Egyptian Mythology Series.


1-The Road to King Echnatons Tomb.

Level by Jedi Master (Luis Martins)

Walkthrough by Dutchy. revised by G&D Prod. 22-04-2010 /amended 21-11-2011.

You can play all 5 levels in one go, using the Script.dat and English.dat from level 5.

Begin the level by sliding down the slope, explore and take out some Ninjas.
Go to the pool in the SW corner and find the jump switch on the east wall, it will open a gate in one of the underwater tunnels.
Go in to the SW pool and take the tunnel in the NE corner, follow to crossing, go left and through the gate you opened before, follow till where you have to swim a little up and look for a plant that is hiding a Gem. Get it and return to the pool to get out and go to the ladder on the North wall.

Take the left ladder and put the Gem in its slot, the gate on your left will open. Throw the lever in there, and look at the flyby to give you an impression of where to go next. Go to the SE corner, shoot the vase and take the small medipack, go back to the lever and shoot the fence, go down, shoot another fence and a vase to get some Shotgun ammo.

Drop down to the road and follow this through the big doors and shoot the fence to your right. Jump in the pool, shooting at the Ninja, dive in to the deep part and into the next room. Go straight through the opening in the bottom to the SW corner of the lower room. Look for the Shotgun ammo in the plant and go back to the upper room where a gate opened North. Better get some air first then you can go North to the next room, left and in the SW corner through the tunnel to get a Gem.

Swim back out and go back to the road and look for the big hole with the ladders (W). Go down and shoot the fence, drop down and push the block in the west wall (in front of where you landed) all the way in. Go left and throw the lever, go back and straight ahead into the crawlspace to get some Shotgun ammo. Crawl back out and push a similar block in the east wall in front of you all the way in. There are stairs to the left and right, both lead to Secret #1, Revolver ammo, Shotgun ammo and a small medipack (thanks Akci). Go back out to the pit and jump up to the floor above via the blocks and go back up the ladders.

In the North wall above, a big gate is open. Don't go in yet but go east a bit. Just after the big gate in the North wall you just opened is another small opening (NE). Go and explore with some flares to get Secret #2, Revolver and Flares. Watch out the floor is partly deadly. Get back out and now go into that big open gate N.

Follow this route, using the ledges left and right to jump over the flame traps, go through an opening NE to a pool. Dive in and go right through the tunnel, take a left or right and end up in another pool and climb out near the fireplace. Follow the stairs up and look for the jump switch on the E wall. Pull it and go back to the pool and head N. Make sure you have enough air before you go in to this tunnel because the gate will close behind you. Go left everywhere and around next right hand corner get the Guardian Key. Go up there, take a left (W), first right and at the cat face tile go up to get the next Gem E.

When you take it, a gate opens allowing you to leave this place, so dive back in and go through the right or left tunnel (as always they lead to the same place) and follow S till you can go through the opened gate into the next poolroom. Get out in the West and take care of those dogs. Make your way to the SE corner, shoot the vase and place the Guardian Key to open the gate. Follow the passage and climb up, shoot out both fences before running around the corner (breakable tile).

Make your way down to ground floor and go to the East. On the left are some steps up and in the SE corner of this room you will find 2 slots for the Gems. Put the Gems in and the gates in there will open. Go in the East passage and meet a Ninja will drop a small medipack when he is dead. Go back out and through the other gate (S) and jump to the ledge E of the entrance and push the block you are facing all the way in.

Go right and through the fence at the very end of the passage, push the last block on your left in all the way to the cat-face tile. This will open the gate next to where you started to push this block. But first go over to the central structure and to the N side, climb the ladder and get the Medipack. Another gate will open somewhere.

Go back out to the gate you opened in the passage (W) and shoot the fence near the little slope. From here jump to the Red rock in the middle and get the Uzi ammo from the pedestal; you will hear another gate opening, it is behind a pushblock we'll go to now. On the Red Rock look left under water, there's a gate (closed). Jump back S to the ledge you came from and push the block on your right hand (W) all the way in. Jump N, take the left opening and make your way over to the other side of the room and go around the walls to the vase for Secret #3, the Uzi and take a small medipack at the N wall before you return. Jump in the water and swim through some pillars to an opening in the E wall to the room with the Red rock.You can climb out of the water NE and then climb up NE. Go in E and left. Push the block that is blocking the passage, all the way in. On the ledge W is some Uzi ammo in a vase, you can jump there with a banana jump from the ledge you are on.

Dive in to the pool and look in the South wall for a plant and swim down behind it to grab the Gem from a pedestal. Exit the water (W) and go to the SE corner where the gate is open to another room. Go in but be careful not to step on the tile (S) where you see the first Uzi ammo, it's a trap.

Take the Uzi ammo in the SE corner and spikes will lower on a block W. Go find the hole in the floor with a ladder, go down and take the Shotgun ammo, this opens a gate, get back out and go to the west wall. Climb the block SW and place the Gem to open a gate for later. Then go to the next room for Secret #4, Shotgun ammo, Revolver ammo and Uzi ammo in the alcove S. A Ninja wants to stop you from leaving. Don't let him stop you but go back to the big pool after you've dealt with him. Dive in the pool, swim to the middle of the East wall.

Get some air and swim into the room in the E wall. Go right and into the tunnel SE, to the left is an alcove with Shotgun ammo, swim back and get air. Back in and keep left, swim through the tunnel in the NE corner; in the next room there is an alcove to your left (E) with some Crossbow ammo, this will open an escape route near by. Swim N and then right (W) and up and get some air you can climb out and shoot two ninja’s as well as the croc if you like.

Get over the low wall; explore the room to find the big doors with the Gem slots S (you will get back here later). Find the lever along the West wall and use it (a flyby shows where you have to go next). Go through the gate in the N wall to the room with the pool. In the SE corner is some Shotgun ammo in a passage blocked by a fence.

Dive into the pool and look for a pedestal with Uzi ammo on it in the North. Taking the ammo triggers a gate on ground level and a croc, get out and go through the gate in the West wall. Halfway down this passage look up in the hole in the ceiling and pull the jump switch in there; it will open the gate to your right when you go back to the poolroom. Go there.

In this passage find the pushable block (it's the 3rd on your right) and push it all the way in and then left (W) against the ledge, this triggers another gate to open.

Walk around the block and find the spot where you can climb to a higher level and shoot all the vases in there for Secret #5 and collect Revolver and Shotgun ammo. Get back down and W into the passage, into the room with the stairs, a gate opens up to the right. Have it out with the Ninja and find the pool in the SW on ground level, go in and swim to the next room where you can get out at the lever (E). Throw the lever and return SE to the room with the stairs. Another Ninja awaits you.

Go to the NE corner of this room, up the big stairs where the big doors have opened. Enter the new room with more big doors and head left, looking for a passage in the W wall and find the lever to push.

Leave the passage and go to the East side of the room. Shoot the fence and find the pit behind the big doors you opened E, drop down and climb down the ladder and find the hallway to the E. Take the right passage (the other is blocked by flames) and go to the pool with the closed gate. Swim into the tunnel opposite the gate (N) and up to the next room. Climb out at the plant and jump over to the crack in the opposite wall, shimmy left to get some Uzi ammo, then shimmy right to throw the lever in the end.

Swim back out and to the gate that's opened now (S) and follow the tunnel till you can get out and follow the passage, taking care of some hellhounds on your way. When you reach the Tomb; go NW and to the next room with two ramps. On the far W side you can shoot a vase that releases a bat, shoot it and it will drop some Uzi ammo. Find the pool in the centre and swim into the tunnel E till you meet a croc. Get out quick in the far right corner and shoot the croc. Now jump over to the crack in the opposite wall and climb up. Jump down shooting the vase in the Tomb and get the Uzi ammo. Go back through the opening S and jump into the water, swim N to get some more Uzi ammo and climb up on the ledge SW and use the lever there.

Head back to the room with the ramps (tunnel W) and climb out W. Go up the NW ramp and enter the next room, drop from the edge to your right and go along the right hand wall on the bottom find the Flares. Proceed W and climb up the blocks till you can enter the structure in the middle, take the First Gem and throw the lever.

Take one of the poles North or South and climb up, jump off and over to the middle so you can go over to the rope that can help you to get back to the other side. Make your way back to the room with all the big doors by going down the ramp and down the steps, to the E wall and into the NE corner. Go straight through the room with Tomb and a left and jump in the pool N. Swim through the tunnel N and up when you can and climb out, get into the opening NE and into the first opening on the left. Climb one of the ladders and go through a double door W. Go left and in the next room a left into newly opened double doors (S).

Drop down onto the balcony and shoot the ninja that comes running down for you. Get the Uzi ammo he drops. Stay on the balcony and go to the SE corner. Look for the ladder on the E wall and jump/hang, don't climb (be sure to be in the middle of the ladder). Now back flip/roll/grab the tile and hang/pull up; run-jump/grab the switch, which will open the big doors in the N of the previous room. Before leaving the room; get the Flares that are on the rooftop and go N and climb up to go to the newly opened doors N in the room with the many doors.

Drop down, go the left or right to the stairs and go down and take care of those hellhounds. There is a crawlspace near the plant on ground level, where you can find the Second Gem.

Return to the room with the roof where you took the Flares (S) and under the entrance drop from the edge and hang/drop to ground floor. Go over to the big doors (S) and place the Gems to open the door. Go up the stairs and right after you take the first step two Ninjas will attack.

Stand on the stairs and look for a crawlspace in the West wall about halfway up and go in to pull a block out of the wall on the left. Throw the lever that was hidden there and a gate will open on top of the stairs. Crawl out again and go up those stairs and on top go E to the gate and notice the ledge to your right (E) with the slot for a Guardian Key. Follow the dark passage down, jump over a pool and up the stairs to get the Guardian Key on top, go back to the slot and place the Guardian Key that will open a gate in the pool you jumped over.

So back down the stairs and dive into the pool and follow the tunnel till you can get out. Climb the stairs to the top, into a crawl space and in the next room deal with a hellhound. Go up the stairs and to the right to find a block you can push in, that will reveal another stairway. Follow the passage up, through a crawl space then drop down and jump up to the left at the end.

In this dark room with a pool, jump to the right, so you can grab the crack in the wall and shimmy left till you can pull up. Take the Secret #6, Flares and jump in the water, follow the tunnel (S) and get out outside. Go to the NE corner, shoot the fence and take the Medipack before the tile breaks. If you fall through you end up in the tunnel you just left. Swim back (S) out and head W. Between the cat faces is an opening; go in and down, go to the big doors to leave this level.

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