Dino Jungle.

Level by Erin Windross

Walkthrough Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, UW= underwater.

The whole story of how Lara ended up here is to be found in the Download File.


When the level starts, you stand on a pier in a river, in front you can see a bridge and just past the bridge to the R a tree standing in the water.

Dive into the river R of the pier and get the Flares, swim in the direction of the tree and get some more Flares to the R, look under the Tree-trunk for the hidden passage to the bridge, cross over to get the Goodies in the room at the other end. Dive into the river from the bridge and go into the NE corner under the building, look for a Jumpswitch on a pillar, a door opens to some Goodies somewhere, go over to the S side and climb up into the building go to the door NE and step into the Jungle.

Go N for some Ammo and S to find the Shotgun in the corner at the tree, then climb up to the Security Buildings E, shoot a Croc from the safe block with the text and climb up into the room in E wall near the car. Go N and hop over the ridge, a broken bridge is the way to get into the N caves, but a couple of Skeletons will awake, blast them off their feet and run into the cave over the ridge at the end of the bridge. Up in the NW corner is the opening you have to jump to, climb the SE pillar and light a flare, burner pits appeared below, so be careful. Turn N and jump/slide/jump, slide/jump and land on the corner pillar. Turn L and jump/slide/jump and slidejump once more, be sure to jump at the end of this slope and land in the square, go into the N building, climb to the 1st floor and use the Jumpswitch to open a gate in the other end of the square. Jump over the slope next to the burner and go through the opened gate (L is a hidden passage behind the waterfall that leads to the pit under the bridge near the Security Buildings) and follow to the Tourist centre.

The Tourist centre.

Go L and L into the Gift shop, jump over to the tile across the lava to get the Ammo and jump back, get on the block next to the entrance to get the Crossbow, hop on the Tile behind the block for the Lasersight and go out again, shoot the 2 Skeletons if they bother you and go NW and L into the Condemned area.

Condemned area.

Stand on the NW side of the floor and face N, sidejump L onto the sloped blue structure and slide/jump/grab the next one, pull up and slide/jump to the corner block, go L and runjump with a slight L curve so you slide forward off the next slope and jump/grab the block in front of you, go hang on the R hand side and pull up, jump R onto the block at the grey wall. From the lower point you can jump/grab up to that grey wall and get to the Museum.

The Museum.

Go L around the museum and climb up into the security building there, get a MP and throw the jumpswitch to open a door to another switch back at the start of the level. Go down after shooting the Skeleton or just ignore it and get out. Go back to that grey wall in the NE and jump on the ledges behind the pillar to get on the top of the wall where you climbed up to this place, grab the overhead MS and go over to the opening in the E wall.

Go L after you dropped down to the Tourist Centre and go back into the S passage to the Square, up in the hidden passage behind the waterfall, to come out in the pit under the bridge, turn L and runjump to the ledge under the waterfall, go into the wall and at the next ledge you can turn around, sidejump onto the sloped waterfall R of you and grab the edge as you slide off, shimmy to the R side ledge, climb up and run off to the R, look for the blue ladder to climb up to the bridge, shoot those Skeletons and go back over the ridge to the S, into that open door after shooting a Skellie and throw the switch to get a screenshot of a fenced off area at the Tourist Centre. Go back over the bridge, the sloped pillar jumps in the dark cave and L at the Square, R at the Tourist centre and behind the tree is an opening in the fence, jump through and follow the jungle to a pool, walk out onto the pier and turn to shoot the 2 Crocs, a Wild Boar is running around in the dark jungle.

Look for a ledge under the waterfall in the NE corner of the pool and jump on it, go into the passage behind and follow to another pool, shoot the Crocs or just do a standjump with a grab to land on the ledge under the ladder of the tree-house, go up to throw the Jumpswitch. Runjump back into the passage and go back to the pool, go N and find a CS behind a tree in the far R hand corner, slide down and on the next ledge you can see an opening L in the wall on the green ledge, slide and jump/grab to climb onto that ledge.

The Lava Caves.

Climb down to the lava cave and runjump to the sloped block in front, jump and land on a flat ledge and go jump into the SE corner, from there jump/grab up to the sloped pillar and slide/jump onto the corner ledge follow the path to the ledge over the lava in the NW corner and jump to the ledge on the centre pillar, stand on the N edge of the ledge, facing N and backflip over the S sloped block, grab the edge and shimmy R, pull up and backflip into a passage, go up the stairs to the next floor, shoot the Skeletons if you want and go along the branch on the R hand wall to jump to the ledge on the S pillar, runjump into the dark SE corner and go jump/grab up to the N pillar, pull up and slidejump, climb up and turn around. See the opening in the fence? Runjump/grab in and get the Ammo, jump back to the pillar and jump/grab the rope, turn to the E wall and swing into the opening there.

Go down to a hang-bridge and R at the crossing to pull the Jumpswitch that will open a door in the Tourist Centre, turn around and go straight to the other end of the bridge, to drop back down into the jungle, go to the entrance of the Centre W (turn R at the pool where you shot the Crocs).

The Tourist Centre.

The door you opened is on the R hand side as you enter, but on the 1st floor.

Go to the N side and into the door ,follow the broken staircase up to the 1st floor, shoot the Skeleton and get some Ammo lying around there and spot the open door E. Go in and along the r hand walkway to the blue pillar, drop down and go pull the jumpswitch on the E wall, get the Ammo in the W and climb back up. Drop down to the ground floor of the Tourist Centre and go into the now open W door, pull the Jumpswitch and see a wall opened up to the Dino Jungle. Go up to the W side of the Tourist centre 1st floor and out onto the terrace W, shoot the Wild Boar and Skeleton, get the Flares W in the dark. Go up the grey wall in the NE and climb down to another area. Find another hole in the fence to the N and see the big Arch with the Dino Jungle sign. Go into the dark NW corner to use a Jumpswitch that will open the door to the building at the Arch. So go S and R into that building to find the door you’ve opened back at the River, get the Revolver and all the Goodies and climb to the 1st floor of this building.

There’s a Jumpswitch that will blow up the area with the Public Toilets and thus open up a new area for you to explore. Go out of the building, L and R into that area, L into a Store room, climb up the crates and crawl around to find 3 MPs (SE, NE and W) and some Flares around the room and a Jumpswitch in the SE corner (opens up the door in the other side of the room). Then go to the side of the room where you see the Museum sign, here comes the tricky part.

Burner Run.

The water is for when you return from pulling the jumpswitch in the back room, check your health, save and runjump over the water onto the 1st burner, just run or sprint taking a MP when needed and roll, run back after using the switch (which will open the Museum), drop in the water to get the flames extinguished. Go back to the Tourist centre, climb to the terrace and drop from the W end of it, turn around and go through the lava area to the Museum.

The Museum.

A bunch of Skeletons make the place unsafe, so take them out and run through the door of the Museum to land on a ledge down in a lava pit, get the Horseman’s Gem. Jump to the CS in the W and go up to the exit of the Dino Jungle. Well all the Dino’s must have escaped previously. As I couldn’t find a single one…

Dutchy 14-11-2004.