to the lion on the ledge in the NW corner, climb the ledge and turn to jump to the next, when you jump to the highest level hang but donít pull up, shimmy past the burn tiles and pull up in a save place, go over to the other side of the room (SW) to get the Ba Cartouche and turn to follow the West wall, in the end hang off the ledge and shimmy around the tile to drop onto the ledge near the entrance so you can enter the right passage and place the Cartouche.

The gate opens, go in and follow the passage and at the crossing go left over the deadly pit and at the next crossing where you see a gate hiding the Crossbow, go left again, drop off/hang and shimmy right to the Scarab tile pull up and the gate you saw before opens so shimmy back and go right to get the Crossbow. Return to the first crossing at the deadly pit and donít be tempted to go left and take the Uzi ammo, the spikes will finish you off.

Instead return to the room with the big deadly pit you shimmied over by going N, jump over the pit, go right (E) and follow through till you are in the big room where you got the Cartouche. Jump right and right again through the open gate and shoot the barriers. You arrived at a room with a pool. Go left to meet the Ninja and dive into the pool, go through the tunnel to the red room and get out. Climb the ledges and step on both green tiles. Return through the water and go up the stairs (SW), enter the passage to your left and find the Secret # 2 (8), Revolver ammo and Medipack in an opening in the N wall. Go on up the stairs, jumping over some pits. At the end drop down and crawl in N down the slope, the gate will close behind you and another Ninja will attack. When you reach the pit, jump over to the left (N) and get into the crawl space, follow it, drop down a few times and get the Hand of Sirius. Go up the stairs and slide down and deal with 2 Ninjas climb trough the next passage.

At the Sphinx face see the blue hole and a bit further a gate with the pole behind it, follow the passage E and at the gate see the "Hand" behind a gate and a big room with a blocked ceiling, as the gate is closed go back to the blue hole and drop in, swim S and get out in the opening. (And here's the Revolver I couldn't find, thanks to Akci the weapon is now found, thanks for the feedback) Here, as you get out, the block in front of you in the corner is pushable. Push it as far as, then the other one to the left, to reveal a secret area containing Secret # 3 (9), the Revolver.

Go back to the passage and go right twice. Shoot the barrier and drop down, hang in the crack on the left and shimmy right till you can pull up. Turn and see 2 gates in front on the other side and a dark one to your left , use the monkey climb ceiling to go to the ledge at the dark gate (N) and find the slot for the Hand.

When you place it the gate opens, go in and turn left, shooting at the Ninjas then turn right, see the burner in front and go right again and shoot the barrier. Get down through the hole in the corner and grab the Ba Cartouche. This triggers the burners to go off. Climb back out, step on all 4 corners with a scarab tile and leave this place. Go to the right (N) and the flame there is also off, step on the scarab tile as well. This opens a gate opens facing N near the SW corner, go there and place the Cartouche that will open a gate near the NW corner.

Go into the room with the pool and dive in, swim to the adjacent room and get out to push a lever, which will open a gate in the area where you placed the "Hand". Find a small medipack (finally) on the ledge on the other side and leave this area to explore the newly opened gate. So once out of the pool and into the room go to the SE corner and then take a left (E).

Follow the passage and drop off at the pit and shimmy to the crawl space, pull up and follow the passage to find another Hand of Sirius in the vase around the corner right (shooting it also opens the gate at the start). There is a pushable block behind so push it in, spot another pushable right around the corner, push it once and climb on the right block to open a door elsewhere.

Go back and now take the passage opposite the crawl space at the pit (S). Follow this to a room with a statue, look for a crawl space behind the statue and pull the statue out of the way so you can get in. At the crossing go right (S) and through the door opened with stepping on that scarab tile, follow the passage and find Secret #4 (10), Uzi ammo and a Medipack. Go back thropugh the door to the crossing and straight (N) jump over the deadly pits, to pull a lever. Notice the gate in front of you when you return to the statue room.

Go through the gate (S) in there and get into the crawl space, shoot the scorpion on your way and see the gate to your left. First go to the end and shoot the vase you see NW. Return to the gate and see it is open, shoot left and right the barrier and step on the scarab tiles. Back again the flames are out. Now it is easier to get under the vases left and right Uzi ammo and the Cartouche piece 1. (You can get them while the tiles are burning though, if you are careful) Then go W, use the lever there. There is nothing in the vase, but go through the crawlspace, shimmy and pull up and end up at the three gates.

Jump down go S and up, and go right W and jump in the water. Dive in and this time go to the N, get out and at the very end of this passage look for the block you can push in once, to reveal an opening. Go up and pull the block in front of you out once, turn left and push that block in all the way. Jump down to find Secret #5 (11), a Medipack and Shotgun ammo.

Jump back and go down to the corridor, go down the corridor and around the corner go left and jump up so you can climb the ladder. Use the lever and another gate will open. Get back down and return S to the water hole and jump in again.

Now take the E tunnel and get out. Follow the passage, climb the pole and at the crossing near the slot for the "Cartouche" (remember this place) go to the right and at the end pull the lever and a gate on ground floor of the big room with the blocked ceiling opens. Get back to the water and swim straight to the West into a tunnel, swim down and follow through, get out, up the ladder and go E to the newly opened gate and enter the big room.

In every corner of the central pit is a scarab tile, step on each an go to the water in the middle, dive in and take the North tunnel, Follow to the end and take the Uzi ammo on the scarab tile (remember the gate in here) and head for the South tunnel. Take the left at the crossing, to the right is a trap, and in the end again take the Uzi ammo on the scarab tile. Once more go to the gate in the North tunnel and get the Ba Cartouche hidden there.

Return to the huge room and get out to meet a whole bunch of Ninjas, one of them will drop a small medipack. Go back through the opening way up W and get down at the ladder, jump in the water and swim through. Go through the E tunnel and out, climb the pole and place the Ba Cartouche on the left. Climb up at your left and climb another pole. Back flip and shoot the ninja, run to the end and pick up the Hand of Orion.

Look down to the South side of the big room and see the door opened there so drop down the ledges and head over to the other side and enter. Shoot a Ninja, climb the ladder and kill two other Ninjaís, take the Uzi ammo in the small pool and go on to the next pool S. Shoot the vase under water and swim SE into the tunnel heading straight at the crossing get out in the end and get in again at the next tunnel, follow till you reach the red room for Secret #6 (12), a Shotgun and Shotgun ammo.

Go back and get air first in the pool and then swim right (S), right again (opening to the left is a trap) and get out, turn around and jump up, use the lever (an underwater gate opens), turn and jump over the water and follow through. Jump again in water and swim into a long tunnel and at the end up to get some air. Look for the ledge to get out in the S. Turn and look right and up (NE), see a vase, shoot it and jump in there to place the Hand of Orion.

Shimmy all the way around the room (taking the long way home) to the door and get out and drop into the pit in the next room. Enter the passage and at the intersection go left/left and use the monkey swing to go over to the other side, jump down and pull the lever there. When you leave the room look at the closed gate in front of you (slot for Ba Cartouche in there) use the monkey swing again, go right near the closed gate and left at he intersection to a room with lions and Ninjas. One leaves a Ba Cartouche behind. Get it and find the statue you can push to the scarab tile in the SW corner.

Leave NW and at the intersection go right (W) and again right and around the corner place the Ba Cartouche. Go back and at the intersection go straight (E) to the gate you opened and enter the arena. Put in the Hand of Sirius (a gate in the big room opens) and get the other Eyepiece on the pedestal.

Go back to the NE and shoot the Ninja for some Uzi ammo. Follow and take a left (S) at the intersection. Jump up and go S to the pool. Jump in swim to the bottom and follow through all the way. Climb out at the end and back into the water. At the intersection go left (W), and again left. Climb out again at a bigger pool and go N and climb down the ladder at the end.

Once in the big room, go E through the open gate. On the right is a crawlspace with a scorpion in it. Shooting it gets you some Uzi ammo. Then climb over the block near the gate and get over the deadly pit to climb the ladder. Use the monkey swing to get over the pit and drop/grab the ledge, pull up and find then crawlspace left (N). Go in and down, get the Hand of Orion, a gate opens, look for the passage in the E corner and follow this through the gate (S) and get through another crawlspace at the end in another room. Around the corner shoot the vase for the other half of the Ba Cartouche. This also opens another gate a bit back in the E wall. Get back there and leave; slide/jump/grab over the pit and enter the big room again.

Jump down and go right into the gate there and place the Hand of Orion in its place, the gate opens and shuts right behind you (think you are in trouble!) but itís not too bad, walk the left side of the ramp and as the ball is close jump to the right, go on and for the next ball jump left and enter the next room. Pull the lever and a nice flyby shows you where to go. Turn around and climb the block and enter the next room dive into the water and find some Uzi ammo in a hole in the bottom, swim to the other side and climb the ladder.

Now you enter the Tombís of Echnaton, find the slot for the Ba Cartouche (W) to open the gate. Go through to the Tomb and find the exit in the North wall, drop to the floor below and go place the Eye to exit this nice level.

END OF LEVEL 02                                                          

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